Chasing Victoire

Summary: Major Deathly Hallows spoilers. It's Teddy Lupin's sixth year at Hogwarts and life seems almost perfect, but, who is that fifth year Ravenclaw whose caught his eye? And why is she nosing around with that snotty Slytherin?

Chapter One

DC: I don't own Teddy…or any other cannon character in Harry Potter

"Teddy? Ted! Get down here, it's nine-thirty!"

Ted glowered. His hair wasn't going into the perfect shade of brown he wanted for his trip to Hogwarts. September first snuck on him fast, too fast for him to notice that he hadn't picked his hair color. Being a sixth year prefect, he had to make an impression on all the lower years and all the girls that would follow his very footsteps. He concentrated hard, furrowing his brow to make emphasis.

Just as his grandmother slammed his door open, his hair turned into the perfect mousy brown. He smiled in satisfaction. Andromeda Tonks clicked her tongue, her hands on her hips. "Ted Lupin. Down with your things this instant! Now come on-- no magic! You're not of age just yet!"

Ted gave his grandmother a lopsided smile. His gray eyes twinkling, as he said, "I wasn't trying, don't worry!" He lowered his wand.

Andromeda flicked her own wand and the trunks and owl carrier lifted off the floor. She maneuvered them past his doorway, following them down the steps. Ted followed, pocketing his wand along the way. "Have you everything?"

"Yes, grandma."

"Good. Harry'll be here in fifteen. Go grab your breakfast."

Ted went into the kitchen, excited to see his godfather. He hadn't seen him for awhile, and it was all because of the little procrastinating time that got him behind on his summer assignments. His food was laid out for him on the kitchen table. With a little bounce in his step, he grabbed the milk out of their icebox and filled his cereal bowl to the rim.

There were little ticks and tocks coming from around the room. There was a regular muggle clock above their stove, and a wizard one that told the times from all around the world. The old stove made creaky noises all day, and night long. It was an old stove, but Andromeda claimed that it was the best stove she's had for the longest time, and Ted found the noise comforting. Without it, the house was too quiet. Ted's eyes flickered across the room for one last look before leaving, for the train, until Christmas break. His eyes paused on the picture of him as a baby, his little fist waved in the air, his hair color turquoise. Of course he couldn't remember, but he looked like he was a handful as a baby.

The picture below it made him frown. It was of his mother and father. Remus and Nymphadora (who was better known as Tonks) Lupin. His father looked too old to be only thirty-something at that time, but his mother looked strong and young. Her hair glowed different colors as she pulled her arm around his fathers' waist, the other arm waving in a greeting. Though Remus looked old and shabby, his face appeared to be young and happy, as he looked down on his wife. Ted tore his eyes away, looking around the room again.

"Ted are you almost done? Harry should be--"

There was a loud bang and a few muffled curses. Ted quickly cleared his spot at the table, and went to the living room. His grandmother was helping up a man who had crashed out of the fireplace. He fixed the glasses on his face, murmuring an apology and a thank you. He then looked up at Ted, who laughed back. Harry's hair was full of ashes and other dust, his clothes were covered with soot, and his glasses had a crack in them.

"Oh yes, laugh at me," Harry teased. He pulled out his wand from his pocket, thankful that it hadn't broke it in the process of falling, and began cleaning around the living area.

"Oh, don't worry, Harry," Andromeda said, using her own wand to clean up. Ted knew she was a professional at cleaning, after all the stories he heard. "You should worry about yourself--"

"No. We have to floo back home anyway," Harry said. "I'll just clean up back home. You ready, Ted?"

Ted nodded, picking up his trunk and owl carrier. Harry grabbed some floo powder, and lit the fireplace. Ted tried to move past his grandmother fast, but Andromeda caught his sleeve. "You're not getting away just yet."

She kissed his cheek and gave him a hug. He awkwardly threw an arm around, the owl carrier coming around and almost hitting him in the nose. "Be safe, write, and don't get into trouble! You've no idea how much your mother got into trouble her sixth year at Hogwarts--"

"Yeah, yeah, I know! Ta-ta grandmum. I'll see you later!" He unwrapped the hug and stood next to Harry.

Harry had a little smirk on his face as he threw the floo powder in. "After you," he said. Ted stepped into the green flame and stood up a little straighter. "Harry Potter's house, Godric's Hollow!"

The room began to swim around and Harry and Andromeda's faces blurred. He stepped into the spacious kitchen to be greeted by his godmother. "Well, well! Look whose come to visit."

"Hello, Gin." Ted placed his things on the floor to give her a hug. "I've missed this place."

"We haven't seen you in forever!" came a little voice from around the corner. A little red blur ran to him, death gripping his waist. Ted almost fell over. "Teddy's here!" she called in a shrill voice.

Little Lily Potter smiled up at her, almost, step brother. Of course they weren't really related, but they might as well be. Ted smiled down at her, and gently unwrapped her arms from around him, and braced himself for two more.

There was a crash and a yell before two boys came into the room; one with deep brown eyes the other with bright green ones. They both smiled mischievously before fighting their way through to greet him.

"Hey--Wotcher!" Ted almost fell over. There were three children, all under the age of ten, jumping around him, telling him the things that have happened since they last saw him a month before.

There was a crash. Ted turned around to see Harry leaning against the fireplace, coughing from all the ashes. "You forgot something," he managed to say.

He held out a pouch, and Ted grabbed it. He forgot his money, again. "I always leave this behind."

"What would you do without it?" James asked, his brown eyes full of wonder.

"Yeah! I don't see how you could live at such a big castle without money!" Albus inserted.

Harry wiped away the ashes from his face. Ginny laughed and traveled over to him. "Scourgify! You've always had trouble with the fireplace."

"I know, it's horrible."

"Are you leaving, Teddy?"

