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Chapter One: The Tryouts

It was decided, Mhera would tryout for the lead role of Christine, Keimo for the Phantom and Sheon for Raoul. For her audition, Mhera sang "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again", Keimo sang "Music of the Night", and Sheon did the duet of "All I Ask of You", with Mhera, of course. But there was still one more test left, Mhera had to sing either "The Mirror (Angel of Music reprise)", "The Phantom of the Opera", or Keimo's personal favorite of the duets, "Point of No Return", with Keimo. She obliged to do "Point of No Return." It went fairly well. The judges remarked that they had never seen a finer trio of actors. Keimo and Sheon both had fine baritone singing voices that went well with Mhera's surprisingly good alto voice. They had never had time for a venture like that before, with all of the other things going on in their past. After her final performance, Mhera went back stage to drink the hot tea that was provided by the theater club for the singers' throats. She was pouring a cup for herself when a girl no younger than herself came up behind her and remarked, "You sang well. Who taught you?" Mhera answered, "No one taught me." The girl looked at her wide-eyed "How did you sing those songs so well if no one taught you? Those are the three hardest songs of the whole show, minus the last number, of course."

Mhera glanced at the last number on her script, remarking, "Yes, that does look like a hard number." She turned and extended a friendly hand out to the girl, saying as she did so, "I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Mhera" The girl shook Mhera's hand, cautiously returning the friendly gesture "I'm Kim. I'm trying out for the part of Christine, as well." Mhera glanced around. They were not alone. Almost twenty other girls were attempting to win the role of being the lead girl around which the plot revolved. However, Mhera knew that she would be a stand in, if not the lead. But she saw something in this girl's eyes that spoke to her, saying that Kim would be the lead, though her eyes were nervous, she would rise up above the others. She finally answered Kim's question regarding how she sang so well. "About how I sang those songs so well, I've been in a couple of situations where those songs were on my life soundtrack, if you will. That and the fact that I knew my accompaniments helped as well. You are next, Kim. I know you'll do well."

"How do you know that, Mhera? They haven't even called me up yet." Kim asked, perplexed. Just then, the intercom blared, "Kim Yagasawi, and Bakura Royou, please come to the stage for your audition."

"Well, I guess I'm up. You'll come and watch, won't you, Mhera?"

"Of course I will. Don't be nervous, Kim, you'll do fine. All of these others don't matter right now, just focus on the music in your heart and no one else will have a chance."

"But you were so good, I honestly don't think I have a chance."

"If you want something badly enough, you'll be surprised at what you can do."

Mhera smiled, for those words had been the only thing that had gotten her through her hardships, and now they would be helping someone else the same way.

Mhera made her way to the audience seats, where her father was seated. She sat next to him, eyeing the stage intently for her fellow hopeful to grace the stage. Her father interrupted her concentration. "I had no idea you could sing so well, Mheralo. Tell me, is there a particular reason you selected that song you sang solo." He already knew the answer. "Yes, did you listen to the words?" He didn't answer. "I had to go through that twice. I shouldn't have had to go through that at all."

"But you ended up stronger every time. If you hadn't gone through that, you know where I would be, Mheralo." He smiled good-naturedly at her, something she was still getting used to from him. "And you can't forget about Keimo. You had the same trouble with him." And they said they were nothing like each other. Mhera thought. Her thoughts were interrupted as Keimo ran towards them, a plan in his eyes.

"Hey, Mhera!" Keimo shouted as he sat by his sister, "They need people to design the set. I was thinking maybe we could use the duel disk's holographic simulators and create stage field cards, so we won't have to use paint, which is in very limited supply, and plus we get to help the stage crew, they need all the help they can get."

There's no doubt in my mind where he got his manners, or lack of, from. But he got his cleverness from the same person, too. Mhera was looking at her father. The curtain then opened, with Kim on the stage. As she looked at Mhera, she heard her voice "You'll do fine…just focus on the music in your heart."Kim took a breath and began singing: "Think of me" When the song progressed, someone from the audience sang Raoul's part: " Can it be… Can it be Christine? … Bravo! Long ago, it seems so long ago how young and innocent we were. She may not remember me, but I remember her."

