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Summary: Bella is the one thing Edward holds most dear. She is his life, his love, his everything. Still, everyone knows how much he loves his Volvo. When Bella's accident on black ice badly damages the Volvo, how far will she go to make sure he doesn't find out?


Forks, Washington-January 12, 2008

I will be the first to admit that I've done plenty of things that are…for lack of a better word, questionable. Edward has claimed on several occasions that I'm not your average human. Honestly, I'm quite content—no, ecstatic—with being abnormal. It's my strange quirks and desires that led me to Edward, is it not?

I'm wont to act on those desires…somewhat irrationally at times. My reactions aren't always what one would expect, a point Edward never hesitates to stress.

But as I stood in the Cullens' front yard, the hood of the silver car smoking belatedly, I couldn't react at all. I was completely incapable of moving; frozen, not unlike my encounter with Laurent in the meadow.

There are few possessions I can claim have ties to me in this world. Hardly anything inanimate, of course. There's Charlie and Renee, the Cullens (even Rosalie), and Jake. I have to say that I could peacefully leave just about anything else behind without a single thought.

Edward was…different.

There were so many things in Edward's life! I suppose when you're alive for more than a century, these things tend to pile up, but I have a feeling if something were to happen to say, his stereo system for instance, he would be a tad upset.

This was on a completely different scale.

The toe of my sneaker kicked at a warped circular piece of metal. There was an encumbering pressure in my chest at the sight of it. Time stopped for that brief moment, seemingly giving me the chance to run very far away and never look back. I'd been given that opportunity before; I knew my decision even before I made it.

I stooped to read the tarnished letters, burnt black from the flames.


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