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A SasuNaru Story

Chapter 2: A Defined Seme

-2 days later-

Naruto opened his eyes. He was in a king sized bed. Satin sheets and a warm blanket greeted him in welcome. Was he dreaming? Or worse...was he dead? Which ever it was it didn't matter. He was happy. Naruto climed out of bed reluctantly but he wanted to see what else there was. He opened the door to find a long hallway where another door was. Infront of that door there was a single man. He was holding a large sword and was dressed in complete white. Light was gleaming all around him. Naruto thought this had to be an angel. He walked slowly towards this tall standing man.

"Excuse me sir, but can you tell me where I am?" Naruto said rather shyly.

"This is Angel's Gait. We've been expecting you for some time Naruto." The man said an angelic smile on his face. "If you go straight through this door you'll be in Heaven's Pasture. That is where he will meet you." the guy continued with a wink. Naruto's mind went crazy. Oh my gosh. I'm going to meet Jesus. They've been waiting for me. I'm finally wanted. Naruto smiled at the man and walked through the door.

It was beautiful. Streets of gold. Tall buildings. Trees and flowers everywhere. Somewhere a ways off he heard music from harps. He looked around and saw at the top of a hill a man sitting in a thrown chair. That must be him. It must be Jesus. He walked up the hill and bowed at the feet of this man.

"Are you Jesus?" Naruto asked humbly. The man stared at the boy for a few minutes then burst out laughing.

"Jesus? Seriously? Wow that's a new one. You can't actually think that I'm jesus? That's halarious!!!" the man started rolling on the floor holding his sides. Naruto jumped backwards at the unexpected actions this guy made.

"Well if you aren't were is he?" Naruto said as nice as he could. His face totally flushed red in embarrassment. The man regained himself and stood looking at his attire.

"I don't know. Heaven I guess. Awww man Uchiha's going to have my head for ruining his costume." The man sat back down frustrated trying ruthlessly to get the stain out of his clothes.

"This is Heaven's Pasture though. The guy at Angel's Gait told me so." Naruto said starting to get angry. The man placed a calming hand on Naruto's shoulder and smiled warmly.

"I guess your right. This is Heaven's Pasture but this is a new attraction for tourist. The left wing, where you came from is a guest room that Uchiha keeps open for special guest." Naruto pondered what this guy said and then jumped backwards.

"Uchiha? As in Uchiha Itachi?" Naruto growled.

"No!" the man said almost gagging on what Naruto said. "He abandoned us long ago. We do not claim him as part of our clan." The guy said shaking his head side to side. "I'm sure you have alot of questions Naruto. Now if you'll follow me I'll take you to meet him." The guy walked through a series of doors and chambers steadily climbing downwards. Naruto followed obediently but cautiously. Finally the man stoped infront of a high tech looking gadget.

"This is a computer with sound activating equipment. Its top of the line and isn't even suppose to be out to the public till the near 3000's. It will answer all your questions. Just simply put your finger on this Biometric scanner and state your name. Then ask away. It has a brain link with Uchiha so it knows everything." The man finished and then closed a door leaving naruto and this new technology alone. Naruto stared wide eyed at this incredible metal box. Slowly, very slowly, he placed his finger on the scanner.

"Uzimake N-Naruto" he said softly. Nothing happened. What was a whopping 2 minutes seemed like hours to him.

"Uzimake Naruto from Leaf Village. Age 16. Description Blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin, 130 lbs, 5'8, muscular build, perfected abs. Is this information correct so far?" the computer said. Naruto's jaw was at the floor. How did it do that?

"Ye-Yes. Th-That's correct." Naruto said not scared more nervous of what this thing knew.

"Hated by everyone in your village for what is inside of you. Your parents died when you were a young age. You have lived homeless since you can remember. You are now in the humble surroundings of a tourist atraction owned by the Uhiha clan. Is this still you?" The computer continued as it was programed.

"Yes it is still me." Naruto was now excited about what he could learn from this.

"I have access to any information on you that is in secret files or inside my owners head. You may ask anything."

"Anything?" Naruto repeated with a smirk.

"According to my programing that is correct Uzimake Naruto."

