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Chapter One: Roommates? Correction. HOUSEmates.

The Godaime stared at the sight before her with a small smirk. Perfect timing. It was as if Kami-sama wanted this to happen.

"Jiraiya's going to squeal like a little school girl when he finds out that I'm actually accepting his little bet. And right after he won our other little gamble too…well, not without his own loss. I won at least once…I think. If Team 7 would have waited a couple more weeks…I'd have to use someone else. The little suckers," thought Tsunade amusingly.

The eighteen-year old blonde shinobi stood tall and his sapphire eyes gazed around the room calmly with a big grin. The self-proclaimed future Hokage had completed one of his important goals…to drag a certain Uchiha-bastard's ass all the way back to Konoha with the help of his pink-haired teammate. It was none other than the number one, hyperactive, knuckleheaded…Uzumaki Naruto; the Kyuubi container and…ramen lover extraordinaire. He had grown much over the last six years (now a jounin) and was quite handsome. Having trained with Jiraiya he was quite the infamous pervert around Konoha and was known to have some feelings for a certain pink-haired kunoichi. Not only that, but he vowed to be the next Hokage. And it was rumored that he was in the running for Rokudaime…

"Dense as always…" thought Tsunade and smirked.

Between the two young men stood a slightly confused pink-haired kunoichi. She was one of the top kunoichi in all of fire country, had perfect chakra control and was extremely intelligent. Not only that, but she was also the top jounin medic-nin, only rivaled by the Godaime herself! Don't forget the unmistakable pink hair and emerald eyes…

It was none other than Haruno Sakura. She was known as ex-Sasuke fangirl, student of copy-nin Hatake Kakashi, the Godaime's apprentice and top jounin medic-nin among other things. She was no longer the weak and helpless twelve-year old girl that chased Sasuke all day. Haruno Sakura was a true kunoichi portrayed by her determination, intelligence, skills and short-temper. She was also one of the prettiest, if not THE prettiest, girls in Konoha. But she was mostly known for being Konoha's sweetheart and loyal friend of Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke.

"Hmm…she seems slightly puzzled. AFTER ALL I did train her," thought Tsunade smugly.

Then there was the other eighteen-year old shinobi on the right of her apprentice. The black haired boy had his hair in its trademark "chicken butt" style. His most important goal was to become stronger in order to kill his brother (and to attempt this…he betrayed his village and ran off with a pedophile, but soon he figured out Orochimaru's plans to rape him and came running back to Konoha…goal slightly uncompleted). After getting some unexpected help from his old teammates…he defeated both bastards and let them drag him back to Konoha.

Then there's his goal to revive his clan…fall in love…but at the young age of 18, who has time for that? He had NO time for such frivolous things such as love. He wanted to be stronger. He was Uchiha Sasuke; the ex-avenger, the ex-traitor and the cold hearted bastard among the village. But among his friends, he was known as Sasuke-kun and Sasuke-teme.

"Uchiha-brat…suspicious…not good…" thought Tsunade worriedly.

"Alright, are you guys ready to hear your punishments?" questioned the Godaime. No one said anything and she took that as her cue to continue.

It had all started weeks ago, news that the youngest Uchiha was near Konoha spread like wildfire and everyone adjusted to the fact that he may indeed be coming back. Days later, his former teammates sneaked out and commenced in the dragging of his ass.

Sakura and Naruto were fuming by the time they had found Sasuke (A PMS-ing kunoichi and a determined, LOUD shinobi do NOT get along). After Sasuke apologized to Sakura and Naruto in order to patch up their old friendship (although he claims that it was obligatory AND that the sword at his neck had NOTHING to do with his decision).

Not only that, but along the way Sasuke killed a few…annoyances, so to speak, towards Konoha's safety. Days turned into weeks and Team 7 came back reunited, slightly injured but nonetheless together. They were admitted into the hospital for some time, until their injuries were healed and were visited by their friends.

Many of the people who felt strong hatred for the Uchiha eventually became accustomed to the fact that he was back such as the Rookie 9 and Team Gai. Only a few people were distrustful of him, but that would change in time. And currently, Team 7 stood under the fierce gaze of the Godaime and at her disposal…

"Well, first I'll state your offences…hmm…let's start with the Uchiha-brat. You betrayed our village, became a missing-nin, sided with the enemy and almost killed your teammates. You spent six years with the enemy and recently got your ass dragged back," stated the Godaime. Sasuke remained emotionless.

"I WILLINGLY let Sakura and Naruto drag my ass back," thought Sasuke.

"Alright, now for Naruto and Sakura. Not only did you disobey my orders…you left on your own with no backup! You didn't even leave a note for me and you put your lives in danger! You infiltrated the enemy's hideout, out numbered may I add, and then sided with a missing-nin on his quest for vengeance…AND YOU DIDN'T COME BACK FOR WEEKS!!! MONTHS!!" said Tsunade sternly. Sakura winced and Naruto hung his head.

