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Truth Be Told

Chapter 34

The End

"What do you mean, you can't tell me why…" Jocelyn said on the other end of the phone.

"I just can't…" Rachael said, a smile spreading from ear to ear as Scott walked behind her, pinching her butt, "but you have to come…it's like a big reunion…please…" Rachael said pleading.

"Well, I'll get Sandy to run the place while I'm gone…you sure you're not hiding anything?" Jocelyn said suspiciously.

"When have you ever known me to be sneaky?" Rachael asked.

"Well, let's see, how long have I known you." Jocelyn chided.

"You're funny…" Rachael said sarcastically, "So are you coming or what?"

"Yeah, yeah I'll be there in the morning…you gonna pick me up?" Jocelyn asked.

"Well, we actually talked to a couple of guys already…they are going to be there in the morning…said they could get you while you were there." Rachael said, finding it impossible not to smile thinking about how she'd just got off the phone with Marcus.

"Okay, do I know them…I don't want an awkward ride." Jocelyn asked, accusingly.

"Yes, you know them…hey I gotta go…Oliver's running the halls…" Rachael lied, looking for an excuse so she wouldn't have to explain anything else.

"Okay then, I'll call you later with my flight info. Bye." Jocelyn said.

Rachael smiled, menacingly as she hung up the phone.
"She's in…" Rachael called out to Scott.

"Good…maybe we can hook her back up with Marc…be good for the both of them…" Scott said, wiggling his eyebrows at her, "Got any one else to call, Mrs. Hall?" He said, sauntering over to her.

"No, that was the last on the list…and so far…everyone has said yes." She said eyeing him hungrily.

"Well…I think it's time to, how do the say it, consummate the marriage…" He said, pulling her to him, leaning down, softly kissing her lips.

"Oh really…do you think so…I thought that was for our wedding night…its only 3:00 PM." She said, trying to tease him.

"Well, I just figured cause Ollie's asleep, we're alone, I got that great big hot tub out back…" Scott said, his lips nuzzling her neck. She couldn't resist him, there was no use in even trying. She moaned as his teeth playfully nipped at her neck.

"Well, what about your neighbors…won't they see us?" Rachael said, her hand traveling down his chest, grabbing and handful of his manhood restrained by his jeans.

"Neighbors can't see my back yard, privacy walls…" Scott said, pulling her close to him so she could feel his growing desire. He picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist as he carried her out his back door to the hot tub. He set her down, removing her shirt immediately. He leaned over flipping the switch for the jets, removing his own shirt.

"Those bikini tops are so much easier for me to handle…" Scott said licking his lips at the skimpy black cloth that stood between him and one of his goals. He pulled her to him, bending down to meet her in a kiss, his fingers easily untying the two knots on her top. The top fluttered to the ground as Rachael pressed her bare breasts against the soft hair of his own chest. He loved the feel of her hardened nipples pressing into his flesh as he wrapped her up in his arms. He ran his hand down her back, pushing down the cotton shorts she was wearing.

"Get in…" He grumbled, holding her hand as she stepped in the smoldering water. He discarded his shorts as he got in after her, pulling her naked form against his as the hot water bubbled furiously around them.

She didn't know if it was the water, just being around him, or the fact that they were now a wedded couple, but she was so incredibly hot for him. She felt just from kissing him that she was about ready to climax.

He nestled himself in one of the seats, Rachael straddling his lap. She lowered herself onto him, feeling immense pleasure invade her senses. The combination of his manhood filling her and the swirling heat lapping against her skin was enough to make the very core of her vibrate satisfaction.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head to her chest as she moved on him, moving him in and out of her heat. He took a nipple in his mouth, sucking and nipping at the sensitive bud, emitting gasps of pleasure from her. She felt her climax approaching as she quickened her pace, feeling Scott meet her with needful thrusts. It seemed almost magical when they climaxed simultaneously, their arms holding each other so tightly, as if they were afraid they'd open their eyes and would have all been a dream. But, when they did open their eyes, they only saw each other; their soul mates.

The Next Day…

Rachael woke up the next morning, at first not wanting to leave Scott's warm and welcoming arms. It was then she realized the large party that was happening later that night and all the preparations that had to be put in place. They both rose, dressing simply: Scott in a worn pair of jeans and his favorite Hawaiian shirt, Rachael in short khaki shorts and a light pink baby-doll tee. It was none too late when they woke, because that's exactly when caterers, the DJ, and the photographers started trickling in. It seemed to being going almost too smoothly, but Rachael didn't complain, she didn't want to jinx it. Even Oliver was being more of a help than usual, he did everything Rachael or Scott asked him to do w/o being told twice.

Jocelyn waited at her terminal for who ever was supposed to pick her up. She hated secrecy with Rachael was involved. She could be so scheming when she wanted to be. Jocelyn smiled. At least she had a friend that kept it interesting. She looked to her left and sighed…so far no one she knew. She turned forward again and felt her breath catch in her throat.

"Hey there, long time no see!" Marcus said, walking up to her, setting down his duffle bag. He smiled at her, genuinely happy to see her.

"You, too…" She said returning his smile, accepting his hug. Still just a big ole' teddy bear.

"So let me guess, you're the one that's suppose to pick me up…" She said smirking.

