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Author's notes:
1. I change point of view often because it works for this story. It's usually separated by lines so you have a clear change coming.

2. Un-beta'd. Sorry for any errors!

3. This is a mixture of new and old with a really presence as to where it should be heading now. It will be finished. It'll probably be more condensed than the original version but I think that will be for the better. ENJOY!

Summary:Traci could have sworn she woke up sane this morning, unfortunately her sanity put to a test when she and her eight year old cousin discover a min-black pearl with six inch living, breathing versions of Jack and Will, who just won't stop growing and now Traci is having a hard time keeping her "little secret" little anymore.

Ch. 1 Call the lost & found, I think my sanity took a hike

San Francisco, and the area there around it, was magical in the evening. Even if it was cold and rainy, there were still all these great possibilities that something wonderful could happen. Tonight though, twenty-year old Traci Trinidad could only dream of those possibilities as she drove towards her Uncle Greg's house. She had been assigned to babysit her eight year old cousin Alexandra tonight. Normally, Traci wouldn't have minded the job, but after a hectic week of finals she just wanted to cuddle with her boyfriend who had just returned from his college in Oregon for his summer vacation and forget about the world for a while. Unfortunately, there were other considerations to make and getting an eight year old out of chaotic home environment was more important than her social life.

As she parked on the street in front of her Uncle's house she saw her Aunt Deborah come storming out of the front door in a swirl of blonde hair, black chiffon fabric, and heels.

"You are stifling me!" Deborah was screeching at the top of her lungs while Gregory Trinidad was chasing after his wife trying to apologize in vain for some transgression he didn't know he had committed. The blonde ignored his pleas though as she collected herself into her vehicle and tore out into the street without a second glance back.

Traci took a deep breath as she got out of her Ford Escape and walked awkwardly up to her Uncle who looked like he was so frazzled with melancholy that he almost didn't notice when his niece came up to him until she coughed.

"Oh, Traci…" He tried to smile, but it didn't really reach the corner of his eyes as he reached out to hug her. She patted him on the back as they pulled apart. "Alex is inside packing. Thank you for taking her again this weekend."

"What's family for?" Traci shrugged though she did it with a sad sort of grin as she followed her uncle up his front stoop and into his townhouse.

She really wished that he would pull himself together enough to try and be the stable parent for his daughter that he used to be. But his haggard appearance spoke of a man who was completely consumed in trying to understand his wife cruelty that he could not spare the rest of himself to help his tiny daughter cope with her mother's dismissive attitude towards not only himself, but her as well.

"I'm sorry if you had plans. I know I sprung it on Robert and Meredith at the last minute and didn't know everyone had plans," Greg said as they waited for Alex downstairs.

"It's really okay, Uncle Greg," Traci said even though it wasn't remotely near the truth. "We understand and I didn't necessarily have anything going on."

"Still though…it shouldn't be this way," Greg said.

"No," Traci said and refrained from saying that he could change that if he just paid more attention to his daughter, but it wasn't her place and this was about helping Alex not her uncle's broken marriage.

At the pitter-patter of small feet, Traci smiled when she saw the dirty-blonde head of her young cousin bob down the stairs. She was dressed in jeans that were stuffed into bright pink slickers with a sweater and raincoat. Her blue eyes lit up when she saw Traci and she bounded into the girl's arms and nearly knocked over her cousin in the process.

"I missed you!" The eight year old sighed into Traci's jeans and the older girl smoothed down a few stray hairs on the young girl's head.

"I missed you too, Alex," Traci said breaking from the embrace to take the overnight bag at the little girl's side. "I'm so excited you're staying for the weekend. We're going to have so much fun." Alex nodded in assent before turning her Dad looking a little sad. He knelt on the ground and wrapped his arms around her, squashing her backpack against her where her stuffed alligator, Snuffles, was sticking out.

"Be good for you Aunt Meri and Uncle Rob, okay?" He kissed her forehead. "I'll see you on Sunday then?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said untangling herself from him and taking Traci's hand. They made their respective goodbyes at the front door before Alex took Traci's hand to walk out towards the car. They spent the first few minutes of the drive in silence before Alex spoke.

"I wish they would stop fighting." Her voice was barely above a whisper and Traci's heart ached at the statement.

"So do I," Traci said reaching out to squeeze her cousin's hand before for a moment before turning on the radio in the hopes that whichever boy-band was current now could push back the sadness for just a little while longer.

