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"Lassiter, O'Hara, Spencer in my office now!" Chief Karen Vick called to the two detectives and fake psychic.

"And you too." She said looking to the fake psychic's sidekick. The four paraded into her office and closed the door behind them.

"The police investigated the warehouse where Evan's was killed but they didn't find anything. I want you all to check it out in case they missed anything."

"Got it chief." Lassiter said as the rest of them nodded their heads in understanding.

"So are we riding together because if we are - "

"Shotgun!" Shawn and Gus called at the same time. Lassiter glared at them and Juliet shook her head as they left the office. The car ride to the warehouse was very long. Gus and Shawn sat in the back and argued over who should have gotten shotgun. Lassiter who was driving was yelling at them at them to shut up and be quiet and Juliet who was sitting in the passenger seat trying to keep them all clam but was unsuccessful. When they reached the warehouse a silent thank God was muttered by the two detectives. As they reached the building they were stopped by a night guard, a quick flash of Lassiter's and Juliet's badge and they were through. They entered the warehouse and split into two groups, Shawn with Gus and Lassiter with Juliet.

"Find anything O'Hara?"

"No, you?" She asked as Lassiter shook his head.

"We did." A voice behind them said as Lassiter and Juliet turned around to see two men dressed in black with guns pointed at Shawn and Gus.

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