To the Future

A HariPo fanfic

by mew-tsubaki

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**P.P.S.** Tellings came first, love blossomed, and then things wilted. But fear not! After all, wilting flowers can be rejuvenated with a little bit of water and care…which brings us to the final arc in the story: SPROUTS. Even after wilting, a sprig of hope comes back, giving us a sprout for a new beginning. The end still isn't quite in sight yet, but I still thank all you readers who have read this far, considering this is my longest story yet. So let's read—and REVIEW!

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The Eleventh Sprout (& the Thirty-Eighth Telling)

It was probably one of the biggest shocks in Ginny's life. Hermione with Snape… It just didn't seem right. Hermione had always been with Ron. With Harry, she was a little out-of-place, but still acceptable.

But Snape? It just didn't make sense!

Ginny only heard bits and pieces from Harry. Even he didn't know the whole story; he just had his guesses to go on. And Hermione was pretty silent about things. She gathered her stuff and moved back home with her parents, not bothering to explain herself to Ginny.

The Weasley daughter understood why. Hermione couldn't even look Ginny in the eye.

Ginny was writing to Sirius often about the "Harry&Hermione" situation, and he was able to fill in some of the holes Harry left. Ginny hurt, knowing that Hermione had at least opened somewhat to Sirius and not her, but at least some things were coming together. Sirius' description of the Christmas party, how Snape acted around Harry when Harry returned with them to the school after the Selwyn stuff, even possibly some of Snape's mood swings… Certain things had explanations now.

"Sucks, doesn't it?" Raven asked her. Ginny had found it difficult to hang around the house with the lonely and grumpy Harry, so she took to visiting Raven more often. Miraphina wasn't with them today, as she was working in her mother's pastry shop.

Ginny brushed back her hair with her hand and grunted. "I dunno… Obviously, yeah, it does." Ginny took a deep breath. "What stings the most is that so many people around me have decided to keep things from me. I know I'm not one to talk…but it still smarts."

Raven watched her and grimly smiled. "So you're human. Guess what? We all are. And it doesn't really get any better."

"I've had a lifetime of learning to understand that."

The blonde laughed. "But it's true. And anyway… Hermione and Snape—while weird, yes—they might be right. From what you've said of her, she sounds like she's the only one who could ever match him."

"Wits for wits. Sadly, yes."

"And you've also said Hermione's pretty wise. Snape's got tricks up those abnormally large sleeves of his—they'll figure things out another time, eh?"

Ginny nodded, knowing what Raven said to be true. She thought it funny, since Raven was as brash as Gryffindors came. But she definitely knew a thing or two.

The former Keeper seemed to read her mind. "Yeah, I'm a little wise myself. Ulric has provided me with some entertaining scenarios…" They both laughed at that.

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It was almost a week after the wedding date and all was still unwell. Ginny hadn't heard from Hermione and living with Harry was beginning to make following Voldemort look like a cheery option.

And seeing as bad blood still existed between her parents and Sirius, Ginny left Harry sulking in the living room, grabbed her broomstick, and headed over to Raven's.

She breezed past an irritable Ulric and headed straight into the kitchen where Valerie was making sandwiches. Ginny smiled. "Hi, Mrs. Crowley."

Valerie beamed. "I had a feeling you'd visit Ginny. Everything all right?"

"Oh, I just can't stand Harry right now."

"Harry—that's your boyfriend, right?"

Ginny blushed. "Er, no, no, that'd be Sirius. Harry's my mate and a family friend. I'm living with him right now."

"Oh, of course." Valerie chuckled at her forgetfulness. "Raven's upstairs."

The redhead stomped up the staircase and knocked on her friend's door. "Raven, how about a game of Quidditch?"

"Ugh, go away…"


The door swung open and a disheveled Raven glowered at her. "I'm PMSing. Bugger off."

"Lovely to see you, too, darling." Ginny followed her inside and shut the door behind her. "Uhh, are you going to do more than light candles in here?"

"No, and if you don't like it, then leave."

Ginny sighed and sat down on the blonde's bed across from her. "All right, but then I'll take the chocolate I have with me…"

"No, stay!"

The Weasley placed her broom in her sweatshirt's Expanded pocket and withdrew a bar of dark cacao. She broke it into pieces and passed some to Raven. "Do you always get so moody when…?"


Ginny sighed, not wanting to accidentally start something if she even kidded about Raven right now. Instead, she took out her wand and summoned a light; it was funny, in a way, since Sirius' nonverbal spell practice came very much in handy. The thought made her smile.

Raven turned on another light so Ginny could put her wand away. "I'm not that bad," the blonde stated. "I think it's just a side-effect from having finished school. Y'know, 'what do I do now?' Because I sure as well don't have any idea."

"Quidditch." It was the first thing out of Ginny's mouth, mainly because the sport was the first association she made whenever she thought of Raven. And honestly, with some polishing, Raven would make an excellent addition to any professional team.