The family looked behind them to see who had sung the part. Mhera recognized the voice, but she had no idea that Yugi Moto could sing so well. She looked at her companions. They were just as surprised as she was. Mhera glanced at the judges, who were jotting things down on the audition sheet. That's a good sign she thought. When Kim had finished, Mhera gave her a standing ovation. She then sat back down, after some strange looks from Keimo and her father. " Mhera, she's your competition." Keimo said reproachfully. " That doesn't mean I can't appreciate her performance, Keimo. She appreciated mine; I made her nervous with how good I was. Therefore, I'm supporting her as a friendly rival. The only other thing she has to do, that I had trouble with, is sing with her Phantom tryout, but first, the Phantom tryout has to do his solo."

"There's only one song he can do." Keimo said, sounding quite sure of himself

" 'Music of the Night' isn't the only solo the Phantom has, Keimo. There's another version of 'All I ask of you' with just the Phantom, and Christine and Raoul on background. I wouldn't be surprised if he chose to do that one, I think you did your song so well that shivers were sent down the judges' spines, because you sounded so much like the Phantom. "

They were interrupted as the curtain opened for the next audition. Mhera's face went pale. Her father went rigid. Keimo looked at them, perplexed "What's gotten into you two? It's only Bakura." He saw nothing out of the ordinary with him.

Mhera hadn't remembered until now that her brother had not seen what she had, and only said, "That isn't Bakura."

As if in response to what Mhera had just said, there was a blur of gold over their heads. Her father looked at her. His voice penetrated her mind, almost back to its old cold tone, "Don't just sit there, Mheralo! Do something!!"

Before anyone could stop her, Mhera leapt up and had a hold on the object. She hung on to it as it moved towards the stage. Keimo's voice penetrated her thoughts "Mhera, let go, it's going towards the stage. Let go while you're still above the seats!"

Mhera let go, and didn't fall onto the cushions of the seats, but into Sheon's open arms. " So nice of you to drop in, Mhera." he smiled. Mhera heard Keimo say: " Showoff, I could've done that." Her father then said "Well why didn't you, then, Keimo?"

"I'm very sorry to interrupt you two, but will you quit your arguing and look at the stage!?" Mhera yelled Sweet normalcy. I forgot how much I got used to not hearing them yell at each other after Keimo left. She thought appreciatively.

All the watchers thoughts were attracted back to the stage. The golden object continued its procession to the stage. It was hovering above the Phantom hopeful.

"I was hoping never to see that thing in someone's possession again." Mhera sighed, "I guess it was wishful thinking."

"What's the Millennium Ring doing here?" Her father asked

"Slow down, can anyone explain this stuff to me? I 'm not fluent in ancient history." Keimo pleaded

" The fact that you've been gone ten years may also have something to contribute to that." Mhera said dryly " Anyway, I guess you need a little lesson in what the card game is really about."

"Does the card game have anything to do with that ring above Bakura's head?" Keimo asked

"Wow, you catch on quickly." She then showed him the eye-shaped scar on her right hand. "I know you've seen this before, but I never showed you how I got this scar, or… who gave it to me." She shuddered at those last few words. Her violet eyes showed fear, a rare sight for her. Her face was somewhat pale, contrasting with her auburn hair. Sheon held her as she somewhat collapsed. "Mhera…" was all he could speak of her. Keimo paused, and then spoke to the two others around him, addressing his father for the first time in the theater. "Father, has this happened before?" he waited for an answer.

His father addressed him gently "I wish not to say so, but, yes, Keimo, this has happened before. She is going to show you what happened. Your sister cannot speak of this, as it frightens her too much. It's not the event, it was the ordeal that frightens her, and, as you know that is no small feat. If you don't know, let me put it into perspective for you. Mheralo was the only one to ever challenge me to a duel, and win. I know no one else in the organization who ever accomplished this. Not all the others who challenged me fared so well."

