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Final Summoning chapter 10 V II



Naruto had returned to Konoha ridding Valefor a few months ago. Upon his return to the village, Naruto did get into some trouble with the villagers and the council. However, despite the major headache that was caused by these people Naruto would still rather deal with council then were he was now.

As of right now, Naruto was standing in between the legs of Hyuuga Aki as she was giving birth to her second child.

Even now, Naruto was doing everything he was taught to make sure the birth was successful for both the mother and the baby. However, there were some problems with the delivery and this was making things difficult for Naruto.

Aki had gone into labor ahead of schedule, but most of the medicine that was supposed to be used to help the pain was in short supply and Aki was losing a lot of blood. If that wasn't enough the baby was giving to be corruptive either. The birth was breeched meaning that the baby enters the birth canal with the buttocks or feet first as opposed to the normal head first presentation.

As Naruto worked with the other medical experts he couldn't help but wish he was back to dealing with the bastards on the council.

Last time

All three girls were stunned at what they were seeing especially since the demon bird was coming back towards them. The three girls were about to run but the demon bird was to fast as it drew closer and landed right in front of them. The girls didn't know what to do as the demon just stood there looking at them.

After a moment they heard something jump off the back of the giant birds back and began to walk towards them. What they saw made them gasp especially Hinata as the figure stood in front of her with a fox like grin "hey Hinata-can" Hinata just smiled back "welcome back Naruto-kun" as she ran towards and hugged him tightly.

Naruto was being hugged by Hinata while Valefor was standing next to the two making a poring like noise as it was enjoying the cute seen in front of her. While Hinata held onto her friend listening to his heartbeat with a small blush on her face. Naruto simply stood there with a goofy grin on his a face and a small blush while being held by his friend. While this was going on with them, Ino and Sakura on the other had own interest as they were staring at Valefor admiring her beauty. After awhile both Naruto and Hinata return to earth and broke apart from their hug with a deep blush on their faces. It didn't help with both Sakura and Ino to giggle at they're blushing friends.

Eventually, Naruto had gotten over his embarrassment "it's good to see you three again I've missed all of you." The girls smiled at this especially Hinata while Valefor gave Naruto nudge showing that she didn't like to be ignored. The blond chuckled out of embarrassment at this at forgetting his feathered friend and introduce everyone "Hinata-chan, Ino-chan, Sakura-chan this is Valefor the Aeon of the wind. Valefor, these are my friends and they're very pleased to meet you." Valefor looked at the young girls in front of her and bowed her head to show respect.

As she did this, the girls took a good look at the creature in front of them. Hinata had no problem with the giant bird since she had seen weirder things in her dreams ever since she had learned she was a summoner herself. Sakura stood far away from the giant bird in front of her, while she was intimated by it she trusted Naruto. Ino on the other hand loved what she was seeing and wanted to get as close as she could many be even get a chance to rid it.

While the children were busy with their little reunion, they failed to notice the large group of villagers starting to gather around them.

Looking into their eyes Naruto could still see the hate and anger they had for him when he left the village. He assumed that after enough time had gone by and his status as a summoner and been announced that they would at least try to reconsider their feelings about him. Sadly, that wasn't the case has one asshole of a villager shouted "the demon has return and has brought a demon bird with him." Hearing this many of the other villagers started shouting similar things as they began to closed in on Naruto and the girls. Now thanks to his training with Auron Naruto had gotten pretty good with his sword and could defend himself if need be but if he fought the girls would be caught in the middle and that was something he couldn't allow.

Therefore, after weighing his options Naruto deiced to fall to his least favorite tactic…retreat. He turned around to Valefor who could tell what he was planning as she lowered her back and allowed Naruto to hop on. Looking at the girls Naruto made a motion to get on and they did. As the three girls held on to the giant bird they started to get second thoughts as Valefor spread her wings and got of the ground just as a villager was about to stab her.

As Valefor began to fly away the angry mob, she noticed that some of her passengers weren't so grateful to be in the air. Both Ino and Sakura were holding on to her feathers rather tightly and it was a bit annoying. Naruto didn't seem to have a problem with being in the air and was even laughing along with the young girl next to him seemed to also enjoy it.

