There was dead silence throughout the arena for about seven seconds as the roll continued down the wall, before there were gasps, roars of laughter, shouts that the photo was a fake, and Naruto even heard a faint 'Take that Ino-pig', but he really didn't care about those, he was waiting for Sasuke's reaction, and he wasn't disappointed. Sasuke's face was turning purple and he glared at the smiling blonde. "What's the meaning of this, why the hell would you do something like this?!"

"Hey, I just found the two of you like this when I came back from setting traps in the forest, I just thought that you'd want your fangirls to know you were taken."

"I don't like her!"

Naruto glanced at the photo, and then back at Sasuke. "Then why is there a smile on you face?" Sasuke looked over and sure enough the corners of his mouth were curled upward. His face got even redder before he started doing hand signs. When he finished he brought his hand up to his mouth and blew out a large fireball straight at the picture, making it go up in smoke literally. He returned his glared to Naruto, whose smile widened. "Is Sasuke-chan embarrassed?" Sasuke's left eyebrow started to twitch, and Genma stepped in.

"Alright since you both seem so eager to fight, let's get started. Ladies and gentlemen the final match of the Chunin Exams, Naruto Uzumaki vs. Sasuke Uchiha. Begin!"


Jiraiya and Hinata arrived in the stands as Sasuke used Shunshin, and Kakashi's visible eye widened seeing him, but schooled his face quickly. "Jiraiya-sama, it's wonderful to see you. I understand you trained Naruto for the finals correct?"

"Yes I did, and I understand you didn't believe anyone here when they told you as much."

"It's just hard to believe you would come back simply for the Chunin Exams and wind up training a genin. Speaking of which, what all did you teach him over the month, since as his teacher, I need to know what my students are capable of."

Jiraiya smirked. "Then it doesn't really matter since Sensei and I signed the paperwork to make him my apprentice this morning. Gaki's got the greatest potential I've seen since Minato, maybe even more than him."

"I'll admit he has exceedingly large chakra reserves for his age, but that alone doesn't mean he has as much potential as you claim, and if he does, why has he never shown it?"

"Just because you've never seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, had you taken the time to train him like you have been the Uchiha, you would have seen it. In a single month, not only has he learn almost all of the jutsu I can teach him, but he learned to use his wings as they should be, created the seal that hides them with only a small contribution on my part, learned to use his wind element to a degree, and created five jutsu that can only be used by him and Hinata, through hers are slightly different. He used 25 clones for the first week and then dropping it down to five for the rest of the month, getting juts under ten months of training in, only giving him a few months worth of training over what he should have had after graduating in which he only learned the tree walking exercise."

"I would have trained Naruto over the month as well, if not for the fact that Sasuke was suppose to be up against Gaara in the first match, and had to be watched closely due to the curse mark placed on him."

"The only reason the Uchiha is still even in the finals is because of the council, and I am to check the suppression seal as soon as it is over. And as for him needing training to face Gaara, the only one even remotely capable of taking him on outside of a handful of Anbu, myself, and Sensei, is Naruto because they carry a similar burden."

Kakashi's eye widened at the implication. "You mean…" The toad Sannin nodded. "Then why wouldn't he show?"

"I honestly don't know, his teammates and sensei are here, but he's nowhere to be found." They both turned to see the photo completely unroll and Jiraiya smirked. "He definitely gets his sense of humor from Kushina." Though he was standing right beside him, Kakashi couldn't make out what the Toad Sannin said over the noise of the crowd.


Despite the fact that the proctor had started the match, neither had moved and Sasuke seemed to be calming down. "Feeling better?"

He didn't answer, but he put on his usual smirk. "You must be excited, you're getting the fight you've always wanted."

"Actually, I was hoping to get to fight Gaara. After what I saw in the forest, I was hoping to see first hand what he's capable of. He'd also be a good opponent to see how far I've come under Jiraiya-sensei."

"You really expect anyone to believe that Jiraiya of the Sannin train you of all people?"