" I was never in the organization. So I'm kind of oblivious to this information's significance." Keimo remarked. Sheon put his hand on Keimo's shoulder, replying, "Trust me, that's quite a notable feat. Your sister… she was specially trained in dueling. She would be the one that would be sent to be a reminder of what he would do with them if they had the nerve to turn from their mission."

"You… you used my sister for that?" Keimo asked, ashen faced. Mhera's voice penetrated his thoughts "Keimo, if you're appalled by that, I won't show you what would explain this. Besides, I wasn't taken very seriously in that position, anyway." Keimo relented "Alright, I'm going in after you. You've kept me in the dark long enough." His light green eyes eyed the limp form of his sister. He penetrated his mind, leaving Sheon and his father to watch Bakura.

The Ring was still hovering above Bakura's head. His strong voice sang "Insolent boy, the slave of fashion, basking in your glory. Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor, sharing in my triumph." Sheon remarked, "Your son can kiss the part of the Phantom goodbye, sir." "I'm somewhat inclined to agree with you, Sheon. However, remember what family you speak of. We have never been the type to give up too easily. I sense that both Keimo and Bakura are equally talented. I certainly wouldn't want to come across either of them in a dark alley looking for a duel. I could probably defeat them, but they have that quality to scare anyone who isn't expecting them." His companion replied with a soft cold voice.

Backstage, Kim was ecstatic. She had sung better than she had expected. The young, fair, brown-eyed redhead felt that it was thanks to the kind and encouraging words that came from a tanned, violet-eyed redhead, who had apparently had some troubled moments in her past. I have to thank her. Kim thought. A brunette came up behind Kim and rudely pushed her out of the way, remarking, " You and that other redhead did well, but once the judges hear me, you'll wish you never tried out." A smirk covered the girl's face, her gray eyes showing the same conceit that her smile showed. Kim tried to control the urge to slap the conceited smirk off that brunette's pale face. 'Don't worry; she'll get what she deserves.' Kim thought bitterly. She somewhat stalked off the stage. She saw a tanned man, with platinum-blonde hair, and another young man with him. Her heart almost leapt into her throat. He had shoulder length back hair. He turned to face her. He had gray eyes, with a concerned look on his fair face. "Sheon! Do you remember me?" Kim yelled. Her brother's face brightened and he looked at her, and motioned her over. " Kimbiance, is that really you?" Sheon asked, "Yes, Sheonel, I've grown since you last saw me."

The tanned man next to him remarked, "Sheon, you never told me you had a sister." Sheon grinned, "Well you never asked!" Kim then saw the tanned man's bright violet eyes. " Please, sir if I may ask you a question," she paused, fear slowly making its way through her body. She knew that this was no ordinary man. He had a face that one knew possessed authority. "Go on, ask your question." His smile put her at ease.

"Are you related to someone named Mhera?" "Yes, she is mine. Why do you ask?" "You have the same eyes. Is she your daughter?" "Right again … Kim. I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?" Kim shook her head no. The man then promptly extended his hand in the same manner Mhera had backstage. " You sang well. I feel privileged to have heard you. My name is Marik."

"You were one of the finalists in that big tournament, right?" "Yes, I was." Marik responded casually. "Do they get their singing talent from you as well?" Kim asked. "No, I'm afraid not. I actually had no idea that either of them, especially my daughter, could even hold a note. If you ask where they got their dueling skills from, however, they did get those from me."

The loud raspy intercom voice blared "Kim Yagasawi, please come up to the stage to continue your audition."

Sheon clasped his hands around Kim's saying "I'm confident that you and Mhera will both be considered quite heavily for the part. There isn't anyone else auditioning for Raoul, so, I'm set." Kim nudged him playfully " I know which one of us you'd rather sing with. Don't try to hide it. You like her don't you?" Sheon reddened "No. What ever gave you that idea?" "Sheon, you looked her in the eyes while you were singing. You sang as if you were really comforting her, protecting her from her own phantom." Kim almost accused. "Good luck." Sheon said bluntly

"You best be going, or they will cancel your audition." Marik replied dryly in order to ease the pressure on Sheon. "Thanks, Marik, I think." Kim then left the two. Marik said, "She's right, you know." "Yes, but I won't admit it in front of my sister." Sheon agreed. "Why not? I would if my sister asked a question like that." Keimo asked Sheon jumped in surprise at how much the speaker sounded like his father.

