Summary - Jackson Rippner want's his revenge on Lisa...but when he finds himself in front of her...he is no longer sure that he can make the final move. And secrets are finally uncovered. JxL R&R please!

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We'll Talk Again

1. The Devil Returns

Jackson Rippner watched the small house of Lisa Reisert. Only a few weeks before the Red Eye Flight he had sat and observed Lisa from this very spot. He had come to know every little routine in her life. Every little detail such as how tidy and clean her house always seemed to be. It was something in her life that she could control. Something that, no matter what else was happening in her life, she was able to keep the way she wanted.

Gently stroking his hand across the raw scar in his neck, he ran through the plan over again. Wondering where everything went wrong. Jackson let out a small sigh. There was no more pain, but it would always be there. Reminding him of his failure to keep control. Something Jackson craved and needed to keep in check.

The way he had let his guard down and had let his captive escape from his grasp made his blood boil with rage. The whole time he just assumed he had complete control over his frightened victim. His only mistake was that somewhere during the job he had built up feelings towards Lisa. Feelings that he couldn't quite understand himself. They were foreign to him, and it drove him mad not knowing how to handle them.

Everything together had cost him his job, and now possibly his life if he did not act soon.

Something inside him told him to run in there and shove his knife through that perfect, porcelain chest of hers and watch her die. He wanted to see the blood rush from her small body and to see the fear and realization in her eyes as she sunk to the floor before him.

But something else nagged him to forgive her and to just forget about all of this. To leave her alone and let her get on with her life. Except now the job that he should have completed a month ago had been shot to hell because of her.

She had now managed to put both her lives on the line. Jackson's agency was now out to kill them both. That is if he didn't get to Lisa first.

The agency considered Lisa Reisert and Jackson Rippner loose ends that needed to be taken care of. And he knew they would not stop until they had managed to get Jackson into a body bag.

Thinking of that only made his skin crawl with anger, making revenge the only thing on his mind and he was determined to get it one way or another.

Revenge is why he sat in the silence of his silver BMW now, just across the street from Lisa's house. Tonight, he was going to get his revenge, and once finished he would start planning on a way to convince the agency not to kill him. After all, he was their best agent...and most feared. He knows what they say behind his back...

3:00 AM - The lights finally died out in the house. Lisa had given into sleep after having watched a one of her favorite classical movies, Casa Blanca.

Giving Lisa plenty of time to fall asleep, Jackson waited another hour before deciding it was time. When he was convinced she would not get up again for another few hours, he made his way out of the car, and started for Lisa's front door.

The door was locked, not that he had expected anything less from the auburn haired woman. Eying the house, he spotted an open window leading into the family room of the downstairs. Removing the screen carefully he slipped into the dark room. Since his eye's had already had time to adjust to the dark, he could see clearly. The house had not changed since he had been observing her. Still the tidiest house in Miami, Leese. What a surprise... Jackson thought sarcastically, a small smirk crossing his lips.

Making his way up the stairs to Lisa's bedroom, he was careful not to make any kind of noise that might wake her.

The door to her room was cracked just enough for Jackson to look through and see Lisa's sleeping form. Curling his fingers around the door knob he froze, a loud shrill screaming through the house. Jackson jumped a little at the sound of the phone, but kept still. Who the hell is calling you at a time like this, Leese? He thought, a little confused. Lisa was a loner...he had known that from the very beginning. It had been that way ever since she had been brutally attacked in a parking lot two years ago. And the only person he could think that might call her was her father, Joe.

Lisa had been startled by the phone also, shooting out of bed in a cold sweat. Waking up from a nightmare. Jackson for a second wondered if he was the reason for all her sleepless nights. He hoped he was.

Watching through the crack in the door, Jackson followed Lisa's every move as she sleepily stumbled over to the phone. Her hair was matted from turning so much in her sleep, and her shirt was ruffled. His eyes studied her form, seeing how thin she had gotten over the month.

"Hello?" She answered, rubbing the sleep from her green eyes. Her eyes seemed to grow wider a fraction of an inch as someone spoke over the phone. Jackson had no doubt that it was someone giving her a heads up about his escape. Her lips turned into a frown as Jackson watched her recognize the voice. "Detective Hawks...why are you-" She stopped as she was interrupted. Jackson silently growled, also recognizing the name. Detective Adam Hawks was the one who questioned him after the Red Eye flight.

"I'm listening." Now fully awake Lisa listened carefully to whatever was being said on the other line. "What?" she chocked out.

"Jacks-...No, no. That can't be true. You told me that there was no way that he could get away..." She tried her hardest to hold back tears, but Jackson could see the fear, only giving him more of a 'high'. To steady herself from falling, she grabbed on to the dresser next to the bed.

Perfect...absolutely perfect. Jackson was irritated with what was being laid out before him. He had waited too long. Lisa now knew he was out and would be on full alert until she got news he had been caught. This was going to make things interesting.

