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Ahh… To have a new story out feels like a new school year—so refreshing, so exciting! …That is until it becomes rather drawn out and you can't wait to get the whole thing over with. Just kidding.

But really, I just want to thank everyone who read (and reviewed!) my last story Charm Bracelet once again. A whole lot of love went into that sucker, and watching it become my biggest story to date is a really, really good feeling. I couldn't have done it with the readers/reviewers, so you have my undying gratitude. Lets just see if this story can live up to CB.

As always, here's a summary: Link Avalon, twenty-seven, is a new Ancient Hylian History professor at Hyrule University. He has just been appointed a job teaching the twenty-four year old Princess of Hyrule, Zelda Harkinian. During a break from giving the princess her history lessons, he wanders around Hyrule Castle, and stumbles across one of the castle wizard's incantation readings. It's at that moment when he discovers Hyrule's history has been nothing but one giant fallacy—the six Sages, the four Light Spirits, the Hero of Time, the Princess of Destiny, the King of Evil, and even the three Goddesses and the Triforce… have all been nothing but a world of lies.

Oooh, the tension. As you can see, this story is a major departure from the traditional SirJoshizzle fanfiction. Stories like Charm Bracelet and The Life and Times of Zelda Harkinian are fun and light hearted. But this one is taking on a darker tone. But it will still have that fun side that a lot of people look forward to when they read my stories, so people who want a little bit of both should hopefully be pleased.

After going over the plot outlines for this story countless times, I've discovered that this is essentially a quintessential Legend of Zelda plot set in the present time. Yes, this story is AU, just like Sensei and Charm Bracelet. I think that's what I love about this story so much. This story will incorporate many elements from the Zelda games to give it that Legend of Zelda feel; the only things keeping it from becoming part of the Zelda canon is that it's fanfiction and that it's set in AU. If this were part of the Zelda canon, it is set 1000 years after Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, and the events in The Wind Waker did not happen.

In addition to many references to the Zelda games and manga, there will be many winks at my previous Zelda stories.

I don't know for sure if this will be as long as CB chapter-wise, much less longer. At this point, I'm guessing it will be somewhere in the middle of Sensei and Charm Bracelet as far as number of chapters goes.

This story will not feature songs like CB did. The only exception is a very short hymn that plays a very important part of the plot, which I have named the "Hymn of the Goddesses". It's actually an anagram of Japanese syllables that, when arranged properly and translated into English, becomes a message (which is also a running theme in many of the Zelda games). However, in this story, the Japanese syllables take on the guise of ancient Hylian. You can find it in my blog on deviantART (titled "Hymn of the Goddesses") for more information.

Please read before you continue: Please refer to the maps of Hyrule and Hyrule Castle Town in my deviantART as you explore the Legend of Zelda world as it appears in this story. It's highly recommended that you do so. The maps are attached with all the details about my present-time Hyrule that you need to know. The link to my deviantART is in my profile.

This story is rated T for Teen (at least that's what I think Fanfiction thinks T means) for language, suggestive themes, and violence.

This story will be told from Link's point of view. There will also be short scenes told from the third-person, but you will know when those scenes occur. Also, it features an all-new time stamp! Whoo!

I do not own The Legend of Zelda.

A World of Lies

Location: Unknown.
Date: Wednesday June 20, 2007.
Time: 11:43 PM.

"You have sent the letter out, correct?"

The man who spoke with his deep, menacing voice says to his servant, who is pacing anxiously across the room.

The room is dimly lit, with only the flames cracking from an ornate stone fireplace and the moonlight pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling length windows serving as sources of light. The man watches his servant closely, his red eyes glowing in the darkness. The man is sitting in a large red leather armchair, with an oak side table next to him with a glass mug of black coffee and a manila folder resting on top.

"You are tense," the man calmly states. "What is bothering you?"

"Master…" The servant speaks softly through his scarf. "What if he does not accept?"

The man chuckles lightly, lifting his mug and taking the folder from underneath it. He opens it and pulls out a couple of papers. He scans the top page quickly, the profile of a person.

"He has the blood of a loyal warrior in him," he says, perusing the contents. "Never able to refuse when he is called upon… He will accept… Besides, who could pass on the opportunity to be the personal tutor to the Princess of Hyrule? She is a beautiful young woman… It makes our proposal that much more compelling."

