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When the world of the shinobi was still young and still growing. To show that they had power the people of the elemental nations would call upon great beings of power and destruction. But after centuries of seeing the humans fighting in war after war after war until one day the Aeons finally stopped helping the humans in there battles and began to ignore their prayers altogether and when the humans began to realize they couldn't call upon the Aeons anymore they were soon forgotten and lost their name to legends and were soon called demons. One such Aeon was called the kyuubi no kitsune a powerful being that never really like serving under humans it believing that humans were lower then it and that they should serve the Aeons not the other way around so it set fourth to prove that it's power was to be recognize its power and set it's sights on a human village that village was The all Hidden Leaf village.

In the village hidden in the leaves things were peaceful and people were happy the war with the hidden rock was over their new hokage The Fourth was leading them into a golden age with a bright future. In the office of the fourth hokage we could see the fourth sighing loudly as he was to take on the most hated of all enemies the dreaded and foul paperwork. After signing the last document the fourth looked on to the stack of paperwork that still was unfinished and began to glare at it "I hate you so much, you do know that right" the paper just stood there doing nothing "stop fucking mocking me you god damned bastard" the fourth shouted at the pile of papers. Just about when the secretary for the hokage walked in carrying a whole new pile of paperwork that had to be filled out. "Hokage-sama these reports have to be filled out and taken care of be tomorrow" the secretary replied in a cheerful tone of voice not noticing the death glare that was be sent towards her. When she finally did noticed the hokage glaring at her and holding a handful of shuriken and pointing them towards her she then she makes a run for it barley dodging most of them. After seeing that he missed the fourth began his work on the bastard that was paperwork. Soon night fell and the last document was singed and the fourth was finished and just about to return home when a mass wave of killer intent was felt all over the entire village even the most youngest of ninja felt it and saw it. The creature looked like it could overpass the hokage tower it had the body of a fox and blood red eyes that glowed dangerously in the dark and it was towards the village. After the fourth got over his shock he began to call all the village ninjas to be ready to defend there home and charged towards the beast hoping to stall it till the fourth arrived. As the night went on many ninja fought valiantly but it didn't seem to matter as many were wiped out like there were mere insects. Bodies littered the ground and blood was everywhere and men and women who where not so lucky to receive an instant death were forced to be unbelievable agony as parts of their bodies were torn off and sent flying somewhere. Screams filled the night and everything seemed hopeless but the ninja of the hidden leaf had faced impossible odds before and won. "Keep the monster at bay the hokage gets here" screamed one ninja just before he suddenly burst into flames and fell towards the ground and laughter could be heard from the kyuubi. At konoha's hospital a women had just give birth to a healthy blond haired boy with blue eyes and was being held by the hokage "I'm sorry naruto but this is for the future of the leaf I hope that someday you will understand" the fourth replied to the small boy who was just smiling at him. The fourth was leaving when he ran into Sarutobi Sandaime. The fourth just smiled at the old man "Hey old man come to say good bye" the fourth replied but sarutobi just looked at him with a sad simile "so your going to use that seal in order to defeat this demon" the old man replied looking at the small boy in the fourths arms "is this the boy you will use" the fourth nodded and began to walk away "sarutobi" the fourth called "this thing that were fighting is not a monster it's an ancient being called an Aeon" sarutobi just looked at him "an Aeon" the old man asked "it's all the book I left in your office have fun with the paperwork" and with that the fourth used the hiraishin no jutsu and was gone in a yellow flash.

