Optimus is very OOC in this story so I'm sorry if that's kind of weird but I was aiming for a sweeter, fluffier side of our favorite big rig. Also, contrary to popular belief, this is not romance. (not that that wouldn't be adorable )

The large truck grumbled to a stop at a red light, its engine vibrating restlessly. Maggie glanced around the busy intersection, her mind circling over about one hundred things at once. Last night had been a blur to say the least. Between scrambling to finish the report and making it acceptable enough to ensure her job, she barely had time to think about the events that had happened earlier that night.

Maggie's back stiffened a little as she realized just how close she had almost come to being raped or worse. She pulled one knee up to her chest protectively, the smell of mud and garbage that she had fallen in assaulting her senses. Shaking her head vigorously, Maggie tried to push away the rather unpleasant thoughts that were making themselves at home in her mind.

She was strong; she had to be in a city like this. There was no reason to get so worked up over something like that. The threat had been taken care of and more than likely wasn't going to happen again. Still, if Optimus hadn't shown up when he did…

The engine rumbled gently, temporarily relieving her of the thoughts pending behind where that last thought was leading to.

"Is there something wrong?" Optimus' voice questioned through the radio as the truck made a slow turn.

Maggie was somewhat startled by not only the question but the means by which it had been asked. She certainly didn't expect it to come from the radio. "You can speak through the radio?"(1) she asked incredulously, poking at the dials as if to prove it to herself. In retrospect, she realized she shouldn't be too surprised. This car could walk by itself after all.

"Of course I can." The radio replied, a hint of humor hanging on the edge of the words. "However, that was not what I asked. Are you alright?"

Maggie thought for a minute, contemplating her answer. On one hand she wanted to say no but figured it would be useless to complain about it now. Before she managed to say yes, though, the deep voice interrupted gently.

"And don't say yes. I know its not true."

"What?! How?"

Optimus laughed quietly before answering. "I could feel your body stiffen and your heart rate accelerate. Those are usually signs of distress."

An awkward silence filled the front seat as Maggie mentally berated herself for cringing. "I guess I just now started to remember what happened last night." She answered honestly, wrapping her arms around her waist carefully and looking down in an attempt to stave off the tears that were trying to make their way down her face. "I mean…if you hadn't come when you did-"

Once again, the thought was cut off by a deep, reassuring voice. "But I did come and I was there." Optimus answered softly, doing his best to placate the distressed young woman. "Instead of focusing on what could have happened, focus on what didn't happen."

His wise, simple words echoed through her head in a reverberating pattern, penetrating to her core. Slowly, Maggie nodded and rested her head against the window. "Thank you." She offered softly. "I never really got a chance to really than k you last night, but you saved my life."

The engine rumbled in content, the soothing voice filtering in over the speakers. "You're welcome, Maggie."

Weariness had begun to creep into the young woman's body and she sighed tiredly all of sudden. Desperate to stay awake until they got back to the apartment, she decided to change the subject.

"So how did you know where to find me? I never saw you until you were just poof there."

It was Optimus' turn to be hesitant. After a few seconds of silence, he finally answered, somewhat sheepishly. "I've been following you for a little over a week now."


Another silent pause greeted her question. "I was hoping you would become my driver." His voice mumbled.

Maggie giggled the embarrassed tone he'd taken on. "Well, why me? Not that I don't think this is one of the most amazing things that's ever happened of anything, but what made me so special? Why not Sam or Captain Lennox? Surely they would be more qualified."

The leader of the Autobots was slightly taken aback by the question. It seemed almost as if the young woman was questioning her worth among the original group. She had managed to tap into their language and knew more about computers than most people ever would and yet she thought she was unworthy of him?

"I chose you because you are my match." Optimus answered truthfully, keeping his words slow and clear so she understood perfectly. "Sam was hand-picked by Bumblebee as Ironhide picked Captain Lennox. If I remember correctly, "A driver does not pick the car. The car picks the driver.""

Maggie listened carefully, feeling a little embarrassed for asking in the first place. It was almost like she had questioned God why he made her the way she was instead of someone else.

"I recognized your potential and decided that you were who was fit to be my driver." Optimus continued, his voice more warm and gentle now. "If, however, you do not wish to be with me, I will understand."

"NO!" Maggie shouted, gripping the wheel tightly to prove her point. "No, not at all! I want to be your driver! I would love to be your driver!"

A deep, rumbling laugh shook the cab of the truck. "Very well then." The Autobot sighed, steering carefully down some of the back streets.

Maggie smiled lightly, the sudden outburst taking up the final ounce of alertness she had struggled to hold on to. Unbuckling the seatbelt carefully, she tucked her legs up on the seat and lay on her side, letting the gentle rocking of the car dull her senses.

The truck pulled to a slow stop in the parking lot behind her apartment complex but neither driver nor car made any motion of leaving the other. The engine rumbled softly, almost hypnotically and Maggie felt herself drifting.

"What are you doing?" she asked quietly, the pull of sleep almost too much to bear.

"Sitting." the radio replied simply.

Maggie felt a small smile pull at her lips. "Why?"

"So I can hold you like this."(2)

That final comment, the one that assured her that he was here to stay and that she was safe, was what allowed Maggie to fall asleep in the front seat of a red and blue 18 wheeler named Optimus Prime.

(1) I figured when they're in their car forms this would be how they could talk. I know Bumblebee does it so maybe the other do as well.

(2)Not really intended to be a romantic comment per se. More along the lines of human contact, you know? It seems almost like a craving for human touch in a way.

Hope you enjoyed it! Love ya!!