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Sakura's pillow came in contact with Sasuke's side and Sasuke swung his pillow at Sakura's feet. She jumped up and the pillow missed. Sakura stuck out her tongue while jumping up and down, but tripped and started falling to the ground. Sasuke took hold of Sakura's hand to stop her from falling, but ended up falling as well.

"I'd HATE to be in that mess right now…" thought Naruto, clearly amused.


Chapter Five: A Day Filled With Gullibility And Liars

"Shut up, dobe!" shouted Sasuke. His blonde friend snickered and pointed at something on the ground…particularly in front of Sasuke. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and looked down in front of him.


Sakura had a fake smile plastered on her face.


He stared and raised an eyebrow.

Sakura's fake smile turned into a look of puzzlement.


She frowned and crossed her arms.


She glared and started cracking her knuckles. Sasuke would have been intimidated by Sakura's menacing glare, if it hadn't been for his pride or the obvious fact that he was Uchiha Sasuke. Uchiha Sasuke is intimidated by no one.

Five minutes after dragging a sleepy Naruto into the pillow fight of the century, Team 7 finally came to a realization. This living arrangement really wasn't working out. Whoever thought it would, must've been drunk. Oh, wait! When was Tsunade ever not drunk?

"Clearly this isn't working. We should just go sleep in our own rooms…" suggested Sakura. She picked up a teddy bear from the floor and clutched it close to her chest.

"And suffocate from the paint fumes? I think not," countered Naruto and crossed his arms.

"The paint is probably dry. Let's just go," Sasuke grabbed a bunch of random stuff from the pull-out couch, which he assumed belonged to him, and began trudging up the stairs wearing two different bed-slippers. Naruto followed behind Sakura as he put on his doggy night-cap. They reached their destinations in a matter of minutes. Sasuke walked into his room and before he could sit down on his bed, Sakura came inside with an appalled look on her face. Naruto yawned behind her.

"Sasuke-kun! You can't just waltz into your bedroom without saying goodnight! It's a rule," scolded Sakura whilst waving her finger around.

"I don't think it matters at this point since we'll be seeing each other in a few hours," said Sasuke and looked down at his feet. Since when did he own bright orange

"It does matter, Sasuke-kun! As I said before, it's a rule!" Sasuke's attention diverted from the hideous orange slipper on his left foot to Sakura. He gave her a deadpan look and pointed to his face.

"Does this look like a face that cares?"

"Y-yes…no, y-yes! I mean, y-yes!" answered Sakura hesitantly. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. It's 3 am. Time for bed,"

"…yes, Otou-san," teased Sakura. Sasuke was about to retort when Naruto started whining.

"But I'm not sleepy! We're going to be getting up in a few hours and we haven't written our threatening letter to put in Kakashi-sensei's mailbox!"

"You're right…" commented Sakura.

"…and he's never right," mocked Sasuke. Naruto just ignored him, it's too late to get mad at the stupid bastard. The sleepiness is probably getting to his bigheaded head.

"Anyways, we could watch late night cartoons!" suggested Naruto excitedly. Nothing like watching cartoons 'til the crack of dawn.

"It's 3 am—"

"Sasuke-kun, we've been over this already. That's what started the arguing and the pillow fight," clarified Sakura.

"Late night cartoons it is! And we can write that letter while we're watching!"

"Sounds good to me. I haven't watched cartoons in ages," agreed Sakura.

"Ooo! And we can eat popcorn! Maybe some ramen too! Ooo! How about some sugary candy, potato chips and chocolate?" suggested Naruto excitedly. Sakura's eyes lit up at the mention of chocolate. Nothing like junk food to make you hyper at 3 am, only to have a sugar crash the next day…or in the next few hours in their case.

"Eat what you want, but I'm not waking you up if you fall asleep and don't get up for training. Sakura and I will leave and execute the plan ourselves," warned Sasuke.

"Don't tell me to cure you sugar crash in the morning, we warned you," said Sakura. Naruto waved them off.

"Pish posh! So who's up for some good ol' caffeine in a cup? Or whatever that brown stuff Ino makes Shikamaru drink so he doesn't fall asleep…"


At approximately 6:17 am, Team 7 hid in a tree next to Kakashi's apartment complex as they awaited their jounin sensei's departure to the corner store.

"I'd hate to say we told you so—" started Sakura.

"But wetold you so," finished Sasuke, a little too quickly. He was totally waiting all night for the opportunity to say that. What a (hot, gorgeous, sexy) jerk.

"…thank you, Sasuke-kun. So keep your eyes open, Naruto,"

"It's not my fault, Sakura-chan! That caffeine in a cup—("Coffee," corrected Sasuke)—whatever! It didn't work! It only made me sleepier!" complained Naruto.