Teddy looked down into the wide eyes of Lily. He patted her head, giving her a sad smile. "Unfortunately, I really have to get to school." He saw the frowns of all three, and quickly thought of something. "But I can bring you guys back something, during the Christmas Holiday."

"Promise?" Albus said, holding up his right hand.

"I promise," he replied, holding up his own right hand.

"Alright you three, move away from him. We have to get going." Harry wiped away the last of the soot, and started nudging his children away from the kitchen. The three Potter kids waved Ted goodbye, before running through the house again. There was another crash.

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Well, I better go see what they've broken now. Be safe Teddy. We'll see you soon."

"Bye, Ginny."

"Come on, this way."

Harry carried Ted's owl carrier. "Where is Yorksey anyway?" he asked.

"I let him out this morning. He'll meet me back at school tomorrow morning." Ted stuffed the trunk into the boot of Harry's car. He then asked, "Was that the only reason why you were late coming back?"

"No, of course not." Harry turned to the front of the car. "We'll talk on the way to Kingscross Station."

Ted finished putting things in the car, and pushed himself into the passenger seat. Harry started the car and they were pulling out of the driveway and on their way to the forty minute drive to London. It was ten-ten already.

"So," Ted started.

"You're grandmum caught you staring at the picture again."

Ted sighed. There was going to be a talk. "Yeah, so, and what?"

Harry gave him a scornful side look. "You can't still be angry--"

"I'm not angry!" Ted's voice rose. He cleared his throat, looking anywhere but Harry's face. "It's not my fault they died," he mumbled afterwards.

He heard Harry sigh. He still didn't want to look over. "I knew your parents, and I know they didn't die on purpose." Ted shifted in his seat. "Listen. They died for the greater good."

"And what good was it?" Ted regretted the remark. The car swiveled just a little. He turned to Harry, whose face looked a little troubled. "I'm sorry, really, I just…I don't like to talk about it, okay?"

There was an awkward silence. Ted sat stiffly against the leather seat, watching the clouds pass by in the sky. They still had another forty minutes till they reached London. How was he going to manage to pass by the time?

"Oh," Harry said suddenly, reaching into his jean' pocket. "I have something for you to read.

He pulled out a clipping of the Daily Prophet. The picture was of their good friend Ronald Weasley in his Chuddley Cannon uniform. It was a month old, but Ted hadn't read the paper since before he started his summer assignments. The article said that Ron had an unlucky crash with the snitch, making a round bruise on his cheek that he noticed in the picture, but because of it, they won the game that lead into their finals. The Seeker saw the snitch hit his cheek, making it stop for a second. He sped up to where the goals were and caught it. Ted laughed. "Did they end up winning the championship?"

"No, sadly they lost by only a few points in the third round." Harry smiled. "But Ron thought it was worth it."

The article made up for the awkward moment that just happened. They talked their way down to London, and through the streets to get to Kingscross. By the time they found a parking space, they had ten minutes left. Ted pulled his things out and gathered them onto the trolley, and they made their way through the morning crowd. Muggles around looked at them weirdly. Neither of the two took no notice. They just watched the signs for Platform 9¾.

"Here we are. You first, Teddy."

Ted took his trolley and took a running start to the brick wall. There was a moments darkness before the mist came around him. He heard the noise of people walking and talking. There was steam and humming. The normal sounds of a train. Ted stopped momentarily to allow his eyes to adjust before turning around to see Harry come through.

"Got everything?" he asked, pushing his untidy hair down.

"I'm sure. If not, I'll owl for it." Ted pushed his trolley foreword to unload. "See anyone we know?"

Harry looked about. There was a pause, he was squinting to make sure, then he laughed and waved. Ted looked over to see Lee Jordan with his own daughter Josephine, a now second year Gryffindor student. Josephine giggled at Ted's hair. "Last year, I remember it being orange and spiky! Now it's almost normal."

Ted laughed. "That was the day to match Gryffindor winning the Quidditch Cup."

"How're you Harry?" Lee asked, shaking his hand. "Keeping out of mortal danger, I suppose?"

"I've had enough of that in my life already. Just keeping low key for the moment," he replied with a laugh. "How's the Shop?"

Lee told him about the Weasley Wizard's Wheezes and what George was doing in his time, while Ted helped Josephine to her trunk. Ted was good friends with Josephine and hoped that she made it to the Quidditch team this year. Her mother was a very good Chaser and her father, from what he heard, was a hilarious commentator. "See you later, okay, Teddy?" She waved him off to find her other second year friends.

Ted looked around, waiting for his own best mate. And there she stood in front of him, Madelyn Wood. Her brown curly hair was tied into a taught bun in the back of her head. She held in her hand her own broom and a rucksack on her back. She spotted Ted, her head cocked staring at his hair. "Oi, Teddy! You're looking weird with that ruddy-brown hair of yours!"

She walked over, giving him a hearty slap on the back. "Good to see you again."

"Yeah, same here," he replied, rubbing the place she just hit. "Have you found a place to sit?"

"No, waiting for you. You take forever to get here."

"Sorry." Ted smiled at her, and turned around again to look for Harry. Something else caught his eye, though. It was a flicker of silver-blonde hair and stunning gray eyes; but as he blinked, she was gone. He shook his head, making the image go away. It was almost time to go. He finally saw Harry, and waved him over. Harry caught up with him.

"Hey, you have a good year, okay?" He said, giving him a quick hug. "As your Godfather, I tell you not to get into any mischief."

"I'm not like that, Harry." Ted swiped a hand through his hair. "I promise, okay? I'll see you around."

"Alright then." Harry backed up as Ted and Madelyn stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. Everyone by now was finding a good place to sit. Ted gave Harry one last wave through the window as the train pulled its way further onto the tracks.


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