Summary- After being attacked in her home Cassandra is forced to travel with her brother Dave Batista who refuses to let her out of his site. But when she meets Jeff Hardy things take a turn for the worse, and nothing and no one is as they seem.

Everything has a Price

Dave Batista paled visibly and his friends shared worried glances with each other, they had never seen their friend act in the way t hat he was, least of all when he was on the phone.

Dave finished the call with a mono tone thank you, and ran a shaky hand over his face, his steel blue eyes clouded with fear and pain. He took in a trembling breath and began to walk with hast over to his bed were he had thrown his bags earlier that day,

"Dave man what is it" One of his closet friends Hunter asked, his own eyes swimming with concern. He had never in all his time of knowing Dave seen him in such a state, so he was naturally concerned.

So when Dave turned his body to face him and Hunter looked to see tears and confusion swimming in them he knew something was wrong, something was seriously wrong.

"Its Cassandra, she's in the hospital, they say it's bad" Hunter's eyes widened for only a second before they became completely cool once more.

Cassandra was Dave's younger sister and meant the world to him, so for something to be wrong Hunter knew that Dave was in a world of pain and hurt and would stay that way until he saw his sister with his own two eyes and new she was going to be ok. Hunter nodded his head in understanding and clasped his friend on the back

"Ill drive"

Dave pushed the doors to the hospital open and strode through, there was so many things running through his head so many things that he couldn't process, but one thing rang out loud and clear his baby sister, the one person he vowed to protect was now lying on an operating table and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. Hell he didn't even no if she was alive or not.

Hunter caught up with his friend and fell into step at the side of him, he knew that right now more then anything Dave needed his friends but that wasn't why he was here. Hunter knew Dave knew that he would take everything onto his shoulders like he always did, would ware himself into the floor. Hunter was here for one thing and one thing only and that was to take the reins when he knew Dave couldn't.

He came to a stop at the side of Dave who was stood in front of the receptionist trying to catch her attention while she was obviously flirting on the phone. He shook his head tiredly, he knew this was going to blow up soon and Hunter really didn't envy the poor women behind the desk.

"Excuse me" Dave voiced a little louder this time his fingers clicking in attempt to catch the blonde attention, but it didn't seem to do anything but annoy her. She looked up from the computer and let out a little puff of air her hand raised in the air telling him to wait.

The women's head shot up and Hunter could almost see the light bulb go of on the top of her head, he rolled his eyes and waited for the oh my god speech he knew was coming. He placed a reassuring hand onto Dave's shoulder squeezing it slightly. He knew that his sister was in the hospital and if he was in the same position then he wouldn't want to have to listen to it but they really didn't want to draw attention to themselves, any more then they already had.

"We're here for Cassandra Batista" Hunter said stepping forward slightly. He could feel Dave's eyes on him and he smiled while nodding his head, Dave nodded sadly and waited with batted breath as the receptionist did her job.

The blonde's fingers typed franticly over the key board in front of her, her eyes flicking back and fourth as she read what was in front of her. She took in a breath before looking up at the two men in front of her, her eyes drifting behind her to see yet more wrestlers. She shook her head sadly and looked over at the tallest of the men, knowing who he was instantly and that the woman in surgery was his sister.

"Im sorry sir but she is still in surgery if you take a seat ill get the surgeon to come and see you as soon as he is done"

The blonde spoke with sympathy her eyes lightening up in silent apology for her earlier act of rudeness. She smiled over at the two men and watched as they turned as one to the other men and the only woman that was there. She shook her head sadly, she knew that the women in surgery was in bad condition and was very doubtful if she would come out alive, but it wasn't her job to judge.

Dave walked over to the other superstars that had accompanied him to the hospital, his eyes wondering over John Cena, Randy Orton, Jeff and Matt Hardy and Hunters wife Stephanie, before he gave a tired sigh and fell into the closet chair to him, his head falling into his hands.