"Doesn't matter. You sleep like a rock. Sasuke-kun and I couldn't wake you up. And when we did, it was too late to get dressed. So it's your fault we're still in our pajamas," commented Sakura. She was indeed still wearing her night clothes, which consisted of a red tank top and white shorts decorated with small red hearts.

"Well…actually Sakura-chan, some of us are in our underwear," said Naruto. He pointed to himself and Sasuke, both clad in boxers and plain white t-shirts.

"Not my fault—LOOK! There he goes!" Sakura pointed to the silver haired man disappearing around a corner. Naruto waved around a white sheet of paper with three different handwritings scribbled all over.

"Threatening letter, check!" exclaimed Naruto.


"Check!" Naruto held up the silver digital camera, "…SUPER DELUXE Icha Icha Paradise edition?"

"…check," groaned Sakura and raised the glittery orange book. Sasuke almost chuckled at her misfortune, almost, but was reminded of his own misfortune.

Naruto chuckled and turned to Sasuke, "The rest of Kakashi-sensei's porn collection?"

"…Aa," grumbled Sasuke.

In his arms were approximately 13 Icha Icha Paradise novels.

Naruto rolled with laughter and jumped down from the tree. He turned to look up to his teammates with a grin.

"Dun dun dun! Time to start the plan!" Team 7 made their way to Kakashi's apartment. Any innocent passerby would have laughed at the sight.

Naruto happily sauntering towards Kakashi's apartment while wearing his ramen-patterned boxers. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Sakura was stifling her laughter, a shiny book clutched against her chest as she looked back at a scowling Sasuke. Sasuke was in his normal "I hate everything" mood, although the 13 porn novels he carried and the fact that he was in his night clothes, like his teammates, could make anyone wonder what Team 7 was up to…

Upon arriving, Naruto held the threatening note against the door with one hand, while looking around for something sticky. An apartment door opened a few doors down, a tall figure turned to look at the oblivious Team 7.

"Why would Hatake leave if he was expecting his students? He probably forgot," thought the tall figure and walked away.

"You idiot, you forgot the tape? Kami-sama!" exclaimed Sakura exasperatedly. Naruto waved her off.

"No worries, Sakura-chan. A wise shinobi once told me that the great Hokages of the past used plant sap when they—" started Naruto.

"Who exactly was this wise shinobi?" asked Sakura with her arms crossed.


"In that case, he might as well have told you to use mucus to stick things together," said Sasuke. Sakura's nose wrinkled, "Eww, gross!"

"You know what…that doesn't seem like such a bad idea! It being sticky 'n all! It could work!" exclaimed Naruto. He handed the crinkled piece of paper to Sakura and placed the digital camera on the ground.

"Is that a ramen stain on the bottom left corner? And why'd you put 'To Kakashi-sensei' as the heading? He'll totally figure out who it was," commented Sakura.

"How do I go about doing this?" questioned Naruto, completely ignoring Sakura, "Ah! I got it!" The pink-haired girl raised an eyebrow. Naruto moved a finger towards his nose and Sakura's eyes grew wide. Sasuke looked disgusted.

"Naruto! No!"


"What?! We gotta leave before Kakashi-sensei gets back," reminded Naruto. Footsteps sounded in the background. Team 7 turned around and their eyes' widened.

"Didn't Hatake teach you better than to pick your nose? Anyways, you three look suspicious," spoke Anko. She crossed her arms and stood before the three teenagers.

"We do? Nah, we're just…waiting for Kakashi-sensei," lied Naruto. Sakura gave a sigh of relief and Sasuke shifted uncomfortably. Anko raised an eyebrow as she stared at the porn books in Sasuke's arms.

"…It's a good thing I told him to hurry up—" started Anko.

"You said my students wanted something, Anko—oh! Hello children," Kakashi smiled behind his mask, and Team 7 looked like they'd seen a ghost.

"—and there he is," finished Anko.

Insert Awkward Silence.

"…well, I guess I'll leave you to your business. See you at the next jounin meeting, Hatake," spoke Anko as she turned to her apartment. She was getting out her keys when…

"Since when were we on a last name basis, Mitarashi? Aren't we well acquainted with each other?" questioned Kakashi teasingly. Anko's hand retracted from the doorknob and she turned to face Kakashi with a faint blush.

"Anko's blushing! Does she like…Kakashi-sensei?" thought Naruto and Sakura simultaneously. Sasuke, being socially/romantically retarded, didn't notice a thing.

"Yes, we're well acquainted, Kakashi," replied Anko. A click sounded from the doorknob, signaling that it was open. Anko opened the door and stepped inside.

"How about you call me…Kakashi-kun?" Anko poked her head out and smiled coquettishly before she closed the door. Naruto and Sakura were dumbfounded.

