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Massie: She's still the alpha [Maybe not if she doesn't have TPC. Still bossy and rich. Confused about Derrington because he kinda cheated on her. She is making him jealous by flirting with Tidus. Pretty also. Then there are 3 new girls coming to OCD. They are trying to over rule the school. They also are trying to break TPC apart. This made Massie very mad. Which of TPC will the girls get into their new clique?

Claire: Still lives in Massie guesthouse. [Or maybe not. She is fed up by Massie's commands and her bossiness. Is in a fight with Cam. They might break up. Will she be in the new clique or stay in TPC? She LOVES her life. Someone likes her. But confused. Cam or that other guy?

Alicia: She's pretty jealous that Massie is still the Alpha. Massie has a perfect life. Well that's what Alicia thinks. Then she found out that her step cousin is coming to stay with her. Uh-OH! But he's a guy cousin. Not a girl.

Kristen: SUPER HAPPY! Her parents are rich! Her dad owns 2 clubs in NYC. It's really successful. It's really famous [Which makes her famous also because she is the daughter of the owner and Massie is jealous. She gets even happier when the new girls ask her to be in their clique. And maybe become the ALPHA. Of course she's going to take the position right? Then something happened and Claire has to be the alpha because of her boyfriend. That made her pretty angry! But she has been bff with Massie. Who will she choose?

Dylan: Not really happy. She gained 5 pounds. The new girls also made fun of her. DYLAN definitely doesn't like them. She is on Massie's side. Then her parents gave her some "not so great" news. With this news Massie might lose TPC.

New Characters

Vanessa: She is considered good looking. Pretty rich. She is very nice. [Got transferred into OCD because her dad was going to make a hotel there. They used to live in California. Her dad owns the Binns Hotel. The Binns hotel is famous for their service and the hotel is for rich people.

[No duh, they are the only one that can afford to stay in the beautiful hotel. She is going to be in the new clique. Which is called The Bratz. [LOL.

Yuna: She is banging! She is half Dutch, Chinese, and Indonesian. Very beautiful. [She also transferred to OCD because she is moving with her dad. Her parents got divorced. She used to live in Florida when her parents were together. Everyone wants to be and look like her. She isn't mean, conceited, selfish, and greedy or anything like that. She is the model for Abercrombie & Fitch. She respects everyone equally and only disrespects when she has good reasons. She is pretty shy. [Doesn't know she is pretty.

Paine: She is like a tomboy. Athletic. She dresses like a girly-girl. WHOA RICH. Her mom owns all the mall in Europe. [She also transferred because her mother wanted to build a mall near OCD. Don't let her looks fool you! She is also very nice. She is Native American mixed with Irish. She is HOT! She doesn't know she is pretty [just like yuna. Almost all the guys are drooling over her. Well, ALL the guys are drooling on the girls in The Bratz. Something happened to her that will ruin her REP.!

Tidus: The cousin of Alicia. He is a step cousin because he isn't fully Spanish. He is half Spanish and half Pilipino! He got the face, the body that every guy wish they had. Every girl are daydreaming about him. Alicia has a crush on her own cousin! Tidus doesn't like Alicia, or Massie. He likes this girl, which will make EVERYONE surprised. The GIRL is surprised also. Tidus is staying with Alicia because he got expelled from his old school. He is a bad boy. His parents thought that if he were in a new state with strangers he'd be different. Little did they know what he did. NOW THEY WILL BE SUPER MAD!