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He was running. He didn't know how long he was running. Or where he was. He just needed to get away. To put it all behind him. He couldn't go back. And besides, something drew him in the direction he was running towards. So he followed his instinct. It had always worked for him in the past.

The man's name was Fai. Fai D. Flowright to be more precise. He was thin, had blond hair and blue eyes. He was very attractive, to say the least. The people from where he came from wondered often why he didn't have a girlfriend. A few people thought he was gay. (Those few people get cookies for their intelligence! OMG, I spelled that right!)

Back to Fai, he had stopped running due to exhaustion. It had been three days. He figured he had put as much distance between him and his home as he ever would in just three days. There was a sign to his left.

"Town, 2 kilometers ahead." He read. (That rhymed! Ok, I'll stop now.)

"Its name is 'Town'? That's pretty boring. I wonder who the mayor is. Oh well, at least it's a town! I'll be able to get some food and rest. Right, Mokona?" Said Fai to the white dog at his heels. Fai had received Mokona as a birthday gift many four years ago. He had proved to be very loyal. Strapped to the dog's back was a small pack of possessions Fai had brought with him. Actually, now it was only one thing. Half of a blue gem. Everything else was food and water that was long gone.

Mokona barked once in approval, wagging his tail at the idea of rest.

"Haha. That's a good dog!" Laughed Fai as he started walking towards 'Town.'

Meanwhile…The Mayor….

"HOOOOO-NEEEEY! I'M HO-OOOOOME! Where's my welcome home kiss?" Sang the mayor of 'Town'.

"Sorata, if you would give as much attention to this town and actually NAMING the stores as you put into me, we wouldn't have this problem." Stated Arashi, Sorata's 'Honey'. Sorata now had a huge bump on top of his head. This unfortunately was a normal occurrence. Sorata was so absorbed with his wife that he hadn't put a single thought into naming the town or its buildings. The thing was, there were no other people who wanted the job of Mayor. So they were all stuck with Sorata.

"But if I put a decent amount of effort into running this town, I won't have enough time to think about you, your wonderful cooking, and the fact that we are going to have lots and lots of babies…

Back to Fai…

"So this is the town of Town! It seems like a peaceful place. But I don't know where the hotel is! None of these buildings have signs." Fai had arrived at the city border. He walked down what appeared to be the main street. He didn't know because there were no road signs. It was just the largest street so he assumed it was the main street. When he rounded the corner, he saw a young girl in a uniform walking towards a building with a large statue of a coffee mug. 'That must be the local coffee shop or something.' He thought. The girl had brown hair and bright green eyes. She was muttering something along the lines of 'I hope Syaoran come tonight!'.

"Must be a boyfriend or something." Said Fai to himself. He sort of wished that he could be loved like that. But maybe he was one of those people that no one could love.

He quickly shook the thought from his head. He shouldn't dwell on the past.

The girl's nametag read Sakura! 'Maybe she can point me to a hotel!' Fai thought as he ran up to Sakura.

"Excuse me, miss! I need your help with something." Sakura turned when she heard someone calling her. It was odd for people to be out this late. One of the reasons she didn't like having the night shift at the coffee shop.

"Oh! I haven't seen you around here before! Are you a traveler?" She asked.

"Sort of." Said Fai. "Listen, Miss Sakura…could you point me in the direction of a hotel? Or something along those lines?" Fai asked with obvious hope in his voice. He was so desperate for a bed to sleep in…

"Of course!" Sakura smiled, "There's one a few blocks down to your left. It has a large sculpture of a bed on it. It's not much but it's the only one in town. Oh, and you can just call me Sakura!"

"Thank you so much! Sakura-chan!" Fai said and started down the road. But then he heard Sakura give a strangled cry. "Sakura-chan! Are you alright?!"

A man holding a knife against her throat had grabbed Sakura in a headlock. Fai started to run back towards the man, Mokona growling angrily at his side, when a woman stepped out in front of him. She was wearing the same uniform as Sakura was but she had a much colder appearance. Her nametag read Betsey!

"I'm sorry, sir, but you will not take one more step! This girl is going with that man over there. You will not repeat anything you saw tonight! If anyone asks where Sakura is, you say that she is sick! And one more thing, boy…" She ripped the pouch off of Mokona's back that was holding the gem, "I'll be taking this!"

With that, she knocked Fai to the ground. His head hit the pavement too hard. The last thing he heard before slipping into unconsciousness were Sakura's muffled screams.


When he came to, he was still on the sidewalk. The moon had risen a bit more and he figured it to be late at night. For some reason, all he could think about was getting to a certain place in this town. The hotel? No…there was somewhere else more important he had to get to. Mokona was worried. He could tell. But he could care for the dog later. He had to get it…

Fai turned in the opposite direction. Walking towards a series of apartment buildings. Beyond the buildings was a police station. A young boy was walking towards him. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He probably worked at the police station due to his uniform. An Officer's Assistant, was what Fai thought the boy was. At least, that's what they called them in Fai's hometown. He looked oddly flushed about something. He had a nametag, too. But Fai wasn't focusing on this boy. He was heading towards one particular apartment building. So he just walked right past the boy with the name that started with the letter 'S'.

He stopped at the door. It was a nice apartment complex. He opened the main door. There was a security guard half-asleep by the desk. One of the surveillance cameras behind him showed two teenagers making out in the back alley.

As Fai headed for the stairs, the guard woke up. "Hey, what are you doing up this late? Are you here to see someone? Give me their name and I'll call 'em up for you."

"Huh…no…I have to go…up there…" Murmured Fai.

The officer was annoyed from being woken up from his nap by another drunken lunatic. "Hey! I'm talking to you! 'Ya can't just go up there without permission from who yer visitin'! 's for security reasons!"

"Well…I'm going up. I need to." With that being said, Fai started up the stairs. Then he broke out into a run. He did not know which apartment number he needed. All he knew was that he needed to get up there. As door after door went by him, he knew e was getting close. He had no clue where Mokona was. But he could hear the guard shouting "Get yer skinny ass back down 'ere! Ya need Permission! I'll report ya to the cops! Ya know, the officer Kurogane lives here! He'll put ya in yer place! I said get yer ass back!" Then he stumbled a bit and ran into a wall. But shortly after, he regained his composure and began running after Fai again, bellowing his ugly head off.

'Kurogane…' thought Fai. 'I like that name…an officer…maybe he knows that boy I saw earlier…'

Fai stopped. He was at the right place. Apartment number 310. This was it. He tried the door. Of course it was locked. He could her the guard from below running up behind him. He stood still for a bit. When he was sure the fat guard was right behind him, he stepped to the side. The guard slammed into the door with such force it broke down. Fai hurried in. He ran to what he thought was the master bedroom. There was a jewel case on the dresser. He went to it and lifted the lid. But his mind shattered. It was not there. What he was certain he would find was not there. But there was a note. It read:

Your blue half is gone.

Now his read half is too.

The guard was purple in the face right now. He picked up a desk and threw it out the window. Fai heard a scream from down below. As well as Mokona's barking.

"You'll get it now! Breakin' into an officer's home! Remember the officer I told ya about? The Kurogane fellow? This is HIS house ya broke into! You thieves are all stupid! Yo--Oh, officer! I was just catching the asshole that broke into your house!" The fat guard had noticed another presence.

Fai felt himself being grabbed by the collar and thrust against a wall. When he looked up, he was gazing into a pair of crimson eyes. The boy he saw earlier…the boy whose name started with an 'S' was talking to the guard about something. But all Fai could focus on was the red-eyed man holding him against the wall.


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