White Lights

Warnings: Post anime, language, violence, possible Yaoi

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note in any way shape or form. All quotes, poetry and such are credited.




My fingers calloused, as that of a guitarist, digits strumming and plucking with the greatest of intensity. But I am no guitarist, albeit a musician in my own sorts; the resonance within my chest, a steady ba-dum, crescendos as our eyes meet, black upon brown. You have lost, Kira.

Light Yagami hadn't ever given much thought to exactly how his life would end. After all, he was to be the new god, the savior of the innocent, the Messiah and such trivial thoughts could not possibly plague his mind at such times. To ponder on the numerous possibilities had been deemed pointless in his thoughts ever since his fingers had lovingly caressed the dark binding of the book – the horrible, wonderful book that had started it all – and had promised himself, promised the world, that he would rid it of its devastation; start anew without crime and sin.

The book his flood, the world his ark; Noah would fulfill his duties.

But he fell, plummeted downwards to the nothingness from which he came and to which he was meant to return; Lucifer had lost his wings.


"Death is better, a milder fate than tyranny."- Aeschylus

It was all just a blur of pain.

At least he wasn't alone in this bittersweet part of the cycle; the sun was dying, too. Maybe it was some sort of ironic comfort, the golden-white luminance akin to the curls atop that little boy's head, the little boy who had brought Kira to his downfall, to his end.

His eyelids were heavy as he fought the temptation to rest, to surrender to the chilling clutches of Death. Was it three or four bullets? He had stopped counting after the second made contact, whizzing through the air from Matsuda's gun, piercing through the suit and embedding itself into Light's torso. The first was his wrist, he was sure; he had tried to write that name onto the Death Note paper hidden in his watch. That name. Nate River, the little boy.


No, please, no.


Ryuk, no…why…?

A storm seemed to break out within his chest; Light shook and trembled as the Death Note did its deed. He could almost hear the apple-addicted god of death chuckling, the scratch of pen against paper – Light Yagami, flawlessly imprinted.

Fate is cruel, isn't it, Light-kun?

Where was the fleeting of his life before him – the flash of colours rushing by? He gasped, eyes wide in anticipation, meeting those of the detective standing opposite him, fingers tucked in his pocket, smirking oh so slightly. Yes, Light agreed silently, fate is indeed very cruel.

Lids closed slowly, the sun faded away; Kira had fallen.

Author's Notes;

1) The italics in the beginning of the story indicate L's thoughts as he's standing over Light in his last moments.

2) 'Lucifer lost his wings' refers to the story in the Bible and Quran which depict the angel Lucifer banished from heaven by God. In this case, it shows that Light lost everything.

3) The italicized thought at the end are L's, towards his dying foe and friend.

This chapter and the next have been rewritten and/or tweaked. Thank to everyone for the reviews – it really keeps me going.