While Alex lived in the main city with her parents Traci's family had taken up residence in one of the smaller surrounding cities in an old Victorian mansion that had managed to not be split into a duplex. It had been Traci's parents dream to fix up the old home, make their own, and raise their family. Now it was a fully functioning, beautiful piece of architecture that smelled fondly of old books and baked goods (Meredith's favorite things to cook). Traci led the way into the house and saw the instant relief come across her cousin's face as she scampered through the house, dropping her backpack on the couch and zooming to the movie collection that adorned the wall in the living room area.

"You get the pizza," Alex said taking charge. "I'll get the movie."

"Aye, aye, Captain!" Traci saluted her cousin, dropped the overnight bag by the front stairs, and disappeared into the kitchen to make the inevitable frozen pizza that was there go-to snack food whenever they were together.

"Traci, I have a…propos…umm," Alex scrunched up her nose in concentration as she walked into the kitchen. "An idea for a movie." She placed a movie on the peninsula counter top as she took a seat in one of the bar stools in it. She slid the cover towards Traci who set the timer on the oven before she picked up the object to look it over.

"Pirates of the Caribbean." Traci glanced at her cousin with a frown. "Are you sure you want to see this? You're only eight."

"I'm eight and a half!" Alex crossed her arms over her chest. "And I'm not a baby. I don't need to watch princess movies all the time."

"Yes but this movie is PG-13 so technically you shouldn't watch it," Traci said.

"No, I can still watch it as long as I have an adult present," Alex said with a smirk. "You're an adult, right?"

"You're too smart for your own good," Traci said with a narrowed gaze.

"That's what my teachers tell me," Alex said with a shrug. Her hopeful eyes upturned to look at her cousin. "Does that mean we can watch it?"

What could it hurt? Traci thought to herself.

"I'm probably going to regret this later but yes you can watch it," she said.

"Yes!" Alex jumped up, grabbed the DVD from Traci's hands, and ran off to put it into the player. Traci followed after her cousin and watched as she kicked off her shoes and wrapped herself up in blanket on the couch. Traci grabbed the remote controls for the TV and DVD player before taking a seat next to her cousin and stealing some of the blanket from her.

"If this movie does get to scary for you, we can turn it off right away," Traci said when the DVD menu popped up and she pressed play.

"I'll be fine," Alex said snuggling a little closer to Traci who wrapped her arm around her cousin and sighed in content.

Half an hour into the movie Traci had noted that it had started to rain much more heavily outside when she got up to go get their pizza out of the oven. She hoped her parents would be okay tonight. It was starting to look really nasty outside and she knew the roads could get dangerously thick with fog once the marine layer rolled in. She picked up her phone and dashed off a text message to her mother about the predicament outside and got a response a minute there after.

We're debating staying at the hotel for the night. Make sure to lock up the house.

Traci sent her mother her reassurances that she would do just that before she called out to her cousin in the living room. She silently handed her the pizza and root beer she had saved for this situation as she paused the movie for a moment.

"Mom and Dad say I can't have sugar drinks cause of my cavities," Alex said looking at the root beer forlornly.

"What your mom and dad don't know won't hurt them," Traci said opening the can for her. "Just brush your teeth afterwards." She placed her food and drink on a nearby end table and told Alex she needed to check on the locks and windows of the house. When a sharp clack of thunder mixed with the gentle electric hum of lighting crashed outside the house, Alex made a small noise of distress and clutched her alligator closer to her body.

"Well that's not good." Traci said as another loud boom sent Alex scurrying under one of the couch pillows.

"Oh come now." Traci lifted the pillow off the girl. "There is nothing to be scared of. It's a storm, it'll pass, end of story."

"Easy for you to say. You're not supposed to scared of stuff like that anymore otherwise you'd be called a big baby." Alex grumbled as she sat up.

"Your quite sardonic for an eight year old." Traci raised an eyebrow.

"Does sardonic mean smart-aleck? If so Mom says it's cause I hang around you all the time." Alex replied matter-of-fact.

"Yeah well...she's been known to be right on occasion." Traci said with a terse grunt before she dashed around the house to make her rounds before returning downstairs to finish her meal in peace with her cousin. As they watched the movie, Traci noticed with a small smile that her cousin seemed to find comfort in the eccentric drivel of Jack Sparrow. She hadn't seen that kind of joy on her cousin's face in a long time.