"The Uchiha should be executed and you two should have your ranks taken away. But certain events have changed your punishments. Not only did you kill an S-class, Akatsuki member but you also killed two more S-class criminals, Orochimaru and Kabuto with the help of Naruto and Sakura. That being the case, your punishments are less severe. Okay, now you can talk Naruto," stated the Godaime as Naruto grinned.

"Well…I WANT TO PLEAD MY CASE! Uh…I think you should let us do missions together now that Team 7 is together again and get reacquainted…for old times sake. You know…BONDING TIME," said Naruto happily. Tsunade was about to retort but stopped herself…weren't the weeks they were gone together more than ENOUGH bonding time?

"Heh, Tsunade-obaachan can't deny this. She can't put us on probation because she needs people to do missions...even though there probably won't be any A-rank or S-class missions for a LONG TIME. And she can't have ALL of us on house-arrest because there'd be no one to watch us all at the same time…hehehehe…KA-CHING!" thought Naruto sneakily.

"What is he up to?" thought Sakura and Sasuke simultaneously.

"This is going well…that perverted hermit sure knows his student," thought Tsunade and smiled.

"Bonding time?" questioned Tsunade and feigned confusion. Naruto took a moment to gather his thoughts, in other words…he made up a bunch of crap.

"Well, yeah!! You know who you're always giving everyone missions and not giving them a lot of free time to spend with friends and old teammates? Yeah, well…THAT'S ALL WRONG!! When I'm Hokage…I'll make sure this NEVER happens…and I'll also lower the alcohol age…but that's not important right now!! The thing is…WE NEED TEAMMATE BONDING TIME!!"

"I see your point, Naruto. I'm also feeling awfully generous today so your punishment isn't too bad," said the blonde woman sneakily.

"YEAH!! Whatever Tsunade-obaachan!! We accept your punishment no matter what!! Believe it!!" exclaimed Naruto confidently. A devious smile appeared on Tsunade's face and Naruto's bravado disappeared. Sakura knew that nothing good came when Tsunade smiled like that and Sasuke narrowed his eyes. Their fate was sealed.

"Jiraiya knew this would happen and the Uchiha-brat came back just in time, otherwise I would have had to resort to using Team 10 and that would NOT have been pretty. So Team 7 wants bonding time? I'll give them bondingtime. Good thing I beat Jiraiya that one time…he probably let me win because he knew I'd need that house. These suckers won't know what hit them," thought Tsunade. Team 7 patiently awaited their punishment.

"Alright then. If bonding time is what you want; bonding time is what you'll get. Team 7 is hereby on probation from ALL missions, EXCEPT community service for—," began Tsunade and was obviously interrupted by none other than…

"WHAT?! What am I supposed to do all day?! Eat ramen and sleep?! And what the hell is community service?! Wait…OH NO! Those are D-rank missions, aren't they?! I'M DOOMED!!! MY PLAN FAILED!!! IT WAS FLAWLESS!!" exclaimed Naruto. Tsunade gave Naruto a questioning look when he said "My plan failed!!" but shrugged it off.

"He'll pay for interrupting my dramatic moment…" thought Tsunade vengefully.

"What an idiot…even after six years he's still the same dobe," thought Sasuke.

"NARUTO!! I'm going to KILL him!! D-rank missions?! I'm doomed!! Yeah, nice timing Tsunade-shishou…with my EX-crush and ramen-boy. Great," thought Sakura angrily. "But at least I won't be alone anymore…now I know how Naruto and Sasuke felt before. I have family, but it's almost like I don't…they moved away to the waterfall village. But now, I won't be alone anymore… even if it means being with ramen-boy and my EX-crush—"

"EX-crush?! Sasuke-kun is as hot as ever!! Don't tell me gave up on him?!" thought Sakura's INNER self.

"YOU AGAIN?! I thought I got rid of you…YEARS AGO!!"

"What a warm welcome…ANYWAYS, what's going on with Sasuke-kun?!"

"He's been brought down from his pedestal in my heart and now stands on the same platform as all my other friends—"

"So that's why you donated it to charity…but…WHY?! WHY?!"

"It was nothing more than a CRUSH, but I'll still care for him, as I care for Naruto, Kakashi-sensei and all my other friends. I'm not going to chase after him anymore. I'm just going to fix our relationship—"

"What was wrong with the relationship you two had before?! It was progressing rather nicely, a little seducing and he would have been IN THE BAG!"



"Amen to that!! By this time next year, I'll be going out with the man of my dreams!"

"CHYAH!!! PREACH IT SISTER!! WE'LL WAIT FOR OUR PRINCE CHARMING! Uh…you better pay attention, Shishou is talking and it might be important…"

"Oh right, I got a little sidetracked right there…Hehehe,"

"…Community service, you'll also resume your training with Kakashi as Team 7. And, you'll all be moving into 529 Konpeki Street this afternoon—"


"Heh, speak for yourself Naruto," muttered Sasuke quietly.