"Let them believe what they want. Now, I think we've made them wait long enough to watch your match." Naruto rolled his neck, cracking it, as Sasuke's Sharingan came to life with two tomoes in each eye. "I see they've improved, well one of them at least." Naruto disappeared in the eyes of the crowd, but the Sharingan could still see him, and allowed Sasuke to counter a fist thrown at his head with a kick to the ribs. Naruto stumbled to the side a bit, but jumped back before the follow up strike could land. "You've gotten faster, Lee was moving about this speed when he kicked your ass, probably faster. But that's not the only similarity, the weights are still on." Naruto's wings spouted out of his back and with one powerful downward thrust, he shot into the sky.

Sasuke started forming hand seals. "That's not going to save you. Gokakyu no Jutsu." A large fireball shot out of Sasuke's mouth towards the airborne Naruto. The blonde was in the middle of removing his wrist weights when the fireball came at him, he push wind chakra into his wings and flapped them towards the oncoming ball of flames. A wall of wind collided with the flames, causing them to fan outwards before pushing them back and finally putting them out. While this was happening, he had pulled off the weights on his arms and hurled them down at Sasuke before letting those on his legs fall straight down. Sasuke was able to dodge due to his Sharingan, but the ground shook when the weights impacted the ground, leaving craters in the ground and offsetting his footing.

Naruto slowly lowered himself to the ground as Sasuke regained his footing and touched down under ten feet from the Uchiha. The blond shot forward so fast, the Sharingan was barely able to make out a blur before the Uchiha was sent crashing to the ground, bouncing and tumbling till he was just feet from the foot of the wall. "You know Sasuke, I was expecting this match to be a bit more heated, what with that bragging you did before the match, but so far you've only shown you've worked on speed, your Sharingan, and learned Shunshin. If that's all you thought you needed to pass, Gaara would have wiped the floor with you, that or smeared you on the walls."

Anger burned in Sasuke's eyes as he gritted his teeth. He pushed chakra into his legs and jumped backwards before focusing more into the soles of his feet to stick to the wall where he started forming hand seals and then grabbing his left wrist where lighting crackled to life. "Chidori."


Hiashi glared at Kakashi as the sound of birds chirping filled the arena. "If that boy dies, you will be held responsible, and neither the council nor Kami herself will prevent the Uchiha's death."

"Naruto's not without his surprises Tou-san."

"The girl's right Hiashi, the gaki will be fine."

The rest of the rookies in the stands looked confused and Sakura voiced their shared question. "What's that jutsu Sasuke's using?"

Gai, never taking his eyes off the Uchiha, answered. "It's an assassination jutsu, Kakashi's sole original jutsu. It's actually a powered down one called Chidori due to the sound it produces, but its true name is Raikiri because it is said to have cut a bolt of lightning in two."

'I had no intention for it to be used against Naruto, or any Konoha ninja, but to be used to pieced the Suna no Tate that Gaara is rumored to have, and from what Jiraiya told me it would have probably been the only way for him to survive had he fought Gaara.' "This isn't why I taught him that jutsu, he was supposed to protect his comrades with it, not use it against them." The sound of chirping was drowned out by the sound of the wind picking up and Kakashi exposed eye widened when he saw what Naruto planned to counter with. "Impossible."


Naruto watched as chakra became visible in Sasuke's hand and formed lightning. 'He's upped the ante, well then, I think I'll call. Let's see what you got Sasuke.' He held out his right hand and began gathering chakra. The wind picked up as he made it rotate in all directions within a sphere. It became stable as Sasuke started his descent from the wall. "Rasengan." When he reached the ground, there was a cloud of dust and Naruto started forwards as he emerged from the dust. They both brought their jutsu to bear as they ran towards each other. It looked to all on lookers, that the two jutsu would hit the other. Before they did though, Naruto change the direction of his attack and slammed it into the ground, sending both combatants flying backwards and kicking a large cloud of dust into the air. Sasuke collided with the wall he had been standing on and fell flat on his face, while Naruto crashed into the ground near the center of the arena. Sasuke slowly rose to his feet, the curse mark spreading across his face, as Naruto rolled on to his stomach and pushed himself up, his back to Sasuke. Neither were in too bad of shape, both had blood running down their faces, though Naruto's wounds were healing beneath the blood. Sasuke pulled out a kunai and hurled it at Naruto's exposed back, but before it reached its intended target, the blond vanished from his spot and reappeared in front of Sasuke, his leg speeding towards the Uchiha's head. Due to the boost of speed granted by the curse seal, Sasuke was able to bring his arm up to block. The impact caused a shockwave that cracked the earth beneath their feet. They disappeared from their spot and several more impacts were heard, along with seeing the cracks in the ground where they happened, before they appeared again across the arena.