Hokage Tower

At the tower of the Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage was working in his office doing unusually large amount of paperwork. He had everything sorted out and organized and if he worked non-stop he could have his paperwork done by sunset and actually sleep at night. He began to read the first of many papers and enjoying the light breeze. Until the breeze suddenly picked up and what looked like a large bird as if creature flew one window and out the other scattering the papers everywhere. Seeing the mess around him, Sarutobi couldn't help but start to cry at all the other work he had to do.

With Naruto and the others

After spending a few minutes in the air and having the times of their young lives the eventually returned to the ground and landed right on top of the Yondaime head. Each of the children slid off the back of the flying Aeon Naruto and Hinata each had a huge smile of their face while Ino looked a bit nervous and Sakura looked a little green.

Naruto stood by Valefor rubbing the feathers on her neck showing his appreciate for what she had done for him and his friends. While he was doing this the girls just looked at their blond haired friend with a new look of awe and amazement at what he had managed to accomplish. When he left a few months ago, they expected him to return a little stronger then he was a maybe pick up a trick or two on his travels. Never did they expect him to return on the back of a giant bird.

Wanting answers both Sakura and Ino looked at each other and then at Hinata with an evil look in their eyes that made the young Hyuuga flinch out of fear. The two dragged Hinata away from Naruto and began to whisper something to her witched caused her to turn red. When it looked like Hinata was about to object Ino and Sakura said something that made Hinata turned redder as she walked back to Naruto.

Very nervously Hinata looked to her blond friend while pocking her fingers in her cute way and asked "Umm Naruto-kun could you…tell us about your training and your adventures while you were away." To be honest, this isn't what Hinata wanted, while she wanted to know the things that happen with her friend it felt wrong to her to just pry in what would be considered private and forcing Naruto to tell about it wasn't right. To bad her friends too bad for her, her friends thought differently.


While Ino and Sakura where discussing their plan with Hinata the young Hyuuga wanted to object to until she saw the evil grin on their lips "you want to know just as badly as we do Hinata-chan and your a lot closer to him then us so he will talk to you." Hearing this Hinata blushed at the implication that Ino was applying when she said closer strangely and would have told her off but Sakura spoke next "and if your still not connived then you should know, that you need a better place to hide your diary Hinata-chan, you perv." Hinata mouth hung open at hearing this as she turned a deeper shade of red. Seeing she had no choice, she went to her blond friend and hope he wouldn't be mad at her for intruding.

With Naruto, he was gently brushing his hands against the soft feathers of his Aeon glade that she was enjoying all the attention she was getting until he noticed Hinata walking back towards him looking nervous. Looking back at Ino and Sakura he was a bit creped out by the evil grins and began to wonder what they said that made Hinata turn red and just shook his thinking that girls were weird.

While this was going on Ino and Sakura were watching the show in front of them slightly enjoying themselves. While Ino would chuckle at how cute the two in front of her were at times. Sakura on the other hand look a little concerned about what she just did "do you think we went to far?" Ino looked at her pink haired friend and gave a reassuring smile "not a chance the only thing wrong here is that we don't have any popcorn for the show." Hearing this Sakura sweat dropped.

Back with the young couple, Hinata stood in front of Naruto doing her finger thing and staring at the blond unable to find the right words to say. Naruto on the other hand just kept waiting for Hinata to say or do something while thinking about how cute the finger thing she did was cute. When Hinata finally found the words she needed to say she noticed the bandages that were covered Naruto's hands. Seeing the injuries to Naruto's hands, Hinata again lost what she was about to say and gasp at the bandages covering her friends hands.

Hearing her gasp and seeing that she was staring right at his injury Naruto tired hiding both his hands behind his back in a vain attempt to him them and not be asked about them. To bad for Naruto that he was friend's with a girl that just couldn't ignore a serious injures as his without asking questions "Naruto-kun what happen to your hands?" Naruto didn't answer at first; he even refused to look at her in the eye. Hinata could see that he didn't want to talk about and she knew she had to right to get into what would very personal and as much as she wanted to respect that…She had to Know what happen. Taking a deep Hinata grabbed both hands and placed both of them with her own and asked with as much muster as she could "Naruto…please, tell me what happen to your hands…please."