"Tsunade-shishou…it's bad enough we're doing D-rank missions…but living with my teammates is pushing it, don't you think?" pleaded Sakura.

"Reason, please?" demanded Sasuke. Tsunade had to restrain herself from punching the Uchiha-brat senseless.

"Well, Uchiha-brat, I can't have you doing any funny stuff, but I will give you a reward for your troubles. You are now a jounin. But who better to watch you, than your teammates, ne? You can all take turns watching each other," mocked the Godaime.

"So stupid…at least I'm a chuunin..." muttered Sasuke angrily.


"There, there, Naruto. Everything is going to be alright," mumbled Sakura as she patted Naruto's head while he slumped down onto the floor and held onto her leg.

"…Anyways,pack your clothes and items of sentimental value. You'll go furniture shopping this afternoon. Put the expenses on my tab. Any questions? None? Good. Done," said Tsunade. Before any reactions were seen…Shizune rushed up to the teenagers, shoved them out of the office and locked the door. Tsunade sighed in relief.

"That went exceptionally well, don't you think?" questioned Tsunade as she whipped out a sake bottle. Shizune was about to reply when…shouts were heard from the other side of the door…


"Oh, really now? I suppose I was the one talking about bonding time and missions?"


"Well…Sasuke-kun…it could be the ass-bow you were wearing when they found us. It was pretty—"



"Kami-sama!! Can you two stop fighting?! You're adults for god's sake!!"


"I wasn't talking about sake, you baka!! And you're seventeen too!"

"I'm not,"

"Lucky bastard…I wasn't talking to you Sasuke,"


"Dobe, behind you,"


"Serves you right for being a pervert!! I advise you, Sasuke-kun, to burn your gay outfit soon…that ass-bow is pretty degrading,"

Giggle. Laugh. Glare.


"Sasuke-kun…I hope that comment wasn't aimed at me,"

"Sasuke-teme…you better run. She can beat you up,"

"WHAT? She's just an annoying, weak girl with—"



"Serves you right, Sasuke-kun. Besides, I've been meaning to do that. Naruto promised he'd let me land the first punch once we got back in Konoha…so I guess that will have to do,"


"Pfft, I'd like to see you try,"

"WOULD YOU TWO SHUT UP?! Let's just go,"

"Yeah…that went better than we thought. But just how did Jiraiya-sama convince you?" said Shizune quietly. Tsunade groaned and whipped out another bottle of sake from her desk. Shizune sweat dropped. Tsunade sighed and began to explain…

"How'd I get into this mess? Oh right…I gambled and lost…oh well. They'll live…hopefully," thought Tsunade in amusement.


Naruto was hurriedly completing the task of packing his clothes and prized possessions into various packs. His orange duffel bag was stuffed with his clothes and had been carelessly thrown over his shoulder long ago. After a few moments, the vigorous task of packing his prized possessions was done. The blue backpack he held in his hands was filled to the top with ramen packages, a photo album filled with pictures of his friends and his favorite teddy bear (which was given to him by none other than his Sakura-chan after passing his chunin exam). Yes, it was now time to head off towards his new temporary home.

"Yes!! I get to live with MY Sakura-chan!! Hooray!! I'll have a girlfriend in no time!! I just hope Sasuke-teme doesn't piss me off!" thought Naruto.

The eighteen year old blonde locked the door to his apartment and rushed into the busy streets of Konoha with both bags over his shoulder. He turned onto Konpeki Street and at that exact moment, Sasuke was walking down the opposite end.

"Oi! Sasuke-teme!! I got here first! You're such a slowpoke!!" exclaimed Naruto as he continued walking.

Naruto was wearing black pants and an orange t-shirt that said "Ramen Lover" on the front in black letters. He wore black sandals on his feet and his head band was on his forehead as always. His unruly blonde hair was the same from when he was twelve years old as were his sapphire eyes.

"Sakura-chan will be so impressed!! And she'll finally give me a kiss!" thought Naruto, but his happy thoughts were cut short.

"Che, yeah right. I was first," stated Sasuke as his bags dropped onto the ground with a big "THUMP". He was still a little pissed about their punishment. (What an understatement…)

Sasuke was wearing a black sleeveless shirt with the Uchiha fan on the back and white pants. He wore black sandals on his feet and his head band was wrapped around his arm. His raven hair was in the same spiky position as always and his onyx eyes still held the same emotionless expression.

"No way am I losing to that dobe, what a loser. Bad enough I gotta see him everyday for missions…now I gotta live with the idiot. So stupid…" thought Sasuke.

They were standing in front of a tall, light yellow house with a russet roof. It had a small porch made of wood that had been painted white. The window frames and the door, with "529" in golden numbers, were also painted white. It was a two-story house and it had a small space in the back that could be used as a garden. This house actually had a front yard with a cherry blossom tree unlike most houses. Their new home had a calm and serene feeling, which was NOTHING like what was going on a few feet away from the front door.