"Why am I here? How did I get here? What exactly is inside me? Who is this Uchiha person? Do you have any food close by? What is today's date? Am i still in the leaf village? What happened to my clothes? How do you know who I am and my origin? What exacly is going on here?" Naruto finally took a breath and sat down awaiting his answers.

"Answering question procedure activating. You are here because you were found half dead in the snow on a street where crime rates were extremely high. Uchiha took you in and are to under his athority. You got here first by a bus trolley then on a plane and came here through a limo. Inside of you is a demon with an incredible power and will to take over its owners body. His name is Uchiha Sasuke. He is a very powerful and rich young boy. He is 17 and 135lbs. Black hair and eyes, very pale skin tone. He has a fascination with blondes, sex slaves, and the unnatural. Yes there is lots of ramen waiting for you after this session. Today is December 27 1800. No you are not in the leaf village. They were taken and packed carefully into a bag incase anthing special was in them. I am entitled to secret files and other such matters therefore I have the classifieds from the leaf village in my database. I am answering your questions." The computer stopped and Naruto tried to remember everything that was just said.

"Did you say I rode on a plane? Passed out? That I have a demon inside of me that wants to take over? The guy who brought me here is a sex slave finatic and there is ramen waiting for me after I'm done here?" Naruto said in an attempt to organize his brain.

"That is correct Uzimake Naruto."

"So how do I get out of here?" naruto asked as his stomach started growling loudly.

"Are you sure you are finished with questions?"

"Believe it!" Naruto said with a huge smile on his face.

"Very well, have a nice trip."

"A nice trip? What's that suppose to mean? How do I get out?" Naruto yelled.

"Question simulation deactivated. Powering up escape route. Destination dinning room. Alerting Uchiha that toy is being delivered."

"Wait! Toy? What is going on?" The room started to shake and then the computer screen read: HAVE A NICE TRIP UZIMAKE NARUTO. Right after that the floor dropped out and he found himself falling. He fell for a few 20 seconds exact and landed on a very very cozy pile of pillows. Infront of him was a long woodened table with at least 70 bowls of ramen. Naruto's eyes beamed with electricity as he quickly made the count to 60. He wipped his face and sat at one end of the table and began eating slowly. He made it through about 40 more bringing the count to 20. His stomache was completely full now and he was content. He went back to the pillows and prepared to fall asleep when he saw another scanner thing. What could it harm if he touched this one?

Naruto placed his finger in the center of the scanner and proudly proclaimed. "Uzimake Naruto."

"Welcome Uzimake Naruto. My name is Jade.85649. I am a voice voice operated box. Much like the computer you recently met except I have my own view and feelings about matters and am able to make a proper analysis of the questions you ask. I can not lie but can make things sound more false. So Uzimaki Naruto. How may I help you?"

Naruto thought for a moment on exactly what he want to ask. "Why did the other computer I just talk to say that Uchiha's toy was being delivered right when I was being sent here?"

"That answer is simple. When you were to come eat your ramen the previous computer was programed to tell Uchiha that his toy was being delivered."

Naruto sat irritated by this answer. "I already knew that. You didn't answer my question. What is his toy that is being delivered?" Naruto asked abruptly.

"Uchiha Sasuke has now arrived. Powering down Jade.85649." Right then a hidden door opened and in through it came non other then Uchiha Sasuke. Naruto stared at this guy who was only one year older then him. He looked just like the other computer had described him. This means his hobbies must be right too. Sasuke sat down in a chair and looked disqusted at the food that was before him. He was never a ramen kind of guy. He lived with class and elegance all his life. Could you really blame him?

"Jade.85649 report." Sasuke said with a surprising soft voice from his rough looking body.

"He knows about the toy." Jade.85649 said.

"Well then since he already knows..." Sasuke trailed off standing with a smirk on his face and he walked over to the now standing Naruto and pushed him onto the pile of pillows straddling his waist. "...we shouldn't waist any time." Sasuke finished as he began taking Naruto's clothes off.

"What are you doing? Get off me faggot!" Naruto screamed as sasuke succefully got Naruto's shirt off.

"Stop struggling so much!" Sasuke said. He then raised his hands and claped twice. Chains imidiatly came out of the floor and strapped naruto down. "This is going to be fun!"