"Yeah, didn't Rachael tell you, she called me up to invite me to this shin dig. I figured she would have told you I offered to pick you up when she said you were flying in." Marcus said, still smiling, as if he couldn't control it.

"You offered?" She asked, a little confused.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" He said, picking up her bag, leading her down the walkway. Jocelyn shrugged.

"You come alone?" Jocelyn asked, feeling a bit depressed that he had found someone else when she hadn't.

"Rachael really didn't tell you much did she?" Marcus asked.

"Why?" Jocelyn asked, quizzically.

"I got divorced almost a year ago…I didn't tell anyone…wasn't much of the old gang around much to tell any way. Rachael and I talked for a good hour when she invited me. I figured she'd spill the beans to you." Marcus said, furrowing his brow. He really had hoped Rachael would plant the thought in Jocelyn's head about maybe him and her retrying what worked so well for them in the past. Well there was nothing stopping him from trying himself.

"What about you? You with anyone?" Marcus asked, trying to act casual instead of needy. It felt like a lot longer than a few seconds before she answered.

"No, I never got serious with anyone else…I wasn't in a big hurry to settle down." Jocelyn said as they exited the airport. " By the way, I hope you know where you're going, because I am not going to be any help at all here." She said laughing as they got to their rental car.

"I wouldn't mind getting lost…as long as you were with me." Marcus said. The comment took her by surprise and she looked up to meet his eyes. He had a slight smile on his face, but she could tell he was not joking. A smiled slowly crept across her face as their eyes met. This was not over, not by a long shot.

That afternoon, they arrived at Scott's house, a throng of cars were parked in the vicinity. This was a much bigger party that Jocelyn had expected.

"Good God, I thought it was going to be decent sized, but damn, there's got to be a hundred people here!" Jocelyn exclaimed climbing out of the car. She and Marcus walked to the front door, which opened before they had a chance to knock.

"Aunt Jocelyn!" Oliver yelled as he greeted them at the door.

"Ollie! Hey little man! I missed you, what have you been up to?" Jocelyn said hugging the little boy.

He opened his mouth as if were going to say something, then closed it, looking as if he were thinking.

"I can't say…it's top secret…" He said, whispering the last part, "Who's this?" he said, changing his focus to Marcus.

"This is my friend Marcus, he used to work with Mama and me." She said, taking Marcus' hand. He smiled at her and squatted down to Oliver's level.

"You're Mom told me about you…said you were a little trouble maker." Marcus said smiling. Oliver beamed like he'd just received the best compliment in the world. Scott came to the door a moment later.

"Hey guys! Come in, come in!" He said, beckoning them over the threshold.

"Scott…it is so good to see you." Jocelyn said hugging him, Marcus giving him a man-hug. "So where is Rae? What's with all the secrecy?" Jocelyn said looking around.

"She'll be around in just a minute. They set up food out back by the pool if you wanna grab a bite to eat." Scott said, walking off. Jocelyn went around to all the familiar faces, hugging and laughing with them as they rehashed old memories.

"Well, we oughta head outside I guess, I friggin starving." Kevin said, sipping a soda. Jocelyn was glad to see they had pretty much cut down their drinking.

When everyone was outside. Scott appeared at the back door and cleared his throat.

"Friggin' finally! What the heck is going on?" Jocelyn said over the crowd, drawing a muffled laughter from the large group.

"Well I just wanna say I'm glad everyone could come today, I know it was kinda short notice, but it's great that you all came. Ollie…" Scott said, looking in the doorway, "Ollie!"

"Oh yeah!" Oliver said, running outside, standing in front of Scott smiling, "Hi!" He said loudly to everyone.

"If you all don't know this is Rachael's son Oliver, he has something he'd like to say, dontch, Ollie?" Scott said, his hands resting on the boys shoulder. Oliver nodded his head vigorously.

"You're at a ception!" He said, throwing his arms up, giggling. Everone looked around slightly confused.

"He means a reception, as in what you have after a wedding." Rachael said walking our of the house, slipping her arm around Scott's waist, making sure her wedding band was visable.

There was an audible gasp from the crowd, followed by whistles, whoops and hollers. Jocelyn streamed from the crowd, hugging Rachael so tightly she didn't think she could breath.

"Finally, this has been a long time coming…I knew this from the moment you two met…I just knew it…" Jocelyn whispered to Rachael. She pulled back looking and Rachael and the two had tears streaming down their face. She started to return to the crowd, when Rachael caught her hand.

"The same thing goes for you…" Rachael said, squeezing her hand.

"I know, I know…" Jocelyn said smiling.

"Well it's about fuckin' time!" Kevin yelled over the crowd. Everyone laughed and moved in to congratulate the couple.

In the wee hours of the morning the party was still going strong, much more enjoyable when everyone wasn't inebriated. Marcus and Jocelyn were starting to work into their old routine. Oliver was making sure everyone was okay, playing a perfect little host, even after he was told he didn't need to. Rachael sat on Scott's lay, her head resting on his shoulder.

"So what do you think, was it worth all of that?" Scott asked, referring to everything they went through. Rachael didn't speak for a minute, letting the past filter through her mind. She smiled to herself.

"Truth be told, I love you that much more for it." She said, kissing his lips lightly.