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Chapter One: A Lustful Beast/ Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

There were three things that Draco Malfoy prized in his life; one, his wealth, two his intimidating name/arrogance/very existence and three, his ability to seduce any woman he wanted. It was rather amusing to watch them fawn and preen over themselves whenever he gave them a passing glance. Women fell at his feet; women worshiped the very ground he walked on! It was all a matter of who and when, where and how.

Every place in this school had been marked by him and one girl or another, never the same one twice, and yet, it satisfied him only for a few brief moments. However, the chase never seemed to be quite as long as he would have liked it to be. The conversation, or lack thereof, never left him groping his mind for the correct thing to say. More often than naught, it left him baffled and wondering how on Earth there were such beautiful, and such stupid women walking through this life.

It was sad to ponder them the next day, never truly remembering their name, but their faces as they looked at him. So lustful, never loving. Psh, screw loving; all that ever led to was attachment. And the very essence of a Casanova was to not become attached. Make love all night till you can't move anymore, yes, but never allow yourself, or your temporary lover, to become attached.

Of course there were the women he wanted to have more than once. Like that Patil twin, Parvati (or was it Padma)? He couldn't remember, not that it mattered. He'd had both of them, which pretty much squashed any second helpings he thought he needed. He got what he needed and then he got rid of them, never caring if they were hurt. It was the price these women played for a night of pure pleasure. At least that was what he loved to think. He wanted to believe that no matter what happened, he left those women more satisfied than they had ever been in their entire lives. He never hung around long enough to think otherwise. Plus, the looks he received the next day over breakfast, the notes he found in his book bag, only helped to fuel that fire. It was so desirable to know that what he could do to women left both of he and them satisfied.

But both were temporary, fleeting, passing feelings. He may have left satisfied, but there was a reason why night after night he searched and searched for compassion and passion both, searching and searching, but never finding. Every body that lay beneath him only added fuel to the ever burning fire, one that was already lit, but someone kept throwing lighter fluid onto the flames, watching as they rose higher and higher, consuming whatever was in their path. At times he could even feel that heat in his fingertips, spreading from his own body into theirs, only to come ricocheting back to him tenfold.

Draco Malfoy was never one to doubt his abilities. He knew that he left them beyond satisfactory. But it was he, himself, who yearned for more, a more pleasing power, a more pleasing note of, dare he say it, love. No, he never loved those women. He was only lustful of them. He could never be pleased.

The bell rang, jarring him from his thoughts. Draco looked up, taking in the bright airy surroundings of the transfiguration room. Lavender Brown passed him, shaking out her long brown hair, hitting him with the smell of a flowery shampoo. She smiled seductively, casually dropping a piece of parchment onto the desktop. Draco frowned and picked up the paper, opening it as he slung his bag over his shoulder.

He read over it quickly, memorizing the time and place of where Lavender had proposed to meet him. Balling up the piece of paper, he stuffed it deep into the confines of his leather bag. Sighing, he stood from his seat paying little attention to his surroundings. He had barely taken a step when he collided with a person. She yelped slightly, stumbling into the desk beside her, dropping a pair of books on the ground.

Bending, Draco picked them up and turned to look at the person he had bumped. He scowled immediately as his eyes locked on a pair of angry, brown, Gryffindor eyes.

Dropping the two books on the desk she was leaning against, Draco bent in close to her face and whispered harshly, "Watch were you're going, Muddy."

Hermione Granger merely furrowed her eyebrows together in exasperation. "Your quips and barbs have hardly any effect on me anymore, Malfoy. Perhaps it is too much of a task to suggest that you use that mushy substance in your over-inflated head to come up with something better?"

And with that, Granger shoved Malfoy out of her way, picked up her two books and strode from the room, nose held high in the air.

Oh, how he despised that girl. Her very presence in this world was too much of a burden what with her despicable bushy hair, book-smarts and annoying Gryffindor pride. As if she could ever be better then him. He had everything. Beautiful women, good looks, and, of course, money. How petty all of that seemed, he realized as he strode from the room, the leather strap of his bag held firmly in his hands.

