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My mom didn't want me to move to Forks for a while to live with my dad, Charlie. I told her I wanted to spend some quality time with dad, but I really wanted her to be able to move around with Phil; you see, he's a minor league baseball player, so he moves a lot. Mom had stayed with me, but she wasn't happy; she missed Phil. So, I sacrificed my happiness for her.

Once I got of the plane, I saw Charlie right away. But he wasn't alone. A tall bronze haired boy stood next to him, bouncing slightly from foot to foot. He was taller than Charlie, his face slightly easier to see than my father's. He had bright green eyes, his eyes looking around for someone. His eyes met mine, and he turned to Charlie to tell him something.

Dad looked this way and called, "Bella!" I walked over, sliding on my parka as I went. He came up to me and smiled. I tripped on my way there, but that was normal. "How was the flight, Bella?" He asked, as he steadied me. I shrugged.

"Okay I guess. I think I fell asleep once or twice, but I'm not sure," I replied, looking over at the bronze haired boy.

"That's normal. How's Renee?" He asked, as he grabbed my bag off the luggage carousel.

"Mom's fine. I think she's happy to be able tom travel with Phil," I told him as we left the airport, the bronze haired boy ahead of us. "Dad, who's the guy that was standing with you?" Charlie slapped his forehead.

"I'm so sorry. I forgot to introduce you two." The boy turned, and his green eyes found mine. "Bella, this is Edward. He's living with me now. You see, his parents died from pneumonia. And he has no living relatives. So he's living with us. This was a while before you decided to come. Edward, this is my daughter, Isabella," My father said as we got into the cruiser. I plopped my stuff into the trunk, and looked at Edward.

"Would you like to sit in the front?" I asked, and he looked down at me. Not figuratively speaking, literally. He's nearly a foot taller than me. He shook his head.

"You can, Isabella," He said, his voice calm.

"Bella," I replied. "I don't know if my dad told to, but I like to be called Bella." I felt strange telling off a boy who was a foot taller than me, and who could probably pick me up and throw me.

"Alright then. I'm sorry if I upset you," He said holding his hand out to shake. "I'm Edward Masen. Pleased to meet you, Bella." I took his hand. It was warm and reassuring. "You can ride shotgun if you want." I nodded in gratitude.

"Thank you," I replied. He slid in the back of the cruiser, and I got in the front. Charlie seemed happy Edward and I got along so well. We exchanged some comments about the weather, and then we were silent. I barely noticed Edward was in the back until he spoke.

"Dad? Aren't you going to tell Bella about the surprise?" He asked after some time, but he asked it mischievously, and when I turned to look at him, he had a mischievous smile on his face. I was amazed, though I didn't show it. It was a perfect smile, slightly crooked, but amazingly so.

"What are you talking about, Edward?" I asked, and then looked at my dad.

"Well, Bella, I know you're looking for a car; and I found a good car for you, real cheap," He explained, looking out the windshield. "A friend of mine, you remember Billy Black down at La Push?" He asked, looking over at me.

"I can't say I do," I replied.

"He used to go fishing with us over the summer?" He pressed me. I still shook my head. I was good at forgetting painful summer memories. I didn't like fishing, end of story.

"Well, he's in a wheel chair, so he can't drive. But he offered to sell me his truck, really cheap."

"How cheap is cheap?" I asked; I could never compromise on price. I hated it when people spent unnecessary money on me.

"You see, the thing is I already bought it for you. As a homecoming gift," He winced, worried about my reaction. Edward watched the spectacle with amused eyes.

"You didn't need to do that. I was gonna get a car soon anyways," I said, looking out the window at the green world.

"I don't mind. I want you to be happy here," He said, gruffly. Neither of us is good at expressing our emotions.

"That's nice dad. Thank you," I told him as I too looked out the window.

EPOV, (his side has to be told too.)

I sat in the back of the cruiser, mulling over Bella. She was different, no doubt about it. She wasn't overly friendly toward me, but she wasn't cold and refused to talk to me. She was distanced, yes, but because she wasn't sure about me yet. I wasn't sure about her either. But I was amazed at the depth of her chocolate brown eyes. She wasn't shallow like some girls and, as far as I could tell, she wasn't thinking about dating me, which was a relief.

She was like Charlie in a few ways. One, she had a hard time expressing her emotions. Two, she wasn't exactly graceful on her feet, it seemed like she could trip on air. Three, she had his brown hair. She looked like an angel, though I doubt I'll be able to tell her I think that. We pulled into Charlie's driveway, and Bella looked at her new truck.

I couldn't tell what she was thinking, which was odd. I could sometimes tell what people were thinking. But not her, I wondered passively what the boys would be thinking when she came to school.

"Wow! Dad I love it!" I heard her say, and I smiled.

"Bella," I said, and she looked at me, her eyes meeting mine. "Can you give me a ride to school tomorrow? I don't have a car, and Dad insisted I waited until you got here to go to school," I asked politely, and she smiled.

