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Chapter 17: Question, Answer, Plans


Edward led me through the trees and I gasped when we walked out of the forest and into... the meadow. It was beautiful, with the starts shining brightly down on us. A blanket was laying in the center of it, with a wine bottle and glasses sitting on it. A boom box was resting on a chair and I turned to him. He was watching me, his eyes bright.

"Do you like it?" He murmured and I didn't respond, just grabbed his collar and kissed him.

"Like it? I love it," I whispered as he led me to the blanket. He poured the "wine" into the glasses and handed me one. I accepted it and we toasted each other before drinking it. I hummed in appreciation. It was mountain lion. He smiled as he turned the music on and he offered me his hand.

"May I have this dance, my lady?" He asked and I smiled as I gave him my hand. Edward gently tugged me to my feet and spun me a little bit as the melody washed over us. I smiled as I recognized the music. He led me in the dance, spinning me gently. I found myself enjoying it as the song changed again and again. Finally, a soft composition of piano music started playing and my eyes widened.

"My lullaby?" I asked, and he smiled.

"I thought it would be fitting," he answered. "I would've brought a piano out here to play it, however," He spun me closer to his chest and I smiled as I looked into his topaz eyes. "If I had done that, I wouldn't be dancing with you now," he admitted as my lullaby came to a gentle close. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand before throwing me over his shoulders. I shrieked and we went rolling. He landed on top of me and he chuckled as he held himself up by his forearms. I smiled sweetly at him before rollin out from under him.

Catch me if you can! I thought to him and he growled as he began to chase me. I giggled, not caring about what Alice would do to me if the dress got ruined. She'd probably just buy me a new one. I laughed happily as I dove around the natural obsticales, and I heard Edward get closer. Panicking, I remembered what Alice had told me.

"Wear this underneath it. I have a feeling that you'll need it. Just don't get the dress wet." I let out a sigh of relief as the dress slipped off my body, revealing the short-shorts and tank top. I pulled the ribbon out of my hair and leaped off the cliff. I heard Edward's gasp as he came to the edge of the cliff. I landed with a giant splash into the water below and I looked up to see a bronze blur diving down to meet me. He landed next to me and I gaped as I noticed he was almost bare of clothing except for a pair of shorts. I smiled at him as the shirt I was wearing got soaked as I swam away from him. Her chuckled and raced after me, torpedoing through the water and pinning me against the floor of the ocean. I just smiled at him and leaned up for a kiss. His mouth caught mine and held it close and I let out a sigh of happiness before he let me up.

We swam to the surface and he led me back to the beach. We laid there under the stars for the longest time before Edward grabbed my hand and led me back to the meadow. I noticed our clothes were folded and waiting for us, but I didn't change into it. I didn't want to. Smiling, I moved to go sit on the blanket when Edward caught my hand. I turned and saw him down on one knee.

"Isabella... Bella. It's been nearly two years since we met each other, and so much has happened to us. Charlie's death, finding out about the Cullens, Sabrina, James. I thought I was complete in myself before I met you... but I found out I was wrong. I had been missing so much more than I thought I had been. I love you, and I will love you for eternity. Will you marry me?" I watched as he opened the small black velvey box he had and my mouth nearly dropped open. It was a small diamond surrounded by a shimmering topaz, a lot like our eyes. The gem was set in a golden band and tiny diamonds sparkled along the band.



My dead heart jumped as she said yes. I stood up and slipped the ring onto her finger before holding her close, kissing her fiercely before pulling back and pressing my forehead against hers.

"Say it again, please?" I murmured and Bella smiled, her nose brushing mine gently.

"Yes, Edward, I will marry you." I picked her up, spinning her in a circle. She laughed a little bit, holding me close. We stayed in the meadow for a long time, cuddling under the stars and kissing, but we had to get back to Denali. I helped Bella get back in her dress, zipping it up tenderly before kissing the nape of her neck. She shivered a little bit but turned, kissing my neck before moving back. We folded the blanket up and she held it as I took the boom box before holding my hand out to her. Smiling, she took it and we ran to the Volvo.

We ran and drove in silence, Bella just staring at the ring on her finger. I chuckled and took her hand in mine before kissing her knuckles gently. She smiled and I knew she's be blushing if we were still human.

"It's not going to go away by staring at it," I told her and she smiled.

"Who said I wanted it to go away?" She asked, kissing the ring a little before leaning over and kissing me. I stopped the engine and suddenly Bella was gone. I turned to see her being dragged along by a black blur that I knew to be Alice. I shook my head and got out of the Volvo. Carlisle walked out of the house and smiled at me.

"I assume it went well?" He asked and I nodded, smiling again. "Good. I need to talk to you about a few things, Edward. Would you and Bella like to become Cullens? You can keep your maiden name, if you choose, but your last name would become Cullen."

"I would be honored. I can't speak for Bella, but that's what I would like." Carlisle smiled and handed me a folder. I opened it and skimmed through it. Stocks, credit cards and a ton of other stuff. He held his arms out and I stepped into them. "Thank you... dad." I knew he was shocked and he answered me with both his thoughts as well as his words.

You're welcome son.

"You're welcome, son." He was my father now, like Esme was my mother and Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were my siblings. Carlisle let me go, his hands on my shoulders. "You might not see Bella for a while because the women have kidnapped her for an appointed "woman's time". No doubt they'll end up going to the hot springs around here." I sighed but my ears perked when I heard Jasper and Emmett's thoughts.

