Chapter 19: End.

Harry had the four Hogwarts founders write their signatures and letters in books. He felt like crying and laughing all at the same time. He was going home and it felt like he was leaving his brothers and sisters behind. Oh how he hated this, but he was so looking forward to going home. For the last time he made sure everything was packed in his trunk, including over 500 goodbye cards and presents. He had laughed at it and said: "I guess I will be popular no matter where I go."

The silence was thick before Harry took them all into a huge hug. The four founders together cast the spell that would send him home, the girls doing the spell and the boys ready to make shield charms. It was then a familiar hurricane started wrapping around him, breaking everything in the process, but not hurting him at all. With that he disappeared, never to be seen in the founder's time again.

Harry was flying, back to the present. Back to the time he should be in. Back home to give very happy and sad news, but he knew Sev was not going to be sad. He was going to be angry or more like furious.

A whirlwind moved furiously into the middle of Hogsmead, leaving an unconscious eleven-year old. He was taken to Hogwarts, that being closest as well as it being a friend of Albus Dumbledore who found him. He picked up the kid and could not help but see how much he looked like Severus. He was in the order and knew him, though not very well.

When it reached Severus's ear that there was a kid who looked like him unconscious and a whirlwind had left him in Hogsmead, he remembered the state of Harry's room. Biting his lip all he could think was 'Could it be?' Trying not to get too excited he left for the hospital wing to see for him self.

As soon as he saw him he knew deep down that it was Harry. Parental instincts told him so. He frowned at Harry's appearance before he remembered he was a metamorphmagus. Sev would have slapped his forehead if he weren't such a composed man.

He walked over and with a trembling hand touched Harry's face. He sat down with a sigh, holding his hand on his head just making sure he was there and that the boy wouldn't disappear.

Sometime later he fell asleep for the night, unaware that Harry had awakened and turned the stiff hospital wing chair into a very comfortable huge squashy chair which Sev curled up in and dropped off into a better sleep.

Sev woke up feeling very well rested to find him self in a very comfortable green chair. With a tired yawn he nearly jumped when he saw green eyes boring into his own and a smile brightening up Harry's whole face. Harry had the best smile he had ever worn.

Before either of them knew it they both met each other in a huge hug. Not believing they had been able to stay away from each other that long.

"Harry how did you end up in the founder's time?" asked a very curious Severus. He looked ten years younger right now he had no worries. It was just he and Harry. Here he didn't have to act. He was free to be himself.

"I will tell you just let's get down to your rooms. I don't want anyone else to hear or see me just yet." Said Harry as he got up, made sure his things were all still there and they both took the short cut back to his rooms.

He then took the portrait and turned it around. After putting a silencing spell as well as locking spells, Harry started his story.

"I woke up to find four people staring at me, their wands drawn. Then I told them everything. Since then I have got on with all of them. The Slytherin's in the past are great. They get on with the Gryffindor's, it's weird not having someone say Slytherin's are evil all the time. I loved it there. I was never sorted and I made a lot of friends. I have over five hundred goodbye cards in my trunk. I invented Quidditch and let Helga help get muggle-borns to the castle. Isn't it great! Soon after I got there it was boring. I followed Salazar and he was fighting with daggers. He was moving with so much speed, I could hardly follow him," said Harry with so much awe that Sev could not help but feel a pang of envy. He thought 'Something like that could only happen to you.'

"He started to teach me how to work with daggers, then swords. It was so cool he got me my own set. They are really cool. I now have two from him. He was like a brother. I don't think it was him who hated the muggle-borns. I think its all a big set up. Sal would not do that to anyone. I want to know what happened and I will as soon as I can have a word with that hat. The day Salazar went bad is the day I go bad too. He was great. He had a mask like you at school, but with the founders and me he was really fun," said Harry having to stop to breathe properly.

"I learned charms and some divination with Rowena Ravenclaw. She was great too, like an aunt. Helga taught me about plants. They were fun. I recognized some of them. Most of them are used in potions. I learned potions and defense against the dark arts from Sal. They were not banned yet from him. Then I learned care of magical creatures and transfiguration from Godric Gryffindor. They were so young, but I don't think I know that much. After all the syllabus here is different, much harder in the past with it only being purebloods," Said Harry thinking about what else he could tell him before he dropped the bombshell.

"I'm a seer, a bird speaker and a parselmouth. I want a snake and I don't care what people think. I will carry my parseltongue with pride just like Sal. It was amazing, I love speaking in parseltongue even though I didn't know it. There are hisses when they are lapping at each other. The headmaster's phoenix once belonged to Godric Gryffindor. I can't believe he is over a thousand years old. Poor thing, it hates burning days because he can't fly for a week after it. I would like a phoenix, but I'd rather have a snake," he said trailing off, not knowing what else to say.