Another crash of thunder outside made Traci's leg bob up and down in nervousness. She didn't show her fear of storms as easily as her cousin did who was pressed firmly into her side, but she wasn't afraid to admit that Mother Nature frightened her when it was this incredibly terrifying.

It's okay. Keep calm, Traci thought. Everything is just fine.

Traci should have knocked on wood the moment she thought that as she and her cousin both jumped up from the couch when a loud crash came from upstairs. The power flickered out for a moment and Alex screamed as she grabbed a hold of her cousin's leg as Traci tried to keep her body from shaking all over. This was not okay. The power slowly returned a moment later, but both girls remained frozen in place, looking upstairs in silent terror.

"What was that?" Alex's voice was panic-stricken.

Traci was running through several scenarios in her head—none of which were pleasant—as she tried to come to a logical response. She breathed out a small sigh of annoyance as realization dawned on her that she'd forgotten to lock up the attic windows. She mentally cursed herself for not thinking of that earlier when the storm hadn't been at its peak.

"I guess the wind blew open one of the windows in the attic," Traci said putting up a good front.

She hated the attic. After a very bad incident when she was six caused her to get 'lost' up there for a whole hour she'd avoided the clutter death trap as much as possible. Traci knew her fears were out of childish insecurities, but it still freaked her out today and she was not looking forward to venturing back up into that dismal space with minimal lighting.

"You stay down here and watch the end of the movie." Traci commanded lightly as she shuffled through the kitchen looking for the big flashlight. There were some lights upstairs, but she preferred to have something heavy she could smash into anything creepy she found upstairs. Like spiders or centipedes. Traci made a humorous jolt as she tried to shake the image of the slimy buggers crawling all over her skin.

"No way!" Alex clamored around the couch after her cousin. "I'm not staying down here alone, what if you die up there and I'm left to smell your stinky mess of a body?"

"I don't know whether to be touched or insulted," Traci said picking up a flashlight and walking towards the stairs.

"Traci, don't leave me down here, it's scary!" The eight year old cried in dismay as she attached herself to the bottom half of Traci's body.

"Fine, fine, just grab your boots ok? I don't want you stepping on anything and end up having to take you to the hospital." Traci commented as she slipped on her own shoes. Alex donned her boots and followed her cousin up the flight of stairs to the second level.

The pair stopped in front of the doorway at the end of the hall which led up to the third floor. She pulled open the door which squeaked open and flicked on the hallway light which revealed the stairs that led up to the third floor. As they ascended the stairs, Traci unconsciously clutched her flashlight a little tighter and tried not squeak in terror when the main overhead light didn't turn on.

This has stupid movie heroine written all over it, Traci thought as she scanned her flashlight across the room.

The attic was a grimy place filled with dust and cobwebs. It was the storage facility of old photos, heirlooms, baby toys, antiques, and collective junk that Traci's family had accumulated over the years living in the old Victorian home that her mother just had to have and the family couldn't live in for six months because it needed total renovation. Traci's mother Meredith had said that the attic gave the house a bit of mysterious air and grandeur. Traci considered it a breeding place for the gross and disgusting insects which lived in dark unsuspecting corners. She frowned as she stomped on one of those said disgusting critters and tried to pinpoint the source of the bang.

She heard the howl of wind coming from her left where she could hear the rapid flutter of a window banging against the inside of the house and moved in that direction with Alex clutching her t-shirt in one of her tight little fists so as not to left alone in the darkness of the attic.

They were moving along steadily until Alex screamed wildly and pulled her cousin back as she gestured wildly to something in the corner.

"It's Barbossa!" The child screamed as Traci whipped around, nearly wetting her pants as her flashlight came to rest on a mess of clothes stuck to a mannequin from her mother's previous adventures in fashion design. The girl and woman breathed hard as they stared at the offending object while their heart rates returned to normal.

"Alexandra Marie, if you were anyone but my cousin I would so hurt you now." Traci huffed but she breathed a sigh of relief. "I knew we should have waited to let you see that movie."

"I'm sorry, Traci," Alex's voice was so heartbreaking that Traci couldn't help but feel sorry for the kid.

"It's alright, my little captain." She patted Alex's head. "Let's just find the problem and we can go back downstairs." Alex nodded slowly, following Traci quietly.