Hearing the pleading tone in Hinata's voice Naruto didn't have the heart to lie to his friend and knew she expected a real answer as to what happen. He also didn't want to lie and ruin the friendship he had with Hinata, but he also didn't want her to worry about his well being all the time. Going over his choices Naruto decided to tell her what happen in Suna and hope she would take it well. So, he sat on the ground and told everyone to gather around to hear what happen.

Council Chambers

The village of Konoha like any other sociality was run by a system of government to keep it running properly. There were three major powers in charge of the village of Konoha that made sure the village ran successfully and effetely.

The first power was the civilian council. The civilian council was meant to keep order for non-shinobi members of the village. They were given the job of keeping order with merchants, owners of major industrial companies and finances, etc. The members of the civilian council were people who skills laid in keeping track of finances, people who were well respected and elected into a position. There were even people who were formally shinobi but forced to retired for one reason or another but still wanted to contribute to their home.

The second power was the shinobi council. The shinobi council was meant to keep order for shinobi related activates. They were given the job of deciding how the shinobi operated, what countries to trade with, who to keep tabs on and even when to attack incase of war between them. The members of the shinobi council were made up of the shinobi clan heads both major clans and lesser clans. However, some members were made up of full fledge shinobi with experience and large amounts of time in the field and survived.

The third and final power was with the Hokage as leader of the village. Out of the three powers, the Hokage had the most. No real major decisions could be made with out the approval of the Hokage behind it. Sure, while the other two council members could do things like organizing trade with village on the outskirts of fire country or sending a small band of shinobi to a disturbance in the local towns. They couldn't however, order a squad of ANBU to spy on a hostile village or the assassination of a powerful daimyo, such things were meant to be beyond the two groups to keep them from gaining to much power.

To bad, the civilians didn't seem to agree with that, as lately they did what they could to ensure they had a hand with everything that went on within the village. They starting reducing large amounts of much for their own "projects" saying that should not be wasted on pity and unimportant thins like the orphanage and the remolding of the village walls as well as increase the prices on all shinobi gear. They also took an approach onto how the academy graduation system worked and who should be passing and when. By bribing the teachers to let certain children pass and believing that with many numbers they could would still be considered the strongest village even with weak shinobi. There was also the amount of illegal products that were allowed into the village due to the civilians hunger for profit and failure to see the poison it was spreading towards the rest of the village. Since the death of the Yondaime, the more power-hungry civilians were able to get their hands on nearly everything and before anything could really be done to stop them and by the time something could be done they had already made it so that if anything happen they could easily put the village in great danger.

So since the shinobi couldn't do much of anything to stop the tyrants on the council they decided to play with there arrogate nature until they slipped up and could be taken down permanently, and village could start truly prospering again. That chance might be presenting itself soon as lately the civilians council had been biting off more then they could chew and had been barley able to cover their tracks. It was only a matter of time before they did something stupid and Sarutobi would be force to remove them as a true threat to the village.

As Sarutobi took on his place in the in the council room the meeting had officially began.

Seeing the Hokage was in place the civilians began the meeting with what they considered the utmost impertinence as to regards of the sightings of the demon child returning ridding a demon bird of some sorts. Seeing the little monster return had proven without a doubt that it revenge for its defeat from several years ago when it caused the death of the Yondaime. To them the demon had obviously left the village regain it's evil power and had now return with a demon bird and possibly an army to start reeking havocked upon the innocent civilians that got in it's path. Now with the Hokage, the council could show him his mistake of letting the monster live and get someone more capable to lead the village.

The speaker of the civilian a fat and pompous man named Masao Koji who had lived the life a pampered child and never even seen a battlefield or been into a fight in life and yet he believed he fully understood the ways of a shinobi and thus was the reason he was allowed to be the official spokesmen. They believed with Koji that the civilians could finally get rid of the demon and have finally have all they needed run Konoha as they saw fit.

Koji stood in front the entire council dressed in finest and most expensive Kimono and jewelry courtesy of the increased taxes upon the common folk. To him it was unthinkable, that he should have to spend his own hard earn money, when he could just get from the lowly commoners. After clearly his throat, Koji began his speech "Hokage-sama, my fellow council members it has come to my attention that a great threat has returned to our beloved village and action must be taken." Hearing this many members of the shinobi all had similar thoughts 'what is that fat fuck bitching about now."