Naruto noticed Sasuke wasn't paying attention and made a mad dash for the front door. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's bag and pulled him back, taking this as his opportunity to get to the door first. Naruto fell onto the ground and seized Sasuke's foot, making Sasuke fall and land with a "THUD!!" Sasuke couldn't stand up and opted for army-crawling to the front door. Naruto snickers died out when he stood up and tried to move, but couldn't. Naruto's bag got caught on the branch of the cherry blossom tree and struggled to move.

"Emotionless bastard," whispered Naruto as he glared at Sasuke.

"Idiotic baka," muttered Sasuke as he glared back at Naruto.

Once Naruto got free, he let go of Sasuke's foot and ran. Sasuke ran also and both chunins were about to slam into the white door, when it opened up…revealing a surprised pink-haired kunoichi.

Sakura was wearing a red tank top and white biker shorts. She wore black sandal-like boots on her feet and black gloves on her hands. Her headband hung around her neck as her pink locks framed her face and cascaded past her shoulders. Sakura's body had also matured much over the years…trading in her big forehead for a nice waist and beautiful curves.

The boys were going too fast…they couldn't stop…


…and Team 7 landed in a heap inside the house, in the living room...

Sakura was lying on the ground, flat on her stomach with a very annoyed expression on her face. Her head was leaning on her left hand, while her right hand drummed an impatient tempo on the floor with her fingers. Sasuke landed right on top of Sakura, his face was near Sakura's ear to where she could hear/feel his breathing. And lucky ol' Naruto landed on his back on top of Sasuke, perpendicular to his teammates. Limbs were intertwined and it was NOT a pretty sight.


Team 7 was a tangled mess of limbs as they tied to move off each other at the same time. Hands and legs were near places they shouldn't be. All in all…it was mass chaos.



"I'm moving as fast as I can!!" shouted Naruto. He placed a hand on Sasuke's head and got up…pushing Sasuke's head downwards and in the process…almost kissing Sakura.

"Sasuke-kun, do me the favor of moving your leg OFF MY BUTT!!" shouted Sakura. Sasuke wasted no time in getting himself up. Sakura followed soon after and straightened herself up. That's when they noticed that…the entire house was…

EMPTY! The house was entirely EMPTY! Except for the appliances and light fixtures…there was NO furniture or any type of accessory.


Team 10 just happened to be walking by Konpeki Street when they heard shouts coming from a light yellow house and the door just happened to be open.


"What was that?" questioned Ino as she twirled a lock of blonde hair in her finger.

"Why should we care? It's none of our business," muttered Shikamaru, followed by a "troublesome". Chouji just continued munching on his potato chips.


"That sounded just like Sakura!!" exclaimed Ino worriedly.

"That's because it is Sakura," said Shikamaru. Chouji nodded.

"What's she doing with Sasuke and Naruto…ON TOP OF HER?!" exclaimed Ino. Shikamaru shrugged and Chouji just didn't care.

"YOU'RE HURTING ME NARUTO!!!" Chouji had dropped his bag of chips and Shikamaru raised an eyebrow.

"MOVE FASTER DOBE!!" Ino's eyes widened and turned to her teammates who were also wide-eyed.

"That was Sasuke's voice!!" exclaimed Ino.

"Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto are…a threesome?!?" thought Team 10 simultaneously.

"I'm moving as fast as I can!!"

Team 10 cautiously approached the light yellow house.

"Sasuke-kun, do me the favor of moving your leg OFF MY BUTT!!"

"HIS leg is near HER butt?!" thought Team 10 in unison.

"Sasuke-teme stop being such a pervert. Let's pick a room and get to work," teased a familiar loud, male voice.

Ino couldn't take it anymore; she HAD to save her pink-haired friend.

"I'm coming Sakura!! Don't worry!! Ino-chan's here!!" shouted Ino before she ran into the light yellow house, Shikamaru and Chouji followed. The sight before her slightly confused her.

Sakura's long hair was slightly tousled as was Naruto's, unlike Sasuke's hair which remained as flawless as ever (This is Sasuke we're talking about). Their clothes were wrinkled and they all looked like they had just fought each other.

"W-what's g-going on h-here?" asked Ino confusedly. Team 7 exchanged confused looks.

"Nothings going on…we're just moving in and about to pick out rooms. Why?" answered Sakura.

"Hahaha!! Oh! Welcome back Sasuke…silly me, I thought you guys were a threesome—" began Ino before Shikamaru clamped a hand over her mouth.

"Welcome back Sasuke…we're leaving," stated Shikamaru. Team 7 exchanged slightly confused looks before answering Team 10.

"But we are a threesome—" began Team 7 simultaneously before….


…they all stared at Ino's fainted form.

"You're a threesome?" questioned Shikamaru. Chouji (who had picked up his bag of chips) rapidly ate chips at the growing suspense of the situation.