Their right arms were thrown forward, their fist caught by the other's left hand. Even as the ground shifted, they both brought their knees up, causing another shockwave before bring them back down and trying with the other. There was a smirk on Sasuke's face while the tomoes in his red eyes spun. "I can see your every move before you make it, you can't win."

A smile appeared on Naruto's face. "Did you see this?" He brought his leg down as he brought his right arm back towards him and grabbed Sasuke's outstretched arm just below the elbow and at the wrist. He twisted as he pulled on the arm, bring Sasuke over his shoulder and then back first into the ground. Due to the already cracked ground, the impact shrouded the two in a cloud of dust. From the cloud shot a plume of dust from which Sasuke emerged. Before he even touched the ground, Sasuke had reached into the pouch on his left hip and pulled out six kunai, three in each hand, and hurled them into the cloud of dust. From within the settling cloud of dust was the sound of metal hitting metal. When the dust finally settled, Naruto stood there, his wings returned to the seal and returning a kunai to his pouch. "I think I've dragged this match out long enough."

To everyone but Gai, Jiraiya, and the two wearing Kage robes, Naruto vanished and Sasuke just fell flat on his face and started reverting back to normal when the blond appeared next to his weights. But those four had seen the blonde implant his fist into the Uchiha's stomach followed by an open handed hit to the back, knocking the boy to the ground and out cold. "The winner of the match and the Chunin Exam Tournament, Naruto Uzumaki!"

As Genma made his announcement, Naruto laid a scroll on the ground and sealed all four of the weights into it. 'I really should consider using seals like the one of my back for these.'

'Kit, I feel several large chakra build ups just outside of the village walls, one of them is Shukaku, as well as two smaller ones from somewhere nearby.'

Naruto made the cross sign. 'Tell Sensei what's happening, but to leave Shukaku to me.' "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." With a puff of smoke two shadow clones stood next to him, one disappeared in a whirlwind of black feathers while the other carried Sasuke out of the arena. Suddenly there was an explosion from the Kage Viewing Box, and five columns of smoke came out of the main cloud and landed of the roof of a nearby building. Within seconds, a purple rectangular barrier sectioned off a large part of the roof. Naruto felt a rush of knowledge and then his anger rising. "Orochimaru." He spat out the name like venom and shot up into the air forming hand seals.


The clone appeared in front of Jiraiya and feathers invaded his vision. With a pulse of chakra, the genjutsu was dispelled from everyone around him. "Jiraiya-sensei, there are several chakra build up around the village just outside the walls, one of which is Shukaku." The explosion in the Kage Viewing Box turned everyone's attention to it.

At the sight of the barrier, Jiraiya's eyes narrowed. "That's one of Orochimaru's jutsu. Everyone listen to me, I need to split up into two teams, one to go to the Academy to help protect the young ones, and the other to help those in the infirmary to the hospital and to help protect the patients there."

"Sensei, boss asks that you leave Shukaku to him, but if I know him, he'll going to try to help Ojii-san first." The clone turned to Hinata as Jiraiya Shunshined away. "He's going to need your help, without you he's likely to go fight beside Ojii-san as well."

Sakura looked at the clone confused. "How do you expect her to get up there to him, are you going to carry her?"

"I can't, my time's almost up, but trust me, she can get to him." The jonin were already fighting off the Oto and Suna ninja attacking in the stands. "The rest of you should do as Jiraiya-sensei said, it's going to take a little bit of time for our ninja to get where they need to be to mount a counter attack." The clone went up in smoke as all the genin but Hinata left.

"How do you plan to get up there to him Otome?"

"Naruto's not the only one with surprises Tou-san." The image of her coat wavered as though it was a mirage, showing her to be in the same light blue top she had worn when she met Naruto the night after the preliminaries. When she turned to face Naruto, Hiashi saw the same design as the seal on Naruto back in the same spot on Hinata, except that instead of the Kanji for 'Fallen', it was the for 'Angel'. From her shoulder blades sprouted two snow-white wings just as she jumped over the railing and then started towards Naruto.