"I… I guess you are right," the servant stops, staring into the fireplace, watching the red-orange flames dance.

"Please… Relax," the man shakes his head slowly. "Everything will go according to plan. Trust me."

He looks out one of the giant glass windows to the skyline of Hyrule Castle Town. Right down the car and pedestrian filled street—even at night—is Hylia Square, all lit up with the flashing neon lights, signs and giant LCD screens hanging off the sides of the surrounding skyscrapers. At street level thousands of people crowd the intersection as the pedestrian lights change. Even when it is so close to midnight, the heart of Hyrule Castle Town never sleeps. He smirks evilly as he watches the crowds scurry around the streets like ants after losing a scent trail.

"Yes, all according to plan," he repeats softly.

He turns back to the paper, directing his gaze at the picture of a man on the dossier. The man in the picture stares right back into his red eyes, as he scans the photographed person's face. His unruly blonde hair, his cobalt blue eyes…

- - - - - - - - - -

Location: Vantage Pointe Condominiums, Apartment #201, Hyrule Castle Town, Light Prefecture.
Date: Thursday June 21, 2007.
Time: 11:02 AM.




Ugh… Go away…



I slowly open my blue eyes, my vision horribly blurry. I let out loud, tired yawn as I stretch my limbs out, groaning loudly and blinking rapidly to clear my eyesight. I lift my head and look down at my body. The blankets are partially covering my legs and my bare chest, with most of it hanging off the sides of the bed.


I growl in frustration, kicking the covers off me. I roll off the bed and onto my feet, fixing my gray pajama bottoms as I swing my bedroom door open.

Ding-dong, ding-dong.

"I hear ya, I hear ya!" I yell out in annoyance, shaking out my tangled blonde hair. I walk to the front door and open the door. I find that my friends Sheik and Malon standing in front of me.

"Hey Link!" They exclaim in unison, wide grins on their faces. I just give them a tired, questioning look, a careless eyebrow raised and my mouth slightly open.

Sheik and Malon are my best friends. We go back quite a few years, to when I was a Sheik and I were juniors in high school and Malon was a sophomore. They're both boyfriend and girlfriend of four years, and are planning to get married sometime in August. Sheik is a member of the Sheikah tribe, while Malon is a normal Hylian.

"…It's early," I groan after a short silence.

"No," Malon shakes her head, the ponytail her fire red hair is in moves as she does so. "It's eleven."

"Well it's early for me," I rub my eyes. "But come in, anyway." I step aside from them to come into the apartment and I close the door once they're in.

"Jeez Link," Sheik rubs his chin, examining the small dining table on the other side of the room right in front of the glass sliding doors leading to the balcony. "This place is a mess."

I turn to him, and I glance at the tabletop. He's right I suppose. Papers are sprawled all over the place. Black and red permanent markers lay uncapped on a stack of notebooks. My silver Powerbook is still open, with my screensaver on the screen.

"I was up all night grading papers," I tell him tiredly. "I didn't sleep until three in the morning."

"No wonder," Malon giggles as she takes a seat on the sofa. "Your hair is a mess, too! But you should take a break from your professor work this weekend, Link; this Sunday's the festival!"

I furrow my brow at her, raising an eyebrow. "…What festival?"

Her eyes widen at my question and she gives me a look as if to ask me if I've been taking drugs or something. "Hello, Mister PhD in Hylian History! The festival! Sunday is the millennial anniversary of the vanquishing of the King of Evil!"

My eyes light up instantly. Oh yeah! On Sunday, it will be a thousand years of peace. On June 24, 1007, the legendary Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny saved Hyrule from total destruction caused by the King of Evil. The seven Sages—including the princess—and the four Light Spirits, then locked him in the Sacred Realm. All of Hyrule will be celebrating this weekend with the festivities at its peak on Sunday. All schools are on holiday today and tomorrow for the occasion as well, making it a four-day weekend.

"Don't tell me you forgot!" Malon laughs incredulously.

"It slipped my mind," I shrug. "What with all that work I have to grade—"

"Link," Sheik cuts me off. His red eyes, a trademark of the Sheikah tribe, stare at me. "You work too hard… Relax this weekend!"

"I can't," I shake my head. "I have all of that work…"

I stop myself as both their faces falter. I frown slightly, but then a smile creeps on my lips. "Hey… I'll tell you what…"

They both look up at me and I fold my arms across my naked chest. "I'll take care of all of that paperwork today. Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, I'm all yours."