While the shinobi was thinking this, the civilians were whispering to each other in mock surprised acting as if they didn't know what Koji was saying. With Koji, "it has been brought to my and a few others attention that Uzumaki Naruto has been seen in the village." Hearing this Sarutobi and the shinobi members started to actually pay attention the to the fat ass wind bag as he went on. "The BOY know as Naruto dispersed without a trace a few months ago to unknown location without the informing anyone where he was going and not waiting to be granted cleared from the Council to be allowed to leave and was not marked as a missing nin."

Many of the non-civilian members looked at each other wondering, since when did someone who wasn't a shinobi need permission to leave the village and since when did the civilian council need to be inform of such things at all. Koji keep speaking "it has been brought to the attention of this council that we believe that the boy has most likely gone towards an enemy village to divulge secretes and point out weakness that could lead to an invasion by are enemies." Hearing this all of Civilian members started nodded they're heads in agreement, while the shinobi members and Sarutobi just looked at them as if they were joking about a child know a real secrtest about the village. However, to their disbelief the man was actually serious. Koji looking around seeing his fellow civilians were following his every word like puppets and that the shinobi just sat their looking at him in not saying anything until Inuzuka Tsume opened her mouth and bluntly responded "are you fucking joking or are you really fucking stupid?"

Hearing this response from the Inuzuka bitch angered Koji but he kept his cool he needed to remain clam if he were to get the rest of the council on his side. He turned to the Inuzuka clan head and smiled "Tsume-san I assure that this no joking matter, the demon child has return to our village and has even brought a demonic bird with him, the first of perhaps many, we must take action before it's do late to stop that monster before it's to late." At the words, "demon" and "monster" Sarutobi glared at the man in front of him "Koji-san I would advise you to watch what you say." Koji heard the Hokage threat and scoffed at it surprising both Sarutobi and the shinobi council at the man's boldness.

Koji looked straight into Sarutobi eye without any sign of fear or nervousness and simply spoke "shut up you old fuck." With these words the entire council room went dead in silence at what they had just heard out of the head of the civilian council say to the strongest man in the village, no one not even the arrogant Uchiha were stupid enough to some thing like that. Sarutobi however, didn't show any looks of being surprised or even flinch at Koji's words he simply asked "would did you say Masao-san?" Koji gave a arrogant smile "I SAID…SHUT…UP…YOU…OLD…FUCK" Koji said with clear annoying now showing in his voice "what are you going deaf you pathetic worthless old monkey I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut damn it."

For the longest time no one spoke or made any type of sound, almost everyone was to stun to do anything and didn't know what to think. Koji believed he already knew everything that was going on "you listen hear you damn old fart, I like many others are sick of you ordering us around like you actually have the right to do so or the power to do it. We, the civilians are the true owners of this village, not you or the damn shinobi all you are nothing but dogs whom are train to bit when we order you to. Also as far as that little demon brat goes, we aren't as pathetic as you are naive fools to actually believe that demons is a boy hell it's not even human. It is obvious that thing is pretending to be human to blend in, hell I almost believed it was human when I took a couple of shoots at it during one of its "birthdays."

Many gasps at this even some of the civilians who believed Koji was revealing a little too much information and should stop know before he did something truly regrettable. But before anyone could step in Tsume in her rage slammed he fist on the table and spoke out of anger "you bastard you to tell us you actually took part in those beating that nearly lead to his death." Despite the look of outrage that was clearly on her face, Tsume couldn't miss the guilt she was feeling for being somewhat like this fool when it came to Naruto and not wanting to get involved. Before her son became friends with the boy, she wouldn't have thought twice about the blond haired child or even bat and eye towards him unless ordered to. But after hearing about the kid of person he was from Kiba, she saw that she he was just a normal child who had no one to turn to, it also help to show her that she was acting no better then the bastard civilians in front of her when they beat the kid to an inch of his life.

