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Public Apology... dun, dun, dun...

Cue dramatic music.

- - -

'Hey there guys!' Tazusa says as she stands in a white circle with Pete, the background appears white and everything else is white including Pete's shirt, thus causing the illusion that his head is floating.

'Hey there readers, it's me Pete Pumps, its nice to see that you all still care about this fic.' Pete said with his signature smile.

'What we would like to express in this last chapter is...' Tazusa hesitated but she then said. 'A public apology to the people that we've hurt in throughout the 10 chapters of Worth Dying For, Worth Living For. And we're also going to apologize to the people hurt in GK itself.'

'Yes, we found out that we should do this because well just because! Ok Tazusa let's begin.' Pete nodded towards Tazusa.

'Ok fine.' Tazusa took out a list and she opened it. 'We would like to apologize to the following people, number 1; we would like to apologize to Mika for shouting at her too much during the actual series of Ginban Kaleidoscope.'

'Yeah, you always shouted at her, I wonder why. Isn't she your best friend Tazusa?' asked Pete.

'I was only shouting at her because you were dead! YOU WERE INSIDE ME!! AND YOU WERE REALLY ANNOYING!!!!' Tazusa snapped.

'Ok, ok so-rry.' Pete sweat dropped. 'Now to our next apologizee... is that even a real word?'


'Ok then.' Pete coughed 'The next person we would like to apologize to is coach Yuji Takashima. He's always been there but most of the time we've treated him like dirt. Well, maybe just Tazusa, for shouting at him for too much during the first episodes of Ginban.'

'Again, that was your fault.'

'... moving on, moving on.' Pete flipped the page. 'The next person we'll be apologizing to is... Mr. Glide Verily. He's our guardian angel and yet we always abuse him... well not physically; like what Tazusa does to me with tomatoes, we abuse him by neglecting his feelings, he's always there for us and yet we don't even bother to say, "Nice job Glide, you just saved my life again! Here's a cookie.", no instead we just walk off, leaving him on his own.'

'But Pete, as I remember he doesn't have any emotion.'

'Yeah whatever. The next person we want to apologize to is to... uh... well that's about it. Ginban and Worth Dying, Worth Living wasn't that offensive anyway. Oh yeah! I have to apologize to my sister too, I kinda ate all of her stocked chocolates. Oh crap that's her! See you guys!!' Pete ran off as Katherine appeared out of nowhere to chase after him.

Tazusa sweat dropped at the sight of her boyfriend doing something vaguely sensible again. She turns to the camera and says, 'Oh well that's about it, we're going to leave you with a preview for the sequel now.'

'Cookie?' Pete's head popped out and he smiled.

- - -



End of Preview

- - - - -

Greatest last chapter EVAHR!!!!

Pete: Got that right. d(O.O)b