"Wait…a threesome? Didn't I hear Tsunade-shishou and Kakashi-sensei talking about this one time…let's see…OH CRAP!" thought Sakura.

"YEAH! YOU BETTER BELIE—MMPHHH!!! MMPHH!!!" began Naruto when Sakura and Sasuke covered his mouth with their hands.

"What Naruto means is…that we're a three-man squad just like all the other ninjas," explained Sakura. Sasuke nodded and crossed his arms.

"No funny business," stated Sasuke plainly.

"Che, I'm NOT gay and I don't even like Sakura like that. She's just a teammate, even if she's not as annoying as before," thought Sasuke.

"Whatever you say Sasu-chan…whatever you say," thought INNER Sasuke. Outer Sasuke just rolled his eyes.

"Never mind, I'll explain to Ino later…this is such a drag," mumbled Shikamaru. He carried Ino's body over his shoulder and Chouji followed.

"You better -munch- explain to –munch- Naruto," sputtered Chouji. Sakura and Sasuke took their hands off of Naruto's mouth and almost strangled him.


"NARUTO, YOU IDIOT!! You almost made them think I was together with you AND Sasuke!" shouted Sakura and bonked Naruto on the head.

"Don't you mean that we were all together?" corrected Sasuke. Sakura rolled her eyes.

"It doesn't matter, Sasuke-kun, because…THAT'S JUST WRONG!! I quite frankly enjoy being single!" retorted Sakura. Naruto having fully recovered from his injury, now UNDERSTOOD the magnitude of this situation.

"Oh...lazy-ass was talking about that kind of threesome…" said Naruto.


"So…about those rooms…"

An awkward silence followed and Team 7 exchanged wary looks and without even realizing it, they slowly left the living room and walked into the kitchen. There was a protruding countertop that separated the kitchen from the living room and there was a small hallway leading away from both those rooms. The three teenagers walked into the small hallway. There was a half bathroom on the left side; the laundry room was right in front of them, while the stairs and the spare room were on the right side.

"Yeah…what about those rooms, Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto suspiciously.

There was a pregnant pause…

"I am NOT sharing a bathroom,"

"…That makes two of us," murmured Sasuke quickly before dashing up the stairs.

Sakura grabbed his foot and Sasuke landed on the flight of stairs with a "THUD!" (People are doing that a lot now these days…) Naruto took this as his chance to get upstairs first and attempted to make his way past Sasuke, only to be pulled back to the bottom of the stairs. Sakura jumped over both boys and landed on the railing. She began walking up the railing (Using her chakra), only to be pushed forward and come sliding down the railing.

Sasuke eventually pushed Naruto off of him and started running up the stairs only to be roughly pushed into the wall by Sakura, who in turn, was also pushed into the wall by Naruto. After some rough pushes and pulls, Team 7 arrived at the top of the staircase at the same time. They (stubbornly) all tried to go through the opening at the same time...and we all know what happens after this.

Push. Shove. Growl. Glare. Push. Smirk…FROWN!

…they land in heap in the upstairs hallway.

Sakura impatiently parted her pink hair (which was all in front of her face) and sighed…she was on the bottom of the pile…AGAIN (She'll get her revenge…trust me), but she wasn't alone. Naruto was beside Sakura, groaning and rubbing his butt. And we now see the victor of this contest, pompously striding down the hall and into the bedroom in the far left corner.

"Heh, they thought they could beat ME! I, Uchiha Sasuke, am NEVER defeat—WHAT? Where's the PRIVATE bathroom?" thought Sasuke. He turned around and saw Naruto happily walking into the bedroom just before his on the left side.

"HA! Sasuke-teme! By the look on your face I can tell that you don't have a private bathroom! HA! HA! That's because I—DON'T HAVE IT EITHER?!" finished Naruto aghast. Sakura rubbed her head and made her way all the way down the hall and into the last bedroom.

"Aww…thanks for leaving me the LAST choice. I REALLY appreciate it," said Sakura, faking gratitude.

The two eighteen year old boys walked back down the hall and stared into the room in front of the stairs…the bathroom.

"Dang, does that mean…none of the rooms have a private bathroom?"

"Guess…we'll share," muttered Sasuke wincingly. Both boys' eyes twitched.

"Sharing? I do NOT share," thought the boys in unison.

There was silence from Sakura's room…it wasn't until the two boys heard happy shouts that they decided to check-up on her.

"On second thought…I LOVE my room! Thanks you guys! You're the best!" exclaimed Sakura happily. Naruto's jaw dropped to the ground when he saw the entrance to a bathroom from Sakura's room…it was a PRIVATE bathroom!!

"Lucky you," muttered Sasuke sarcastically. Naruto had anime tears running down his cheeks.

"Aww…stop sulking and let's go furniture shopping!! I'm actually looking forward to this now!! I get to decorate!!" exclaimed Sakura excitedly as she dragged her fellow teammates out of the house and towards the nearest furniture shop.