Koji was not happy not happy in he least at the Inuzuka outburst. He hadn't respected the woman at all, believing she out of all the miserable dogs that the shinobi were, she should have easily know her place in the grand scheme of things and she like the rest bastardized clan know when to obedient. So, Koji put on his best glare and used as much killer intent as he could which no one really noticed it being so weak and barely detectable. Walked up to the Inuzuka woman and grabbed her by the chest and put on lecherous smile, "why don't you keep your mouth shut bitch, a dog like shouldn't do anything but bark on their master's order now be a good little girl and I'll give you a special treat later hell I even let that daughter of yours join in on the fun."

After Koji made this little comment, Sarutobi decided enough was enough and took a deep breath catching Koji attention and his annoyance. So Koji went right back to Sarutobi face still of arrogance as he got right into the face of the god of the Shinobi "did I say you could speak you worthless worm" and with that he spite's in Sarutobi's face. Seeing Sarutobi did nothing, as the saliva fall down own his face, which only added to arrogance, continued "I didn't think so you pathetic fool, it's like you have finally come to terms with your proper place in this world." Koji turns his head to the rest of the Shinobi in the room "you call all learn a thing or two from this old fool." To make his final sign of superiority or to put the final nail on his coffin as Koji made his last statement with his index finger right at Sarutobi to mock at his weakest.

How wrong Koji was for Sarutobi had enough. All the bullshit the Civilian council had been given him over the years had reach his breaking point he was going to show the arrogant the sack of shit who really ran the village. The moment Koji's index finger was in Sarutobi's face he made a grab for it and before anyone saw anything a loud cracking noise was heard. Everyone turned their attention and gasp at what they saw especially Koji as his finger was now broken in half and before he even got a chance to scream, Sarutobi gave a hard pull on the broken finger and tore it clear off the hand.

After Sarutobi, did this Koji let out a loud and pain scream for the loss of his torn finger. As he hold it tightly trying to stop the bleeding as he glared at Sarutobi trying to get as much killer intent as he could muster "you bastard…LOOK WHAT YOU, OLD FUCK." Sarutobi did nothing but toss the severed finger back at the screaming man who never stop glaring at him despite his injury "your senile fool this Is just the proof that we need to show that you can no longer be the Hokage and that said position cannot be held by a worthless shinobi."

Many in the room gasp trying to decided whether this guy had gone insane with the pain or he was trying badly to stage a coop and had just failed everything. Sarutobi decided to play with this mans stupidity but he could use this to weed out anyone else that was cooperating with him. Seeing this opportunity to finally have a reason to dismiss the civilians from the council for good, now this is why Sarutobi was considered a professor among the shinobi "Koji-san I'm afraid my hearing isn't what it used to be with my old age could you repeat yourself?"

Hearing this every member of the council looked at the Hokage as if he was joking in thinking that someone would actually be stupid enough to incriminate them selves in a room full of people. Koji however, in his moment of brilliance decided that this would be something rub the old bastards face in "I said that you are longer what we need for a Hokage and need to be replaced with someone of are choosing not some shinobi dog who follow that will of fire trash." Hearing this Sarutobi began to clench his fingers at this man mocking his late sensei's philosophy "that's right we the civilians feel that a shinobi, who is nothing more but a tool of war has no place as the leader of the village. So therefore as leader of the civilian council, we order you to stand down immediately."

Everyone looked at the man as if he was crazy even his own council members that were behind him were now having his second thoughts about siding with lunatic. Sarutobi could see the was at his breaking point and the blood he was suffering was also helping so he asked one thing that would seal the deal "Koji-san I have one more thing to ask are all the members of the civilian council behind you in this?" Before any one could respond and try to stop him, Koji spoke "that's right we are all in this and we already have someone who would make a greater Hokage the any Shinobi possibly could."

Sarutobi smiled, this was all he needed "all right then, ANBU." At this several Shinobi dressed in black wearing different animal mask suddenly appeared behind each member of the civilian council. The leader of the group a Kunoichi wearing a cat mask spoke fist "your orders Hokage-sama." Sarutobi spoke in a tone that many hadn't heard since the last shinobi war "take each former member of the civilian council to integration on the crimes of treason and attempting a coop" The cat mask ANBU simply nodded "by your order Hokage-sama." To bad some members of the council couldn't take the hint as Koji decided to make things worse for himself "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE, YOU CAN'T TO THIS TO US WE ARE THE RULERS OF Konoha WE OWN THIS VILLAGE, WE OWN YOU, YOU CAN'T DO TO US WE ARE YOUR MASTERS."

