The Final Battle

The two old battle-worn Saiyan warriors, Bardock and King Vegeta, stared at each other, both confident in their abilities.

'You should have been a good boy and died when I told you to…' King Vegeta said with a confident smirk.

'Well, you should have been training instead of living through your son, then you might have stood a chance against me.' Bardock replied.

Bardock suddenly appeared in front of the King and kicked him backwards, before appearing behind the royal Saiyan in time to blast him in the back, sending him back towards where he stood originally. The King slowly got to his feet in surprise.

'How?' he wondered to himself, 'How did you get this strong?'

'Oh you know, fruit of the Gods, gravity training… you'll be surprised at what you can do in 20 odd years.' Bardock replied with confidence.

Bardock's attention is then drawn to behind him, where the weather is starting to change due to the amount of Ki energy Vegeta is giving off.

'You can do it, son… I know you can.' Bardock thought to himself.

While he was looking away King Vegeta fired a blast that knocks Bardock backwards.

'Taking your eyes off of your opponent… What kind of Saiyan are you?' The King shouted triumphantly.

Once the Prince had finished upping his Ki he suddenly appeared behind Goku and then hit him into the sky, and before Goku could recover Vegeta was behind him and firing flaming Ki attacks at him. Goku just manages to avoid them, though the top of his Gi was burned away.

'That's not fair!' Goku said, with a smile on his face, 'You haven't let me get to my top power yet!'

With that he charges his Ki, Vegeta waved it off at first, but soon started to feel the ground beneath him break away, until Goku appeared in front of him and struck him under the chin, followed by several blows to the gut that leaves Vegeta breathless.

'Not possible…' Vegeta slowly said to himself between long breaths, 'A low-class Saiyan like him…. Actually damaging me?'

'Even a low-class can beat an elite, if he trains enough.' Goku said with a serious expression, 'I don't know how people act on Planet Vegeta, but from what my dad told me, I'm glad I became an Earthling.' Goku then smiled, 'After seeing your power I'm also glad I convinced my dad to let me train in higher levels of gravity than even he could handle. Otherwise I never would have stood a chance.'

Vegeta, who had now caught his breath, looked at Goku with a fierce look of anger on his face, 'You actually think you stand a chance against me? ME?'

Vegeta dashed at Goku and the two exchanged punches and blocks at the high rate of speed, flying higher in the air as the exchange continued. It ended when both hit a heavy blow to each others face, knocking them both down to the floor. Vegeta is confused as he wipes blood from his mouth, Goku on the other hand looks excited.

Bardock and King Vegeta are locked in a stale mate of Ki attacks, each one of them firing one of equal size and therefore making them explode in the middle of the clearing that is their arena. Craters little the site that was once a smooth surface. King Vegeta, who had great streams of sweat dripping down his face, fired another blast towards Bardock, who then smirked and fired a much larger attack that cancelled out the King's blast and took him off his feet before exploding around him. Bardock jumped and landed in front of the cloud of dust he had created and waited. Sure enough, when it cleared King Vegeta was on one knee, his armour badly damaged and blood was dripping from his forehead.

'The King on one knee in front of a low class warrior?' Bardock said with a smile, 'What would your subjects say?'

That was a low blow to the King's pride and he recklessly dashed towards him with his fist in the air, but Bardock grabbed it and delivered several knees to the King's gut, each causing blood to trickle from his mouth. Bardock finished it with a straight kick to the chest and sent his opponent into a nearby mountain wall, embedding him in the rock.

'Your pride is as impressive as always, sire.' Bardock said, sarcastically, ' But sadly for you this is where your journey ends. The funny thing is, if it weren't for my warning you would have died by Frieza's hands, but because of your paranoia and arrogance, you're going to be killed by the same person who saved you.'

The King slowly gets to his feet, 'Then get on with it.' The King said with a look of determination, 'My son will kill you all.'

'Actually Ka… Goku is much stronger than I am.' Bardock said with a great deal of pride, 'It wasn't just the gravity training that made him better either…'

The King looked surprised, then angry as Bardock began to charge a Ki attack at him. In a last act of desperation, King Vegeta fired all his remaining Ki into Bardock's charged attack, causing a massive explosion. A large dome of Ki energy formed, and Bardock just managed to back out of it, his clothes torn and small cuts start to dribble blood.

'Never give up until your dead.' Bardock said to himself as the Ki dissipates and the dust clears, revealing the Kings charred corpse, 'That's the kind of death I knew you'd have… sire.'

Bardock jumped up into the air and landed on a mountain top, looking down on the battle between Goku and Vegeta. He spots Krillin and Gohan across the ways doing the same, he can't help but smile at them, especially Gohan. Three generations of a lower class family are about to bring down the most powerful family in the Saiyan race.

Vegeta and Goku have another mid-air high speed exchange of punches, but this time Vegeta gets the upper hand and hits Goku towards the floor. Goku landed on his feet, but looks up to see Vegeta charging a huge amount of purple Ki energy.