"You only WANT a TV, but we do NOT NEED it," grumbled Sasuke. Naruto gave his friend/rival the Are-you-crazy look.

Team 7 was currently in the only furniture warehouse in all of Konoha. It was separated into sections by walls (sort of like rooms) and there were a total of ten sections. As they walked around, they were choosing items and adding them to their order. Currently they were in the electronics section, debating on…the TV

"Teme, WE need the TV and WE want the TV. Besides…what else are we supposed to do? Read? No, THAT'S TORTURE!! WE ARE GETTING THIS TV SO I CAN WATCH IT!" explained Naruto determinedly.

"TV? Heh, that's not a bad idea. Sasuke-kun is such a killjoy," thought Sakura amusingly.

"Pfft, got that right. I'm glad we're only friends now…I think,"thought INNER Sakura and Outer Sakura only rolled her eyes.

"Well, you can come watch it here from 6a.m. to 6p.m.," said Sasuke pointing to the blank TV screen.

"SASUKE-TEME! YOU BASTARD!! I'M GOING TO—," started Naruto, but was interrupted by…

"Oh look!! The couches, loveseats, and armchairs are over there! Let's go look at them!" exclaimed Sakura happily as she pointed to a sign and dragged her teammates to said area.

"Hey Sakura-chan…let's test that loveseat, hmm?" questioned Naruto slyly.


"Naruto!! You're lucky we're in a public place and there are witnesses…or you would be so DEAD," growled Sakura. Naruto laughed nervously and stepped away from the loveseat. Meanwhile, Sasuke had spotted a navy blue, velvet armchair and took the liberty to sit in it. This chair was now HIS (He hasn't even paid for it yet...).

"Sasuke-teme, we're not getting that chair. We don't need it," mocked Naruto. Sasuke glared and crossed his arms.

"Uh…Sasuke-kun, maybe we should get in a different color. I was thinking maybe gree—" said Sakura but stopped when she noticed the glares she was getting from Sasuke. He was getting THIS chair, NO MATTER WHAT.

"FINE! But if you get that chair…we're getting the TV," persuaded Sakura and smirked. Naruto was having a party in his head and Sasuke scowled, but eventually gave in. It was DEFINITELY worth getting HIS chair. Sakura smiled and checked the items on their order form.

"YAY! SAKURA-CHAN, YOU'RE AWESOME!!" exclaimed Naruto happily and hugged Sakura.

"N-Naruto…I can't…b-breathe," wheezed Sakura. Naruto grinned sheepishly and let go of the girl, but not before… (I'll let you use your imagination…)

"NARUTO!! YOU HENTAI!!!" shouted Sakura angrily as she slapped Naruto. Naruto rubbed his cheek.

"Ouch! That hurt Sakura-chan," whined Naruto.

"Hmph! That's what you get for being such a pervert," said Sakura furiously. She turned to walk away when she spotted a navy blue, pull-out couch along with a navy blue loveseat.

"OMG! It's like this was meant to be! EVERYTHING matches!" exclaimed Sakura happily. As Team 7 continued walking through the furniture store, Sakura checked things on the order form. From accessories to unnecessary things, they had it ALL.

"Well, looks like we're done. You can stop sulking, Sasuke-kun," said Sakura mockingly and received THE Uchiha glare. She was about to hand in the order form…but the problem was…she DIDN'T have the order form…

"N-Naruto…where's the order form?" questioned Sakura. Naruto grinned sheepishly and rubbed his neck.

"Uh…I don't remember…maybe I…misplaced it somewhere…he-he-he," said Naruto.



"H-hai, Sakura-chan…"


"So stupid," muttered Sasuke frustratingly. Sakura rolled her eyes, currently using Naruto as a stool.

"Well, if you helped maybe we would have found it already," said Sakura irately. She scanned the room filled with models of beds that could be purchased, but to Team 7's luck…the order form was no where in sight.

"Naruto, can I get up higher?" questioned Sakura.

"Sakura-chan…you're already sitting on my shoulders,"

"Why don't you just ask someone instead of skimming the whole store?" mumbled Sasuke plainly as he faced his two outrageous teammates.

"Alright then Mr. Stick-Up-My-Ass…Naruto, do you know where the order form is?"

"Did she just call me THAT…SHE DID! Wait til I get my hands on her pale neck…" thought Sasuke angrily.

"But…isn't she your friend? A BEST friend at that?"answered Sasuke's INNER self.

"Who the HELL are YOU?"


"So stupid…"

"HA! You just called YOURSELF STUPID!! HAHAHA!"

"Just…leave me alone,"

"Fine! Be that way, I'll just—" Sasuke's thoughts were interrupted when a pale hand was being waved in front of his face.

"Sasuke-kun? Earth to Sasuke-kun, do you read me? Sasuke? SASUKE!!"

"Hahaha! Sasuke-teme was daydreaming!! Hahaha—OUCH!"


"ENOUGH! Now, we all still have our cell phones from the mission, right?"