Tired of hearing this loud mouth idiot another ANBU member with purple hair and wearing a mask of a snaked gave Koji a punch to the jaw knocking him and silencing him for good. Sarutobi looked at the young Kunoichi and smiled glade he made the decision to make some Shinobi ANBU behind the council backs. The Kunoichi in front of him for example was officially only a special Jounin due to past connections towards to her nuke-nin sensei but unofficially she was a full ANBU member who's who loyalties were to the Hokage first and the village second. With this Sarutobi thought it, best to give the girl an early charismas gift "Hebi-san I'm also allowing the use of the black files for as long as you like." Hearing this the Snake ANBU looked at the Hokage to if he was joking but when she noticed he was serious, she squealed like a little schoolgirl and gave a huge grin behind her mask "Arigatou Hokage-sama", she said before using Shunshin no Jutsu to leave.

Everyone looked at the Hokage confused "the black files are integration techniques that have been labeled forbidden in every shinobi village and are to be used only for the highest of crimes. To anyone working in the interrogation department that is allowed to use such techniques would be a dream come true for those who enjoy their work." Everyone shivered at this knowing how much the Snake ANBU loved her work. With all this was settled Sarutobi began to walk out the room leaving some members to ask, "where are you going Hokage-sama? The ancient leader of the village just smiled "to pay a grandson of mind a visit."

With Naruto and the others

Back with Naruto and the girls are blond haired summoner had just finished telling everyone what had happen to him in Suna and each of the reactions were unique. Sakura was horrified that someone like Yashamaru would try to kill his own nephew for something that wasn't his fault and a bit skeptical about the Farplan. Ino was amazed at learning the history of the past Summoners and was a little concerned with these fallen Aeon's and this "Sin" thing and also wanted to meet these new friends of Naruto. Hinata on the other hand didn't know wither to be proud of Naruto of all Naruto had done or be angry for his recklessness or happy that Naruto got to meet his mother.

Before she could say anything, a sound of two hands clapping was heard in the background. The children looked at who had joined them to see the Sarutobi standing there with a smile on his face "good to see you Naruto-kun how have you been." Seeing the leader of their village each of the girls bowed to him as a sign of respect Naruto on the other hand did no such thing in fact he had a look of what appeared to be anger on his face.

Seeing this look confused Sarutobi and for some reason and made him a bit nervous as the blond walked up to slowly. When Naruto finally reached the old Hokage but didn't make any eye contact "hey ji-san I learned something important on my pilgrimage, would you like to hear it hmm?" Hearing the eerily sweet voice Naruto was doing frighten Sarutobi somewhat as the blond continued "on my pilgrimage I went to a very special place called the Farplane ever hear of it?" Hearing the name Farplane Sarutobi had to think since it had been so long since he had heard that in awhile "The Farpalne is the land of the dead, Ji-san and while I was there I meet a very nice lady with red hair and who was really good with a sword." Suddenly it all fit together and before Sarutobi could come up with an answer Naruto look him dead in the eye "the woman name was Uzumaki Kushina, my KAA-SAN, WHY DIDN'T YOU EVER TELL ME DANM IT."

Sarutobi sighed he knew he couldn't deny it, it would only cause more problems between the boy "Naruto…if you know who your parents are then you know that they both had many enemies both inside and outside the village." Naruto nodded at his knowing he couldn't' deny it "also If said enemies realized who you were and your connections towards your parents your life would have been a lot worse." As much as Naruto wanted to scream bull shit he knew he couldn't "still…you could have least giving me something at least a name would have been nice of at least know one of their names would have been nice." Sarutobi knew the boy had a point "I'm sorry Naruto do you think you could ever forgive and old fool.

Naruto stood there in thought considering if he should really forgive the old man in front of him. While he knew that the old man only acted out of what he thought were his best interest it still pissed him off that he was kept In the dark. However, the man in front of him was the closes thing to family he ever had and he really didn't want to lose any kind of connection with him. While Naruto was thinking Valefor, was kind tired of the boys stubbornness and decided to nudge Naruto roughly to force him to make a decision.