Naruto saw her flying towards him as he finished the last seal and bit his thumb. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" He shoved his hand downward and chakra surged from it, exploding into a massive cloud of smoke. From within the smoke came a mighty roar as nine swishing tails cleared away the smoke to reveal Kyuubi in all his glory for all to see. "Keep Shukaku busy till I get there, I'd prefer not to have to kill Gaara."

"He may not give you the option Kit, there is the chance you'll have to kill him to protect the village." Kyuubi leapt over the wall, and raced off towards where he knew Shukaku to be. Hinata reached him as the giant fox leapt over the wall and hovered in front of him.

"Naruto, your clone said you'd try to help Hokage-sama and would probably need my help to do it."

Naruto smiled. "Well, he was me in a sense, and he was right. From what Jiraiya taught me about barriers, in order to dispel one, you either have to take out the one who put it up, destroy one of the markers, or hit it with a powerful blast at its the weakest point."

"Which is where, and even knowing where it is, what are we going to hit it with?"

"The point furthest from each marker, which in this case would be the center of the ceiling, and I think the only thing that's going to work is our combination attack."

"But we've never gotten it to work. You don't have the control."

"I know, that's why you're going to do it." He could see in her eyes that she was doubtful of her ability to do it, and he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the lips. He placed his right hand on the back of her left. "I know you can do it Hinata, just believe in yourself like I believe in you." She smiled and stretched out her hand towards the barrier, his never leaving hers'.

An orb of light appeared before her hand, and slowly darkness mixed into it turning it into a glowing gray orb as it grew to two times its original size. They spoke as one as a coffin rose from the roof in front of Orochimaru. "Meian Heiyuu Batsu: Hakumei Tama." It doubled in size again as the coffin fully emerged from the roof and a second started peeking out. "Kasai!" The ball launched from their connected hands at extreme speeds. It exploded on contact with the barrier and when the smoke cleared, the barrier was gone, as was the second coffin. Four people stood looking around confused where the corners of the barrier were, each wearing white outfits with a thick purple rope tied around their waist. Until one with six arms noticed them, he turned his head towards them and from his mouth launched a net that appeared to be a large spider web at high speed before the Anbu on the roof attacked him, the other three, and moved to help the Sandaime against Orochimaru and the replica of the Shodaime that had emerged from the coffin.

Naruto felt Hinata's hand leave his just before he was shoved and sent tumbling to the side. He righted himself within seconds, just in time to see Hinata get ensnared by the net, trapping her wings against her body and causing her to drop towards the ground. "Hinata!" He propelled himself into an angled dive before withdrawing his wings into the seal and brought his arms to his sides. Because of these things, he sped up his decent and was able to get beneath her. In an instant, his wings reappeared and he forcefully changed his direction to go straight up beneath her. He caught her with little difficulty, and carried her to the concrete awning that covered the stands. As soon as he landed, he laid her down and took out a kunai. "Hinata, I need you to lay still, alright?" She gave a slight nod and he slipped the kunai under the webbing, careful not to cut her, and attempted to cut it, but the knife couldn't even scratch the net, in fact the blade was worn down rather quickly. He threw the kunai away in frustration. "Damn it, what's this shit made of?"

"Naruto it has chakra running through it, making it harder. You'll have to use chakra to cut it."

Naruto seemed to go into a trance for a second before he looked at her. "I need you to seal your wings." As her wings disappeared, a small gust of wind focus on Naruto's hand and a light blue blade formed at the tips of his middle and index fingers. He dragged the blade along the webbing that now lay on the concrete, leaving an inch deep cut into the concrete and freeing Hinata. A sudden shaking of the ground caused them to look towards the village where in the distance they could make out the forms of Kyuubi and Shukaku clashing along with several large toads facing off against equally large snakes. "We have to stop Gaara before they get any closer to the village."

"You go, I won't be much help against him, the two of you are on a whole other level from the rest of us. I'll be of more use at the academy, but promise me you'll be careful."

"I promise, and I'll tell you what, when this is over I'll take you out to dinner, but you have to be careful too."

She kissed him on the cheek and smiled. "Deal." They both took off into the air and towards their own destinations with the same thing on their minds. 'Please be safe.'

Otome- Daughter

Meian Heiyuu Batsu: Hakumei Tama. Kasai!- Light and Darkness Combination Attack: Twilight Shot. Fire!