" Liar! You would not do anything like that, you'd act just like Sheon did." Mhera said just to aggravate him.

Mhera stood in front of them, the color returned to her face, as well as the determined look in her eyes. She then looked to the stage. The duet tryout that she had spoken of before was beginning. Mhera heard the haunting melody of the song "The Phantom of the Opera." 'Oh no' she thought. "In sleep he sang to me. In dreams he came. The voice that calls to me and speaks my name, and though I dream again, for now I find, the Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind." Kim began singing. Mhera saw something in her eyes as Bakura began his part, with his voice showing the same strength with which he had begun "The Mirror". The dark voice sent chills up the quartet's spines. "Sing once again with me, our strange duet. My power over you grows stronger yet."

Mhera saw Kim's eyes glaze over, a look she remembered with bitter disdain. Marik seemed to read the look she gave him. " Don't look at me. You know I don't have it anymore." "Well, if you're not controlling her, then who is?" She replayed the words in her mind once more. "It's the Spirit of the Ring." Mhera shuddered. She then looked at her father. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have accused you." " It's alright, Mheralo. I would've thought the same thing."

"What are you two talking about?" Keimo interrupted their father-daughter moment.

A quick, but detailed account of the events of the Battle City Tournament, with all three speaking, was all that was needed. By the time the explanation was over, the group hadn't noticed that a gray-eyed brunette was approaching them. She shot a smile at Keimo, who barely noticed. Mhera noticed though, and asked the brunette "Can I help you?" "You, help me? Please! I have natural abilities that you can't even imagine." The brunette said rudely. "You're trying out for Christine, aren't you? You showed no talent at all. I'll bet you can't even duel." That hit home for Mhera. That brunette could insult anything, anything at all, but what the brunette said next intensified the insult further. "And if you did learn how, you never became anything your family would be proud of."

"It's not true and you know it. I think you should prove this girl wrong." Keimo said in Mhera's mind. Mhera took his advice. "Alright, you want a duel, I'll give you a duel. Why are you here?" The brunette replied smugly, "I am here to ask that handsome green-eyed Phantom hopeful if he would have the pleasure of singing with me." Mhera was about to respond, but Keimo said to her quietly, "Let me handle this, Mhera. I'm not going to sing with her after she insulted you. Funny, I figured you would be angry."

"Keimo, Father used to say that whoever angers you controls you, and mind you, he's proven that on many occasions. I won't let her have that opportunity." Mhera said equally quiet. " Besides, I want to see her face when she realizes the error of her words." "So you want to duel her. What do you say if you win, I'll decline her generous offer? If you lose, I'll sing with her." Keimo wagered. "Good, I need something to duel for." Mhera responded.

"I'm waiting." The brunette said impatiently. Keimo spoke to her, respectfully, although she did not deserve it. " What is your name?" The brunette replied, "My name is Coletta. And who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" "I'm Keimo, and this is-" Keimo motioned to his sister, but Coletta cut him off. " I don't need to know about her. I want to know about you." Keimo grinned mischievously "Oh, but you do. My sister and I made a deal, and we were wondering if you would agree to it." "I'm listening," Coletta responded. Mhera set the wager before her. "You will duel against me. If I lose, Keimo will sing with you. If I win you'll take back what you said about me, and you'll leave my brother alone. Now, do we have a deal?" Mhera asked. Coletta responded "Yes, but first, tell me your name so I know how to address you properly when you lose." Confident, are we, well I like that in an opponent. By the way, you can address me as Mhera when I win." Mhera responded without conceit, as she knew it would only hinder her in her duel.

