"All's fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both." Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

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"So you're saying that You-Know-Who was defeated only because an idiot like you was lucky enough to think of fangs in the Chamber of Secrets at the last possible second?" A scrawny, dark-haired boy with an obnoxious voice sitting in the second row asked loudly as Ron concluded his story on how the fourth Horcrux was destroyed. Ron opened his mouth furiously to retort, but sensing danger, Hermione quickly interrupted him.

"No, the point is that you never stop brainstorming ideas, no matter how strange they may be, trust your friends for help, and always go with your instincts," Hermione said quickly, glancing at Ron, whose face relaxed at the sound of her reassuring voice.

Since the war, Ron had matured in several ways, one being that he was actually rather good with kids. However, this one third year had been particularly rude to the entire trio, and Ron found his old impatience and annoyance returning every time the teenager opened his mouth.

"And is it true that after you returned from the Chamber of Secrets you ran back to the Room of Requirement, he wanted to save the house elves, which was something you wanted him to do for ages, and you finally kissed him?" A girl with curly, sandy hair in the first row said to Hermione in a voice that suggested that nothing could possibly be more romantic. All of the other girls nodded enthusiastically. Hermione blushed.

"Well...yes, that part is true, though I wasn't really sure how many people knew about that," Hermione said, laughing nervously.

"My mum plays Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies with Ginny Potter," The girl explained.

"So anyway, would you mind giving us a demonstration? I mean, if you ask me, it's rather unbelievable that the smartest witch of your generation would ever go for Harry Potter's loser sidekick," the boy jeered. Ron glared fiercely at him.

"I really think that's a bit–" Hermione started to say before Ron cut her off by taking her in his arms and kissing her passionately on the mouth. A lot of the boys started whistling. For the first few moments she was kissing back, but soon she seemed to come to her senses and fought to break away. When she had finally taken his arms off of her, she was looking at him with an expression that was somewhere between shock, anger, and hurt.

"And you," The first boy said, turning his head to Harry. "Right before the war, didn't you dump your girlfriend? I've seen pictures of her, the chick's hotter than the blonde chick in that muggle football film that came out last year."

"Right, first of all, we temporarily split up for her own safety, and secondly, that chick is my wife, so I would appreciate it if you never spoke of her again that way, all right?" Harry said, trying to control his rising temper. "Okay class, I think we've pretty much covered everything you need to know, so why don't you go down for dinner a bit early?" The class clapped, stood up, picked up there books, and began to leave the room, chattering with their friends.

"So…shall we go down to dinner, then?" Ron said, taking notice of Hermione's expression.

"No," said Harry, somewhat firmly, either not noticing or pretending to ignore the look on Hermione's face. "I'll go down, why don't the two of you take another route?" Ron opened his mouth to object, looking rather pale, but Hermione spoke.

"Yes," She agreed, looking daggers at Ron. "Yes, I think we'd better take a little walk, Ronald." She began to walk briskly towards the exit.

"Harry, not now," Ron whispered pleadingly under his breath.

"Yes, now," Harry muttered back. "It's now or never, you've got everything ready, and she's going to say 'yes,' you know she is!"

"No she–"

"RON!" Hermione yelled from the doorway. Harry pushed Ron forward to stumbled and then hurried to catch up with her. They began to walk up one of the staircases rather quickly.

"What – the – hell was that all about?!" Hermione demanded as she climbed the stairs at an incredible pace. Some of the students passing them looked rather alarmed at the look on her and Ron's faces. They had already reached the second floor and were now sprinting up every other step furiously.

"Hermione, that kid had it coming to him, he'd been at it for the entire hour –"

"Right, so a grown man caves in to the stupid taunts of a thirteen-year-old?!"

"You've never had a damn problem about me kissing you before!"

"Right, but that was when it was just the two of us! NOT in a classroom full of teenage wizards among whom gossip spreads more quickly than Ginny can score a goal!"

"So you're saying that you're fine dating me as long as no one else has to know about it?! You've got a funny way of showing that you're still interested!"

