Quit Bothering Me!

Dedicated and requested by I'llDieLaughingAtYou

Pairing: SenKiri (I have never written this, I hope it would turn out ok.) I'll at least attempt to write it.

I'm losing my touch... someone give me a good idea to write.

Sengoku was having quite the lucky day. He got six free coupons to an all you can eat buffet without doing anything. He found some money on the ground. A winning lottery ticket in which he gave to his mother. Wow, lucky indeed! (Though the ticket only got them 10 dollars)

He found something black, moving, and especially cute as he was walking around town wondering what good thing would happen next. He began following this person. They stopped for some cake, then to the flower shop. Then the person stopped at the tricks and pranks shop.

Sengoku smiled. The kid looked adorable even if he only saw him/her behind their back.

Kirihara Akaya felt... stalked... But every time he turned around he only saw Sengoku from Yamabuki. He entered the cake shop because Marui asked (or rather, begged/annoyed) for some cake. The flower shop because Yukimura asked for some. He said it makes the locker rooms more home-like. The prank shop because Niou threaten him to get the small brown package that was for Niou. Why Niou didn't get it himself, Akaya never knew.

He finally finished his shopping. He made his way to Rikkaidai, but he stopped at the park first because the day was hot and he was tired.

"Ice cream, get your ice cream!" The ice cream man cried out.

Akaya closed his eyes. It was hot, but he was too tired to go all the way over to the ice cream man.

Suddenly, he felt someone's presence next to him. He opened his eyes and said, "Oh, it's Sengoku from Yamabuki..." The orange haired boy was smiling. He handed something to Akaya. It was an ice cream. Akaya raised an eyebrow.

"Take it. I got it for you." Sengoku said.

Akaya cautiously took the ice cream thinking it might explode on his face or something. That always happens when Niou-sempai gave him one.

"It's safe. I didn't put anything in it."

Akaya slowly took a taste. Hm, vanilla... seems safe enough. "Thank... you?" He said.

Sengoku just smiled. It was kind of creeping Akaya out.

"So, how are you?" Sengoku asked.


"What were you doing today?"

"Um... shopping..."

"That's nice." Sengoku said. He moved a bit closer to Akaya.

"Ok..." Akaya moved further away until he got to the edge of the bench.

"Say, how about you go somewhere with me tomorrow night?" Sengoku asked.

"...I'm going to leave now..." Akaya said slowly. He picked up his things and ran off.

Sengoku smiled. "Yeah, he really likes me." He said as he watched the other boy run off. Feeling happy, he decided to follow the boy some other time.

Gah, I'm losing my writing skill... Poop.