"Well…let's just split up and look for the order form. One of us is bound to find it, and we'll cover more ground that way. We'll scatter on 3," explained Sakura.


"You're so smart, Sakura-chan! Why didn't I think of that?"


"Because you DON'T think, idiot,"



Blink. Blink.

"Hey…where'd Sakura-chan and Sasuke-teme go? Oh…right!! Yosh!! I'm going to find that order form…DATTEBAYO!!"


"This is so stupid,"

Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Glare.

"This is so stupid,"

Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Glare.

"This is so stupid,"

Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Gla—

"You better stop talking to yourself or people are going to think you're crazy," said a soft, frail voice.


"Is she talking to ME?!"

"Well, I don't know. Do you see any other bastards talking to themselves and glaring at every friggin' thing?"


"I didn't think so,"

Sasuke turned around and came face to face with nothing but air. He looked down and saw a grinning old lady looking at some lamps. Sasuke was currently walking through the lighting section looking for the blasted order form and glaring at everything…even inanimate objects. Ooh…multitasking...such skill.


"What. Did. You. Say?!" growled Sasuke.

The old lady turned towards Sasuke and seemed to be searching for something, then turned back to the red lamp she was currently looking at.

"I can barely see your ears in that clump of black fur you call hair. It's debilitating your hearing,"


"Black. FUR?!" growled Sasuke. The old lady turned and smiled at Sasuke before speaking.

"Huh? I wasn't talking to you, sonny. Maybe you should get your ears checked or something,"

Sasuke was about to retort when a short messy, black-haired kid walked towards the old lady from behind him. Sasuke was seething by now! How DARE they IGNORE him, Uchiha Sasuke?!! And make him look like an idiot?!

"Speak for yourself ya old hag!! Stupid house. Stupid furniture. Stupid Naruto. Stupid BLASTED ORDER FORM!!" thought Sasuke angrily.

"Is it MY fault that you didn't notice that brat? No, because I actually pay attention to my surroundings. I also would've turned on my cell phone so I could ask for—"

"SHUT UP!" accidentally shouted Sasuke aloud. A few people turned to look at him with confused faces.

Uchiha Death Glare.

Everyone resumed their shopping with trembling knees.

"Like I said. This. Is. So. Stupid,"

Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Glare. Footstep. Glare. Sigh. Beep.

Sasuke turned on his cell phone.


Silence filled the room and everything was as it should be in this rarely visited section of the furniture warehouse.

Prance. Search. Prance. Search.

"Hmm…if I were an order form that got lost in a furniture warehouse, where would I be? Well…I don't know. I guess I'd still be in the furniture store…unless somehow I, the order form, learned to walk in the last ten minutes," thought Naruto as he pranced around the storage section, which consisted of shelves, plastic containers, boxes, cabinets and other means of storing items.

Grumble. Blush. Rub.

"Well…I can't think on an empty stomach…TO ICHIRAKU!! But first…I gotta find that ramen coupon I got in the mail!"

Naruto stopped beside some plastic containers and pulled out his wallet from his pants' pocket, also known as Gama-chan. He rummaged through its contents, which consisted of…

…a few dollars (Just enough to buy his daily dosage of ramen…what a cheapskate)

…two small plastic coins of absolutely no value

…a peppermint candy from the last-time he went trick-or-treating (14 months...or possibly three years old…not THAT old compared to other things)

…a small shiny, blue marble with yellow streaks


…a fluffy, OLD and BIZZARE piece of lint from god knows where (I know…how bizarre can a piece of lint get? Well…it so happens that THIS piece strangely resembled Pakkun)

Naruto groaned and searched through the other pants' pocket, placing its contents on a box. Then…an idea occurred to him. He took off his sandal and…VIOLA! There on the black material…laid the elusive ramen coupon. He picked it up, waved it around while doing his little happy-dance and all this sudden motion caused something to fall out of his back pants' pocket.

"SCORE!! I'm going to get ramen! I'm going to get ramen! Woohoo! Woohoo! TO ICHIRAKU!"

And with that, our favorite blonde shinobi dashed off towards Ichiraku. Just as the blonde shinobi dashed away…the orange object Naruto had left on a box started to carry out one of its many functions...

Musical tune. Vibrate.

…to receive calls.

If a cell phone rings in the middle of the storage section in a furniture warehouse and nobody is around to hear it…does it still make a noise?

Musical tune. Vibrate.

Yes, if the caller is one determined and stubborn…Uchiha Sasuke AND/OR Haruno Sakura, and won't stop until someone…ANYONE picks up the damned cell phone.

Does that answer the question?


"I wonder if Sasuke-kun and Naruto have had more success than me…all I found was a persistent fanboy that goes by the name of—"

"ROCK LEE, THE HANDSOME DEVIL OF KONOHA IS AT YOUR SERVICE, SAKURA-CHAN! JUST ASK AWAY!" announced the green spandex-wearing boy. Sakura smiled sheepishly.