"NO! How hard is it to get these things to make sense to you!? I don't honestly care if people know about us, in fact I'd like them to know about that, but just doing it on the spur of the moment because some kid was taunting you means that you were just using me, Ron, and I–" Hermione paused as she noticed that Ron had stopped suddenly beside a door that appeared to be made of the same wood as her wand, vine wood.

They had already reached the seventh floor. Ron, still glaring, opened the door for her, indicating that she should go in. Frowning, she entered a small but high-ceilinged room. The walls were papered with an elegant design. The paper was a dark, midnight blue and had a print of white roses and vanilla flowers that had caught Hermione's eye in a muggle shop when she considered re-modeling her flat since Ginny had moved out. There were no windows, but a great deal of light was coming from several jasmine-scented candles that were floating about seven feet from the floor. There was a small table in the middle that was set for two. Even at a single glance, Hermione could tell that Champagne was her favorite kind from France. The first course appeared to be a salad with her favorite creamy Caesar dressing. The most interesting aspect of the table was a peculiar velvet, opened box that appeared to be facing her place. Still trying to absorb every aspect of this scene, Hermione turned around, gaping at Ron. He glared, if possible, even more fiercely at her.

"Noticed the common theme of everything in this room?! Noticed how we're in the same location as the Room of Requirement, but we didn't have to pace to get to it?! Noticed how I've been acting like a bloody idiot around you for the past few days, always doing the wrong things, saying things that make me feel like I'm sixteen again and I can't seem to control my emotions or actions whenever I'm around you?! You drive me nuts all the time, and I love every minute of it, I love you, and you standing next to me, whether you're scolding me or yelling at me or snogging me or helping me with spells or whatever you're doing, it's everything about you! I fight with more than I've fought with in my entire life, but you're the one person I know I could never live without, you just make me insane sometimes to the point where I'm making even less sense than usual! I saved up for three months for a ring, and I came up here three hours ago to make sure everything in here was perfect and ensure that we wouldn't have to pace to get into the room again but none of the students could get in and make sure that the elves would send up the food just in time and it's the room where we first kissed and I was GOING TO ASK YOU TO MARRY ME!" Ron bellowed the last bit extremely loudly.

The entire time, Hermione's eyes had not left Ron, but now she saw that he was reaching for the box sitting on the table. He thrust it into her hands. Hermione took out the small ring gingerly. It was small but beautiful; the ring was nearly pure gold with a single pearl, her favorite stone, at the top. She placed the box back on the table and put the ring in Ron's hand.

"So you're…you're saying no?" Ron asked, seeming slightly confused. He had expected and not expected her to say 'yes,' and now that he was getting a seemingly negative reaction he didn't know what he thought.

"No," Hermione told him, not taking her eyes off of his. "I'm not the most romantic or 'feminine' girl in the world –"

"Feminine enough," Ron muttered, remembering the feel of Hermione's curves against his body in the first few months following the war when she would sleep with him every time the smallest sound from outside the Burrow made her feel unsafe.

"But at any rate," Hermione continued, a slow smile spreading across her face, and tears beginning to appear in the corners of her eyes. "Any girl waits for this moment her whole life; I've waited since I was fourteen for you to do this…you'd best do it properly, Ronald." Ron hated anyone addressing him by his full name, but there was a certain ring to it that he loved when Hermione said it. He held the ring between his first finger and his thumb. Getting down on one knee, shaking slightly, his other hand grasped Hermione's.

"Hermione Jean Granger," He said quietly. "I love you more than anything in the entire world, and the moment I met you was the best moment of my life, including the day we got our own chocolate frog cards (Hermione gave a shaky laugh at this). So…if you're okay with it…will you marry me?" He slipped the ring onto her finger and his blue eyes continued to look into her brown ones. Instead of saying anything, Hermione pulled Ron to his feet and began kissing him as she had never kissed him before. Ron broke for a moment.

"So does that mean 'yes?'"

"It means we're definitely not going down to the Great Hall for dinner." Hermione murmured. "If that means 'yes' to you, then I guess we've finally agreed on one thing."

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