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It was a day before their wedding – the day both of them eagerly awaited. In fact, for the past twenty-four hours or so, neither Van nor Helena could talk about anything else except their marriage, when they would finally make their vows and officially pledge their love for each other.


His fingers moved slowly down her face, tracing the outline of her cheekbones, and the little frissons Helena could feel as he touched her were very apparent in the way her eyes sparkled and how she inched closer to him on the bench. When he brought his hand away from her, she almost sighed in disappointment, but opened her arms and embraced him, his breath lifting her hair. Van returned the gesture, and they held together as though it was their last day together.

Unfortunately, what they didn't know was that it would indeed be their last day together.

"I can't wait for our wedding either, Van. At first I was a little nervous…about the preparations and this whole commitment thing, but now I don't think everything will go according to plan – I know."

Her voice echoed in her beloved's ears. Everything was quiet in the countryside that afternoon, save scattered traces of birdsong and the rustling of leaves as a slight breeze played with the trees. There was nobody else there, nothing to interrupt their solitude…

"Have you seen my gown? You've seen it, right?"

"Yes…you will indeed look beautiful in it. Hell, you look beautiful in anything you wear. Even if you don't wear anything – "

Helena giggled and gave Van a light slap on his left cheek. "You're so bad. Stop that."

"Sorry…but I mean it, the gown really suits you."

She smiled, her face flushing a delicate pink. "And your suit…it truly befits a man like you, the just, dignified gentleman I fell in love with, and to whom my heart will always belong…"

Helena's words were cut short when her groom inched even closer, their lips touching. She could feel her heart leap into her throat as it happened, and she embraced Van even tighter – if that was even possible. He was always such a good kisser, she thought. Dominating, and yet still dignified and gentlemanly…she sensed his fingers running into her hair and down her back; the other on her waist.

And when it ended, when they gradually broke away from each other, she felt that pang of disappointment again. She wanted it to go on for as long as possible…but of course, their love was much more than just sweet nothings and kisses on a lazy afternoon…

"I can't wait," she gasped, leaning against him. "I wish it was tomorrow already…"

"Let's not rush things, Helena. The Planet of Endless Illusion wasn't built in a day, and neither were we…"


But what the lovely couple didn't know was that they were not alone, as Van drew his bride into another kiss. They were oblivious to the rustling of bushes a considerable distance away from their bench, or the glinting of a claw in the afternoon sun…

Right now, it was all about them and their upcoming wedding. Had either of them knew what would happen the next day, they would have savored every embrace, every touch, every sweet word…

"I love you, Van."

"You know I love you too, Helena."

The bush rustled again, but nobody else heard the grating sound of a claw caught on a branch.

Especially as they only had ears and eyes for each other at that moment.