They break out into bright grins and nod happily. "Okay!"

I laugh light-heartedly, shaking my head when Malon says, "It's a deal, Link! Sheik and I should leave you for now so you can get all of that mess done."

"Thanks guys," I scratch the back of my head. "I'm halfway done, anyway. I should be finished by tonight hopefully."

"Sounds good," Sheik nods. We both high five and I give Malon a quick hug, kissing her on the cheek.

"Bye Link," she smiles. I walk over to the door and open it for them, waving at them on their way out.

"We'll see you tomorrow, Link!" Malon calls out from the hallway.

I'm about to close the door when Sheik suddenly pops up right in front of me.

"Wait!" He exclaims.

"What's up?" I ask him, slightly startled at his abrupt reappearance.

He reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out a white envelope. "The receptionist at the desk told me to deliver it to you," he hands it to me. I slowly accept it, examining it.

"Why didn't the mailman put it in my mailbox?" I ask no one in particular, but then he answers, "The lady said to give it to you personally. The mailman told her it was a high priority letter."

"I see…" I nod softly. I look up at him and flash a quick smile. "Thanks, man."

"No problem," he shakes his head. He turns to walk, but looks over his shoulder quickly and points at me. "Tomorrow!"

"You got it!" I nod, chuckling lightly. And with that, I close the door.

I turn around and take a seat on the sofa, scanning the envelope. Who could this be from? There's no sender address at all, just my name in ornate cursive, written in red, green and blue ink. I squint my eyes, and I see the faint outline of a pattern imprinted on the off-white envelope. It's the crest of the Hylian Royal Family.

The Royal Family? Now I'm really interested in what this person has got to say. I turn it over and tear the envelope open and pull out the folded paper inside. The letter is written in elaborate calligraphy, just like my name was. This doesn't surprise me.

"Link Avalon," I read aloud.

"I regularly receive files of Hyrule's citizens who have exceptionally impressive and consistent academic records. In turn, I send out personal letters congratulating those who consistently meet and far exceed the academic standards set by Hyrule's National Board of Education. Mr. Avalon, you are one of these esteemed people.

After reading over your academic record and achievements very closely, and seeing someone so young as you teach at the university level, I have a proposition for you: I would like to request that you become the personal tutor to my daughter and the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.

I do not expect you to answer so soon. Please, think it over. When you are ready to answer, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop by Hyrule Castle. Just present this letter to the guards at the front gates and they will let you pass. No formal attire is needed for any of our meetings; dress in any way you please.

-King Daphnes Nohansen Harkinian"

At the bottom is his signature, which is way too fancy for me to make out even a single letter.

I just stare at this letter in disbelief, rereading it in my head. Is this thing serious? This has got to be some sort of joke. But then again, anything that comes out of Hyrule Castle—even envelopes—is harder to duplicate than DNA strands.

…The king wants me to be the personal tutor to the Princess Zelda?

- - - - - - - - - -

Location: Hyrule Castle Station, Hyrule Castle Exit, Hyrule Castle Town, Light Prefecture.
Date: Thursday June 21, 2007.
Time: 12:06 PM.

I exit the staircase leading to Hyrule Castle Station, the second-busiest subway station in the world, pushing through the flood of people pouring out of the exit as well. The sun is out, but it's comfortably breezy to counter the moderate heat, streaks of white clouds in the sky. I push through the ever-crowded sidewalks, watching the exterior of Hyrule Castle grow as I approach it.

I've lived in Greater Castle Town all my life, and I don't think I've ever seen a time when the streets are filled with cars and the sidewalks aren't overflowing with people gossiping, laughing, admiring the dizzying skyscrapers, and taking pictures of the city with their camera phones.

Hyrule Castle Town proper is home to over twelve million people alone, easily making it the largest city in Hyrule and the world. The population of the greater metro area—the eleven wards surrounding the city plus Castle Town proper—is well over thirty-five million people. Yet with a metro population on a national level, there are very little civic problems. Transportation couldn't be easier, as the city hosts the world's largest, most efficient and used subway and monorail system. It relieves the stress on the highways, and it helps more because over half of Greater Castle Town doesn't own a car—due to a subway station on every corner… and the fact that cars are just as expensive as condos. Crime rates are the lowest in the world, hosting the most reliable police system any city can offer. It also helps that the citizens are rather honest with stolen and lost belongings; you can leave an iPod at a McDonald's and rest assured that sooner or later, someone's going to show up at your doorstep with it.

