Word Count: 313

Important Note: This is somewhat explicit but it's meant to be comedic. Please just turn back now if you think you'll be offended by yaoi and incest. (Although that's probably why you clicked...) And just so everyone knows, I'm horrified that I wrote this.


Call Me 'Niisan



"Say Niisan," Hikaru grunted.

Kaoru moaned, sliding open an amber eye and gazing at his brother through a haze of brain-seizing pleasure. He was about to ask, "What was that?" but soon found that he didn't care. His eyes rolled back before fluttering shut and Kaoru let himself sink (or rather, be pounded) into the giant fluffy pillow which he currently held onto in a death-grip at either side of his head.

"Nge! Hiiikaru!"

"Niisan," Hikaru said again, throaty and distracted. "Call me 'Niisan'."

Okay, Kaoru managed to comprehend the second time. He even managed to make a sort of distasteful face at the request and complain rather breathlessly, "Hikaru, that's weird."

"Jus' do it," Hikaru panted. "Please."

"Niisan," Kaoru said half-heartedly. He wasn't about to start an argument on his back with his feet up in the air, but he felt that drawing attention to their relation was distasteful. However... it did seem to have an effect. Hikaru's next few invigorated thrusts nearly left Kaoru unconscious.

"N-Niisan!" Kaoru yelped, completely overwhelmed by his brother's new-found energy.




"Niisan! Niiisan!"

Downstairs, Mrs. Hitachiin calmly sipped her morning tea. Her husband sat opposite her at the dining table, face obscured by a newspaper.

"What nonsense do you suppose those two are up to this early in the day?" Mrs. Hitachiin asked with a sigh, gingerly placing the silver cup on its plate. The twins' parents were well aware of the twisted games and penalties that their mischievous sons liked to invent when they were bored, and assumed such a game was the cause of the horrible yelling and thumping coming from upstairs. (The staff had learned to ignore such commotion when they heard it.)

"Whatever it is," Mr. Hitachiin said, not looking up from his paper, "It sounds like Hikaru's winning."

He certainly wasn't losing.