Naruto was determined; this time he would bring back Sasuke. As team Kakashi approached Orochimaru's latest hideout, what they didn't expect was for Sasuke and Orochimaru to be fighting. At first, it might have seemed like they were training but the nervous look on the Orochimaru's face told otherwise.

Sasuke was trying to kill Orochimaru and the snake was fighting for his life. They both seemed to be evenly matched and the battle didn't look like it was going to end. That was until Naruto jumped by Sasuke's side and began fighting with him. The raven was more than a little surprised to see Naruto, and confused to find the blonde helping him, but considering the situation he didn't have time to argue.

The rest of Naruto's team began fighting Orochimaru's henchmen who were appearing by the dozen and joining the fray. Orochimaru was losing; he was no match for Sasuke and Naruto fighting together.

So the sannin decided if he was going down, he would take one of them with him. As Naruto came closer trying to hit Orochimaru with his rasengan, the sannin quickly pulled out his sword. Sasuke realized if Naruto killed Orochimaru, the blonde would be killed too. As Naruto hit the snake with his rasengan, Sasuke shoved Naruto out of the way, taking the blonde's place. Orochimaru died, but not before plunging his chakra-infused sword into the raven.

It was that day Sasuke died in Naruto's arms.