Hey Edward! Get your butt in here! I wanna wipe the floor with it! Emmett's voice echoed and I sighed before walking into the living room. Eleazar was sitting in an arm chair with a book while Emmett and Jasper were sitting on beanbags in front of the HDTV flat screen TV, a video game menu displayed on the screen. I sighed a little before sitting in a beanbag as well, taking a controller from Emmett.

Gods, Emmett's going crazy. Jasper's thoughts were annoyed but they cleared as they videos game, Super Smash Brothers Brawl started. We picked our characters, Emmett choosing Bowser, Jasper picking Link and I chose Pit. We fought, each of us getting our Final Smashes quite a few times with me coming out on top. Emmett accused me of cheating by reading their thoughts, but I denied it.

"It's not my fault that you two are so predictable," I told them as Emmett chose another stage and we played again. Emmett kept complaining, picking a new stage each time Jasper or I won. Eventually, Emmett threw the controller and it went fying out the window. The two of us looked at him with wide eyes as a voice spoke outside.

"Who. Threw. My. Wii. Controller. Outside?!" Emmett's eyes widened as an angry Tanya came out holding on to the small remote. Jasper and I exchanged glances before pointing at Emmett. He squeaked before runnig. Tanya, Irina and Kate ran after him. Jasper and I looked at each other again before rolling on the ground with laughter. Bella and Alice walked in with an annoyed Rosalie.

"What happened?" Bella asked, moving to settle herself on my lap. Jasper smirked.

"Oh, Emmett got annoyed because he kept loosing at video games. So he threw the remote out of the room." Alice laughed her windchime laugh before freezing.

"Bella! You're getting married!" Bella blinked, only a little confused.

"Um...yes, Alice I am." She squealed and disappeared, only to reappeared with a ton of catalogs in her tiny, skinny arms.

"Let's start planning!"


I groaned as Rosalie and Alice poured over catalogs of fabrics, dresses, designs, rings, flowers... everything. Alice was looking at wedding dresses while Rosalie was looking at flower arrangements. I was resting my eyes, the colors and words and dresses dancing before my tired eyes. I knew I couldn't sleep, but it was times like these that I wanted to.

Alice gasped and Rosalie looked over her shoulder before her eyes widened. "That's the one." I opened one of my eyes and looked over at the dress her finger was on before freezing. It was beautiful.

It was a soft white, made of light silk. It had small sleeves, embroidered with beads and sequins. The bodice was form fitting with a slight V-neck, showing barley any clevage, also set with bead, sequins and little diamonds. The skirt gathered at the waist, clinging to the dummy's body before falling to the floor, covering the legs like a cloud. The skirt was strips of different fabrics, all sewn together with beautiful embroidery. There was a long train behind the dress, stopping about three or four feet behind the wearer. The veil was sheer, covering down to the waist with a small tiara at the top.

"I love it," I murmured and Alice sized me up before calling the number in the catalog. She began speaking quickly in French, ordering my dress. Rosalie looked at the dress before looking at the bridesmaid's dresses.

"Hm, I think that the bridesmaid's dresses should be navy blue or midnight blue..." She trailed off before looking at Alice, who had finished the phone call. "Is it possible that we can get dresses in different colors?" Alice nodded.

"Yes. What do you have in mind?" The blond vampire passed the catalog over to her and Alice smiled. "What color?"

"Either navy or midnight." Alice nodded, looking the dress up and down.

"Yes, that will work." I blinked, confused as Alice started calling again. I snagged the catalog and looked at it. The bridesmaid's dresses went to the knees, with a straight neckline and mid-length sleeves. A white ribbon was wrapped around the waist and a slit up the right side. A rose was on the belt, white against the red. I nodded.

"I like it," I admitted and Rosalie smiled, proud of herself. Someone banged against the door.

"Alice! I want to see my fiancee!" Edward nearly whined and Alice sighed and nodded to me. I leaped to the door, yanking the door open and launching myself at Edward. He caught me, holding me close before carrying me up to our room.

I sighed in relief as I settled under the covers with my book. Edward was sitting next to me and was writing on a sheet of lined sheet music. He was humming quietly and I looked at him.

"What are you doing?" He looked at me, smiling.

"Oh, just writing a song." I tilted my head and he shook his head. His topaz eyes glimmered mischieviously. "No, I'm not going to tell you." I pouted a little and he just kissed my pout away and I sighed a little as I returned to my book. Edeard chuckled lightly before going back to his writing. What we didn't notice was the hate-filled crimson eyes that were watching us from the forest.

I closed my eyes as my power flowed out from me. I watched the auras of those around me. Emerald near me; violet and blue sitting close together; brown and red entertwined very closely; silver, strawberry and cream in their respective rooms; gray and caramel sitting on the porch; mahogany and yellow together as well near the gray and caramel; and I noticed the vibrant orange outside.

I shot up, eyes focused on the orange. "Victoria's here," I hissed and Edward stiffened, dropping the pencil in his hand quickly. Victoria's face suddenly appeared ouside the window and it opened. She stepped into the room and Edward moved in front of me.

"You killed James," she whispered, sounding almost broken. Neither of us responded and her eyes fell on me. "I will make sure you feel the same I do now. Mate for mate, Edward. I will crush her life from her body and enjoy doing it!" I shivered as she spoke and Edward growled.

"You will never touch her," he hissed, his bronze hair falling into his black eyes. Victoria smirked before jumping out the window and disappearing. Edward held me close. I didn't move, just stayed locked in his arms. "She won't get you, I promise," Edward whispered kissing my face.

"I know. I trust you." But even as I spoke, I had the sinking feeling that even if Victoria didn't, something else would. Something infinetly more powerful than one revenge-filled vampire.

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