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How Do You Say Good-bye?

Today we are here to honor the memory of a very great and loving man, Solomon Jacob Motou.

Yugi's POV:

How do you say good-bye to a man who took you into his home without even thinking, that's what my grandpa did when my parents died. Grandpa opened not only his home but his heart to me and I will forever be grateful for that. They say that every so often a great man is born who shows the world how to act and that was my grandpa. Grandpa, I'll miss you but I also know that we will be together someday.

Joey's POV:

I met Solomon when Yug and I became friends and I will be forever grateful for grandpa's love. This man didn't care who you were if he thought you needed someone to care or to listen to you he was always there and he sure was that for me especially when my sister needed eye surgery and I was so damn scared and it was Grandpa who told me "just believe that she will be alright and the Lord upstairs will hear you and I bet she will be fine." You know what? He was right. Grandpa Motou, I will also miss you and because of your beliefs I will see you someday so keep the door unlocked because I will be coming in for some of that good old fashioned love that you give.

Yami's POV:

My dear friend, you showed me understanding and gave me your love even though you didn't really understand how I came to be here. With that love and the love of my abiou I discovered that there really was something to discover every day and I will forever miss you, but as Yugi has told me, we will be together again so till we meet again good-bye my friend.

Tea's POV:

Ever since I first met and became friends with Yugi you showed me that love you have for each and everyone of us and it makes me so very proud to have known and become one of those friends. I will forever miss you.

Mokuba's POV:

I got to know you and found out what it felt to have a grandpa because Yugi said he'd share you with me and I will forever love him for that. You gave me unconditional love and no one other then Seto has ever done that for me. I will always look towards the heavens and smile because I know that you're looking down on all of us and sending us your love.

Mai's POV:

I never knew anyone like you. You didn't care if I knew you, you showed me love and that scared the hell out of me because no one has ever done that for me and I will forever love you for that. Like the others I know that we will all be together again. I love you.

Seto's POV:

Solomon what a great and caring may you are. I know that at first we didn't see eye to eye but as the years passed I saw what an incredible man you really are and I thank the man upstairs for allowing me to know you and to have you give me an my brother your caring understanding and love. I have found out so many things about myself and that is that I too have love and to give and if it weren't for you showing me that I could, I wouldn't know what love could do and I will see you again someday my very special friend.

Ishizu Ishtar's POV:

I grieve today because I've lost my old friend. You have given of yourself and never asked anything in return except have your friendship and you will always have that and then some. My entire family including Ryou and Bakura send our love to you and we all know that we will be together some day so until we meet again know that you are the reason for our smiles and we love you.


A/N: Always tell the ones that you love how much they mean to you each day of your lives and remember that when they pass they are still with you in spirit and they will forever be with you and your families.