"What was so important that you needed to tell me face to face?" asked Sev, getting even more curious when Harry's face drained of all color and he gulped.

"Um, make a parental potion and you will understand," he said getting an empty potion vial out of his pocket, cutting a small wound on his finger, letting the blood drop for a couple of minutes before healing it and giving it to him.

He took out a pensive that he had been given by Godric Gryffindor and put his seer visions in as well as most of his memories of the past three years. Then he set it aside and headed into his room, falling asleep, clothes and shoes still on, not having the strength to undress.

Severus came through not ten minutes later, took off the robes, trainers and dressed him in his Pj's that he had to raid his trunk for not having the size for him anymore. Then he went to make the potion completely forgetting about the pensive on the table he had put down.

An hour later he put Harry's blood into the potion still wondering why he was doing it. He had a sinking feeling about what was going to happen, but was not prepared for it. He was lucky he didn't pass out, but his legs did weaken and he leant against the table. He saw for himself that Lily was a descendant of Ravenclaw and was shocked to find himself a Descendant of Slytherin. He also saw Godric was there too.

All that ran around his head was the fact that Harry was his child. HIS. That no one could take away from him ever. He had the biggest smile on his face as he entered his quarters. He dipped himself into the pensive and watched the three years he had missed of his child's happy years. Watched as he made friends, as he told them all about his dad and as he grew both physically and magically. Then the worst came. He watched as James Potter Obliviated his lovely Lily, who was meant to be his wife. He would have as soon as he knew she was pregnant, he knew he would have married her.

He walked into his son's room, realizing for the first time that how he looked now was his natural look. He just sat there staring at the beautiful boy with his and Lily's looks in him. He had more of Lily now than before. He brushed his hand against Harry's hair and he leaned into his touch. Then he took him and cuddled with him. His son still sleeping, curled more into him and both fell into the most peaceful sleep in a long time.

Harry woke up to see onyx eyes watching him. He used his ability to change his eye color and to Sev it was as if he were looking at himself. His son was beautiful and there was no denying it. They had been stupid to not see it before. Thankfully he didn't look like Harry Potter anymore Even if he had, Sev would have been happy to hold him as he was doing now.

"Where is Black?" asked Harry wearily as he watched Sev intently.

"He is back at St. Mungos, where he belongs. Also he has been found an unfit godfather," said Sev with some humor in his voice. Harry let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. He cuddled more into Sev and smelled the smell of his dad. He smelled of potions ingredients.

"Dad I don't want to be known as the Boy-Who-Lived. I want to live my own life and not have to worry if people only like me because I'm the Boy-Who-Lived or because I'm me. Please let me be your son. Harry is gone. There never was a Harry Potter. Only a boy whose father didn't know he existed and that it was the boy who has no last name. I need a new name and an acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Please dad please," he begged the last bit. He had never wanted anything more in his life.

Something in Sev's heart clenched when the word dad spilled from Harry's mouth. He could not believe that Harry wanted him. Then he chided himself. Of course Harry wanted him for god sake. He had always thought of him as a dad. Harry was no longer the spawn of James Potter, but his son and he was going to do a good job everything else be damned.

"Ok Harry, I will give you a name. I have always liked Alexander Damon Snape. How is that?" he asked the green eyed boy nervously. He was scared that Harry wouldn't accept the name.

Harry chewed on his lip, nodded and asked "Alexander Damon Severus Salazar Snape?" Some people after all have two middle names. Sev nodded right away. He was so proud of his son. He even wanted to take his name.

With that said they both went up to the headmaster's office. They both agreed not to tell anyone, including the headmaster the truth… yet anyway. For now they were going to get Alexander Damon Severus Salazar Snape accepted for seven normal years at Hogwarts.

Severus felt over the moon that he had a son, a boy he had already thought of as one of his own. It was reality, not just adoption. With a genuine smile they walked to the headmaster's office side by side as father and son. No one else would have thought other wise. He changed his eyes to Sev's color with a pang of regret. He didn't want to get rid of his mother's eyes, but it would blow their cover. The headmaster was not a stupid man.

Harry could only think about everything that had happened since he was eight. So much had happened; so much had changed for the better. Yes, he had hard times, but he was with his dad now. As they reached the stone gargoyle leading to Albus Dumbledore's office, formerly Godric Gryffindor's, he thought with a smile 'My magic is what saved me and for that I am glad.'

The End

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