Raven laughed. "Does everyone think I'm some great big Quidditch brute?"

"You are big…"

"And I suppose you think Mav should go out for a team, too, then?"

Ginny paused, not realizing it was a rhetorical question. "Actually…"

"Ginny, get a grip!" The blonde witch gave her an incredulous look. "There are certain things that are out of our reach. We're just kids—barely adults," she corrected, "and it'll be a while before any of us get our 'big break.'" She squinted at the redhead. "Last I knew, you were feeling like me."

"Uh, yes…" The Weasley almost opened her mouth when there was a sound at the window. Both witches turned their heads—and the sound came again. Ginny and Raven got up and Raven opened the window in time to catch a pebble.

Grant and Mavrick stared up at them, the Slytherin beaming and the Gryffindor looking a bit annoyed. "Come on down!" Grant called.

Raven glared at him and turned to Mavrick. "I thought you were the gentlemanly type," she chided her love. "As in, you use doors."

"Don't look at me! He made me do it, stay down here."

She groaned. "Agh, fine…" She shut the window and led Ginny downstairs into the kitchen. "Mum, is lunch ready?"

In answer, Valerie passed them several sandwiches. She'd surmised they were heading out, as she gave them extras. "Try to be back before too late, Raven."

"Got it, Mum!" she yelled back as she pulled the front door shut behind Ginny. The boys were out front waiting for them.

Ginny looked Grant up and down before hugging him tightly. "Sheesh, it feels like ages since I've seen you."

"It's kinda been that long," he said with a laugh. He ran a hand through his dark hair—which had grown shaggier and a bit longer in just a month. He looked a little worse for the wear, too. Grant guessed the question in the witches' eyes. "Eh, works been a little tiresome…but at least I'm making something of myself."

Raven shared the sandwiches with Mavrick. "I'm in the mood for some ice cream. You guys up for a walk? There's a place in town." The others were up for it, so they made their way down Raven's street.

"So you're fairly loaded," Grant mused, jabbing a finger over his shoulder at the Crowley house.

The blonde snorted. "I have three older brothers. There's a need for that much space."

"Nice looking place, though."

"…Thanks." Raven smirked and it was amusing, since Raven probably had been the one who least liked and trusted Grant.

But, the redhead thought, it shows we're changing. We're… Crap. We're growing up. It was scary and sudden and full of fact and Ginny knew that all her time spent with her friends wasn't them being teens anymore; they were adults coming back together despite the busyness of life.

"…going to do?" Grant waved a hand in front of Ginny's face. "Hello? Anyone in there? We were hoping you'd be a part of the conversation, Gin."

"Hm? What were you saying?"

"I asked what you're doing post-Hogwarts," Grant repeated. "Raven grumbled you think she should do Quidditch."

"I didn't grumble!" Raven hissed. "I was just stating that she called me 'big'!"

"It would be kind of cool if we could play on the same professional team…," Mavrick pondered aloud. Raven's cheeks flushed and Ginny laughed since Ginny had thought of the same idea for Raven earlier.

"How are you handling Sleekeazy?" Ginny asked the Slytherin.

"Easy-peasy," he replied with a near-scoff. "I don't think they know what to do with me."

"And Mira's working for her mum right now…," Ginny said enviously.

"So back to what I asked—what about you?" Grant raised his eyebrows, knowing Ginny had a bit of news. He stopped her. "You got a job, didn't you?"

"Well…" Heaving a sigh, Ginny caught the boys up on most of the on-goings of her two friends and the trip to St. Mungo's. As she told them of her experience with the woman, Camwyn Berthier, and the floor of Creature-Induced Injuries, Ginny thought more herself on Camwyn's offer. But Healer training would take forever…

"You should do it." Grant was the first one to reply after Ginny ended. The other two were still gaping at how she'd managed to snag such an opportunity.

Even Raven was speechless. "Working there…" She robotically opened up the door to the ice cream shop.

"It's a real deal," Grant stated, prodding Ginny along. "And you could do it."

"But I don't—! I don't…" She sighed. "I don't think anything medical would work out for me. I mean, I don't have any true experience of even much interest in the field."

"Experience is gained first-hand," Mavrick interjected. "And you might end up loving it."

"You were good in all your classes—not like me, but still excellent," the Slytherin mentioned. "This would give you a chance to demonstrate all your skills and specialize at once."


Her friends stopped her and Mavrick and Raven bought the round of ice cream. Grant sat and waited with his best friend. He cupped his cheek and stared at her. "But what? You'd be stupid not to take this chance." He paused. "Have you talked to Black—eh, I mean Sirius—about this?"

"Well, yeah…" Ginny blushed. "He was the first one to congratulate me."

Grant chuckled. "Good. Because he sees your potential, too." Grant winked as she punched him in the arm. He took a small cone of chocolate from Raven when the other two returned. "He's a keeper, Gin."

"Ugh. Get your own teacher." And she stuck her tongue out at her friends.

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