Disclaimer: If I said I made up these characters, J.K. Rowling would be so insulted I'd never meet her. Which would depress me. All joking aside, I did not make up the world that J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. brought into the public heart.

The Veela and the Metamorphagus

Chapter One: Memories

One of Teddy Remus Lupin's very earliest memories went back to when he was two. He was holding his grandmother with one hand and his godfather by the other, and was standing by a bed. In the bed was a lovely, though exhausted-looking, woman with a small bundle in her arms.

The bundle was a baby. Tiny and perfect, the little girl had faintly rosy cheeks and silvery-gold down on her head. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen in his short life.

As two of the oldest children in the close knit Weasley-Potter clan (Yes, he wasn't a true Potter or Weasley, but his godfather was Harry Potter, and he spent enough time with the two families, as his parents had been killed. But he didn't want to think about that much), he and Victoire Molly Weasley spent quite a bit of their childhood together, playing, having childish arguments, and, occasionally, whacking each other's noses with a spoon.

For such a small child, Teddy could remember a lot of their evolving relationship from the early days. He classified it according to his age at the time, and kept the memories closer to his heart than he liked to think. But no matter how much he denied it, there they were, all the time.


Teddy would happily play Dollies with Victoire, who was a dreamy, smiling one-year old. As he was so young, he wasn't at all embarrassed about deciding he and Victoire were going to get married and live in the playhouse Victoire's father had built for her.


He wasn't quite so sure, now, about Victoire's feminine leanings. He most definitely would not participate in theplaying of 'Princesses', which usually required him to have the name 'Princess Tulip'. He would also only play Dollies when no-one was watching.


Playing anything with a highly insulted Victoire was an insult to his proud masculinity. Unless, of course, it involved chucking her moving, laughing, squeaky-voiced dolls around when he wanted to throw a temper tantrum.


Victoire would scowl at him dangerously if he even stepped too close to one of her precious toys. During mealtime, she would stare at him accusingly until her parents would tell her it wasn't polite, seemingly not understanding that was the point.


After realizing he shouldn't make enemies with Victoire (cue the spoon incident) he mollified her somewhat by rescuing her stuffed animals or dollies when the other boys tried to take them and make them die slow, gruesome deaths. Of course, death was rather a touchy subject with Teddy, as well.


Teddy and Victoire were pretty close to best friends now. They would play horsy, with her clinging onto his back as he ran around the back yard, shouting. And he would make her laugh all during supper by changing his appearance in highly amusing ways. A thin face with the biggest nose anyone had seen; a big fat face with piggy little eyes which, for some reason, would make his godfather have a choking fit and hurry away from a table; a shriveled little old man face with bright green hair.


Although Teddy was thoroughly grossed out at the fact that he had ever considered marrying Victoire, they nevertheless remained close, listening to the Wizarding Wireless Network Comedy Hour for Kids, playing tag with their toy broomsticks, and occasionally doing their homework together, when they were tired of being home-schooled on their own.


They were still good friends, but Victoire was busy with some of her younger siblings and other friends. Teddy, too, was spending more time learning to ride a broom and looking after his godfather's young kids than he was with his childhood friend. They still occasionally went to the cinema when their families went together, or went to a park- a wizarding park, mind you, where the little hidouts where the grown-ups weren't allowed looked more like mansions once you were inside them.

And then eleven came.

Victoire had been dreading this. She and Teddy weren't as close as they used to be, but it would make her feel very lonely when Teddy was gone off to Hogwarts.

She didn't even know if Teddy liked her any more. After all, she was just a girl.

She had no idea he had kept the memories.