Once the fourth was close to the battle filed he began the signs for what would be his end at the end he shouted out "Houin Fuukoku" and after saying it he soon felt the tug onto his soul as the death god began pull his soul out of his body "Got to act fast" he replied in short breath as he cut his thumb and prepared the blood he needed and did the signs and shouted "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" and smoke appeared and there stood the toad boss summon Gamabunta. Gamabunta looked around at first and saw the fourth on top of him "Hey brat, what is the meaning of summoning me" the fourth just pointed to the kyuubi and Gamabunta eyes widen with shock "The fallen aeon" "fallen" the fourth asked? "Ya, he was kicked out of the Aeon's little group do to his power hungry ways" "I see" replied the fourth "how close do you think you can get me to it" the fourth replied Gamabunta just looked at him like he was crazy "Why the fucking hell would I want to do something that fucking crazy" Gamabunta shouted before he saw the forth in pain holding on to what looked like an infant and was holding onto is stomach Gamabuta saw this and realized figured out what was going on "you baka, how could you even think to use that seal" Gamabunta shouted "less talking more moving I'm running out of time" the fourth replied Gamabunta nodded and leapt towards the battlefield and was now right in front of the kyuunbi. The kyunnbi was just about to attack the giant frog when it looked towards the being behind it that put fear into the fox for there stood the Death God itself right behind the fourth slowly draining his soul and all was silent until one was said by the fourth "seal" and in a bright light everything stopped the kyuubi stood there for a moment until its body fell over soon whites could be seen glowing around the corpse it's body started to fade away into nothing and the fourth the most powerful ninja of his time began to fall hitting the head of gamabunta taking one last look at the boy he had just cursed "...naruto...good...bye" and that was his final breath. The Fourth was dead.

5 years later

It was October the tenth and the day of the kyuubi festival a day of food games and mourning the dead it was a time to be happy and for the children to be reminded of all the hero's that fought and died defending the village hidden in the leaves. Everyone was happy and getting drunk and enjoying the events.

Except for a large group of people men and women and one child was receiving a sever beating from the adults. The five year old was able to get away most of the time and was very good at hiding for his age but was caught by the adults this year and where holding him down and beating on him with pipes and clubs and other things. Some people where using broken bottles and knife's and kunai and shuriken whatever sharp objects each one taking turns into stabbing the boy in the chest blood was pouring out of his wounds and blood was all over the ground tears were pouring of the young boys eyes and cry for them to stop were felt out dear ears.The boy kept pleading for his life and the mob kept on beating him screaming for his death for all the lives he took 5 years ago. The mob kept saying things like "fox bastard" "demon spawn" "murder, filthy murder" and they on beating him until one man came forth holding a sword "lets ends this little monsters life once and for all but first" the man then took a slash on the boy's chest over and over again blood was flowing everywhere and the boy screaming for his life then the man with the sword held up the blade towards the boys head and was going to take the last swing and ending the boy's life once and for all. As the man was bringing the sword towards the head and then the boy closed his eyes waiting for the end. But felt nothing happen to him when he finally opened his eyes he saw the man with the sword and the mob and the onlookers were just frozen in place. The boy was able to struggle out of the grasp of the villagers that were holding him and noticed all his wounds were healed as he began to walk away from the mob he noticed a boy in front of him with brown skin purple clothing that covered most of his face all the boy could do is stare trying to see his eyes thinking that he was frozen as well until he to close "hi" the brown skinned boy replied frightening the other boy causing him to fall to the ground.

He soon got up and replied "hello" what's your name mines "Uzumaki Naruto" the boy named naruto replied the boy with the purple hood who just stood there and replied "I know who you are" nartuo just stood there "how do you know who I am are you going to hurt me as well." nartuo said in fear of another attempt on his life "Do not worry naruto we are not here to hurt you we are to offer you power beyond your wildest dreams" the hooded figure replied and naruto just looked at him and then looked down at the ground "I don't want power I just want someone to care about me that all" the hooded figure just looked at him "you do not whish power to be given you, you just want people to care about you? The hooded figure replied clearly shocked by an answer like that by someone so young. Naruto just looked at him and smiled "that's right I want to be strong and so I can protect all that is important to me" naruto said again shocking the hooded figure which caused him to smirk "you have shown great promise in you naruto and I'm sure that the others will agree with me" naruto just looked at him in wonder to what he was talking about. "Go to your hokage and ask him about begins called The Aeons then when the time is right I will come for you." and with that the boy disappeared leaving naruto to wonder just what the hell he was talking about but he decided to go and ask the old man about these aeon things and ran straight to the hokage tower.

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