"Did…Kakashi-sensei try to…flirt…with Anko?!" thought Naruto and Sakura simultaneously. The socially/romantically inept retard noticed nothing. Kakashi then turned to his students, hopefully lady luck was on there side and they would have a decent explanation.

"Uh…h-hi Kakashi-sensei. W-what b-brings you here?" stuttered Sakura.

"…I live here," said Kakashi bluntly.

"R-really now?" inquired Naruto.

"…are those Icha Icha Paradise books in your hands?" Sasuke let the porn books he was holding just drop to the floor. Team 7 slowly inched away, but Kakashi stopped them.

"What exactly were you three doing here this early in the morning?"

"Ehehehe...well, you see…umm…yeeaaahhh," stuttered Naruto. Sakura smacked Naruto in the back of the head. Kakashi pondered for a moment.

Digital camera hanging from Naruto's wrist.

Sasuke dropping a MASSIVE amount of porn books on the floor.

Sakura holding an exclusive porn book, looking awfully nervous.

…students dressed in their nightclothes.

It all made sense! Kakashi smiled to himself. He hadn't really prepared for this situation. Actually…he hadn't expected his students to figure this out for a couple of weeks, around Naruto's birthday when Jiraiya would pull out the—Ah, well. Might as well start explaining, who knows when they'll get done.

"I know why you're here…" Team 7 looked horrified; if Kakashi had seen through their plan…they were done for, despite having the blackmail in their possession. What use was it if they couldn't bluff and threaten some secrets out of their sensei?

"…you want me to explain some of the scenes in Icha Icha Paradise and you brought a camera so you could possibly get some visuals," spoke Kakashi, looking at his students' garb. The second the word "scenes" escaped Kakashi's mouth, Sasuke stopped listening. Naruto and Sakura looked appalled.

"Uh, no! Kakashi-sensei, you got it all wrong! We were just in the neighborhood and decided to visit!" explained Sakura quickly, but it did nothing to relieve Kakashi's suspicions.

"In your underwear…with porn books…and a camera? No need to be shy about it, Sakura. Every teenager around your age eventually becomes interested in porn,"

"I'm serious! This has nothing to do with porn!"

"Now, now, Sakura. The first step to liberation is the acceptance that you like porn. It's nothing to be ashamed of, I read it in public all the time," reasoned Kakashi. Sasuke had a strong urge to bang his head against a wall at that moment.

"But Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto contemplated the thought of whether to come out with the truth or…

"Be more like Naruto and Sasuke, they're taking it fairly well. Now say this with me 'I like porn—"

…come out with the truth so that Kakashi didn't get any ideas.


"Naruto!" scolded Sakura and Sasuke. Kakashi swiftly took the camera from Naruto's unsuspecting hands and put in his vest pocket. Team 7's eyes widened.

"All that work and we're back to square one," thought Sakura sadly.

"I was looking for this…I wanted more footage of my favorite squad…" spoke Kakashi and tapped his vest pocket.

"…we're your only squad," mumbled Sasuke. Kakashi ignored him.

"Now, I could report you to the Hokage for theft, breaking and entering…get thrown in the slammer for a few days," started Kakashi. Team 7 was ashamed, that is…everyone except Sasuke because he doesn't regret anything he ever does. That's how egotistical he is.


Sakura clasped her hands together with a worried look.

"…I'm going to give you my own lesser punishment. After all, I am your mentor and I have some authority in this field. I will never mention this to the Hokage," finished Kakashi. Team 7 let out a breath and nodded.

"Good. Instead of a D-rank mission assigned to you by the Hokage, I'll just tell her that I had you run some errands for me. That should cover it," explained Kakashi, "I'll see you at the bridge in about three hours…hopefully fully dressed," With that said, Kakashi "poofed" to who-knows-where.

"I have a bad feeling—MMPH!" Sakura put a hand over Naruto's mouth and let out a sigh of relief.

"Phew! You almost jinxed it!" informed Sakura. Sasuke gave her a deadpan look. Was she being serious?

"You really believe in that?" questioned Sasuke. Sakura waggled a finger in front of his face and shook her head.

"Just watch, Sasuke-kun. Just watch. Karma will get back at you for being a non-believer,"


"Nice to see that you're all fully dressed now. A great accomplishment indeed," commended Kakashi. Sakura blushed, her cheeks almost the same color as her pink tank top. Her legs, clad in white capris, swung over the edge of the bridge. Sasuke glared, how dare his teacher mock him! He was wearing a sleeveless, navy blue Uchiha shirt and white pants. Naruto, having no luck in finding his cool mission outfit, opted to wear a bigger version of his outfit when he was 16. Oh, how Team 7 has grown.

"…Sakura, you are in charge of picking up my dry-cleaning and picking up a package from Aizen-san,"

"Hai, Kakashi-sensei," She wrote the errand on a scrap piece of paper and shoved it in her pocket.