The loud hustle and bustle of his peers shocked him from his reverie. Girls smiled as he passed, casting flirty glances his way whenever they made eye contact. He smirked back, smooth on the exterior and full to the brim with confusion and anxiety on the interior.

"Hello," Purred a voice to his right, just as a hand poked out from the shadows, pulling him into her and against the cold, stone wall. "Where have you been all this time?"

"I can't stay," Draco mumbled pulling away from his captor and looking deep into a fellow Slytherin girls eyes. She pouted and latched onto his school robes, arching her back from the wall so that her hips stuck out provocatively towards him. "Stop."

"You weren't saying that last night," She purred at him, rubbing against him.

Draco pulled back sharply, knocking his elbow against a marble statue. "Stay away from me, Daphne. Last night was only a one-time thing. Give it a rest."

Daphne looked slightly hurt, her green eyes blurring ever so softly before returning to their normal sharp color. She shook her head softly, blond curls swaying from side to side. "You don't mean that, I know it."

Scoffing, Draco came within an inch of Daphne Greengrass, taking both of her wrists in her hands and holding them to her sides, he sneered into her face, "Never have I meant something more than I do now. You think that after last night I would simply fall head over heels in love with you? Never have I felt so repulsed by the sight of a woman, especially one who grovels for sex."

Daphne's green eyes grew dark with distaste. "You are a horrible, horrible boy, Draco Malfoy. You seem as if you can handle the fates of a woman, you seem as if you can handle a night, followed by more of passion, but let me tell you something, Draco Malfoy."

Draco peered into Daphne's eyes regretful of all their past encounters. "What, Greengrass? What do you think is so important that I must hear of it from the likes of you?"

Although slightly hurt by the sudden change of names, Daphne yanked her arms free, taking his chin in her right hand, she held it with a mighty strength that surprised Draco and sneered her last sentence to the Head Boy. "You are nothing more than a scared child. You hide your insecurities with women behind sultry words and coy playful actions. You make it seem as though they are more than anything else in the world to you. I think you're a coward! Nothing more than a sick, perverted coward!"

It could have been the way Daphne Greengrass looked at the moment, so full of contempt. Or maybe it was the way she sneered the word coward in his face as though she were the first. But Draco Malfoy was not a coward. He did many things that others were fearful of, and damn him if a simple woman made him think less than that. So he did the next thing that came to his mind without thought. Raising his left hand into the air, he brought it down swiftly making contact with the Slytherin's cheek. A painful ringing filled Draco's ears when he saw Daphne's head snap to the side, blond curls falling into her face. An angry red mark colored her flesh, as slowly and softly, Daphne raised a hand to her face, fingering the slap.

There was a collective gasp from behind them; Draco turned quickly, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. Hermione Granger stood resolute in front of the scene before her, her mouth agape and the ends of her bushy hair wild with electricity. She took a step forward then hesitated.

"Mind your own business, Granger," Draco said, releasing Daphne from his hold and taking a step back.

"I never knew how much of an asshole you were till just this moment, Malfoy," Hermione said, coming up to Daphne who had tears rolling over her supple cheeks. Despite their animosity, Daphne allowed the Head Girl to take her in her arms and pull her away down the slowly emptying hall towards the nearest bathroom. Draco watched them go with slight trepidation. What would happen to him if Granger ratted him out? What if Daphne decided to paint his true colors upon the stone wall for the entire world to see?

He stepped out of the dim shadows watching Hermione Granger lead Daphne Greengrass into the bathroom, the latter one shaking with obvious sobs.

Though he was sorry to admit this, he noticed that Granger failed to make an appearance in the rest of the afternoon's classes. It didn't bother him, but it did concern him. What Daphne or Granger said could affect his life from here on out.


Lavender Brown preened at her reflection in the full length mirror in the second floor bathroom. She twirled slightly, watching her skirt that rose above mid-thigh and threatening to expose her lacy underwear. She smirked to her reflection, puckering her lips and applying another layer of gloss to her shimmering mouth. Smiling, she moved her head this way and that, studying for the most seductive pose.

Behind her a stall door opened and out came Hermione Granger and Daphne Greengrass. Lavender looked at them suspiciously.

"What were you two doing in the same stall?"

