Magic doesn't just happen overnight. It grows and stretches until it reaches a certain point where it affects the people around it. Or at least this is what Traci now had to believe when her Aunt Deborah had filed for divorce against her Uncle Greg almost two weeks after they had watched their friends sail off into the sunset. There was a heavy two month period of battle where Deborah stripped Greg down to almost nothing where it looked like she was certainly going to get full custody of Alex who spent what little time she ever had with Traci worrying about the state of things between her mother and father.

It was in those moments that Traci wished Tia Dalma and the crew were still here ti distract her young cousin from everything that was happening. Perhaps they could have even found a way to sail off with Deborah and then conveniently have left the woman on some island in the middle of nowhere. Anything would have been better than the hell Alex and her father were going through now.

But just as everything looked like it was going to fall apart when at the height of the family's duress new evidence came to light that was now being presented before the judge that Deborah was not as innocent of a party as she claimed to be and that she should be charged with child endangerment.

"You left your daughter alone for three hours alone in shopping mall, Mrs. Trinidad, because you were visiting your boyfriend." Judge Martha Kline, a woman who looked like she ate women like Deborah for breakfast, said both appalled and disgusted by the woman in her courtroom. "The security office couldn't reach you! Your husband's niece had to come get her for you."

"That was just one mistake, Judge," Deborah said wringing her hands nervously as she glared at her lawyer to do something. "I'm a perfectly fit mother—"

"According to the documents I hold in my hand you are most certainly not," Martha said bobbing her head a little. "Mrs. Trinidad you have not proven your case well enough that you should have custody of your daughter. Therefore it is this court's opinion that full custody of Alexandra Trinidad be remanded to her father Gregory Trinidad and that you'll be the one to pay child-support."

Deborah blubbered and screeched in righteous anger, but Traci didn't hear much of her rant as her whole family cheered loudly. Her Uncle Greg shook his lawyer's hand and then ran to Alex who he scooped up into his arms and cradled close. It was a fitting end to everything and whether it was Tia Dalma's charm or the skill set of the private investigator the family had hired to collect evidence it still felt like magic to Traci.

That night the Trinidad's celebrated on the town together at a restaurant where Traci's relatives (both her mother's and her father's side) were all gathered around to celebrate the growth and love of family. Tonight was even more special though as her brother Eric was finally coming back into town. His work kept him traveling around the United States and a few other countries so this celebration was as much in honor of his presence as it was in getting Deborah Mason out of the Trinidad's life. Traci had asked her parents if they were going to tell him about the pirates. Both had been in agreement that even with the pictures they had of their pirate friends looking more than a little bewildered at the sight of a camera there was no way he'd believe them. Traci had been a little sad at not being able to tell her sibling about everything that had happened. If he had been there he would have loved every minute of it. Maybe one day he'd be ready to know the truth.

"Where are you? I'm freezing out here," Traci said into her cell phone as she stood outside the restaurant as the welcoming party for her brother. He was running late due to limited parking in the San Francisco area.

"We're walking up to the restaurant now," Eric said with a huff of annoyance.

"We?" Traci looked up and down the street to see if she could spy her brother.

"I'm bringing a colleague with me," Eric said. "He just transferred to the U.S from the U.K division and I'm helping him get settled. We met on the trip so I invited him."

"Mom will be in an uproar that the house isn't clean enough for guests." Traci laughed and then stopped when she saw her brother pop around the corner.

"I don't think Liam will mind," Eric said and then grunted as Traci ran at him in a dead sprint and started to squeeze the life out of him. Eric hugged his sister in a tight squeeze lifting her off the ground for a moment before placing her back down.

"I missed you too," he said breaking from the hug and hanging up his phone.

"Your fault for not coming home more often," Traci said poking him in the chest as he wrapped one arm around her shoulder and turned her around to face his colleague who was laughing and smiling at the sibling affection between the two.

"Well, I brought presents. So unless you're nice you're not getting any," Eric said clearing his throat and gestured to the tall curly haired man before him. "Now, this is Liam Hughes and he does not come from as crazy a family as ours so he's in for a shock."

"I'm sure I'll be fine," Liam said as he extended his hand to Traci who shook it.

"I'm Traci," she said with a smile.

"Lovely to meet you," Liam said releasing her hand from his long fingered grasp. "I'm pleasantly surprised actually, Eric, you described your sister as though she were the devil incarnate." Traci glared at her brother who just smiled and rubbed the back of his head.

"Wait till you get to know her," He said as Traci elbowed him in the side.

"I don't think you need to worry, Liam," Traci said. "I only bring out the horns when I'm trying to get one over on Eric."

"Good to know." Liam's dark brown eyes crinkled in the corner as he smiled and Traci felt herself feeling a little light-headed under his gaze.

"Let's go eat," Eric said breaking the trance between his sister and new friend.

Traci didn't mind the interruption. She spent the majority of the evening talking to Liam who was more than pleased to share her company. Magic, after all, happens at a slow rate.