"Naruto, you can…pick up my radio from this guy that borrowed it. You might want to ask Asuma,"

"Yay! I get the easy job!" cheered Naruto.

"And Sasuke...go to the book signing this afternoon and get this book signed," Kakashi handed Sasuke a book, its outside covers wrapped in newspaper.

"What a crappy-looking book," thought Sasuke as he held the book in his hand.

"Okay, you're all set! Come find me when you're done," spoke Kakashi, he formed some hand-signs, ready to 'poof' away, but Naruto stopped him.

"Hey! What about the camera?! Do we get it back after this?"

"Uh…sure," replied Kakashi and disappeared with a Poof, leaving Team 7 in silence.

"Well…I'm gonna go find Asuma. He's usually smoking in the park at this time," said Naruto and off he went. Sasuke turned to Sakura who was looking at a scrap piece of paper.

"I bet I could get Sakura to trade errands with me…if memory serves right she would do anything for me. I am NOT waiting in a long line just to get a book signed," thought Sasuke, just as Sakura stood up to leave.

"Oi, Sakura! Want to trade—" Sakura knew what was coming, so she made the best excuse she could.

"Uh...sorry, Sasuke-kun! Gotta go!" With that, the pink-haired girl ran off. Sasuke glared at the book in his hand.

"No, this is not karma. In fact, this is the easiest of all the errands. All I have to do is go to a stupid book signing and get it signed. How long could that take?"


"No, jinxes aren't real. Sakura was just being silly," thought Sasuke. He walked out of the training grounds and into town. Approximately five minutes later, an old bookstore came into view. He opened the wooden door, but it was so old that it came off its hinges.

"Hey, you! What do you think you're doing? Trying to steal my door?" questioned an old man with large round glasses.

"Pfft, you wish. This piece of crap is so old, termites probably wouldn't want it," said Sasuke. The old man glared; he took the door from Sasuke and put it on the floor.

"Well, what are you still doing here? Scram!" shouted the old man.

"I'm here for the book signing,"

"Book signing? Do you see any sign outside that advertises a book signing? Nooo!" mocked the old man. He walked away towards his desk, mumbling things like "Rude teenagers" and "Youth is wasted on stupid hoodlums".

"Che, least I don't look like a walking skeleton," grumbled Sasuke. He looked around the bookstore; you could probably make a sculpture with all the dust!

"I heard that!" shouted the man.

"Amazingly," mumbled Sasuke sarcastically.

"Why you little—! Out! Out I say! Or I'll whack you with my cane!" shouted the little old man. Sasuke rolled his eyes and walked out.

"Pfft, that was a waste of time," thought Sasuke. He walked a few blocks until he saw people lined up near a street corner.

"Bingo," he thought as he walked up to the line.

"You here for the book signing?" asked Sasuke. The guy in front of him turned around and grinned.

"Yeah! This is going to be awesome! I hope he'll sign my handcuffs! Although, I hope I can get that new deluxe pair!"

"…Aa," replied Sasuke, "How long is this line?"

"I don't know, I never really checked…" The guy leaned out and looked ahead, "It's not too long. I've seen longer."

"Hn," Sasuke leaned out and looked ahead. The line was three streets long, "You said the line wasn't that long!"

"It's not. I heard that the line to get Haruno-san as your nurse on Saturdays is way longer. I once waited with a friend for three hours to get his ankle treated by her. We didn't her number though, just her address. We didn't want to seem stalkerish so we haven't visited yet. Do you know her?" spoke the guy. Sasuke almost burst out laughing, almost.

"…no," answered Sasuke. The guy turned around and minded his business.

"They didn't get her number; just her address and they don't want to seem stalkerish? Che, what a loser. Ridiculous. I'll have to tell Sakura about her stalkers," thought Sasuke.

"Oh, look! The line's only two and three-fourths streets long now!" Sasuke leaned over the side and narrowed his eyes.

"…and I'll have to tell the Godaime about the stupid people in this village that can't count. This line is still three streets long…what kind of book attracts this much attention?" thought Sasuke. He looked at the book in his hands with a scrutinizing gaze.

A small portion of the newspaper was peeling off in the corner, revealing a dash of a bright, glittery color. Sasuke almost kicked himself for being so stupid, not that he'd admit it.

"I should have known,"


A bell jingled as Sakura stepped inside the dry cleaning facility. A woman was standing at a desk with a smile.

"Hello, welcome to Rini's Dry Cleaning. How may I help you?" spoke the woman.

"I'm here to pick up Hatake Kakashi's dry cleaning," answered Sakura. The woman nodded and scurried into the back room.A few minutes later, she returned with a large garment bag and handed it to Sakura.

"Hatake-san already paid for the dry cleaning. Will that be all?" said the woman. Sakura smiled and nodded.

