When the blonde woke up, he had never felt more content in his whole life. He lazily reached across the bed for Sasuke, but his hand hit the pillow. "Sasuke?" he murmured sleepily. He got no answer.

The blonde forced himself not to get in another state; he was still embarrassed from the last hysterical panic he ended up in. Naruto sat up and wondered where Sasuke could have gone. Perhaps he had just woken up early and went out for a walk, like before? The blonde confirmed this with a nod and tried to relax again, repeating over and over to himself how stupid he would look if he acted like he did before. Not minutes later, Sasuke walked through the room and handed Naruto a warm bowl.

"Good morning," he said warmly. The blonde took the bowl and happily found it was ramen. "Where were you?" he asked, his voice slighter higher than normal. Sasuke smiled. "Downstairs. Why?" he replied. The blonde's gaze fell on the bed. "No reason." He muttered.

"You were worried again, weren't you?" Sasuke said with an affectionate smile. The bowl was shoved back. "What if I was?" Naruto snapped. "I'm not a girl, teme!" he added hastily. Sasuke frowned, evidently confused. "I never said you were, dobe." The blonde sat up straighter. "Yeah! Well, I'm not. Just because…it would seem that you…y-you…erm," he paused awkwardly.

"Dominate you?" Sasuke supplied with a smirk.

"Yes. No!" the blonde quickly changed his mind.

"Because you seem to have more experience, well, it doesn't mean I've changed! I'm still the same Naruto you used to train with. That means I'm just as strong as you and can kick you ass anytime!" Sasuke was slightly amused; the blonde wasn't making much sense.

"Is there a point to this rambling?"

"Yes. Just because, once," the blonde made extra emphasis on that word. "I just got a little…disorientated when you left doesn't mean it's going to happen every time!" Naruto's gaze dropped. "I can't help it. If your not there when I wake up a feel alone. I can't help but panic, even though I know I'm being stupid. Its just, I've been alone for so long, Sasuke. And I've never been loved before. So its something that I really don't want to lose." He said in a dejected voice. Sasuke sighed.

"Why didn't you say that in the first place?" he asked gently. He handed the bowl back to Naruto. "Eat this, it will make you feel better I'm sure. Besides, I didn't go all the way to Ichiraku this morning for nothing." The blonde beamed.

"This isn't instant ramen?" he asked. Naruto thought Sasuke had given up on the bet and simply used instant ramen for the convinence, even if the raven didn't think it was edible. "Take a look at it," he told the blonde. Naruto didn't need any more confirmation. He began eating at top speed. Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Breakfast in bed approved then?" he asked Naruto. The blonde would have replied, only his mouth was too full.

He simply gave Sasuke a quick nod, before shovelling the ramen down his throat again. Sasuke wondered how Naruto wasn't choking and watched as Naruto finished the rest. The empty bowl, now of no use to the blonde, was thrust back at Sasuke. "Ah, thanks teme!"

"Now, I don't think I made it clear last time." He put the bowl on the floor and climbed back in bed with Naruto, ignoring the fact he was fully dressed. He took both the blonde's hands in his own. "Firstly, no matter what kind of relationship we have now doesn't make you any less of a man, just because I tend to dominate." he told the blonde with a smile. Naruto blushed and looked down. Obviously Sasuke had picked up on something he had been worrying about. "I-I know that." He muttered.

"And," Sasuke continued.

"I wont leave you. I swear. Nothing could possibly make me want to leave you. Finally, I think in future I'll stay until you wake up, yes?" he asked. Naruto huffed. "I told you I won't panic every time!" the blonde's pride kicked in again. Sasuke shrugged. "I think I'll stay anyway. Your really beautiful when your sleeping."

"I-I suppose being ever so slightly less dominant isn't too bad…" Naruto mumbled. As not to crush Naruto's ego any further, Sasuke pretended he hadn't heard the blonde.

As the Naruto relaxed, Sasuke decided now would be the perfect time to act. He pulled something from his pocket. "You wont ever have to worry about being alone again, Naruto. This might seem soon to you, but I know I'll always love you." he opened the small box and showed it to Naruto. The blonde immediately knew what Sasuke was going to ask. Tears sprung up in his eyes. "This means forever, Naruto. Will you marry me?" the blonde was speechless.

"Yes, Sasuke, yes!" he let Sasuke slip the ring on his finger, before launching himself at Sasuke. "God, I never knew I could be so happy…" the blonde said. Sasuke hugged him back. "I love you." The blonde couldn't reply through his tears, but he knew Sasuke understood.

Naruto closed his eyes and slid into Sasuke's lap. Something caught Sasuke eye. He looked up. At first he was alarmed, but he quickly calmed down. Rowan was stood in front of him, but he was not alone. Rowan was holding hands with someone. Sasuke's gaze drifted to the other guy. He had brown hair and a friendly air about him. The raven could tell by the look of pure love on Rowan's face it was the Daniel that Rowan had been longing for.

He never actually thought Rowan could look so happy. Sasuke could clearly see the gratitude on Rowan's face. Rowan gave Sasuke a quick smile before looking up at Daniel contentedly. Sasuke smiled and watched as they both faded.

He didn't understand how or what Lorde had done to get them back together, but he was glad Lorde had finally given Rowan a reward for all the work he had done and all the pain he had been through. Feeling even happier than before Sasuke looked down to find Naruto had fallen asleep once more. He gently held Naruto's hand, the one that was now showing an expensive ring.

"I'm glad Rowan found his happiness," He muttered. His gaze fixed on their matching rings. "Because I've found mine."


A/n: And that concludes 'Naruto's Angel'. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! There should be a new fic along soon, so watch out for that!