Hello folks. I thought I'd start with a little sample chapter first to see what you guys thought. If it gets a good response then I'll continue with it.

The basic idea is a journey through Alexander and hephaestion's life, looking at all the great moments and the struggles of their relationships.

The pairings will include Alexander/Hephaestion (obviously), Hephaestion/Cleitus and mayve possible Hephaestion/Cassander, Alexander/Bagoas. Roxanne will probaly be included too, but I won't really focus on the marriage to Alexander.

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Alexander studied the woman before him. Euridyce, his father had called her. She was indeed pretty, and altogether different from his mother, Olympias. But of course, that was probably why Phillip had chosen her.

He had just re-entered the palace, coming from the stables and seeing to his magnificent new horse, when one of his father's pages had accosted him and insisted that he was to go and see his father. If it were not for the urgency in his voice, Alexander would have dismissed it and set out to find Hephaestion, but instead he allowed himself to be led along and taken into King Phillip's private quarters.

"Alexander!" yelled Phillip. "Where have you been, lad? I don't like to be kept waiting."

"I'm sorry father," he replied. "But I had to see to Bucephelus. He is easy with no one but me."

"It's a marvel how you tamed him, Alexander." Phillip waved his hand dismissively. "But that's not why we're here."

It was then, when Alexander noticed the woman.

"Son, this is Euridyce. I thought it was about time the two of you meet. She's to be my new wife. Not for a while mind you, but the intention is there all the same."

Euridyce lowered and curtseyed slightly in greeting for the Prince, who in turn studied her carefully. Her face was bony and long, her pout too full for her face. She held none of that sleek and glorious beauty that he had become accustomed to from his mother. Nevertheless, he smiled to her softly with a nod of his head and turned his attention back to his father.

"Well now, be off with you lad. I'm sure you have other things to do?"

"Yes. I have plans with Hephaestion."

With that Alexander left the chamber, comflicted and confused. He did not wish his father to re-marry, but was glad that the man would finally have a wife who liked him. He did not want to think on his mother's reaction to this news. He did not want to see that brief flicker of hurt cross here eyes, and then see it replaced by that burning flame of ambition and protection for her son, that seemed to fuel her throughout her life. No, indeed itseemed his mind and his sould and his heart were all in agreement. He would seek out a pair of remarkably blue eyes and a gentle laugh. Now, wherever could Hephaestion be?