Chapter 7

"...Jizabel..." Cain whispered, about ten minutes after he had caught his breath. Jizabel turned over on the mattress to stare at him. His hand lay under his head as a pillow. His silvery hair was in a messy ponytail, seeing as he had left the house earlier without brushing it through.

"Hm...what is it?" he started as Cain reached out to cup his groin. He moaned and bucked his hips forward slightly. He closed his eyes and rocked his hips, helping Cain to create more friction between his hand and his hardening manhood.

"I didn't take your clothes off for nothing you know..."

Jizabel shivered and pushed Cain's hand away. He turned back over onto his back and looked up. "D'you want to try?"

Cain sat up, the mattress creaking as he leaned forward. His face was already red from his lover's question.

"W-what do you mean?" he asked, already sure of what the answer would be.

"I mean, do you want to be on top? I mean, you must be curious of what it feels like right?" Jizabel smiled and flipped Cain so that he was laying on top of him. "Am I right?"

Cain's face turned an even darker shade of red. "Maybe." he mumbled. Jizabel chuckled, then sighed, wrapping his arms around the boy. "Why?"

Jizabel blushed equally hard, "Because I'm curious too." Cain smiled and held himself close to his lover.



"..." Cain smiled slightly, "Will you teach me how...?"


Riff stretched and yawned as he began to wake himself up. He looked over at his new wife, who was still asleep with her hands beside her face, hiding herself from the sunlight the crept through slightly parted curtains.

He smiled softly and gently pushed her hands away, kissing her cheek. Slowly, her eyes opened to meet his.

"Good morning, Sleeping Beauty," he said, grinning at her.

Alice smiled back, "Good morning to you, Prince."

Slowly, their smiles both became frowns as they remembered the day it was. Riff was going to leave today.

"I really don't want you to go anymore..." Alice said as she sat up in the bed. Riff held onto her hand and draped his arm around her waist, pulling her close to him. He lay his head on hers gently and sighed.

"I know you don't. But with what we have to pay to keep this apartment, there's no other choice..."


Jizabel sighed as he sat up again, "So YOU want me to TEACH you?"

Cain closed his eyes as his face burned with deep red embarrassment. He nodded stiffly and gasped as the other pushed him back onto the mattress. Jizabel stared at him with lustful eyes.

"Fine. But first, I get my fun." he passed the boy a small smile and leaned over him. He lightly pushed the black strands of hair out of Cain's face and kissed him, leaving his lips a darker shade of pink. Jizabel's smile turned into a sly smirk.

Cain nodded to his statement, yet he wasn't so sure about the look he was given. His back arched as Jizabel began sucking on his nipples again. He moaned and closed his eyes and groaned with Jizabel suddenly stopped and sat up.

"My God. What the hell is wrong with me...?" he whispered. "I can't stand myself..." he looked at Cain, who was staring at him blankly.

"Jizabel..." Cain continued to stare at him as he sat up as well. Slowly he sat, face forward in the older man's lap.

"I can't believe I did this to you more than once already...what kind of abomination am I...?" Jizabel said, more to himself than to his lover. Cain was slightly angered by his statement, however.

The silvery blond had his head down, staring at his wrists; Cain knew what he was thinking about. He frowned and bucked his hips, grinding their arousals together, taking the older man from his line of though.


"Jizabel, I know what you're thinking and don't you dare," Cain stared at him fiercely. His eyes burning with both anger and compassion at the same time. He ground into him again, making him cry out in pleasure. But Jizabel always ended up thinking about the same thing.

"You stop it. I'm not letting you kill yourself."

"You're still young," Jizabel said, clearly so that Could could hear him. "You don't understand. I ruined you, and I know I did. If anyone finds''ll be shunned!"

Cain looked down as well. "More than I already am?" he asked. Jizabel kept his eyes on his hands, and offered no answer. "Jizabel, stop. If...if you don't..." he ground their hips together, emitting a loud moan from the other. Carefully, still forcefully, he pushed the older man backwards and lowered himself on his body. "Well, if you don't," he chuckled, "I'll just bite you."

Jizabel gasped as a warm wet mouth surrounded his manhood. He held down his moan and let his hands search for something to grip onto. When he found the poles of the headboard, he gripped them. Hard.

"C-Cain! You're going to make me come!" Jizabel cried out, his hands sliding down the cold metallic poles of the headboard. But Cain paid no attention and his tongue slid up the side of his erect length and rest at the head. He bit down softly on the sensitive area.

He smirked slightly as Jizabel's back arched to him and he nipped the head again, earning another loud moan.

"S-stop, Cain, please-please stop, we're already in too...too deep...nnnnn..." Jizabel closed his eyes against the tightening of the muscles in his midsection. When he opened them again, he stared down at the fourteen year old.

-He's so much better at this than I ever was...but I've ruined him enough already...Cain...stop...if-if you don't...-

He screamed as he released his seed into his lover's mouth. Tears fell from his eyes when Cain swallowed the thick substance and lay on top of him, whispering, "Now...don't think like that anymore...I'll do it again..."'ll only hurt yourself...if we keep on like this...-

Cain reached his hand up and brushed away the stray tears. "Calm down. Nothing bad is ever going to happen."

Suddenly, Jizabel found himself wondering why Cain, who was fourteen, was the one saying that, and not him. Wasn't he supposed to be the one in control. He laughed to himself quietly.

-I'm twenty-one. I've got to learn to stop acting like I'm five. Aren't I supposed to be a role model for him?-

Neither of them had heard the door open a bit, and neither heard it close with a gently click either.


Riff tried to rid himself of the lump in his throat as he said goodbye to his new wife. The tears in her eyes made him feel like crying himself. A suitcase sat at his side as he held her close to him, not wanting to let go, but knowing he'd have to.

When they finally released each other, Riff wiped away her tears with his thumbs and kissed her forehead. "You know I wouldn't leave you if there was much of a choice..."

"I know...but I still don't want you to leave..." she set her hand atop his, holding it against her face as she kissed the middle finger softly. Riff sighed as he ran his other hand through her soft hair. Nathan sat on his knee as they stared at one another on the metal bench outside the local park.

About a week previous to this moment, he would have been crying his eyes out as he woke in a hospital bed, remembering a burning house and the scared screams of his family as they were burnt to death. He couldn't remember much, even though it was only a week ago, but he was sure he'd checked himself out after he'd been put in a separate room. He did remember he was suicidal.

Everything within the week he'd spent with Alice, who had so quickly become his wife, had happened so fast. There'd been such a tragedy in his family, he'd been in the hospital, he'd gotten a job, he'd gotten married. So much...

Riff sighed and rest his hand on Nathan's head, gently smoothing down the light brown hair. He kissed the two-year-old's head and whispered, "I love you."

He looked up to Alice, "I love you."

They turned as a black horse pulled carriage pulled up in front of them. As the sound of hooves against cobblestone stopped, he kissed her deeply, and hugged his son. Riff picked Nathan up, settling him in Alice's arms before picking up his suitcase and climbing into the buggy.

Nathan was waving goodbye with a single-toothed grin on his baby face. Riff smiled and waved back and blew his wife a kiss as the carriage lurched into movement.

He closed his eyes as the gentle sound of the horse's soft whinnying and huffing in the warm spring air. It would be at least a two hour trip by carriage because of the amount of people still flowing into London, the heavy traffic.

At least now, he'd be able to make something of himself while earning money for his family. For a poor man, he was a lucky one.

[End "True Misery" Part One