Coletta then took the bag from her shoulders and removed her duel disk and deck. "You aren't even dressed for a duel." Coletta smirked. She was correct. Mhera was dressed in her robe, white with a gold tassel, and slipper shoes. "You're absolutely right, let me go fix that." Mhera said. She went backstage, where she had deposited her spare clothes. She pulled on a dark purple tee shirt, which showed off her tanned arms, and dark colored blue jeans, which she had gotten quite used to. Mhera was fastening her ebony belt's silver buckle when Kim came in. "I like the outfit, it complements your complexion quite nicely." She said softly. "Thanks, Kim. You sang well. You're looking at me funny, is there something wrong?" Mhera asked. Kim answered, "It's just that, what were you talking to that brunette about?" "Kim, I challenged her to a duel, and I intend to win. That Coletta doesn't know who, or what, she has insulted by those comments about me." Mhera whispered coldly. "She insulted you as well, didn't she, Kim?" "How did you know about that?" Kim asked perplexed by how this girl knew so much. "Faces tell volumes, Kim." Mhera had just pulled on her boots, black and shined with care. Her ensemble was completed when her duel disk appeared on her arm out of nowhere. "Wow, how did you do that, Mhera?" Kim asked.

"You could say that I have my own natural abilities." Mhera's dueling deck appeared in her hand with a flash of white light. "Can I see your deck? Sheon would never let me see his." Mhera smiled, "You know Sheon?" "Yes, He's my brother. I think he likes you." Kim said mischievously. Mhera handed Kim her deck. Kim was looking wide-eyed at the cards, many of which she had never seen before. "Where did you get these? Are these products of those abilities you have? I would love to see them in a duel." "You'll get to. I'm dueling Coletta remember? I'll play a card just for what she said to you." "Actually, I have a card I've never had the chance to play. Could you play this one for me?" Kim asked as she handed Mhera a card. The card was "Wing Weaver." A fairy with six wings was on the card. Mhera's experience in dealing with rare cards told her that this was rare, and special to its holder. "I will play this card with the utmost respect, as it is very special to you. Tell me, why is it so?" "My brother gave me that card. He said it was sent to him by an acquaintance of his. He never told me who. Sheon said that it would fit my fairy deck well." Kim said gently. Mhera knew where Sheon had gotten that card. Her father often sent a rare card to his initiates before they came for training. Kim returned Mhera's deck to her. Mhera gently placed "Wing Weaver" in her primarily warrior deck.

"You're opponent is growing impatient with you, and so am I, Mheralo. I look forward to seeing you duel, I always have. She looks overconfident, but I'm sure you know what happens when one is overconfident in a duel." Her father's voice permeated her mind. "You lose sight of simple strategies that you would normally see. Plus, you give your opponent the wrong impression of you." Mhera answered. "I see you have retained your knowledge in my absence. You were always one of the most knowledgeable people I had under my leadership, Mheralo." Her father replied. " I was your only huntress, as well, Father." Mhera said back. "Come on, Mhera. I want to see what your father taught you. He seems like a very good duelist." Kim said anxiously.

Mhera then came back to the seats, where Coletta was waiting for her. "Oh, I see you've brought the other hopeless hopeful with you, but don't worry I'll make sure your defeat is quick and painless." 'She is more overconfident than I thought' Mhera said in mental words. "Your outfit looks like it came from a second hand store." Mhera was going to respond, but she heard Kim's voice instead. "Listen you! Mhera is a much better person than you'll ever be! And if you talk about her like that it only shows that you're a conceited jerk!" Mhera and company were shocked at her outburst. "I'll take it from here, Kim. I won't let her win." Mhera said to her friend. Kim was in doubt, but Sheon assured her that Mhera would win.

The two duelists met at the center of the proposed dueling site. They exchanged decks. Mhera shuffled Coletta's deck, and Coletta shuffled hers. Afterward, Mhera inserted her deck into the duel disk. Coletta did the same. "Why don't you go first, Coletta?" Mhera suggested. Mhera wanted to see what kind of a deck Coletta dueled with. Besides, she found that she dueled better when she went second. The duel disks activated. The games had begun!

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