Chapter Five

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Ted found himself walking down the corridor with unlikely company. Xavier walked with him, the both of them going outside for their fourth period break.

"Is Madelyn coming?" the deep, yet gentle, voice asked.

Ted nodded. "She'll either be out there already, or she'll be coming soon. Luckily we all have this break together to wait for her."

It was, as Ted had hoped, clearing up outside. The sun shown through the clouds, making everything slightly warmer and tolerable. Other students were outside, also, enjoying the break, or rushing to their next class. Ted set his things down under a tree and set himself down. Xavier just leaned against the tree, crossing his arms. Ted looked up to see his hair covering most of his face, but the way he held himself let off that he was irritated about something. Ted stopped his tongue from saying something, less he wanted to be cursed by the older student. He really wasn't sure if that's what he was going to do if he did say anything.

Soon they saw Madelyn's head pop up from around the tall bushes. Xavier became a little tense, Ted noticed. She looked equally, if not more, irritated as she stomped her way over to them. She slammed her stuff down, Ted moving out of the way just in time to dodge the flying books, and pointed a finger at Xavier's chest. Xavier uncrossed his arms and glared right back.

"Xavier Roe Parker!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Other students who happened to be outside, turned to stare at the sight.

"Madelyn Aimée Wood," he stated calmly. His voice never rose out of contact like Madelyn's did.

Ted quickly got up, not wanting to bother the two. He strode back into Hogwarts just as Madelyn's flaring voice came across the yard. He wondered what just had happened between the two, since they were so friendly the night before, but didn't want to intrude on them. "But now what do I do now?" he asked himself.

He decided that he hadn't visited the library, and minds as well do it now. He traveled to the second floor and down the corridors till he saw the familiar door. He opened it, and smiled. He loved going to the library. It was his safe haven from his normal life at Hogwarts. It was the room he used to go when people teased him or if he felt bothered.

"Oh, hello Mr. Lupin," the old Librarian, Madam Pince, greeted.

"Hello Madame Pince," Ted said back. He followed the usual line to the empty back table. Well, it usually was empty. Someone was there already.

"I seem to be bumping into you everywhere!" Victoire flipped back her hair as she looked up to smile at him.

"It would seem," Ted said, a little surprised to see her in the library.

"What brings you here?" Victoire asked.

"Getting away from…people," Ted said with a sigh. He pulled out his bag, checking to make sure he didn't leave anything for his next class. "I often wonder if my best mate should be a red head with all of that sudden anger she lets out." He paused, then asked, "You?"

"Same here… well I mean…getting away, anyway." Victoire sighed. "There are some weird people out there."

Ted agreed, setting his bag down. There was a silence that he couldn't quite call awkward. Victoire had book marked her page, and sat there looking at him. He looked back, until she started to giggle. He grabbed his hair, making it grow in the process, and looked at the color. It was crimson, to match the heat rising to his face. He tossed his hair around, a little nervously, until it turned back to its normal brown.

"That gift is so cool." Victoire was leaning in. She held out her hand. Ted leaned forward. Victoire tugged on the brown curls, laughing again. "When I first saw you, back when we were little, I always have wanted to do that."

Ted started to get the images of when he was younger, at least six or seven. It was when he had first met the first of the new generation of Weasley's. Victoire was only four, hardly talked, and always was following her father from room to room. Ted was usually with Harry at this time and always stood close to him. He and Victoire didn't really play together, just kept their distance. Ted realized, now, that he wasn't scared of her, but scared of himself. He felt this pull towards her, and made it his mission, when he was that young, to stay away; thinking that the 'pull' was bad. He shook his head now, trying to fight that same feeling, and sat back. "Really now?" he said finally.

"Honest," Victoire replied. Her smile came back onto her face, and Ted felt like his heart had stopped for a moment. He was losing himself in her smile. There was a moment where he stopped fighting the pull and was leaning a little towards her. Why was everything falling apart when he was around her? He had to gather himself up.

"Er, well--"

"Oh! Eri! A pleasant surprise!"

The pull ended. Ted turned around to see him. The fifth year Slytherin. He looked down at Ted, his lip twitching into an almost smug look. Instead his face kept its normal sickly sweet smile. He took a seat next to Victoire, across from Ted. Ted's eyes narrowed.

