If You Give L Cakeā€¦

If you give L cake, he'll ask for a cup of tea

If you give L a cup of tea, he'll want some sugar cubes

If you give L sugar cubes, he'll want a place to stack them

If you give L a place to stack sugar cubes, he'll demand a larger space

If you give L a larger space, he'll suggest a tennis court

If you give L a tennis court, he'll want to play tennis with Raito

If you let L play tennis with Raito, he'll start procrastinating

If L starts procrastinating, the Kira investigation goes nowhere

If the Kira investigation goes nowhere, then more people will die

If more people die, L finds no leads in the case

If L finds no more leads in the case, he starts feeling sad

If L starts feeling sad, he tends to do nothing

If L doesn't do anything, then he will lounge around with Misa and Raito

If L lounges around with Misa and Raito, Raito will punch him for lounging around

If Raito punches L, then L will feel even sadder

If L feels even sadder, he will start to snack

If L starts to snack, he'll ask for a slice of cake

Please, don't give L a slice of cake, even if he really wants it.