'Go ahead a dodge my Gallic Gun,' Vegeta shouted, 'but if you do, the Earth will be destroyed!'

Goku is unsure of what to do for a moment, then gets a smirk. He starts charging a large amount of blue Ki to his side.

'Ka… Me… Ha… Me…' Goku said, slowly, but then suddenly he vanished. Vegeta was confused enough that he broke concentration and stopped charging his attack. Suddenly Goku appeared behind him in just as quick fashion.

'HAAAA!' Goku fired a huge blue beam that brings Vegeta crashing down to the floor, engulfing him in a massive dome of blue Ki energy. Everyone watching covers their eyes due to the amount of dust and wind being whipped up by the attack's power. Goku slowly drops to the floor, then to his hands and knees. The attack took all of his remaining power. Vegeta, much to everyone's surprise, rolls over to his side and looks at his opponent.

'H… How…?' Vegeta mutters, barely able to speak, his armour the clothes in tatters, blood dripping from all over his body.

'I didn't just train in high gravity. I trained with some amazing races that my Dad had met on his travels.' Goku responded, 'Must of them didn't teach him anything because of his dark past, but they were normally happy to train me! This one race called the Yar…' before Goku could finish his sentence, Vegeta blasts him through the chest, a look of shock and disbelief in the naïve Saiyan's face as he drops back to the floor. Vegeta quickly presses some buttons on a control pad and the large ship he and his father arrived in appears in the sky above. Gohan and Krillin appear to tend to Goku, but as Vegeta was crawling towards a wire that had lowered from the ship to drag himself back into it, Bardock appeared in front of him. He began to charge an attack in Vegeta's face, a look of pure anger on his face. Vegeta, full of fear, closed his eyes.

'Dad wait!'

Suddenly Goku's voice could be heard. Barely able to speak, he talks telepathically to his father's mind.

'Don't kill him. I know it's selfish of me, but he's my opponent, I want to face him again.'

Bardock tries to shake it off and starts increasing his attack's power.

'Dad, you said you left them because of saw visions of what they did to innocent people. You said you didn't want to be apart of a race that would do that. If you spare his life, you'll show that you're truly free, that you're not like him! Dad!'

Suddenly Bardock gets a new vision, something that hasn't happened in a long time. He sees Vegeta training on Earth, he sees Vegeta has a son, once again on Earth. Vegeta may return to his planet, but by a series of strange events, he ends up saving this planet more than he endangers it. This was the last bit of persuasion he needed. Bardock stopped his attack and watches as a smug Vegeta just has enough strength to hold onto the wire and get back into the ship, which then automatically takes off towards Planet Vegeta once again.

'Hey, Krillin…' Goku whispers, 'This dying thing really sucks, doesn't it? Hehe…'

'Don't say that, Goku….' Krillin responded.

'But with Piccolo gone, what about the Dragon Balls…?' Gohan wondered.

'Dragon Balls?' Bardock said, landing next to his grandson, 'Aren't they a Namekian thing? Oh wait! You had a Namek here, didn't you. I guess that's the Piccolo you mentioned.'

'Do you mean there are other Dragon Balls out there?' Krillin wondered.

'Yeah.' Bardock responded with a smile, 'and I know exactly where the planet is…'

Goku gives a brief smile, before passing away. His body vanishes, much to the surprise of everyone.

'I wonder if that was Kami's doing?' Krillin wondered out loud.

And so Bardock and Gohan took the two Saiyan space pods to Namek, where although Bardock was unable to pass the pure-of-heart test, Gohan passed with flying colours. Goku had been training with King Kai, learning some great new techniques, and amazing the lord of worlds with his ability to get used to his planet's gravity instantly. Everyone who was killed by the Saiyans was brought back to life, and soon resumed their lives.

After one last training fight with his son, Bardock saw he was no match, and with a tearful goodbye, left the Earth to live out the rest of his life travelling the stars., knowing that deep down he could never just live on one planet doing nothing.

Vegeta would return, but the second match between Goku and Vegeta would be much more fierce, with Vegeta killing a great deal of Earthlings, including Krillin, an act that would push Goku over the edge and cause him to gain the powers of a Super Saiyan. In the end his soft-hearted nature pulled through and he let Vegeta leave again. Krillin was eventually restored to life.

Vegeta would gain Super Saiyan powers himself and return for a further rematch, but they were interrupted by a third Super Saiyan who had some grave news about the future. Goku said he would only face Vegeta once this new crisis was resolved, and so Vegeta stayed on Earth, training, and waiting for the chance to face Goku in a one-on-one match with no distractions. This would lead into the battle with the Androids and Cell, with the only difference being Cell's appearance due to the lack of Frieza's cells in his physiology.

With Goku dead in the battle against Cell, Vegeta left and went back to his home planet. There he found in the three years he'd been away, a new ruler had been crowned. Vegeta was going to destroy him, but ended up turning back to Earth, where he lived with his new family. Unsure of his new feelings, he just trained to get his mind away…

And so, time went on. From this moment the timeline had readjusted itself back to the way we know….