"It is, isn't it?" he said, leaning in towards her just a little. The space between the two, Ted noticed, was getting smaller and smaller. A little voice inside his head told him the curses he needed in case his temper went off. He hoped his hair wasn't reflecting the deep detest he had for this Slytherin.

Victoire didn't notice the closeness. She just laughed. "I seem to be seeing you everywhere, actually."

"Perhaps its fate."

This…guy is really getting on my nerves, Ted thought to himself. Instead of whipping out his wand and screaming like he wanted to, he packed away what things he had. "I have to go," he said stiffly. "I've left a book in my dormitory."

"Aw, alright. I'll see you later then?" Victoire looked up sadly. Ted felt guilt running through him; but before he could say anything, the smug smile was back onto the boy's face. Ted got up quickly, not saying another word but nodding curtly, and was off into the hallways. His pace was fast, almost as if he was running away from the library. He felt the heat rise to his face, from anger this time, as that smirk came into his mind. How he wanted to duel that boy right then and there. No matter what the consequences.

He still had a large amount of time until he went to lunch. He didn't know what to do with himself. Madelyn was angry, probably, and he didn't want to bother her in that mood. He felt as if that Slytherin was just trying to get in between him and Victoire. "Not that I'm trying…to get with Victoire," he said aloud to himself. He wasn't so sure though.

All these emotions. He decided he was going to dump them into a letter. He hadn't talked to his Godfather in two days. Not much has happened, but he felt as if writing this letter might give him a good idea on why everything was being weird. "Grandmum is probably worried, too."

He found his way up to the owl tower. Owls flew in and out, others were resting, or had their wings over their heads, sleeping. He looked all around; finally finding a pure black owl. Her wing was over her face, hiding the light from her big round eyes. He tapped the bird on her head. She gave a little hoot in reply. "Sorry, Yorksey. Could you meet me in my room?" Ted said quietly, not to wake the other birds. "I need you to send out a letter or two."

The owl hooted once more, before stretching her wings. On purpose, she flapped some feathers in his face before taking out the window. Ted laughed, and traveled out of the tower. He made it back to the Gryffindor common room. No one was in there. He walked up the steps, two at a time, and made it in there just as Yorksey came in carrying a dead mouse in her mouth. "I'll just write the letters then."

He ignored the crunching noises coming from behind him, and wrote his two letters. One letter to his Grandmother and the other letter to his Godfather. Both explaining what happened on the train and that he was safe and sound.

He folded his grandmothers' letter, but didn't touch his godfather's. He tapped the quill on the paper, trying to form the words in his head. He wrote down what he felt when he was around Victoire. He felt strangely embarrassed, as if he was the only teenager feeling these things in life and no grown up had ever felt it in the slightest. He sighed, finishing off the letter with a 'tell everyone I said hullo.'

"Here we go." He folded the second letter, and instructed Yorksey where to go, as he tied them onto her legs. "Be careful out there, okay? And if they have a response, please wait for them patiently. No pecking Harry. I know how much you love to."

Yorksey turned her head and blinked once before leaving out the open window. Ted watched her fly off a little before getting up and wandering for the rest of his free period.


Madelyn was missing for lunch. He figured she was either storming off somewhere on her broom, or in her room crying her eyes out. It was more likely to be on her broom. Ted went on into the Great Hall by himself and took a seat next to Sam. Sam was unusually quiet and Ted wasn't going to try and pry.

He didn't have to wait long, though. Sam sighed, and looked up at him. "I can't get her to come."

"You mean Thompson?" Ted asked, filling his goblet with juice.

Sam nodded sadly. "She won't come to the game. Said she had to prepare for some test."

Ted patted his friend's back sympathetically. "Don't worry. She'll come around some how."

Sam gave him a grin, agreeing. Ted picked up his fork, ready to eat.

After lunch, Ted made his way to the Gryffindor common room to grab some books before his afternoon double class of Transfiguration. Along the way he met up with Madelyn again. She had calmed down and looked extremely happy. "Oi, my mate! How was lunch?"

"Fine," Ted said a suspicious look in his eye. "Yours?"

"Just grand. Though I didn't eat." Madelyn threw her sack onto her back. "Well come on, Teddy! Get your things, we need to hurry!"

Ted took the steps two at a time and was back down to Madelyn in no time. They made their way to the Transfiguration class, with time to spare. Madelyn seemed happy enough, enough for Ted not to worry.


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