He still couldn't get the phone call out of his mind or the feeling of dread that was sat in his stomach. He closed his eyes and leant against the cool wall as he tried to clear his mind. His sister was four years younger then him and had just completed university and was currently working at a youth centre for troubled teenagers, there was obviously more then one person who had a grudge with her.

"Dave Batista"

Dave cracked his eyes open and became instantly alert he had been expecting the surgeon to be stood in front of him ready to tell him the worse but instead stood in front of him was two fresh faced police man. They gave him a curt smile and flashed him their badges not that he needed to see them he could tell they were police men just by the way they stood, they demanded respect and it was something they were going to get if they caught the punk that dared hurt his little sister.

"Yes" Dave replied sitting up straighter in his seat, normally he would have stood up and tried to intimidate them but he just couldn't be bothered, he was going to show them as much respect as they wanted, as long as they caught the person responsible.

"Im detective Anderson this is Detective Dawson" Dave turned his eyes onto the blonde haired detective and gave a curt nod in his direction before turning his eyes once more to Detective Anderson who seemed the most experience.

"We would like to ask you a few questions" Dave nodded his head and followed his arms across his chest his eyes glowing slightly, he knew what was coming had watched enough police shows to know the type of questions they were going to ask and he knew for a fact nothing he could say would help them in their investigation.

"Did your sister have any enemies" Detective Dawson questioned and Dave sighed. Of course his sister had enemies she worked at a youth centre, she had on more then one occasion pissed of gang members, helped social services take children away from abusive parents.

"She worked at a youth center so yea she had a lot of enemies, it comes with the territory, she's a good kid" Dave finished his eyes shinning slightly as he stared at detective Dawson who Dave decided was the one he really didn't like.

Anderson sensed the tension between his partner and Dave so he placed a hand onto his partners shoulder and stepped forward slightly, silently telling Dawson he was taking the reins and not to argue. They needed the Batista's as cooperative as possible if they were going to be able to solve this case.

"Mr Batista your sister was very viciously attacked, a rage attack as we like to call them, the manner of the attack would point to an angry lover." Dave nodded his head, he didn't know anything about the attack on his sister other than the fact it was serious, life threatening.

"You want to know if she recently broke up with someone, well the answer is know, she spent all her free time with study she didn't want men messing with her focus, she had a boyfriend about three years ago but none since"

Dave replied ringing his hands slightly his eyes flicking over to Randy, Anderson nodded his head in understanding and quickly jotted a couple of notes down in the note pad before looking up once again.

"We're going to need the name of that boyfriend" Dawson pressed pushing forward slightly and Dave once again turned his head towards him.

"He's stood right behind you" Both Anderson and Dawson turned their head and Randy raised his hand sheepishly. Anderson nodded his head and turned back to Dave obviously pleased with the information. It was pretty obvious that Randy was out of the question for the attack as he was on live television at the time but they couldn't rule him out as a suspect.

"When was the last time you spoke to her"? Dave looked once again over to Anderson and ran a hand over the back of his neck and his heart began to pound.

"This afternoon right before raw aired" Dave sucked in a breath and could fee his heart pounding, what If he had kept her on the phone just a little longer, all the what ifs were working around his head and he wanted nothing more then to scream. What if the attacker was already in the house when he was on the phone, waiting for the perfect time to attack?

He shook his head and a door opening to the left of them caught his attention and his heart began to race once again, walking towards them was a doctor, a doctor that was in blue scrubs splattered with blood having just stepped out of surgery.

Dave pushed himself up onto shaky legs and walked over to meet him half way. He could feel sweet working its way down the top of his head and he took in a shaky breath he could already hear the doctor saying the words he dreaded hearing and he felt himself sway, if it wasn't for the gentle hand of Stephanie on his shoulder he knew he would have hit the floor.

"Mr Batista" Dave nodded his head and looked over the blue scrubs there was so much blood, his sisters blood. He could feel the bile rise in his throat and he fought to keep it down.

"Your sister……."