Castle Town is at its most cosmopolitan and vibrant in Hylia Square, the geographic center of the Light Prefecture. Hylia Square is the skyscraper district of the city; all of the city's—and Hyrule's—tallest skyscrapers are located there. The tallest is the Hylia 360, a skyscraper exactly 360 meters tall and shaped vaguely like the Master Sword of legend. Because Hyrule is an earthquake prone country and the Greater Castle Town Area is one of the most earthquake susceptible regions in the world, Hylia 360—along with every single building in the metro area—has been built according to very, very high construction and architectural standards: the building has been constructed to withstand earthquakes with magnitudes above 9.5. In addition to being part of the building's design, the wings of the "sword's handle" act as balances to reduce sway during an earthquake. Also, there are two mass dampers that act as pendulums to negate the sway of the building.

At ground level, Hylia Square is always filled with people. Located right in front of Hylia 360 is Hylia Station, the busiest subway station in the world. The intersection is the busiest scramble crossing in the world, with a thousand people crossing at every green light. Surrounding the intersection are vibrant neon lights and signs and LCD screens displaying commercials, news and weather updates regularly.

Because this weekend the country is celebrating the Festival of Lifelong Happiness, people everywhere are singing the "Hymn of the Goddesses". The Hymn is a prayer that dates back a thousand years. The people of Hyrule sang it in protest of the King of Evil before the Hero of Time awoke from his seven-year slumber in the Sacred Realm. The hymn is said to be written in Ancient Hylian, but I don't think that's true. I'm fluent in the language, and I've studied the linguistics of Ancient Hyrule, and I still can't decipher what it means in English. All the same, for a thousand years people have been singing that song, and it's even the country's national anthem.

I pass my a group of carolers standing next to a Gossip Stone, singing the song happily over the din from the cars and the crowds.


Before long, I'm right at the front of Hyrule Castle. It's a magnificent palace, painted in solid white with large glass windows and a expansive green grass lawns surrounding it. I'd even say it's more of an architectural achievement than Hylia 360 is. It's surrounded on all sides with pointed black gates and Hylian Soldiers, who also serve as guides for anyone who needs directions.

I slowly approach one of the guards standing in front of the main gates. He's a rather well built man, probably a little over six feet tall, just a few inches taller than me.

"May I help you, sir?" He asks me as he catches sight of me.

"Actually," I say nervously. "I'm here because I have an audience with the king." Before he can do anything like laugh in my face or insult me, I reach into the breast pocket of my white long sleeved dress shirt for the envelope I received and hand it to him. He raises an eyebrow at me and takes the letter out, perusing it quickly. His eyes widen at me after he finishes.

"Um… May I see some identification?" He asks, stammering a bit as he gives me the envelope back. I nod and reach into the back pocket of my black slacks for my wallet and show him my military ID. My dad was an officer in the Hylian Navy for twenty years before he retired four years ago.

"Al… Alright then," he nods, and I put my wallet away. He turns to the wall next to him and presses a few buttons on a keypad. The gate then withdraws and gestures for me to walk through. I thank him quickly and walk past the gate and it slowly slides back closed, separating myself from the rest of Castle Town.

I follow the sinuous stone path to the enormous front doors of the castle and ring the doorbell just above the elaborate doorknob. Even from outside I can hear the doorbell echo throughout the house. Either the castle has some thin walls or that's one hell of a doorbell system.

Before long, a Sheikah woman greets the doors open and me. Her eyes are red, and her hair is platinum blonde, but a shade brighter than Sheik's. She's rather well built, a characteristic shared by all members of the Sheikah race.

"May I help you, sir?" She asks me.

"Um…" I furrow my brow. I reach into my pocket again and give her the envelope. She takes it, eyeing me suspiciously and reads over it.

"Hmm…" She nods softly. Her eyes then widen is surprise. "…Oh! Mr. Avalon! We've been expecting you!"

She steps aside so that I may walk in, and she then closes the doors behind me as I step inside.

Well… It's pretty safe to say that the last place I thought I would be in any point in my life would be in Hyrule Castle.