Naruto seeing that Valefor was trying to make a point as she nudges him rather hard and forced his hand. Sighing Naruto made his decision "as if I could stay mad at you Ji-san." The Hokage smiled at hearing blonds response and was relived that the boy in front of him didn't hate him and bent down to give him a hug. As he looked at the ginat bird and gave a silent thank you to the bird to which it resounded with a nod to it's head. To bad for Sarutobi that while he was doing this he failed to noticed Naruto's hands going trough his robs and grabbing his wallet, the young blonde determined to get his revenge by eating as much ramen as possible with the Hokage's own money.

Streets of the village

The group had left the Hokage monument and began walking thorough the village after Naruto had dismissed Valefor and suggesting grabbing some ramen. While they were heading to Naruto's favorite ramen stand Sarutobi noticed something was missing with Naruto "Naruto were is your guardian?" Naruto looked at Sarutobi then turned pure white and started shaking a bit scaring the others around him into believing he was a ghost. This was followed by a loud "OH CRAP, I LEFT THEM BEHIND."

Seeing his nervousness Hinata tried to comfort the blond "it's okay Naruto, I'm sure they will understand." Naruto looked at his friend still scared for his life "Not with Tayuya, nothing I say or do will get me off the hook and when she finds me she's going to kill." Bad choice of words for Naruto "DAMN FUCKING RIGHT, I GOING TO FUCKING KILL, YOU FUCKING LITTLE SHIT." Naruto turned to where the voice had come from and to his horror stood a red face Tayuya with a look of murder seen only in the eyes of a predator before they made their kill.

Naruto backed away slowly from the red head in front of him whom was creaking her knuckles loudly "any last words fucker." Naruto asked the only thing he could in a squeaky voice "mercy." His was answer was a rather painful pouch to the face "no fucking way asshole" Tayuga shouted.

As the blond was taking his beating everyone else watched this clearly wanting to help the blond but to afraid of Tayuya to do anything about it. So they just sat back and watch the show as Auron and Kim walked up behind and saw beating his student and sighed hopping Tayuya didn't kill him. Kim just wanted to approach her friend but knew that was the best way to let Tayuya vent. Since this could take awhile Kin decided to introduce herself to Naruto's other friends and see if they would like her.

So walking up the friendliest looking member of the group Kin decided to make her introduction "hello, my name is Kin the summoner of trust it's nice to meet you" and bowed to be polite. The person who she was talking to also smile as well, "nice to meet you, I'm Hyuuga Hinata the summoner of death" she so bowed as well. Kin knew that this was going to like this girl gave a polite smile until a loud scream was heard and a bit of blood hit the ground. Hinata looked at Kin with a worried expression "umm…your friend isn't going to kill Naruto-kun is she?"

Kin looked back the puddle that was once Naruto and gave a reassuring smile "of course not, Naruto will be just fine" but thought 'I hope so anyway.' Hearing this Hinata worried faded a little was still a little concerned for her friend.

After awhile Tayuya eventually stopped beating Naruto, walked over to Hinata and the other's, and introduce herself to everyone "Tayuya, now who the fuck are you?" Hinata and the other girls gasp never really hearing language like that before, but decided not to commit on it seeing the puddle Naruto had become "I'm Hyuuga Hinata, this is Sakura and Ino" the two just waved not interested in going near the strange red head. Tayuya looked at the Hyuuga and gave a smirk "so you're the little white eye girl this blond dip shit is always having wet dreams about." Hearing this everyone in that had her the girl blushed including Naruto who denied everything. Hinata on the other hand just blushed at this which caused Tayuya to laugh and swing her arm around Hinata "I think you I are going to get along just find Hinata-chan" Hinata just nodded her head "so why don't you show me and kin around this village."

With that they all began to walk off while a anime tear crying Naruto just laid on the ground "no fair so was supposed to me my home coming."

Okay, I know it been a long time since I updated anything but I've had other things to do and this was the only thing I come up with. I didn't like how short this chapter was so I thought I would try and make it better. Anyway, hopefully expect more update's in the future, but I promise nothing