A Cupcake for Two

This is for Frozen Lance-sempai. Please get well. I really hope you will come back! I don't want to lose a sempai! Get well! I promise I'll do my best on this story.

Pairing: ToriShishi (because sempai likes this better than ShishiTori)

Shishido finished that last of his lunch. Choutaro was sitting next to him by the giant tree.

"Are you done eating yet, Choutaro?" He asked.

Choutaro shook his head. "I still have dessert. I'm not done with my lunch either."

Shishido reached to eat some.

"Shishido-san! You already ate!" He cried.

"But you looked like you are already full." Shishido said.

Choutaro sighed. He let the smaller boy eat his lunch. At least he still had dessert.

"Now are you done?" Shishido said as he finished the last of Choutaro's lunch.

The silver haired boy shook his head once more. He took out a small container with a napkin neatly folded on top. He opened the container, there was a muffin.

"Mother gave me a muffin." Choutaro said.

Shishido stared at the muffin. "What type?" He asked.

Choutaro took a bite. "Umm... blueberry."

Shishido licked his lips. "Blueberry."

"Shishido-san! You already ate!" Choutaro cried. He tried to take the muffin away from the capped boy's reach.

Shishido climbed on Choutaro lap. "But I like blueberry, you know. Choutaro, just give me the muffin."

"Shishido-san! I want to eat this slowly!"

"But we got to go soon! Just give me that muffin so I can finish fast!"

Choutaro tore the muffin in half. "Half."

Shishido popped it in his mouth. "Hey! This isn't blueberry!"

"If I told you, you wouldn't be on my lap." Choutaro said. (Evil Choutaro?! O.o) He was pretty evil looking...

Shishido just notice it. "Oops..."

"I don't mind."

"I guess we can be late."

"Where were we going to go anyways?" Choutaro asked.

Shishido leaned back on Choutaro chest, "Um... some weird stupid place Atobe said we should go to."

Choutaro shrugged. If it wasn't important, they can be a few minutes late.

"Where are those two? We were going on the swim trip!" Gakuto cried, "Can't we just forget them?"

Oshitari shrugged. He couldn't care less.