Chapter one

"Lily!" a moments pause. "Lily!" A very upset teenage girl was yelling from the basement.

"What!" Lily screamed from her room.

"Lily, did you borrow my shirt!?"


"Then where is it!?"

"I don't -!"
"Shut up!" Sean yelled walking into the living room.

"No!" Both girls yelled.

Two seconds later the sound of footsteps came running towards the living room.

Molly and Lily glared at eachother.

Molly said snottily "I know you have it!"

"Your like two feet tall! How the hell can I fit into your clothes?" Lily yelled.



"Knock it off!" Sean yelled.

Both girls looked at, Sean, screamed and ran back to thier rooms.

"What's up brother?" Eddie said meeting him in the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream.

"One teenage monster was hard enough. This is hell." Sean said pointing his fingers at Eddie.

"Welcome to hell!" Eddie yelled and added an evil laugh.

"Thier cousins, why can't they just love eachother." Sean said sarcasticly.

"O like we did?"


Sean and Eddie are in a drugstore, around the age of ten.

"Here Eddie." Sean hands his brother a handful of candy and then hides some in his own shirt.

The brothers almost make it out of the store when an angery manager grabs them by the back of the shirt.

"Boys?" he asks.

Sean in a panic tosses the candy at Eddie. "It was him!" he yells and runs out the door.


Sean shakes his head with a laugh. "Good times man." he pats his brother on the shoulder and leaves the room.

"You sick basterd, I had issues for the rest of my life because of that moment it my life!"