"What should I do until you get here?" Hearing this from Lisa only made Jackson grow more impatient and irritated. He didn't want to deal with a detective while worrying about finishing off Lisa. This would have to speed things up. Or he could steal her and kill her somewhere else where he could take his time. Make her suffer more, which was something he had been planning on. Jackson decided he would take her with him, even if it would be hell to get her out of the house. He was set on seeing through his original plan for killing her.

"Okay, I will. Bye." Lisa swallowed hard as she set down the phone. Jackson knew who she was thinking about, and that thrilled him. This last month had been amusing to Jackson. People were accusing Lisa of the crime that he had done. He knew how easy it would be to throw her in jail to cover his sentence, but that wasn't what he wanted. He wanted her for himself, not for the cold bars jail offered.

He stared into the room, waiting for the right moment. She hurried into the bathroom, though, hiding there for a few minutes. The fact that he was free was getting to her, and her body couldn't wrap itself around the idea.

Still behind the door, Jackson waited for her to return. Time was running out before he would need to be out of the house with his hostage. He would have to take her fast and drive her where he could easily carry out his vicious plan. She was his this time, and he would not let her escape from him this time.

The light switch was located near the bedroom door leading out into the hall. Half walking, half sprinting, Lisa moved to the door where Jackson readied himself. She flipped the switch on quickly, ready to head out in the hall and secure the rest of the house. Her heart skipped a few beats as the door flung open, revealing Jackson Rippner's crystal blue eyes. She screamed, and backed away before running towards the bathroom to find a weapon.

"Lisa!" Jackson yelled angrily as he lunged forward, grabbing her by the arm and yanking her back against his chest. He wrapped an arm around her throat, while he snaked the other around her waist, squeezing hard so she yelped in pain.

"Let go...Let me go!" She hoarsely chocked out, and he could tell she still was trying to convince herself it wasn't a nightmare.

Flinging her arms at him, she managed to get the leverage she needed to bite down on his arm restraining her. He let out a hiss, releasing Lisa's struggling body. Jackson darted after her as she frantically fled into the hallway.

Knocking her to the ground, he jumped on top of her, using his body to immobilize her. Terror filled her eyes as she thrashed around underneath him, trying to throw him off. Jackson used his right hand to hold Lisa's wrists up above her head, grabbing her tear-soaked face with his other. He forced her to look at him. Her struggled to get free only hurt her more and more.

"Look at me, Leese!" He seethed through his teeth. In a last attempt to defend herself, she closed her eye's, already knowing it would do her no good. It only pushed Jackson further into his fit of rage. He squeezed harder on her face, digging his nails into her flesh as he pushed her head into the wooden floor. "I told you to look at me!"

Her eyes fluttered opened, fear flooded them. Jackson just let out a small, hushed laugh, seeing her terrorized was satisfying. It gave him the power and control he needed. For a few moments of silence, both Jackson and Lisa struggled to catch their breath, each glaring at the other.

"...Jack, don't do this. There's an officer coming and he'll find you." Lisa plead, trying anything to get him off of her. Her calling him by Jack only made him tighten his grasp on her face. He absolutely despised that name. And she knew that.

Jackson cocked his head to the side, giving her a disappointed smile. Then he leaned in, pressing his lips up to her ear. It made Lisa flinch slightly, horrified at what he might try to do.

"I do recall telling you that we would talk again, remember?...Huh?" His words were cold and heartless, cutting deep into her soul. Lisa didn't reply and instead tried to turn her head away from him once more. Jackson forced her to stay looking at him, making it hard to move. Not struggling anymore, and not speaking gave off that she was exhausted from the struggle. Had given up at fighting him for the moment. Getting up off of her, he yanked Lisa to her bare feet, placing a firm hand on her arm so she could not run.

Although she tried again anyways. Bolting for the door as she tried to rip away from his grasp. It only sent a terrible pain through her arm when Jackson jerked her backwards. She knew that her fighting was pointless, even with Jackson still weak from the wounds her father and she had inflicted on him. He was so much bigger, and so much stronger then her. But it didn't stop her from trying. Somehow she had gotten away from him before.

"Stop fighting me, Leese..." He rasped, pulling her in close to his face. "It will only make things worse for you. Now...just be a good girl, and make this easy for us both...Get. In. The. Car." He barked as he pointed towards the front door. Trying hard not to loose his head any more than he already had.

"No...I wont do it!" Lisa spat determinedly. Jackson grabbed her by the hair, leveling her head with his. She hissed in pain, her hands flying to his to try and ease the stinging.

"Ssh, Lisa. Let's not bring attention to ourselves." Jackson smoothly warned, calculating how far away the neighbors house was. "This will be a lot less painful if you just do what I say. Don't make me repeat myself, Leese...Did you hear me?"

Not yet willing to give in, Lisa thrust her arm across his face, connecting with his cheek. Hoping it might make him let go of her but to her disappointment, it only made him grip harder. The impact made his head rock to the side. Out of anger he slammed her up against the cold wall, a picture falling to the floor and shattering.