Everything is made of fine polished marble. The floors, the walls, the ceiling—everything. The mahogany banister on the staircase spirals to the second floor. Above the stairs is a giant glass dome with gold to decorate it. In the middle of the foyer is a varnished white baby grand piano and above it is a chandelier made of gold. Instead of glass hanging from it are princess-cut diamonds. To the left and right of the entrance are two parlors with glass doors as entrances to them.

I peek into both parlors and find that both are different. The one to my left has a floor made of pine. The couches are white leather sofas across from each other and in the middle is a coffee table made from lacquered maple. Across from the doors is a fireplace made of marble and what hangs above it was a blown-up portrait of the Royal Family.

I turn around and walk over to the doors to the right parlor.

This one is a little more casual than the other. It looks like it is twice the size of the left one. The floor is made of polished white marble. There's a light brown corner sofa and matching coffee table and ottoman made of leather. Across from it is a 50" wall hanging LCD TV screen and on both sides of it are thousands of Rupees worth of digital entertainment. There are two bookshelves, a soda machine, a pool table, and on the ceiling is a hand-painted full detail three-dimensional map of Hyrule, recessed lighting with gold encrusted around the edges, and a ceiling fan made of spruce.

"So this is the famous Hyrule Castle…" I mutter softly to myself.

"Isn't it something?" The woman asks. I jump slightly in surprise and whirl around, facing her. She chuckle softly at me. "Follow me."

I follow up the spiraling staircase, down a few halls and side stairs until the woman and I stop in front of giant brown oak double doors. I'm guessing they lead to the throne room. She pushes them open and I see that they actually lead outside. It seems to be the top floor of the castle. We walk up yet another flight of stairs and I'm instantly awestruck.

It's the top floor of the castle, alright, and it sounds kind of cheesy to say it, but the view is absolutely to die for. I run to the edge of the balcony, and I look down, the castle's front lawn and parts of the roofs of the lower levels visible. I look up and I can see straight down Castle Avenue for miles, cutting through the sea of skyscrapers like a knife. It travels straight down until it seems to end right at Castle Town Bay. To my left and my right are endless seas of skyscrapers, with some flat patches where large, expansive parks are.

"Whoa…" I whisper. "Check it out…"

"The princess loves this view as well," the Sheikah woman leans forward on the railing with me. "Especially at night."

I turn to her slowly, raising an eyebrow. "Princess Zelda?"

"The one and only," she nods. "…Oh! Goddesses, where are my manners?" She extends her arm out to me. "I am Impa, the personal caretaker of Princess Zelda."

I accept her hand slowly, shaking with, a smile on my face. "Link Avalon… Though I think you kind of know that already."

She laughs softly and gestures for me to wait. "Stay here for the moment. I'll alert the king of your presence."

"Alright," I nod. I watch her ascend another flight of stairs leading to an upper level. She walks into the largest stone archway I have ever seen.

I turn around and look back down to the castle's lower grounds. I notice a figure standing on one of the balconies below me. She's doing the same as Impa and I were doing earlier, looking out to the view of Castle Town. She might be a maid or something. She looks up to the skies, letting the soft breeze lift her blonde-brown hair. I catch sight of her facial features. Her eyes are closed, and on her face is a look of contentment. Her eyes slowly open, and her eyes wander towards me. Farore, her eyes are beautiful. Crystalline indigo orbs stare right at me. She turns around and her back leans on the railing, but our eyes don't tear away from each other. She smiles softly at me before walking away out of my sight.

Gods, she's beautiful… I bet Princess Zelda will be twice the beauty that girl was, whoever she was…

"Link!" I turn around, and see Impa calling me. "Come on up!" I nod and jog up the stairs and stopping in front of her, panting heavily. "You ready?" She asks.

"…To be honest…" I blush sheepishly. "I'm kinda nervous…"

"Don't be," she shakes her head. "I'll go with you. Just do as I do, okay?"

I nod softly, and we both walk up the stairs in unison.

We enter the large archway and into the throne room. It's a very vast room to say the least. Everything is made of stone, marble pillars on either side of the wide red carpet running right in the middle of the room. Guards stand in front of every pillar and giant stained glass window. Each window depicts one of the six Sages. Behind the throne is an enormous statue of a Triforce with the three Goddesses floating around it. Straight in front of me is the King of Hyrule himself, Daphnes Nohansen Harkinian. He's sitting on his large throne in front of the statue, wearing a jet-black business suit. Funny… I thought he'd be in royal garbs or something. But wait… He tells me formalities in clothing aren't needed; yet he's the one all dressed up?