The problem was easily found and there was a river of rain rushing through the open window as the frame holding the glass banged against the inside of the nook. Traci shoved the flashlight into her cousin's hand and gasped at the cold of the rain water splattering across her face. She reached out for the window and pushed hard against the incoming wind while coughing out water. She muttered a small string of curses which she hoped that Alex had not heard and was able to get the window closed, latching it tightly. She wiped the rain water from her face, spitting out a leaf that had gotten sucked into her mouth and shivered as the cold overcame her.

"There," she said wiping her damp hands on her jeans. "Problem solved! Let's go down and watch the-" Traci stopped speaking as she looked around. Alex had vanished into the darkness.

Not vanished, Traci assured herself to keep calm. She's just looking around.

"Alex?" Traci called out uncertainly into the foreboding darkness.

"Traci! Traci, come quick!"Alex was screeching. Fearing the worst, Traci bolted toward the sound of Alex's voice.

"Alex-" Traci stumbled as she rounded a corner and did a face plant on the wood floor. She looked around wildly through strands of her soaking wet hair and saw Alex was peering over something not a few from her. "Alex?"

"Look at this!" Alex cried excitedly as she turned her flashlight into the object. Traci grunted and crawled over to what Alex was looking at. "Isn't it cool?"

It was bloody brilliant actually. Traci grabbed the flashlight from her cousin as she inspected the small, black triple mastered sailing ship that was leaning against a few boxes beside it. Water pooled around the object and Traci frowned as she reached out to touch the moist ground, wondering how the water had gotten in if they were nowhere near the window.

"I've never seen this before…" Traci murmured as she looked above her head for a moment to see if there was a leak in the roof.

"Doesn't it look like the Black Pearl?" Alex ran her fingers over the ships haul as her eyes took in every detail.

"I didn't know we had this, maybe Eric made it…he hasn't been into models for a while though." Traci also never remembered him creating something so elaborate. If he had, her older brother would have been the first to boast about it. He would not have kept something like this a secret.

"Look Traci, it came with action figures!" Alex pointed into the captain's quarters were a very well done Jack Sparrow action figure sat pouring over a map. Traci shined her flashlight into the cabin and suddenly the action figure reeled back in fright.

"Oy! I'm not dead yet!" He called out.

"It talks!" Alex cried.

Traci pulled back her flashlight as she took in a sharp breath. That was not natural. The Jack action figure started yelling out orders and walked out to the deck, without help from anyone or anything.

"On deck you scabrous dogs!" The Jack action figure yelled. He looked up and saw the blinking, bright faces of Alex and Traci staring back at him. Without another word he screamed, causing Traci to fall back in shock and for Alex to squeal in delight.

"Will!" Jack yelled running below decks. "Giants! Big ones with squishy faces!" A moment later he reappeared with William Turner who at the sight of Alex and Traci pulled out his sword while shock riddled his facial features.

"You weren't lying," The William Turner action figure said. Traci squeaked as he spoke and pulled back a little.

"Alex, perhaps we better leave…" Traci murmured as she reached out for her cousin's arm. These action figures were far too lifelike for her tastes, in fact if she didn't consider herself one very sane woman she would have actually considered that the little things before her were actually living, breathing people.

"Wow, this so cool! I call Jack!" Alex ignored her cousin's outcries as she scooped up the pirate captain with her little fingers.

"Oy! Put me down ye giant cannibal!" Jack pulled out his sword in an attempt to defend himself and stabbed the poor little girl in the finger causing Alex to cry out in pain and to drop Jack back on his deck with a small thud.

"Traci."Alex whined. "Jack hurt me!" Tears started to well in the eight year old's eyes as small droplet of blood appeared on her index finger."Don't hurt my cousin, you're only six inches tall!" Traci chortled, flicking Jack in the side, and sending him flying into the ship's mast.

"Oy! That's not very nice." Jack started to fling his little pirate sword at her.

Traci ignored the pirate captain and the very strange little ship with the far too realistic action figures and ran out of the attic with Alex in tow. The moment they made it back downstairs Traci slammed the door shut to the attic and pressed her whole body across the door as though that would help block out the strange and unusual beings upstairs. She slowly slid to the ground and crossed herself three times as her mind tried to process what had just happened.

"It's not possible," she said.

"It's awesome!" Alex said with a smile as she sucked on her finger.

