A New Start

Finally, it is finally happening. The young girl smiled brightly at the man behind the desk as he and her parents talked.

"You can understand why we are asking you to use the utmost discretion in this case. This is very important to our daughter, but as the head master, we felt you needed to understand the situation." Her father was behind her, a hand on her shoulder and a hand on the shoulder of her younger sister.

Mr. Delmas sat behind his desk. He peered at her from behind his glasses and smiled. "Of course I understand. It should not be a problem. Now as far as housing arrangements, your eldest daughter is…."

"16" I answered. "And my sister is 13." I was so excited to be here that I could barely contain myself. They were going to let me do this. For once I was going to be free, if only for a short time. I looked over at my sister. She smiled at me with the same enthusiasm.

It always amazed me how alike we looked. It was like looking in the mirror. She may have been three years younger than I was, but she looked like my twin. We had that special connection that some siblings shared. Considering everything we had gone through together, it was no wonder. She needed this as much as I did. I turned from my sister and focused again on the conversation.

"Now I understand that your eldest daughter could use some extra privacy due to the circumstances. There are a few single rooms up in the dorms. We could also place your daughters together, but we do try to keep them separated. This allows for time apart and allows for them to develop their own friendships. We are happy to do what we can to make sure you are both comfortable."

This last comment was directed to my sister and me. I looked at her and we both nodded. We had decided on this already. My sister answered for the two of us. "I think we want our own rooms. I know I want a roommate so I can meet some new friends my own age."

"And I would like the privacy of my own room." I finished. After so many years without any privacy at all, this would be a treat.

"Well if you don't have any other questions…." Mr. Delmas paused. When no questions came, he stood up, "…Then I guess we should begin our tour. It will take a little time for the paperwork to be completed and to arrange for rooms. If you will follow me, I will show you around."

I stood up quickly. This was it, my first steps into freedom. Hiroko took my hand and we walked out of the office together, into the start of a new life.