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Everything has its Price

Dave stepped through the door and heard it click softly behind him, the nurse must have shut it, he mused to himself, trying to buy himself some time before he had to look at his sister. He didn't want to have to look at her, didn't want to face what that monster had done to her. He didn't want her here period.

He took in one deep breath and let it out slowly before turning his eyes onto his sisters pale form. He shook his head sadly, one side of her face was swollen, her eyes almost back, who ever had hit hurt did it with some force, it would have taken her down to the floor with just one hit. But he hadn't stopped there he had kept hitting her when she couldn't defend herself, and then at some point he had reached for the knife, who ever had attacked his baby sister didn't want her to live to tell the tale, that much was for certain.

He shook his head sadly and within two long strides he was at her bed side his large frame folding into the chair at the side of her bed, his own large hand reaching out and engulfed her small frail one.

In all his time of being her brother he had never seen her look so frail, so fragile. One thing Cassandra wasn't was frail or fragile hell she would kick his ass for even thinking it.

The slow constant beep of her heart monitor let him know she was still alive, that somewhere beneath all those bruise and bandages and wires was his sister. He shook his head and took in a shuddering breath his head falling into her hand.

After their mother had died she had become his responsibility their father was god knows where doing god knows what and Cassandra had needed a shoulder to cry on, she had been the closet to their mother and her death had affected her the most. But one thing their mother's death had brought them was a bond that was never going to be broken. They had a deeper understanding for each other then they ever had in the past.

"Come on baby sis you need to open those eyes, you need to fight this, im right here" He whispered in to her hand placing a small kiss to her knuckles. He raised his head and stared down at his sisters face, a face that was once so pretty was now virtually un recognizable, her nose had been broken as well as her jaw line and cheek bone.

"What did they do to you?" He questioned his voice holding an underlining of venom as his eyes swept over her pale body. He shook his head and pushed himself away from her bed.

He couldn't be here not right now he needed air and space needed to think things through, he never was good with feelings and such, but when it came to his sister he just couldn't bear it, he couldn't look at her broken form and know that he had failed.

He had vowed to protect her, vowed to keep her safe from the horrors of the world like any big brother was meant to. But he had failed the one job he couldn't afford to fail on and he had. And because of his failure his sister had paid the price.

He hastily ran a hand over his face wiping away the tears that had leaked from his eyes. He sniffed and looked over at his sister and shook his head in anger. Who ever had done this to her was going to pay.

Hunter looked up from the magazine in his hand and watched as Dave exited his sister's room. He shook his head and waited for him to head down the corridor before he leant over to Randy and asked him to go sit with her, while he went after Dave.

Hunter didn't wait for a reply from Orton, he knew in his heart that Randy would be the better man and suck up his fear of seeing her because he knew Randy wouldn't want her to be alone.

He jumped up from the chair he had been sitting in and headed after Dave, he managed to catch up with him before the elevators doors had closed.

"I need air" Dave bit out looking down at his friend, who simply shrugged his shoulders in a no-nonsense way. He nodded his head in understanding, if any one could understand what he was going through or why he was doing what he was doing was Hunter.

"Me to" Hunter replied and jabbed a finger hard on the down button.

"I don't even recognise her" Dave mumbled and Hunter caught himself before he turned his head. He just nodded and continued looking at the doors in front of him, one thing he had learned early on in their friendship was that Dave did not open up and when he did he did it when he wasn't being looked at, when he felt he didn't have to explain or justify himself to any one.

"Her face was so badly bruised……they took her down with the first hit, why didn't they just leave her, god"

Hunter had heard the sob in his friend's voice had heard the way his throat had constricted, could almost feel the pain washing of him. He took in a breath trying to think of the best way to deal with the situation, he could either risk getting Dave to shut down or he could do nothing and hope Dave brought himself around.

"It wasn't your fault" Hunter finally spoke. He knew it was the wrong thing to say knew that Dave was likely to yell or throw a punch. But he also knew he couldn't leave him blaming himself especially when there was nothing he could have done to stop it.

"I was meant to be home that night, I should have been there" Hunter turned to look at him and shook his head his eyes staring hard at him, telling him to shut the hell up and listen.

"Listen and listen good there was nothing you could have done to stop this attack, so you could have been home that night, you could have stopped it. But those guys meant business that didn't mean for her to survive that much is clear, who ever they are, they would have just come back, they would have waited until you was back on the road. This was not your fault you couldn't have stopped this Dave"

Dave dropped his head and fell back against the wall of the elevator and nodded his head slowly. He knew that what Hunter was saying was the truth, he knew deep down that there was nothing he could have done, that no matter what if the people who had attacked her wanted her gone, no one not even him would have been able to stop them.

"I could have lost her" Dave finally lifted his gaze and his troubled blue eyes met Hunters. A tear escaped the corner of is eyes and Hunter felt his heart lurch and his friends pain.

"But you didn't, she's still alive and she needs you to be strong" Dave nodded his head and Hunter rolled his eyes before pulling him into a comforting male hug. And for the briefest second Dave allowed the emotion to wash over him, because he knew the next god knows how long was going to be devoted at keeping himself strong for his sister.

The door to the hospital room opened with a faint squeak before shutting with a soft click. Randy Orton let out a tired sigh and headed over to the bed his eyes fixed onto the women that was lying there, one women who he had never seen look so out of place as she did in that second. He skin was deathly pale compared to the pinkness of the quilt she was lying in. Her once lively brunette hair was now limp and fanned out over the pillow.

Her face was nothing more then a bloody pulp and the only thing that let him know she was alive was the steady beat of the heart monitor. The tube that was stuck down her throat made him uncomfortable as did the needled stuck in her arm that was connected to the bag of morphine and fluids.

He eyed the heart monitor expecting any minuet for it to become erratic before heading to a flat line and when it didn't he let out a tense breath and seated himself at the side of her his hand instantly reaching out for hers.

"You know when Dave finds out im going to be the one lying in this bed" Randy joked with a faint smile his eyes flicking up to her face. When he had first met her it had been her face and incredible beauty that had drawn him in, but it had been her wit, sense of humour and personality alone with her brain that had ultimately won his heart.

"You need to open those eyes of yours Cass" Randy murmured into her hand his thumb working circles on the palm of her hand just like he knew she liked it. When ever she was angry or up set he always took her hand into his and allowed his thumb to work circles into her palm it always calmed her down and he hoped it would let her know he was here.

"There is no way im facing your bother alone, so you need to open those eyes ok, so we can tell him together"

He dropped his head onto the bed and closed his eyes, he had met her three years ago and it had been love, he had never told her but, but he always believed she knew. But Dave had never really approved and they had broken things of, well Dave believed they had broken things of but the truth was they hadn't, they had been sneaking around for the last two years and it was tearing him apart, he wanted nothing more then to shout it from the roof tops that he was in love with her. But until Dave knew that was never going to happen.

"I love You Cassandra Batisata"