Hermione nor Daphne had to answer for Daphne's pale face turned slightly green and she regurgitated onto the floor, Hermione scrambling to hold her hair back.

Lavender narrowed her eyes, swallowing hurriedly to keep from retching herself. "How come I didn't hear you before?"

"I placed a charm on the stall so that anyone who was made sick by the sound of retching wouldn't hear," Hermione said softly, helping Daphne to the nearest sink where she leaned her against the white ceramic. "Obviously, you're made sick by the sounds of retching."

Scoffing and raising an indignant eyebrow, Lavender turned back to the mirror and ran her fingers through the silky tendrils of her hair. She smoothed out a few fly-away wisps, parting her side part more prominently. Her blue eyes twinkled in the bathroom's light.

"Where are you going?" Hermione questioned as she wet a towel with cool water and placed it to Daphne's forehead, mopping away a sheen of sweat and little droplets of vomit. Daphne moaned rather dramatically, her head swaying as though it were too heavy to keep still.

"What does it matter to you?" Lavender shot back. She looked closer at Daphne, seeming to have just recognized her. "Why are you helping a Slytherin?"

Hermione looked at Lavender with nothing more than ill-contempt. "What does it matter to you?"

Scoffing for a second time, Lavender crossed her arms, placing them under her chest so as to further accentuate her bosom. Hermione watched with slight disgust. Lavender noticed her watching through the mirror.

"I bet you're just jealous, Granger, that no one will ever want to make love to you," Lavender dabbed her middle finger on her lips, smoothing out the thicker layers of gloss.

Smiling rather manically, Hermione turned fully towards her fellow Gryffindor and said, "You mean, am I jealous that no one will ever call me a whore?"

Tension flooded the room faster than was humanly possible. Daphne narrowed her eyes at Lavender, groaning as she let her head fall against the mirror. Lavender pivoted slowly on her heel, fixing Hermione with a look that could freeze hell ten times over.

"I am no whore," Lavender said, her voice laced with spite.

"Whatever you tell yourself to make you feel better afterwards isn't a concern of mine, Lavender," Hermione said, crossing her arms over her chest. "You're going to see Malfoy aren't you?"

Lavender raised her head into the air indignantly. "What's it to you?"

Daphne turned to her with a voice of malice. "Draco Malfoy will do nothing but break your heart. You think that he's going to shag you and then fall in love with you? Then why don't you ask the other fifty girls he's shagged this year and find out the cold, hard truth?"

"What are you on about?" Lavender said, refusing in her head to believe a single word of what Greengrass was saying. "It doesn't concern me, anyway. I've got to be going."

And with that Lavender Brown exited the bathroom leaving behind a thick, pungent odor of perfume. Enough so that when Hermione helped Daphne to her dormitories later that night, she swore she could smell it on her clothes.


Draco Malfoy was leaning jauntily against the opposite wall of the classroom where he had arranged to meet Lavender Brown. The girl was already five minutes late, another five more, and Draco would be leaving without giving Lavender the chance to reschedule. And then the most pungent smell filled his nostrils. At first it smelt rather nice, like lilacs or something close to that. But as he saw the tall, thin figure of Lavender Brown tottering down the hall, the smell became almost unbearable.

Lavender paused at the door of the classroom, opening the door softly and poking her head inside. Draco pushed himself off of the wall and strode up behind her, silent as a mouse. He reached out his hands and touched Lavender's back, quickly covering her mouth when she let out a yelp of surprise. Holding his breath, he lowered his face to her neck, kissing the spot just below her earlobe.

She sighed in what she must have thought aroused him; Draco decided then and there that this was going to be one of those times when the only thing he focused on what shagging the girl and then leaving sooner than normal.

"I'm sorry I'm late," Lavender mumbled, leaning her head back on Draco's shoulder as he continued to kiss down her neck, his hands reaching up her stomach to cup her breasts. She sighed again, this time louder.

Draco remained silent as he turned Lavender round and pushed her all but gently into the room. Lavender smiled an odd appearance on her face.

"Rough, eh?" She asked, taking a step towards him only to find that he shoved her immediately back onto a desk. Draco, again, said nothing. He began to swiftly unbutton her top, taking short gasping breaths so as to breathe as little of her scent as possible.