"Yes. Thank you," said Sakura politely and started walking towards the door.

"Come again soon!"

"Now all I have to do is find Mr. Aizen and collect Kakashi-sensei's package. One problem…who's Aizen-san?" thought Sakura. She turned on her heel and started walking back to the front desk.

"Would you happen to know a man named Aizen-san? I have to pick up a package," questioned Sakura. A faint blush appeared on the woman's cheeks and nodded.

"Y-yes, I do. He owns a small store somewhere around here. Just don't insult him or he'll try to kick you out of his store," said the woman. Sakura nodded and thanked the woman before walking out. A smoothie shop across the street caught her eye.

"I guess a little break wouldn't hurt. I mean, it's not like Naruto and Sasuke-kun aren't getting off track. A strawberry smoothie sounds good right about now…" thought Sakura contently. She held Kakashi's garment bag over her back and crossed the street. A cute tune filled her ears as Sakura entered the smoothie shop.

"What can I get you, Miss?" asked a young man at the counter. Sakura looked over and smiled.

"One strawberry smoothie, please," requested Sakura. After handing the young man some money, he put it in the cash register and filled a plastic cup with a pink liquid.

"Hmm…this guy is pretty good looking. Dark brown hair…greenish hazel eyes…he's got a nice tan too. Eh…never mind. I should ask him where Aizen-san's store is," thought Sakura. The young man turned around and handed Sakura her smoothie.

"Here you go, Miss. Have a nice day,"

"Ano…would you happen to know where Aizen-san's store is?" The young man tapped his head before smiling brightly.

"Why yes I do! It's two streets down, shouldn't be hard to miss. His door has a—"

"Thanks!" replied Sakura happily. She quickly walked out of the store while sipping her smoothie. Easy as pie! She'd be done with her errands in no time, and then she could go find Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura smiled to herself, as she neared the next street…she spotted a head of hair that looked just like Sasuke's!

"That's not Sasuke-kun, I'm just seeing things. Silly little me," thought Sakura humorously. She walked by the person with the Sasuke-like hair and saw a line of people which flowed into a store. The outside of the store was covered in colorful streamers and balloons were tied to the entrance. People were screaming and shouting and some were even…crying. Sakura threw away her empty cup and walked towards the store entrance.

"I'm next! I'm so excited! I get to see him in person!"


"I simply love his work! So descriptive!"


"I hope they're giving away the deluxe pair of handcuffs!"

…were among the things people were shouting and they seemed to get louder as you got closer to the door. Sakura walked up to a random woman and smiled.

"Is this Aizen-san's store?" asked Sakura. The woman nodded excitedly.

"Why of course! I simply love this store! It even sells handcuffs from time to time!" exclaimed the woman. Sakura smiled uneasily and squeezed her way through the crowd around the door.

"Hey! Don't cut! I was here first! I've been waiting since 6 am!" complained the crowd. Sakura shook her head and waved the hand that wasn't holding onto Kakashi's dry-cleaning.

"No! You've got it all wrong! I'm not here for…whatever it is you're all here for. I'm here to visit Aizen-san," With that said, Sakura managed to stumble into the store and looked around. It looked like the interior had been attacked by streamers and balloons. She couldn't even tell what kind of store it was, but it seemed awfully familiar.

"Hey, you! Stop blocking the entrance! Are you even old enough to be in here?" spoke a man from, what seemed to be, a counter. Sakura made her way over and looked at the man.

"Are you Aizen-san?" asked Sakura. The man forgot all about yelling at Sakura and grinned.

"This girl looks awfully familiar…nah! I'm just being paranoid! She's soo hott!" thought the man.

"Depends, are you looking for me?" asked the man slyly. Sakura almost gagged at the man's pathetic attempts at flirting.

"If it weren't for the fact that this man has something I want, he'd be half-way to the Land of Snow!" thought Sakura angrily, despite that she gave the man a fake smile.

"Why yes, I'm looking for you. I'm here to pick up a package for Hatake Kakashi," spoke Sakura. The man's grin disappeared as he lifted a small cardboard from under the register.

"Yes, I have a package for Hatake Kakashi. I'll give you the package, but in return I want…" The man paused and leaned over the counter to get a look at Sakura's ass. Sakura was seething with anger on the inside, but she controlled her temper.

"Well, sir…if a chakra-enhanced punch won't do, I could always get a Rasengan and a Chidori up your ass at no charge. Pulling a few strings, I could get a Byuakugan user along with that Sharingan user to—"

"No need, young lady. You had me at hello. Ahahahahaha!" spoke the man nervously. He shoved the package into Sakura's hands with a fake smile. Sakura send him a fake smile and was about to walk out when…

"Sakura? Is that you? I always knew I'd end up seeing you in a store like this. I assume my writing is to your liking, ne?"