"I'll see what I can do," She replied as she grabbed her duffle bag from the trunk. "Though," She called, as she looked back, "You might have to pay a fee for the rides." I gawked at her as she went inside.

Charlie had given Bella the west bedroom facing the front lawn. I'd originally stayed there, but now he allowed me to have his room. It was big, but it allowed me to have a computer, a desk, my keyboard, and my CD collection. I sat down at my keyboard and began to play a gentle melody. I was so wrapped up in my music, I didn't hear the door open quietly, or the quiet footsteps until I finished the song. I looked to see Bella standing behind me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, amazed that she'd come in to my room.

"Well, I wanted to see what you were doing. I heard music and I wondered what CD you were listening to. I peeked in and saw you playing the piano. I didn't know you played," She remarked, walking towards the bed. "May I watch you?"

"Sure, it doesn't matter to me. Feel free to look around. You are, technically, my sister," I replied as she sat on the bed. Her eyes stopped on the CD collection and she walked over to look at them.

"You have quite a collection of CDs," She noted, her eyes looking over the titles with expert eyes.

"I'm proud of my collection. But, may I ask a question?" I asked. Her eyes became guarded, and she sighed.

"I guess you're in your right to. As long as I get to ask you a few in return," She replied. I nodded.

"Deal. Okay, why did you move to Forks? I mean; I know Charlie is happy you're here, and I'm happy to, seeing as I can get to know you. But, from what he said, you don't like Forks." Bella stiffened, then relaxed.

"You see mom got remarried a few years ago."

"And you don't like him?" I supplied, thinking this because of the pause.

"No. Phil is a nice guy. But he's young. Mom is too, and she likes to feel young; and Phil makes her feel younger. But, for his job, he moves around a lot. Mom stayed with me, but she was unhappy," Bella told me. I raised my eyebrow.

"What does Phil do?"

"He plays baseball."

"Do I know him?" I asked.

"Probably not. He's not very good. Strictly minor league. I like seeing my mom happy, so I told mom I wanted to spend quality time with Charlie," I told him, and I could hear the sadness in my voice.

"But now you're unhappy," He pointed out.

"Does it matter?"

"It doesn't seem fair."

"Hasn't anyone told you? Life isn't fair."

"I do believe I have heard that somewhere," I replied.

"Okay, I've answered your questions. Now you have to answer mine," Bella told me, and I smiled.

"You're on."


I was amazed that I had answered his questions. Mom and Charlie didn't know the real reason, but now Edward did know. He looked at me, his green eyes kind.

"I won't tell Charlie why you really came here," He told me, "It'll be a secret between siblings." I had to smile at that. He was kind, and I was glad he was.

"Okay, why do you call Charlie 'dad'?" I questioned. Edward smiled at that.

"He asked me to. I owe him a lot, seeing a he took me in after my parents died." Edward replied.

"What was your life before Charlie?" I asked, and Edward considered me.

"Well, I lived in Chicago. We had a smallish apartment, even though dad was a lawyer. He didn't want to 'flaunt our money around' as he put it. I look a lot like my mother. She had the same color hair as I do, and the same eyes. She stayed at home and would tell me they would not get me a sports car. I would listen, and beg my father to let me drive his car, which was a sports car. Then my parents caught pneumonia from an old friend who was recovering. My grandparents had died when I was thirteen. Mom's parents died of old age, and dad's parents died of cancer. I have a strong immune system, so I didn't catch it." I sat in an awed silence, amazed.

"Okay, why Forks?" I asked.

"I wanted to get away from city life. Don't get me wrong, I love Chicago, but I didn't want to be there so soon after my parents' deaths. I looked for towns in Washington, and Forks seemed good. Before you ask, I met Charlie when I first came into town. I had to stop by the station to see if any families could take care of me. He told me none could, but said I could live with him. We'd gotten to know each other, and that's when he told me about you. Then, he asked me if I wanted him to be my father, until I went to college. I was startled, and thought about it. I agreed, and we finished signing the papers last week. So, I am officially your brother."

"I'm going to take a wild guess and think Charlie already showed to the home videos?" I asked.

Edward smiled, "I've never seen any home videos. But, I bet they're hilarious," With that said, he ran out the door and I followed him, running after him. He was ahead if me, but I tackled him and caught his waist. He gasped at the sudden attack. He began to topple, and we fell, back towards the bathroom. He landed hard, and I landed on top of him. THUMP!!! CRASH!!! Charlie ran up the stairs then saw Edward on the ground and me on top of Edward. When we had fallen, an old piece of crockery had fallen, landing in front of us. Edward looked at me, and then started laughing. I started laughing, until I smelt the blood.

"Oh my…." I started, but when I looked down at my leg and saw it dripping blood, I felt myself fall back onto Edward.

"Bella!" Charlie yelled as Edward began shaking me gently.

"Bella? Are you okay?" I heard Edward's voice as I drifted into unconsciousness.

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