Hey, everyone. I realize that this isn't a chapter update, and I'm sorry I haven't been updating lately. I'm working on, it I promise. But I'm coming to you guys today with a stronger cry, and I'm imploring you to please check something out for me.

In Uganda, there is a man named Joseph Kony, and he's been indicted by the ICC as one of the worst criminals in the world. For the past nine years, he's been abducting children from their homes, turning the little girls into sex slaves and forcing the little boys to kill their parents, mutilate the faces of others, and kill.

When brought to the United States' government, they responded by saying that, because we have no stakes at all in Uganda, they will not get involved. Obama changed his mind and sent some troops to help. However, 99% of the world has no idea about Joseph Kony, but a film has been made to raise awareness. I am begging you-BEGGING you-to please, watch this video and share it with everyone that you can. Give a voice to these invisible children.

KONY 2012, on youtube. It's thirty minutes long, which is a small amount of time to pay for the past 26 years that these children have been abducted, raped, murder, and coerced into horrible things. Kony is gaining power and changing tactics, and this needs to be stopped. I know some of you won't take the time to watch this, but those of you who will, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word.

"If the government doesn't believe that people care about arresting Kony, the mission will be cancelled. In order for people to care, they have to know. And they will only know if Kony's name is everywhere."

Bring this man to infamy. Make him a household name. Bring his crimes to the light. Make yourself heard-make him known! Free these children. If you wouldn't want your children and siblings to be abducted, think about how much these families want their children and siblings abducted, killed..please.

Some quick stats: 26+ years of violence

-30,000+ children abducted

-440,000 people currently displaced across 3 countries

-The first man to be indicted by the ICC

-Has no cause-he does this to keep his power