"Okay, breathe in, breath out. This is just a dream. You'll turn around and see that's it's just a random stranger talking to a girl that happens to have the same name. Sakura is a very common name. So…" thought Sakura as she turned around to face a man at a table, "Kuso…Sasuke was the non-believer…why do I have to be punished?"

"Smile. Smile. Just smile," thought INNER Sakura. Sakura smiled nervously.

"Oh! Nice to see you! What brings you here?" greeted Sakura the white-haired man. The man merely grinned and motioned for the girl to walk over.

"I'm just here for my book signing. Quite successful," answered Jiraiya. Sakura inwardly gagged.

"Could've fooled me. I can't believe there are people lined up to get a porn novel signed…eww…" thought Sakura. She nodded and smiled awkwardly.

"Well, what brings you here?" questioned Jiraiya.

"Eh…just picking up a package," replied Sakura hesitantly. Tsunade had taught her never to tell Jiraiya anything unnecessary. Jiraiya's eyes landed on the small cardboard box in Sakura's hands.

"You can't fool me. If you wanted me to sign them, you could've asked!" Jiraiya took the box from Sakura's hands and opened it up. He pulled out a metal pair of handcuffs with glitter and fur on the cuffs. Sakura's reaction was priceless as people stared at her and the handcuffs that came out of her box.

"OMG! You are soo lucky! I wish I was as lucky as you!" exclaimed some people from the line. Sakura hesitantly accepted the handcuffs back and Jiraiya smashed the small box before tossing it behind him.

"T-the b-box—" stuttered Sakura. Jiraiya waved her off.

"Oh! That thing? You won't need it! Carry those cuffs with pride! I signed them, too! Oh, and did I mention that I loved your footage? Great work," said Jiraiya before Sakura was roughly pushed out of the store by the crowd. At that same time, someone had been pushed inside.

"Footage? What is he talking about?" thought Sakura. She adjusted the garment bag on her back and placed the handcuffs awkwardly around her neck. She proceeded to walk up the street, receiving stares from all the people lined up for the book-signing.


In the other side of the woods, a fox met one of his friends, the little pig—I mean…Naruto was walking along when he ran into Ino and her two teammates at the park entrance.

"Hey, Naruto," spoke Shikamaru. Chouji waved while munching on his potato chips.

Munch. Munch.

"Hi, Naruto! What brings you here?" greeted Ino.

"Oh, I'm looking for Asuma-san," answered Naruto.

"What for?" asked Shikamaru curiously.

"Oh! Something about Kakashi going to a rodeo? His radio? Something like that…" said Naruto hesitantly. He grinned sheepishly and scratched his head.

"Oh! Asuma-sensei was talking about Kakashi's radio the other day! He said that a bookstore owner has it, the one on—" started Ino.

"Thanks! Gotta go!" With that said, Naruto ran towards the nearest bookstore. Ino huffed and crossed her arms.

"—oh, never mind! The one time I try to help without any incentive and Naruto doesn't listen to everything I have to say! Sometimes I think—" rambled Ino.


"Come on, Chouji. Let's go to that new barbecue place," suggested Shikamaru. Chouji happily walked alongside his friend to the new restaurant.

"…just tune me out! Oh, I hate that. And then—hey you, guys! Are you even listening to me? Get back here! Shika! I wanna come too!" shouted Ino. She ran to catch up with her teammates.

Meanwhile, Naruto walked into a bookstore. It was small and very cramped. Shelves were filled to the very brim with books. Those that didn't fit were just stacked one on top of the other on the ground. An old and dusty smell filled Naruto's nose, making him sneeze. He took a clumsy step and he heard something crack from underneath…it looked like a plank of wood, but Naruto just ignored it.

"Who's there? Better not be another rude hoodlum! I've got my cane this time and I'm not afraid to use it!" said an old man hiding behind the front desk. Naruto raised an eyebrow and walked over.

"Uh…no, I'm just here to pick up Kakashi-sensei's radio," said Naruto. The old man stood up and adjusted his glasses.


"Yeah! You know him?" asked Naruto eagerly. The old man nodded.

"Course I do! He once sent in this really nice girl to heal my back. Real pretty too with unusual pink hair. I owe her," said the old man. Naruto's eyes lit up at the mention of "pink hair".

"Oh! That's Sakura-chan! She's my best friend along with Sasuke-teme," commented Naruto happily.

"Really? Oh! What was it you were asking before? Something about Hatake-san's radio?"

"Oh yeah! Do you have it?" asked Naruto eagerly.

"I'm afraid I don't, but a few days ago Takeshi-san told me that he borrowed a radio from someone. He owns a bookstore too, it's a few streets down—" started the old man.

"Thanks, old man!" With that said, Naruto ran out of the store in search of Takeshi, leaving the old man smiling. Naruto slowed down to a walking pace and stared at the streets lined with people.

