Welcome to the X-Men

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Chapter 3: Mayhem in the Danger Room

The morning after Professor Xavier and Wolverine had returned home, the newest students of the Xavier Institute arrived in front of the Danger Room.

"I can't be seen in public like this." Julian whined as he looked at the black spandex uniform he was wearing. "What about my image? I have an image to maintain, you know. Can't I at least get this in red?"

"Ah can it, Scion." Wolverine growled as he looked at the three in front of him "When we are on missions or training, we go by codenames." The Canadian looked at Julian. "Punk, yours is Scion." He turned to Rose. "Snowball, you're called Ravager."

"Hey, I like that codename." Rose grinned. Wolverine turned to Megan.

"And Blondie, you're Camo."

"Camo?" Megan blinked.

"Short for camouflage." Wolverine explained.

"What I'd like to know is what is with those stupid names you give us?" Julian glared at Logan. "You called me Punk, you call Rogue Stripes, and..."

"Don't worry about it." Jubilee reassured as she walked by. "He gives nicknames to everyone that lives here. He calls me Firecracker, for example."

"Actually, I don't really mind him calling me Snowball." Rose shrugged. "I've been called worse." A few minutes later, the professor arrived .

"This is just an exercise to see how much control you currently have and what needs working on. You each go in one at a time, and several X-Men will be accompanying you." The professor explained. "Myself and the other teachers shall be observing you from the control room. Ravager, you go in first."

"Got it." Rose nodded as she walked inside. "This sounds like fun."

A few minutes later...

"Duck!" Jean yelled as what looked like part of a buzzsaw went flying overhead. "Ravager, knock it off!"

"Sorry." Rose apologized with a sheepish smile. "I guess I got a little carried away."

"Camo, you're next." Logan announced with a sigh.

"Yes, sir." Megan nodded as she walked in.

"Good luck to you, kid." Rose chuckled.

A few minutes later...

"Camo, make yourself visible already! Geeze!" Cyclops groaned as he ducked a laser beam, "How long will you hide for?!"

"Well, excuse me!" Megan exclaimed as she followed Cyclops's order. "It's not my fault my powers are defensive!"

"Yo have to admit, she's got good control." Professor Xavier sighed.

"She would be good for recon." Wolverine noted. "Scion, you're up!" The feral Canadian announced into the speaker. However, the rich telekinetic didn't show up. "Hey, where is he? Remind me to punish later." A while later, the adults were back in the study.

"How did they do?" Storm inquired as she sipped her tea.

"Well, let's see..." Logan started counting off on his fingers. "Blondie hid in the walls the whole time. She's got a knack for strategy, though. Most of the time she blended in where it was hard for the Danger Room sentries to track her. She'd be good at recon. Snowball's one of the best fighters I've seen, but she really needs to learn to hold back."

"Ow!" Scion was heard yelling from the hallway. "You almost broke my hand!"

"You want me to break the other one?! Then get the hint!" Rose snapped.

"Knock it off, you two!" Cyclops ordered. "Ravager, don't break a man's hand even if he deserves it! Scion, learn to get a hint!"


"Ow! Rose! You almost broke my nose!"

"Not to mention Snowball also needs to work on her temper." Wolverine groaned. "I don't know anything about Punk. He ditched. I'll drag his butt in there later. For now, it sounds like he might be on the way to the infirmary."

"Do you think those kids are settling in well?" Xavier wondered.

"DIE!" Rose screamed as she chased Julian down the hallway with what looked like part of the banister.

"I said I was sorry!" Julian yelped as he flew down the hallway, trying to get away from the furious white-haired girl.

"Hey, be quiet! I'm on the phone!" Megan yelled as she walked by with the cordless phone in hand. "Yeah, I'm still here, Northstar. How in the world did you guys get a phone system going in Ponyland? Oh, you're at a pay phone on Earth somewhere." With that said, Megan continued wandering down the hallway with the cordless phone in hand.

"Chuck, I'll be honest with ya. Considering this place, I think they will fit in fine." Wolverine siged. "Coming from this bunch, that's good."


"That's assuming we all survive it." Warren sighed.

"Ow! Can you stop hitting me with the banister already?!" Julian shouted. "Somebody help me!"

"Some of us have a better chance than others." Ororo rolled her eyes.

The End