Title: Narcissistic Ambitions
Pairings: D/TR-LV, Slight Bella/Voldemort
Warnings: Slight fluff, torture, sexual situations.
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, if I did I wouldn't be writing pathetic fanfictions now, would I?\

Chapter One:
Failure Doesn't Get Redemption

"You didn't kill Dumbledore, now did you, Draco?" Lord Voldemort asked the pale boy in a chilling tone. The death eaters were watching the scene gleefully, hoping that the Malfoys would finally get the embarrassment they deserved, instead of constant praise. Draco's mother and father watched as the dark lord interrogated their only son, resisting the urge to beg him for mercy. To beg for their son's life. Voldemort, of course, had no intentions of spilling magical blood, at least not today. Not now. There was complete silence, the blonde boy hadn't answered yet, but the evil wizard did not care. He actually seemed to wish to prolong the moment, perhaps to make the boy's parents worry for him even more. It was a good punishment for the family, especially since Lucius Malfoy had told the Ministry that he only acted under Lord Voldemort under the Imperius Curse. Of course, he had gone back to his master and pleaded that he was truly loyal. He took him back, but didn't forget. Lord Voldemort didn't forget, he didn't forgive. Finally, the dark lord seemed to lose his patience with Draco and shook with silent fury. "I asked you a question!" He spat at the young Malfoy, who cowered in fear before the dark lord.

"No, I didn't! Snape killed him! He stole it from me, he's nothing but a glory-snatching, back-stabbing, double-crosser!" Draco snapped, mostly to his former Hogwarts professor, whom just fixed the young boy in return with an icy stare. Voldemort raised his eyebrows at this statement, and beckoned him on. "He's lying to you! He works for the other side, don't trust him!"

"Oh, but of course he does, he just killed Dumbledore because the old fool told him too!" The dark lord replied sarcastically, which earned howls of laughter from the other death eaters, but looks of humiliation from the Malfoy family. Draco flushed with shame and anger towards the greasy-haired professor, who couldn't suppress a satisfied smirk. "I do believe I told you what would happen if you didn't succeed in killing the old man, Draco. Honestly, was it that difficult of a task for you to kill a man more than 8 times your age?" More merriment came from that comment, leaving the young wizard dumbstruck.

"Please, my lord!" Lucius Malfoy begged his master and kneeled infront of him. "My son did try, and he was really, very close to succeeding!"

"Very close isn't good enough, Lucius! However; I will not take your son's life, or yours as I so loquaciously promised before. I have, shall I say, changed my mind?" Lucius gave the dark lord a flustered look, then stood and bowed.

"Thank you, my lord. It is ever so gracious of you."

"Now, now, Malfoy. Don't get your hopes up to high for your son. I said I would not kill him, there are, as you know, other ways of punishment." Voldemort smirked coldly at the concern on the elder Malfoy's face now. The dark lord's followers looked just as confused as he did, what would the dark lord do the agonize the pure-blooded family? "I have decided that Draco should live, but, in another time period. He shall be sent back to 1943, and live the remainder of his life there. He is not allowed to return." If Draco's loved ones looked worried then, it looked nothing like they did now. Narcissa had sudden tears in her eyes, and Lucius was looking at his son, mouth open and paler than usual. Draco went almost translucent. The light that seemed to bounce off his skin, now seemed to almost embed itself in him. Bellatrix, however, couldn't have looked anymore delighted.

"My lord, what an honor it is to have Draco sent back in time while you were a student! I assure you that the Black family has never been more gratified!" She hurried and kneeled down infront of her lord, kissing his shoes without revulsion. Devotion etched into her pale, once beautiful face.

"Ah, Bellatrix. What an appease to know I have you as such a faithful and affectionate follower. One day, you shall be rewarded greatly Bella. Know this: I respect you and you are truly my most trusted and loyal follower." The insane witch made a exclamation of joy and pure bliss. She had been dubbed his most loyal! His best, his right-hand woman!

"Thank you, master! There is no higher pleasure than serving you, I shall always be you best until the day I die." He nodded to her and she went back to her place in the circle, smiling madly and shooting Snape smug and egotistical looks at how she was truly the dark lord's favourite, even after he had been the one to kill Dumbledore.

"Now, Draco. You know of your punishment, what is your response?" He questioned the young boy indifferently.

"Of course, master. Anything." He counted dryly. Lord Voldemort smirked and took the mini time-turner out from his robes and placed it around Draco's neck.

"When you get there, it will disappear, so you can stay they for eternity until your dying day. Have fun in the past Draco. We shall see each other soon, but in different times and places." And with that the pale boy nodded farewell to his mother and father, and was sent back in time as a prisoner to the never ending circle.

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