"What are all these people lined up for? Must be something important," thought Naruto. He approached a store entrance, only to get pushed inside, "What the heck?!" Naruto steadied himself and looked around the garishly decorated store, "What the heck is going on?"

"Hey, you! You look awfully familiar! Have I kicked you outta my store before?" said a man at the cash register. Naruto immediately recognized the man. It was the man that kicked his team out when they were stalking Kakashi!

"Depends. Who are you?" questioned Naruto. The man puffed out his chest and crossed his arms.

"My name is Takeshi Aizen. I am the owner of this fine establishment and it seems I've seen you before," spoke the man. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Then that means…Kakashi sent Sakura here…he sent me here…and he probably sent Sasuke here too! HE SENT US TO…A FRIGGIN' PORN STORE!! The humiliation!" thought Naruto. On the outside though, Naruto waved Takeshi off.

"Nah! I've never come here before! Not even yesterday with my teammates...NO! What gave you that idea?" said Naruto quickly. Takeshi raised an eyebrow, but was satisfied.

"So…what are you doing here? I don't remember seeing you camping outside this morning for the book signing. Here to buy something?"


"Then…SCRAM!" urged Takeshi and pointed to the door. Naruto waved his hands frantically.

"B-but I need Kakashi-sensei's radio!" Takeshi looked at the radio on a shelf nearby, then back at Naruto.

"…SCRAM! You attend the event, buy something or leave! I won't allow hoodlums to simply hangout in my store! I'm not a very generous man, either," argued Takeshi.

"If I buy something…will I get Kakashi-sensei's radio?" questioned Naruto. Takeshi smirked and whipped out a copy of Icha Icha Paradise from who-knows-where.

"Here. This is the cheapest book I got. It's the first of the series and normally costs 30 dollars, but for you only 29," bargained Takeshi. Naruto's jaw dropped to the ground at the price.

"That much for stupid porn? And the cheapest at that! I could eat ramen for days with that!" thought Naruto.

"Take it or leave it. Not only are you getting back your teacher's radio…which I've had for quite a while now…but a quality porn book as well. I could sell you the radio separately, but I'm being nice," said Takeshi.

"Sell the radio? YOU BORROWED IT! I should ask for money since you kept the radio so long!"

"Last chance, take both things now at that price or I'll double the price so many times you won't be able to get them back," threatened Takeshi. Naruto scowled and pulled out Gama-chan, his wallet. Takeshi handed Naruto the radio and the porn book after receiving the money. Naruto mumbled things about "Harassment" and "Expensive porn" as he walked to the door, but was stopped by a familiar voice.

"Naruto? Is that you? Two members from Team 7 in one day? It's like a reunion! Let me sign that book for you!" Naruto turned around slowly and grinned sheepishly. He quickly handed the book to Jiraiya and just as he was walking out, Takeshi's eyes widened.

"YOU! YOU'RE THAT BLONDE KID THAT CAME IN WITH THAT UCHIHA-KID AND THE HOTT PINK GIRL! YOU LITTLE LIAR—" Naruto took that as his cue to leave and rushed out of the store, but fell after bumping into someone.


His blonde hair caught the attention of a certain Uchiha at the end of the line.

"What's Naruto doing here, too?" thought Sasuke. He watched the blonde jounin stroll down a couple of streets until he abruptly stepped into a store and was out of sight. A few seconds later, a pink-haired kunoichi stumbled out of the same store and was walking in his direction.

"What the heck is going on?" thought Sasuke. He leaned on the wall of a building and watched with amusement as the pink-haired kunoichi strolled past him. She said a short greeting and only made it two feet, before something inside her brain clicked.

"Wait…SASUKE-KUN?!" thought Sakura startlingly. She retraced her steps and looked at Sasuke closely. She even poked him a couple of times to make sure he was real.

"Sasuke-kun, what are you doing…here?" asked Sakura.

"I should be asking you the same thing," replied Sasuke and motioned at her neck. Sakura put a hand on her hip and motioned at the glittery book in his hand; she could have burst out laughing.

"He has to get that book signed by Jiraiya. I told him karma would get back at him for being a non-believer…tsk, tsk, tsk!" thought Sakura.

"Well, I already know why you're here and since I'm soo nice and awesome, I'll help you," said Sakura sweetly. She began walking towards the store entrance again. The guy standing in front of Sasuke turned to him.


Sasuke smirked, "I forgot about that." He caught up with Sakura halfway down the street and walked alongside her. It was complete silence, except for the people shouting in the line, but that was beside the point.

"You never told me what you were doing here," said Sasuke. Sakura blushed when she remembered the handcuffs hanging around her neck.

"Well, I picked up Kakashi's dry cleaning and then I picked up his package, which happened to be a pair of handcuffs," answered Sakura. Sasuke snorted.

"It's not funny! This is complete humiliation…not as much as waiting in a line to get a porn book signed (Sasuke glared), but still!" exclaimed Sakura. The two teenagers approached the store when someone came stumbling out and crashed into Sakura, who would have fallen down if Sasuke's oh-so-impressive reflexives hadn't been working that day. Naruto, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky because he landed on his butt.


"N-Naruto?!" Sakura and Sasuke stared at Naruto, who was currently rubbing his butt.

"Huh? Wha-SAKURA-CHAN! SASUKE-TEME! I found you!" exclaimed Naruto. He stood up and dusted off his clothes.

"So…did you complete your errand?" asked Sakura. Naruto grinned and nodded.

"I bought this porn book in order to get Kakashi-sensei's radio back. I saw Ero-sennin in that store signing books, so I just let him sign mine. I'm gonna throw it away," said Naruto. He was about to throw the book over his shoulder, when Sasuke took it away from him.

"No. I'll just use this as a substitute for the book I was supposed to get signed,"

"B-but Sasuke-kun! Kakashi-sensei he wanted the other one signed," argued Sakura. Sasuke gave her a look of incredulity.

"I waited for two hours and nothing. At this point, I really don't care," said Sasuke.

"Good point,"

"Well…we can go find Kakashi-sensei now! Then we'll give him his crap and we'll get back the digital camera! Everyone's happy!" exclaimed Naruto.

"Let's hope Kakashi-sensei keeps his end of the bargain," thought Sakura hopefully. Team 7 went to find Kakashi, and around the late afternoon they finally did. Kakashi was sitting up against a tree sleeping, which he had been since his subordinates left to carry out their "punishment".

"Kakashi-sensei. Kakashi-sensei, Kakashi-sensei," whispered Sakura. She continued whispering until Naruto couldn't take it anymore and just shouted his sensei's name.

"KAKASHI WAKE UP!!" Kakashi's visible eye slowly opened and he stood up.

"Hello, children. Back so soon?" Team 7 gave their sensei a deadpan look.

"We were gone most of the day. We held our end of the bargain, now it's time for yours," spoke Sasuke. Kakashi's dry cleaning, radio, handcuffs and signed porn book lay on the grass in a pile. Kakashi smiled.

"Well, done. Here's the camera, as promised," said Kakashi. He handed Sakura the camera and picked up his things. Sasuke and Naruto gathered around Sakura and watched as she turned on the camera. So far so good, it's a real camera.

"Search through the pictures," commanded Sasuke. Sakura nodded and pressed the button to search for the pictures, but almost immediately shoved the camera in her pocket.

"What is it, Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto. Sakura exhaled loudly and spoke.

"This isn't the camera. It doesn't have any pictures," Team 7 turned to face Kakashi, who only smiled.

"You never said which camera," teased Kakashi and pulled out another camera from his vest pocket. Team 7's eyes widened, but before anyone could make a grab for it, Kakashi disappeared with a "Poof!" with all his things.

"HE'S A TOTAL LIAR! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE WERE SO GULLIBLE!!" Sakura restrained Naruto and Sasuke only crossed his arms.

"Naruto, it wasn't worth it from the beginning! He gave us a copy of the picture. Who else is he going to give it to? Our friends? Kakashi teases us, but he wouldn't do that," reasoned Sakura. Naruto calmed down and sighed.

"Anyone up for some ramen?"

"Sure, I'd like that right now," answered Sakura. Sasuke nodded and Team 7 headed towards Ichiraku.

"Well…who's going to pay? Cause I used up all my money paying for Kakashi's stuff," said Naruto nervously.


"…Naruto, you idiot! You don't invite people to eat and make them pay!" shouted Sakura.

"Well, Kakashi-sensei let us keep his SUPER DELUXE Icha Icha Paradise. Maybe the ramen guy will give us some ramen for it," reasoned Naruto. Sakura calmed down and shook her head.

"No, you keep it Naruto. It'll come in handy later on. I'll pay…just remember that you owe me. Oh! And don't forget that you and Sasuke-kun are still doing part of my laundry on laundry day," said Sakura happily. She skipped ahead of them and took a seat at Ichiraku. Naruto and Sasuke stopped walking.

"She didn't for—"

"Don't even think about it, Naruto," Naruto waved Sasuke off and ran up to the ramen bar. Sasuke sighed and took a seat on the other side of Sakura. He'd just have to enjoy the next three days as a free man. Wait, not even because he has D-rank missions.

Sasuke mumbled something incoherent.

"What did you say, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke looked at her, "I'm looking forward to laundry day,"

"That's what I thought!" said Sakura happily. Sasuke rolled his eyes. Sakura was soo gullible.

"Sasuke-kun is such a liar and soo gullible," thought Sakura amusedly and smiled.


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