Traci watched her cousin for a moment before getting up off the floor and leading her into the guest bathroom where the first aid kit was. As she placed her cousin on the counter top and set about fixing her wound, Traci felt like her eyes were deceiving her. That thing, whatever it was, had stabbed her cousin with an actual sharp instrument.

"I don't know if I like Jack Sparrow anymore." Alex pouted but Traci was too lost in her own mind to really take much stock in what her cousin was saying. Her rational side was telling her that she must have bumped her head or was suffering from some weird hallucination while the other part of her mind realized how real they looked, how her cousin was bleeding, and how Jack's flesh had felt warm in the instance her fingers had grazed across his abdomen as she flicked him. Maybe finals really had taken a toll on her mind.

"Traci?" Alex questioned.

"Yes?" Traci's voice was breathy as she sat on the toilet lid biting her nails while she was in deep thought.

"Can I keep Jack?" Alex's smile was broad and wide, showing a few of her baby teeth were missing.

"You most certainly cannot!" Traci found herself replying. "Those…things, whatever they are, are going to stay up there forever."

"That's not fair, Traci," Alex said sounding heartbroken at the prospect. "Jack was just a'scared that's all. I'm sure if we're really nice we can get him to calm down some!"

"No." Traci shook her head as she stood up. "Those things are beyond human comprehension. I don't even know what to call them."

"They're people just like me and you!" Alex stamped her little foot as she jumped off the counter top. "And I intend to rescue them!"

"No, absolutely not!" Traci felt a surge of panic rising in her chest. "There will be no rescuing off the little people!" Alex crossed her arms over her chest.

"Captain America would rescue the little people," Alex said referring to one of Traci's favorite heroes from the newest Marvel movie surge. "He cares for the underdog."

Traci found it slightly amusing that her eight year old cousin had learned the proper usage of the world underdog, but she wasn't so amused with getting a lecture.

"Alex, Captain America is a fictional character," Traci said. "You can't compare him to me."

"So? He would save the little Jack and Will," Alex said as her eyes narrowed into slits. "We must save them from the attic."

"We will not," Traci said crossing her arms over her chest feeling completely ridiculous that she was arguing about this unnatural phenomenon growing in her closet.

"Fine," Alex said stomping off. "Then I will do it alone." Just as she reached the door to open it Traci jumped in the way and braced herself against the door like a frightened cat. She knew her cousin wouldn't relent and she had to admit that she was more than just a little curious about what to do with these people who now occupied her home.

"If it's important to you, we'll go save the little people," Traci said turning to open the attic door with a reluctant sigh.

Alex beamed up at her as the pair went back up the stairs, flashlight at the ready. They made their way through the attic until they came upon the small, triple mastered sailing ship yet again where Jack and Will were still out on the front deck, this time looking around with cautious eyes.

"Come back fer round two, eh?" Jack brandished his sword.

"We want to help you," Alex said kneeling down in front of him.

"Help? I don't need help! I've gotten out of worse situations than this!" Jack gestured wildly.

"You're six inches tall and stuck in my attic." Traci reasoned with the pirate captain. "I think you need a little help." She pinched her fingers together ever so slightly at the word 'little'.

"So says you," Jack said. "But perhaps you're really a giant and don't know and I am actually of normal size and stature." He gestured to himself in some grandiose way that made Alex giggle.

"Jack, stop it. We have no idea where we are and we need help." Will sheathed his sword and inclined his head in a polite gesture. "Can you tell us where we are Ms…?"

"Traci Trinidad." The brunette gestured to herself. "This is my cousin Alexandra and you're in California."

"California!" Jack exclaimed and looked around wearily. "That would mean we're in Spaniard territory! I'm not fond of Spaniards." Traci tried not to smirk at the thought of why and coughed.

"The Spaniards have long since gone, Captain," Traci said. "You're in the United States of America now."

"Wha's that?" Jack questioned.

"A larger version of the thirteen colonies," Traci said. History may have not been her forte but it was most assuredly implanted in her brain for occasions somewhat like this one. Not that she would ever have imagined this exact sort of conflict. She rubbed her temples. She was going to give herself a headache with all these conflicting, irrational ideas.

"Oh, you be meanin' those blokes who went against the ol' king," Jack said. "Well why didn't you say so in the first place?" Traci wielded as much patience as she could to not flick Jack again.