"Don't ever...pull that kind of shit again!" With his hands, he pinned her wrists up above her head. His face so close to hers that it was amazing they did not touch. The icy cold, blue eyes, pierced through Lisa, forcing her to try to back away even with the wall against her back.

"Please..." She knew that he would kill her, given the chance. At this point all she could do was try to talk her way out of the inevitable, and try her best to keep from ending up in his car.

"Stop, Leese. You belong to me now, so just do what I say for a change, okay?" His tone changed from calm to aggravated in only a couple of beats.

"I belong to no one!" She hissed. "And especially not to a bastard like you!" He smacked her hard with the back of his hand, sending a wave of pain through her face. Lisa struggled to free her hands.

Jackson switched both her hands to one of his own and cupped her chin in his other. He watched as she tried to move away from the pain the angry red mark across her face gave her.

"You brought this on yourself." His voice was so calm and smooth, it scared Lisa...because she wanted to be able to trust the voice, to obey it. But knew she would die if she did. If she could only fight him enough to keep him here until detective Hawk came...

Jackson softly rubbed the red mark on Lisa's face, tormenting her. "I don't want to hurt you anymore, so just listen, and do what I say. Got it?" A puppy dog look swept across his face, but it held all the malice within his eyes.

Clearing her throat, she tried to say something, but found nothing. No matter how hard she tried to protest. She nodded weakly mouthing a "yes". There was still so much pain. Jackson could see it clearly in her eyes. He wondered what it might have been like if she hadn't ever run from him back on the plane. And something made him ache inside. He wanted her to just go along with what he said. Her disobedience forced him to punish her for each refusal. He took a deep breath, then released it. He relaxed just a little. It's too late now...just take her and get this the fuck over with. She chose this, it's her fault...

"Good" He placed his hand over her the red mark on her cheek, the mark stinging from the heat of his palm. "Are you going to stop fighting me?"

Lisa closed her eye's, hoping when she opened them that he would be gone and she would be back under her blankets. Opening her eyes again, she sighed. Starring back at her were the feared blue eyes of her living nightmare. She hated him, but at the same time, in some sick, twisted way...she wanted him just as bad. Wanted to be in his arms, and for him to care for her, to caress her cheek. His touch was so warm and welcoming, but she knew it was asking for danger. Wanting him was like wanting to be immortal. It was impossible. And Jackson Rippner was not a lover...he was a killer. And her wanted her to suffer for what she had done to him. It still didn't change the fact that he was so hard to push away...

"Leese." He broke through her thoughts and she simply nodded. Unable to look away from his crystalline eyes.

"Okay then." Jackson let out a breath that he hadn't known he had been keeping locked inside. He could see her thinking, planning something. "Now, we have to leave."

He decided to test her once more...see if she truly was ready to listen. Letting go of her wrists and face, he pulled back one step.

Lisa didn't waste time and started for the stairs. Jackson was prepared for it and tackled her back up against the wall. She looked at the floor, hiding her eyes from his own.

Jackson suddenly turned her over in his arms and brought her back into his chest. His grip was so tight she could barely move, barley breathe. He started pushing her down the stairs and towards the front door.

"Stop kicking, Leese..." He whispered in her ear, his voice still so calm and smooth. It sent shivers down her spine. Jackson continued to try and charm her with his words, to try and get her to listen. " don't want to hurt yourself."

Without much more said Lisa stopped throwing her legs everywhere and let him lead her to his car. She knew she should fight, but couldn't get herself to anymore. She was so tired and in so much pain already. Everything seemed to go against her. The world always trying to tear her down.

Jackson set her in the passengers seat, shutting the door quietly. The situation finally carved itself into Lisa's mind and she knew she would die if she didn't try to fight.

Frantic, she pawed at the door handle, trying to free herself. Jackson got in on the drivers side and let out a small chuckle. He smirked as he watched her panic.

"Lisa, the door is locked. And only I can open it." His words forced her to face him. "You really don't think that I am stupid enough not to lock it, do you?"

Jackson reached over and opened the glove department. Pulling out a silky, black scarf.

"Look out the window." He demanded as he nodded once towards her glass window. Leaning in closer, he folded the scarf up in a long strip. Lisa stared at the scarf fearfully.

"Do it, now..."

She reluctantly obeyed, forcing herself to turn to the window. Half expecting Jackson to strangle her with it, Lisa shut her eyes, taking in her last breaths.

Instead, he placed it over her eyes and tied it tightly around her face. She could see nothing but darkness.

"There you go. That wasn't so hard, was it?" His voice changed, mock mingled with every word. She felt him reach over and strap the seatbelt across her body. Then she felt the car start forward.

Her heart tried to beat it's way out of her chest. She clung to the edge of the seat for dear life, her body trembling from his presence. Now she sat next to him in his car, practically giving herself to him without any fight. But when it came to was like resisting the temptation the Devil himself offered.

"Where are you taking me?" Her voice shook with fear. The unknown lying ahead of her...