Where normally he was tender and genteel when it came to these matters, an unknown anger had swelled inside of the man, obstructing his normal patterns. All other times there was foreplay. All other times, he took his time making sure that when they came, it was at the precise moment. But not tonight. All he could think of was Daphne Greengrass's face right after he had slapped her and then Granger's when she came to the rescue, her cruel words spinning round and round like a carousel in his mind.

"Are you alright, Draco?" Lavender asked, after having succeeded in removing Draco's shirt. She could feel the pounding of his heart beneath his skin, frantic as if to escape.

For the third time, Draco did not respond. He kept envisioning Hermione Granger's face as she spoke. He kept seeing the way she had shoved him out of the way in transfiguration. He saw her bushy head close to Daphne's curly blond one, supporting her as the other sobbed uncontrollably.

He was on auto-pilot. He did the things that he normally did, though rather rushed. Lavender would just begin to moan with pleasure before he moved to the next thing, never really satisfying her completely.

Lavender bit down on her lip hard and grew angry. She yanked at his hair, gaining elicit curses and harsh glances, only to watch as Draco's eyes clouded over again absorbed with his own thoughts. She removed every article of clothing with the ill intent of hurting him.

"Draco," She moaned, grabbing a handful of his blond locks as he kissed a trail down her neck and between her breasts. He looked her in the eye, panting loudly. His eyes were bright and glazed; his pale skin was ridden with beads of sweat.

"What?" He asked breathlessly. He loomed over her, suddenly acting like the Draco she had expected, the one she had heard such passionate things about.

Lavender relaxed and pulled him down to her, pressing his slightly yielding lips to her own.


Both were panting heavily, lying back on the desk. Lavender closed her heavy lids, rubbing her fingers up and down her stomach. The desk shuddered slightly, a coldness settled over Lavender's sweaty body.

"That was…" Lavender began only to trail off. Her eyes remained closed as she smiled widely, not caring that she may look like an idiot.

Draco stood by the door, barely acknowledging Lavender's presence as he hurriedly put his clothes back on. This experience had left him shaken with a sudden fear. While he had been making love to Lavender, his mind had been so focused on Granger that when he came, he whispered her name harshly into Lavender's neck, not Lavender's own. How had this come about? More importantly, why was he thinking of her?!

Lavender shuddered and rolled onto her side so that she could lay into Draco's warm body. She nearly fell off of the wooden desk, surprise etched onto her features.

"Draco where-?" Lavender started to ask before she heard the sound of the classroom door being opened and then closed again. She whipped around to face the worn wood: Her breathing increased, her heart pounded with anger in her chest. "I'll get you, Draco Malfoy. I'll make you wish you'd never dropped your pants for any woman."

Draco stumbled out into the hallway, blindly walking through the shadows to keep from being seen. He had thought that it was going to be like all those other times, but this, thinking of Granger no less, startled him to no end. It unnerved him and made him want to retch again and again until he felt blissfully empty. This couldn't happen EVER again. Never, ever, ever.

He was so absorbed in his pressuring thoughts that he didn't hear Lavender's shrill cry of "BASTARD!" from the classroom where he had left her. He didn't think of really anything until he made it to the common room and opened the door to the sight of Hermione Granger and her insufferable boyfriend, Weasley wrapped in each others arms on the couch.

He slammed the door, eliciting a snort from Weasley and Hermione to wake with a start. She raised her head slowly and peered up at him over the arm of the sofa, her eyes narrowing at him contemptuously. Malfoy almost felt like cursing her right then and there; payback.

He could feel Granger's eyes on him as he walked across the common room, and up the lone spiral staircase that branched off to their own private rooms. Finally, in his room, he felt free of her penetrating gaze. Finally, he forced thoughts of Hermione Granger and Daphne Greengrass to stop at the door. No one could penetrate him in his own room. That would be too much to handle.

Falling fully clothed into his bed, he sighed heavily and immediately closed his eyes wishing for nothing more than to fall into a dead sleep and never wake up again.


Bit different than what I usually write. Eventually it will be a romance between Draco and Hermione, but it's hard to not just jump straight into it, so don't be mad if it takes a while for me to get there: