Author's Note: My thoughts on what happened after the final scene. Link & Tracy of course, but mostly Penny & Seaweed, because for whatever reason, I love them together!! Hope you enjoy following the two couples on their journey to pass judging eyes.

Corny Collins signed off and the newly integrated show ended. "And … we're off the air." One of the camera men announced. The studio burst out into excited screams and laughter.

"Tracy! Baby, you did it!" Link Larkin sped towards Tracy Turnblad with open arms.

"No, we all did it." She corrected as she was engulfed in a hug.

"Oh, Trace."

"Link …" Tracy's lips curved in a happy smile as Link laughed quietly and whispered. "You are something, Li'l Miss Tracy."

"You are too, Handsome!" she answered huskily.

Link lowered his face down towards hers and took her mouth by surprise attack by landing his firmly on hers. The two kissed lovingly and broke away to smile at each other, foreheads touching.

On the other side of the stage inside the studio Penny stood hectically looking around for Seaweed, who she couldn't find any anywhere.

"Who you lookin' for, Sugar?"

"Oh!" Penny turned around surprised. "Hi, Miss Maybelle."

"Now, Penny. What are you lookin' all concerned for?" She asked caringly.

"I know my mother saw me with Seaweed, and she's gonna kill me. Just kill me!!" Penny stood with tears in her eyes; looking for any sign of Seaweed or her psychotic mother.

"It's gonna be alright Penny."

"No it won't Miss Maybelle!" Penny began to shake.

"Now honey, you gotta calm down." Miss Motormouth Maybelle tried to comfort the distraught girl in front of her.

"I .. I wish I could. Oh man … Mother's gonna kill me. She is. She is!"

"Honey …"
"Really Miss Maybelle! She called me the Devil's Child, she strapped me to my bed. Oh Miss Maybelle. I'm scared! I'm really scared! She's gonna murder me. Or worse!"

"Shh. Penny. Honey, there are three things wrong with your statement…" she began as she grabbed a hysterical Penny by the shoulders. "One, your mama isn't gonna kill you. Two, if she did those things to you, I think we need to tell somebody. And three, what are you afraid she'll do to you baby?"

"Not to me … I'm not scared for me anymore …" Penny whispered.

"What are you …"

"Seaweed. What if my mother goes after Seaweed?! Oh my god! My mother's going to kill us both!! Oh my god …" Penny began to pace. All Maybelle could do was watch. "And .. and .. Oh my god. I have to tell Seaweed. What if mother finds him? What will she do to him? She'll … she'll … Oh god .. I'm so scared Miss Maybelle. For Seaweed. I'm scared for me, but I'm more scared for what my mother would do to Seaweed if she found him first."

Miss Maybelle paused, eyeing Penny over.

"You really love him don't you?" she asked.

"Huh?" Penny stopped pacing a moment and looked up.

"You really do love my baby don't you …" Miss Maybelle broke into a smile.

"Seaweed? Oh … yes. Miss Maybelle. I really do. But he doesn't know. He couldn't know. He would be shunned, and so would I. And my mother would hate us both more. I just … I wish he knew." She looked down at the floor and a tear fell to her cheek and glistened there.

"I'm so scared … I'm so scared." She muttered again.

"Penny …" Miss Maybe started to interrupt.

"But I love him so much." Penny ignored.

"…Seaweed…" Maybelle specified. Penny nodded.

"I love him, I really honest-to-goodness love him." She looked up from the floor, a few more tears scattered along her cheeks and jaw.

"Penny…" She tried to interrupt again and failed.

"I just wish he knew." She finished, looking down and bringing her hands up to her face, beginning to sob.

"I do know, Penny." She heard as a set of dark colored hands slid over her abdomen. She whirled around.

"Seaweed?" She came to face him, his hands now on her back. Her face turned a light red, embarrassed slightly.

"You … heard?" She asked, averting her eyes elsewhere.

"I'll just leave you two alone." Miss Maybelle excused herself and went to find Li'l Inez.

"I did, Penny. Baby, I love you too."

"Oh, Seaweed…" she whispered as she let her head fall on his shoulder and her arms wrap around his neck. His arms stayed firmly around her waist. "But you can't …"

"And why not sugar?" he talked calmly and quietly.

"What will everyone say?"

"You think I care? I don't … but if you do…" He pulled away a little.

"No!" She let her head up but grabbed his collar and pulled him back to her. "No, Seaweed." He smiled. "I'm just scared…"

"I know, baby. I know. You have right to be. People can be so … so …"


"Exactly. Maybe you're right. Maybe we shouldn't do this." He began to pull away again.

"But I never said that! I mean, I didn't mean that! I …" She became frantic once again. Seaweed was now at arms length. "No, please. Seaweed… don't leave me!" She was talking a mile a minute.

"Whoa, whoa …" Seaweed's facial features softened, but his eyes grew intense with worry. She had tears building up her eyes once again. He put his hands on her waist and pulled her roughly against him. Her hands snaked around his neck again, her head on his shoulder. He had one arm holding her tightly to him and the other stroking her soft hair. "Whoa … baby … I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here. Shhh. Penny. Baby, what's the matter?"

"I'm so scared Seaweed! What are people going to do to us?"

"Hopefully nothing, babe." He stroked her back. "But, can I ask you something?" She didn't say anything, so he proceeded to ask anyway. "What were you so worried I'd leave a moment ago?"

"It's just …" she pulled her head up a little. "My father left my mother and I when I was young. And I've always felt like it was my fault. I feel like, maybe if I had

Been a better child, he'd have loved me more, and stayed. And then my mother wouldn't be so crazy. And now, my mother hates me too! And I was afraid.. I am afraid .." she began to cry into his neck.

"What baby? What?"

"That if you leave, I'm not going to have anyone left!" She sobbed into his shoulder.

His stomach sank. He held her tighter to him. He loved her so much. He loved her so much. He hated that she felt that way. He closed his eyes to ward off his own tears.

"Oh! Penny …" he kissed her temple. "Oh … baby girl. How could you think I'd do that?" He squeezed her. He opened his watery eyes and, with his shaky voice, continued. "You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. Ever."

"Really?" Penny looked up and took her head off his shoulder.

"Really." She searched his eyes and didn't see the slightest hint of a lie.

"You mean the world to me." His arms fell around her waist letting his hands rest on her hips. Her arms rested on his chest letting her hands fall on either side of his neck.

"I love you, Penny Pingleton." He said with a very serious tone. "I love you, you need to know that! And don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise, baby."

"Aw. Seaweed. I love you too." She smiled a little.

"That's my baby girl. Now dry those tears." He used his thumbs to stroke the tears off of her milky white cheeks. "Now listen, things are gonna be hard. People aren't gonna like it that you and I are together. So I understand if you don't want to do this … really." Seaweed told Penny. A new veil of seriousness overtook Penny as she searched his eyes.



She looked into his eyes, then down at the stage floor, and back up at Seaweed. The look on her face worried him, but he never would have admit to it. He mentally prepared himself, figuring by the look she gave him, that he would never have her as his again.

Suddenly her lips broke into a smile. "Of course I want this. 'Now I've tasted Chocolate'" she herself flush against him, "'and I'm never going back!' remember?" He smiled and she chuckled, letting go of her last tear. Seeing the tear, Seaweed smiled again and watched the tear slide down her skin and fall off her face. Once it had he gently kissed a trail of kisses down the wet path on her face. Penny's eyes fluttered. Once his lips hit her jaw bone he placed a final kiss on her neck, causing her to shiver.

"You're amazing."

"That I am … but not as perfectly amazing as you." Seaweed countered. Penny shook her head and looked away in embarrassment, only to look back at Seaweed and wink.

"Flirtatious, I like it." Seaweed joked as he wrapped his fingers in Penny's hair and brought her mouth hard against his. His lips were so soft on her, but still pressed passionately on hers. After a few seconds Penny was surprised at his soft but heated passion and let out a muffled groan. A few seconds later they pulled apart.

"Oh…" Penny started.

"Wow." Seaweed finished.

The pair looked at each other and chuckled.

"Hey kids!" Maybelle hollered. The couple looked turned around.

"Lets head back to our place, we're having a little party for Inez. Coming Penny?"

Seaweed looked at her. And hoped with all his heart she'd say yes and join him and his family for the night.

"Of course!" She responded with a smile. "It's not like my mother will miss me…" everyone became silent. "Plus …" Penny began again. "There's no place I'd rather be."

Maybelle smiled and began to lead the way. Inez followed after inviting Tracy and Link to join them. And brining up the end of the line of friends and family were Penny and Seaweed.

"You ready to take my hand and take on the words of the world baby girl?" Seaweed asked.

"Of course, Mr. Hershey's." Seaweed laughed at the new nickname she'd given him.

"What? I felt it fitting …" Penny commented with a laugh herself.

"Come on baby, let's go."

"I'd go anywhere with you Seaweed."

"I know baby girl, I know."

Seaweed shifted so that his arm fell nicely and protectively over Penny's waist. And she walked steadily while resting her head on his shoulder the whole way back to Maybelle's, snuggling closer every so often when people looked at them obviously, but silently, questioning if they were a couple. And the best part about proving it to everyone else was letting it prove it to their selves.

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