A Change of Heart

(A LEP/SS story)

By Silvain Raven Marie Star

Rating- PG-13, to be safe

Warnings- possible DH Spoilers, AU plot, character death, possible OOCness, swearing

Summary- What if Voldemort had been feeling a tad merciful, and gave James an offer to join him, so that Harry- instead of being killed- could be kept under close watch, made sure he would serve Voldemort instead of being a threat to him- but Lily wasn't included in the offer of protection? And what if Severus hadn't joined the Death Eaters, instead trying to fix his friendship with Lily? James sacrifices himself- for Lily, and for the principles he's always stood for, Voldemort's attempt to kill Lily backfires, and Lily turns to her best friend, Severus, for comfort.


Choose Your Destiny, Potter

"Join me, Potter, and you and the boy will be spared," Lord Voldemort offered confidently. This plan was fail-proof. Keeping the boy close would ensure his influence, meaning the child wouldn't be a threat at all. Of course, he'd overlooked one thing- the brat's Mudblood mother, who he hadn't intended to spare, and who James would die for in an instant.

"You're a fool if you think I'll join you, Voldemort," James replied bravely. "I'd rather die, than serve you. And no protection is worth losing Lily- you wouldn't spare her for any reason, would you?" James already knew the answer, he knew they were going to dieā€¦ "Just kill me and be done with it, then. I'm not taking your offer."

"Fool," Voldemort muttered, glaring. "Avada Kedavra!" He sneered, stepping over James' body toward Lily and their son. "Time to die, Mudblood bitch. Avada Kedavra!"

He hadn't expected the curse to rebound on him. He hadn't expected to be reduced to a spirit-like state and forced to flee to a distant country. He had thought his plan was flawless. He couldn't have been more wrong.

After the curse rebounded, Lily watched in shock as Voldemort, spirit-like, fled. She continued, in fact, to stand there, staring in shock, for several moments afterward, until Harry's crying snapped her out of it. The rebounding curse had caused a small blast, just large enough to destroy their house, so she lifted him out of his crib and, clutching him to her, Apparated to the safest place she knew- the home of Severus Snape.

"Lily? What happened?"