"Thanks for the offer, Lee. I really appreciate your help," said Sakura politely. A light blush covered Lee's cheeks as he marched in front of Sakura.

"Ditch him! Ditch him while you still can! Do it before he thinks we actually like him!" thought INNER Sakura rudely.

"NO! That would be mean and it'll hurt his feelings. He's always nice to me and buying me flowers…I kinda feel sorry for him,"

"He'll find a girl soon…eventually. Maybe not today…maybe not tomorrow…or the next few decades, but I'm sure he'll find a girl that loves him back,"

"But wouldn't ditching him be mean? I don't like him following me around and his fanboy-ness is kind of annoying, but still…he's a good friend. There's no way I could pull it off,"

"We're NOT ditching him if HE doesn't think we are…"

"…Gosh! You're right! And then I'd be able to find the order form without his constant fanboy-ness..."

"I have the PERFECT excuse, too! Tell him…you're going to the bathroom! It's so obvious that he won't suspect a thing!"

"The bathroom? Lee is NOT stupid. He won't believe it. Besides, one afternoon with him won't kill me—"

A short musical tune, followed by vibrations coming from Sakura's pocket.


"What was that, Sakura-chan? An enemy? I shall use my youthful taijutsu—"

They both stopped walking as Sakura took out her pink cell phone from her pocket.

"Relax Lee. It's probably just Naruto or Sasuke trying to reach me on my cell phone," said Sakura calmly. She accepted the incoming call.

"Sakura…?" spoke a male voice. Sakura immediately recognized the voice and put up a finger in order to tell Lee to give her a minute.

"Hi Sasuke-kun…find the form yet?" asked Sakura curiously and inwardly wishing that he had found it.

"No…did you?"

"No luck at all, but that must mean Naruto's found it. Oh! And I ran into Rock Lee. You remember him, right?"

"…what do you want?"

"I need you to distract Lee while I make my getaway," whispered Sakura quietly.

"Not a chance. Get Naruto to do your bidding,"

"Mou Sasuke-kun, you're so mean! Just forget about it…by the way, where are you? And is there a bathroom nearby?"

"The lighting section…and yes,"

"Perfect! That's only two sections away from here! Oh! Call Naruto for me, will ya? Bye!"

"Sakura, what are you plan—"


Sakura hung up on Sasuke. (Wow…never thought I'd see the day)

Rock Lee smiled at Sakura and she smiled meekly as she continued talking into the cell phone.

"Oh! Yeah…Sasuke-kun? Sasuke?! Oh no! My cell phone's battery ran out and I was talking about something important," whined Sakura sadly "Would you be willing to help me, Lee?"

"YOSH! ANYTHING FOR A BEAUTIFUL CHERRY BLOSSOM!" said Lee enthusiastically. Sakura whispered something into Lee's ear and he nodded happily.


"OH! And if you come back and I'm not here…that means I'm in the bathroom or talking to Sasuke-kun from a payphone. Thanks, Lee!"

With that said, the green spandex-clad boy ran off in search of Naruto. Sakura sighed while her INNER self threw confetti in her head.

"Now's your chance. Go hide in the bathroom, and then find Sasuke-kun and Naruto!"

Sakura mentally nodded as she walked towards the lighting section and just like Sasuke said…there was a bathroom. She looked around before walking in and whipping out her cell phone.

"Please pick up! Please pick up, Naruto! PLEASE HAVE THE ORDER FORM SO WE CAN LEAVE!! PLEASE!!" thought Sakura hurriedly.

"Hi! This is Uzumaki Naruto! I can't answer at the moment, but leave a message after the BEEP and I'll call ya back soon! Believe it!"

Beep. Click.

"Kuso! What could have happened to Naruto? He'd better have found that order form or at least be looking for it!!" thought Sakura forbiddingly. Then she dialed Naruto's number again.





Meanwhile…in a ramen shop not too far away, there was a blonde shinobi currently eating a bowl of ramen…correction…WOLFING down MANY bowls of ramen.

"Man…this ramen is GOOD. (Insert "Frère Jacques" Song) I love ramen! I love ramen! Yes I do! Yes I do! Boil it with water! Boil it with water! Then eat it! Then eat it! (End song) Ah…that hits the spot. Okay, now I better call Sakura-chan and tell her where I am, she must be worried about me. Ha! Take THAT Sasu—WHAT?!" thought Naruto.




Next time on…A DAY IN THE LIFE OF TEAM 7! Also known as…THE PREVIEW!

"LEE?! WHY DO YOU HAVE IT? I thought you were going to find Naruto,"

"I couldn't find him, but I found..."


"What color paint do you need, young man?"

"Midnight blue,"

"I'm sorry…but we ONLY have navy blue, sky blue, and regular blue,"

"And I want midnight blue,"



Sakura: I told you A THOUSAND TIMES to take care of your cell phone. What are Sasuke-kun, Kakashi-sensei and I going to do with you?

Sasuke: Nothing

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