Intimate Stranger


Lady Razeli

Disclaimer: I do not own Xena...

Sex: No, but does show a relationship between two women.

Violence: Plenty.

Scrubbing away her disgust

"Xena, you've been scrubbing for hours." Xena looked up to see Gabrielle standing on the banks of the river they were resting by.

"Don't judge if Callisto had, had sex with Ares in your body you'd be scrubbing like mad too."

"Oh Xena I'm so sorry, I didn't know." Gabrielle stripped down to her shift and scrubbed all the places on Xena's back. It was a few hours after Gabrielle had gotten to cold in the water that she got out. Since Gabrielle was sleeping she went in search of some much needed herbs in the area just in case. She hated to admit it but there was a chance she was pregnant. She had vomited, her sense of smell had increased and everything smelt disgusting. Although she was vomiting her waistline had thickened a little. At first she had brushed it off as her soul getting accustomed to her body again but it had been a little under three months since the incident.

"Xena did you eat?" Gabrielle asked feeling Xena lay down next to her.

"Um…no I'm not hungry," Xena replied. "Go back to sleep." Xena had smelled that stew and immediately went off to puke.

"No, no eat I feel like you haven't eaten for two days. I won't sleep until you eat. Xena tried to sleep, but Gabrielle refused to let the matter rest. Finally Xena forced herself to eat the stew. She was completely nauseous when she lay down under her bear skin blanket and her stomach was doing flips. Once she was sure Gabrielle was asleep she carefully stood up and went out of earshot of the camp and threw it all up. She squatted with her head between her knees.

"Oh Gods please just let me be sick." After a few minutes when she was sure she would not vomit again she stood up and walked back to the camp yawning. When she got there she had to turn right back around to use the outhouse. When she came back she was able to sleep. She slept as long as Gabrielle and they left late that morning.

"Xena are you all right?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yeah, I'm great," Xena replied. "Come on I want to get to Athens soon." Gabrielle nodded. They hurried into Athens making it just after nightfall. They got two rooms at a tavern and had a late dinner. For once Xena's stomach didn't do flips and she slept peacefully.