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We'll Talk Again

15. Letting Go

Jackson took a deep, calming breath the moment Lisa drew away from him. Her appearance made him realize how selfish of him it was to take her to himself. There were blackish-blue bags under her tired eyes, old and new scars painted on her face. She was beginning to take on a look similar to that of his own and many of his other co-workers. Lisa had been thrown through Hell the past few months because of what he had managed to do.

Lisa smiled weakly at him. "We'll get out of this, right? You can get us out of this." She was hopeful at the same time as hysterical. "Because when we are out of this I want to run as far from this place as possible. I was thinking maybe Zurich...or maybe even England."

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Zurich?"

"Why not?"

"It's cold there." His answer was so normal, even human that it took Lisa by surprise. It made her laugh a little.

"You're afraid of the cold?"

With a faint chuckle, Jackson let his head fall. He knew what he had to do to save her. "I need you to go to Switzerland with your father, Leese." Lisa grabbed his face in her hands and forced him to look at her.

"And you are going to come with us." She talked sternly.

Jackson shook his head numbly. "Not this time." The agony lacing her green eyes stabbed at his heart over and over again. "You are going to learn the language, I will have set you up with a new alias as well as your father. A new, beautiful home and a car. You're going to forget about all of this...forget about me and find someone else who can take care of you."

"No. You're the only person I want to be with. You can keep us safe-"

"Leese, no. Not. This. Time." It was already hard enough to let her go, she was adding on more hurt. "The only thing I have ever given you is a brand new bruise."

"You saved my life!" She let go of his face and took a couple wary steps away from him.

The room was cold, the walls made of cement. Stains on the wall reminded Jackson of past victims of his he interrogated. Most standing exactly where he stood now. Lisa could have been one of them...easily.

"After today Miss Reisert..." Jackson spoke to her the way he might to a client. " wont be hearing from me again. There will be nothing in your life that will connect you to any of this."

"I'll come looking for you." Her mouth trembled as the threat met Jackson's ears.

He shook is head sadly. "You wont find me. And I can guarantee that I can keep you in Zurich with little effort."

"But I love you! I've told you that! I'm not just going to leave you like this-"

"You will leave me." Jackson cocked his head to the side confidently. "I can make sure of it."

Lisa furiously stormed over to him, throwing the back of her hand against his cheek. "Stop it! Don't talk like that!"

His laugh made her more angry, made her hurt more. "It all comes back to the same male-driven, fact-based logic. Your little dilemmas could get yourself killed along with your dad. This is for your own good." There was no hint of any emotion in his voice.

Her eyes searched for any emotion in his face, coming up short. "Everything you told me was just a lie." Jackson gnawed his bottom lip as she came up with her own assumptions. This was what he needed her to do in order to get her to go with his plan safely.

Her eyes filled with rage and betrayal. "You came in and screwed up my entire life – tormenting me with all your pathetic lies, telling me you love me and being there to save me when I never would have been in danger if you had never come into my life in the first place – and now you just expect to be able to throw me out like some useless piece of trash. Like none of this matters and that I will just simply get over it."

"You expected this to last?" Jackson straightened up. "Did you really expect me to stick around? To always be there for poor little, defenseless Lisa?"

Her mouth fell open. He could see her heart breaking. It made his own crumble. "I was better off without you anyways."

"Right. Better off without, huh? It's almost like living with a hole in the head isn't it..." Jackson continued to drive the knife further into her chest.

"A hole in the head?" Lisa attempted to hide her pain. "I thought you cared. Even just a little."

He smiled cruelly. "You should now me better than that. I don't care about anyone, Leese."

The door to the cold room opened, Daryl entering the room followed by Rupert. Lisa moved away from the men, moving off to the side of Jackson. There was a good few feet between her and Jackson.

Daryl studied Lisa for a moment, amused by the way she held her arms around her like they were some kind of shield. "Did you two kiss and make up already?" He teased. "Have to hand it to you." Daryl put his arm around Jackson's neck. "You're good."

"Why the fuck am I still tied up, Daryl?" Jackson leaned his head back and shut his eyes in defeat. He listened to the echo of laughter that vibrated through both Daryl's and Rupert's chest's.

"Does this mean I have my best boy back at my side?" Daryl patted him on the back.

Jackson met his employer's face with a bored expression. "Never gonna get you off my back, am I?"

"Not a chance, Jack."

Rupert cleared his throat. "Sorry to break up the happy reunion, but what about the bitch?"

Jackson looked over to Lisa. She was blankly staring at the concrete floor. He caught himself as his hands were suddenly untied. Daryl held out his knife to him. The sight of the knife made Jackson's head spin.

"I'm not going to kill her, Daryl." Jackson forced to keep his cool composure. His sentence forced Lisa to look up, spotting the knife in Daryl's hand. Her eyes widened with fear as she fought to catch Jackson's stare. He purposely avoided it. It wasn't a time he could afford to have her see through his lies. They were the only things keeping her immobilized at the moment.

Daryl looked surprised. "Why not?"

"I plan on shipping her off to another country. She wont bother us again. She could even be of use in case we need her for another attempt on Keefe's life."

"How is that?"

"He always stayed at her hotel, personally asking for her to care to him and his family. She could have useful information. Plus, she will be living under a new name. I don't see her being a problem to the company." Jackson took the knife from Daryl anyways. "She'll be on a plane tomorrow morning."

"You have until tomorrow morning to get this mess cleaned up or I will change my mind about keeping you alive. Don't disappoint me, Rippner." Daryl signaled to Rupert to leave the room. Both men exited, leaving Jackson and Lisa alone once more.

She held her ground as he drew nearer to her. "I thought you said that you never lied."

He grabbed her by the throat, putting the knife to her cheek. "I had to lie to you about loving you, Leese. How else could I get you to do what I wanted?"

"If you don't love me...why am I still alive? Why are you so determined to keep me alive?" Lisa fought not to smile, rendering Jackson speechless. She laughed mockingly at him.

One side of Jackson's mouth lifted, his eyes gleaming with treachery. "Turn around."

"Why?" Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. Jackson glared at her, making a little circle with his finger in the air.

"Turn around." His voice sounded harsher than usual. Her eyes flooded with sorrow as she leaned in to kiss him. He quickly put a finger on her lips, stopping her in her tracks. "Don't make me ask again." Jackson whispered roughly, fighting with himself. He was afraid to look at her.

She slowly stepped back and began to turn. From behind, he watched her fold her arms around her small body. "Why do you do this to yourself?" Her tiny voice engulfed him violently.

Red blocked his vision as he thought about all that he had sacrificed for her. Angrily chucking the knife across the room Jackson started for the door. Lisa turned around and quickly sprinted over to his side, careful not to touch him.

"You're just going to run away?" She screamed at him.

"Lisa. Don't push me."

"You wont hurt me!"

"Don't be so sure about that." He warned her as he ran his hand in front of the key pad. The door opened up for him.

"I wont loose you again, Jackson!"

"I'll be back with your passport and clothes in an hour. Don't hurt yourself." His lips curled up in torment. He swiftly exited the room, the heavy door forcing him apart from Lisa. Jackson tried to get out of the hall as quickly as possible. He couldn't take the screaming any longer.

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