"Let's take them downstairs," Alex said."Here." Alex picked up Jack again and placed him in her sweater's breast pocket. "You can stay there for now until we've moved your ship."

Jack stumbled around in Alex's pocket for a while as he tried to gain some balance while Traci held out her hand to Will.

"I promise not to drop you," she said. Will looked reluctant for a moment before he jumped into Traci's hand and was lifted into her jeans pocket. She picked up the small little ship in her arms, holding it much like a baby.

"Alex get the flashlight and lead the way." Traci commanded and Alex saluted her cousin before, much to Jack's horror, skipped all the way out of the attic and bounded down the stairs in her eagerness to see the boat float.

Traci made her way much more carefully down the stairs, grunting in annoyance at how heavy the wooden masterpiece was. When she got down to the second floor she had an internal debate on where to put it. If she left it in the bathroom her family would surely find it and even though her parents were open-minded people she wasn't sure whether they could handle this kind of change so she moved to her room where she hoped it wouldn't be too much of a mess and leaned the ship against her rounded window seat where it was haphazardly lightened by the streaks of lightning in the sky before Alex turned on the overhead light and placed Jack back on his ship. After Traci had secured the ship so that it wouldn't suddenly tip over she gently pulled Will out of her pocket with vivid thoughts of her best friend Alyssa saying: "Now you can say Will Turner has been in your pants!"

Will looked around the room with wonder and Traci blushed when she noticed that her bed was unmade and there were heaps of clothing scattered everywhere along with papers she had collected over the course of her school year.

"Sorry about the mess," she said with a sheepish grin, but he waved her off.

"Your room is quite different from Elizabeth's," Will said. Traci raised an eyebrow at him and smiled.

"And how would you know what Elizabeth's room looks like?" Will colored a light shade of pink.

"Lets' not discuss that," He said as he walked back towards the main part of the deck.

This is unreal, Traci thought as she watched the two men from her seat on the ground.

"You guys stay here while I get you food!" Alex beamed happily as she dashed out the door squealing: "I've got my own Jack!"

Traci stared at the ship and figures on it. There was no possible way for any of this to be real at all, it was all so supernatural. Not fit in any way at all too happen…

Her gaze went up as the rain splashed against her window in a harsh wave before another crack of lightning danced across the sky. In the distance there was a loud boom and Traci jumped as the power went out again. She turned as she heard her little cousin scream.

"Traci!" The young girl yelped and Traci grabbed the flashlight that her cousin had dropped on the floor beside the ship.

"Don't move!" she ordered the two pirates.

"Not like we have much of anywhere to go," Jack said sarcastically.

Traci ignored him and scurried downstairs to the kitchen where she found the little girl hiding under the breakfast bar. A broken jar of jelly lay on the ground next to the plastic jar of peanut butter rolled idly around on the floor.

"S-sorry." Alex was shaking all over and Traci reached out and took her hand.

"It's okay," she said and stood up to grab some paper towels to clean up the mess on the floor before throwing the broken jar of jelly away and putting the peanut butter back in the fridge.

"It's been a long day." Traci sat down in front of her cousin whose tears were streaming in rivers down her face. "Why don't we just call it a night and I'll tell you stories until you fall asleep, does that sound okay?"

Alex nodded as she wiped away her tears, reached out, and was pulled into her cousin's awaiting hug. They grabbed a tiny piece of leftover pizza for Will and Jack to share before the two walked back upstairs with Alex's things. After they had changed into their night-clothes, Alex curled up on Traci's bed while the older girl delivered the small bit of food she had to offer to the two pirates.

"Is she alright?" Will inquired when Traci approached the ship

"She'll be okay." Traci looked back at the little girl who was sniffling on the bed. "I'm going to read to her until she falls asleep. Are you two alright?"

"I 'ave no idea how we got here and no idea how to return from whence we came," Jack said. "Seems like any other day with a 'angover." Traci laughed a little at that statement and said her goodnights with the promise that she would try to help them tomorrow even as she thought to herself that she was probably suffering under a very grand delusion.

As she crawled into the bed with her cousin she read tails from the Grimm's fairytale book that she had and brushed her hand through the girl's hair until she fell asleep. Traci glanced over at the ship and noticed a few lights still glinting from the windows just before she shut her eyes.

Please, she thought. Let this be a dream.