Before I know it, Impa and I are just a mere eight or nine feet in front of him. From the corner of my eye, I watch Impa closely. She bows deeply at the waist, and the instant she does it, I follow her.

"Hold it," she whispers to me. "Don't get up until he bows and gets up."

I stare at the ground and look up, not moving my head. I see him get up from his throne and take a few steps forward. He then bows, but not as deep as us. He stays like that for a few seconds. Farore, I hope he gets up soon. If I hold myself like this any longer I might fall over. Sure enough, he then rises. A few moments later, Impa stands straight and I get up as well.

"Link Avalon?" He asks in his deep, booming voice, his dark blue eyes looking into mine.

"Yes, um… Your, uh, Majesty?" I mentally kick myself in the ass. I just made a fool of myself in front of the King of Hyrule—of all people!

A soft smile creeps onto his lips. "…Didn't I say this meeting did not call for formal wear?"

I look down at my clothes. They're hardly formal, I think. Maybe semi-formal at best.

"Well," I shrug slightly. "I thought I'd at least dress up a little bit, Your Majesty."

He laughs softly, rubbing his chin. "How nice… I've heard much about you, Mr. Avalon… Maintained a GPA above 3.8 throughout high school… Graduated valedictorian in high school with a 4.5… Accepted into Hyrule University… Graduated Hyrule U. salutatorian summa cum laude with a PhD in Hylian History… All before your 30th birthday!"

I smile sheepishly, my cheeks blushing a soft pink.

"How did you manage to do that?" He asks. "Most college professors I know are… elderly to say the least."

"I, uh… I don't know, Your Majesty," I shake my head nervously, every part of my body tense. "My parents strictly stressed the importance of education how-many-times during my childhood… They set high but realistic standards for me."

"They raised you well…" He nods softly. "But you get to the point… One of my advisors was the one who told me about you. He insisted that you are a very well educated person, and the facts support his claim… My daughter, the princess, is in need of a tutor at the moment… In all honestly I didn't think you'd decide so quickly."

"That's kind of why I'm here," I tell him. "I haven't actually decided if I'm going to do it; I was wondering if I could probably tutor her for a day and then if things go well, I'd teach her full time."

"Hmm…" He rubs his chin. "I… I do not see why not… Impa!"

"Sir!" She stands up at attention.

"Take Mr. Avalon to my daughter," he then turns to me. "Perhaps it would be helpful if you took a little time to know her before you actually commit to teaching her."

I nod softly in reply. We both bow quickly and turn around, walking out of the throne room.

- - - - - - - - - -

Location: Unknown.
Date: Thursday June 21, 2007.
Time: 12:28 PM.


"…What is it?"

The servant points out one of the windows. "I have just gotten word… The boy has accepted."

The master looks out the window his servant is pointing at and sees a blonde Hylian man and a Sheikah woman walk down the stairs from Hyrule Castle's throne room.

"Excellent…" The man grins devilishly, nodding affirmatively. "Just make sure that you let him and the princess know before the festival."

"…When exactly do you want me to tell them?" His servant asks him, picking at the black ashes in the fireplace with the poker.

"That is up to you," he replies. "But give them enough time to do it."

He looks away from the man and the woman and back to the skyline of Castle Town, the thousands of people on the street preparing the city for the festival.

"Hyrule… is in for a rough ride."

Sorry if this chapter is kind of boring. It's basically setting the stage for the rest of the story.

Hyrule Castle in this story is described as it appears in Twilight Princess. The interior of the first floor, however, is my vision of how it would look in the present.

For those who have read my previous stories…

You can leave an iPod at a McDonald's and rest assured that sooner or later, someone's going to show up at your doorstep with it: Charm Bracelet, anyone?

Also, the fact that Link was valedictorian in high school, salutatorian in college and majored in Hylian History is carried over from CB and Sensei as well.

Okay, time to work on CB ch. 27 (Wow, do I ever stop writing?) and watch my little sister rejoice at the fact that there's a strong possibility Princess Peach will be confirmed for Brawl.

Enjoy Life and Smile.

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